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A smart woman like you should not have to struggle so hard to build a thriving, profitable business


Yes, being a CEO is hard work, but a business that consumes your every waking moment is not built to scale.

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Are you sick of hustling 24/7 and ready to start enjoying the lifestyle you envisioned when you started your business?

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Are you worried that your current business systems won’t be able to handle the amount of clients you want?

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Are you unsure if your current products and services can take you to the next level?


At this point, you’ve probably read a small library’s worth of business books and taken your fair share of online programs. You’ve DIY’d everything that you can possibly DIY.


Those bootstrapping methods are amazing for getting your business off the ground. Now it’s time to take things up a few thousand feet.


What got you to this level is NOT the same thing that’s going to take you to the next level


The model you’ve used to get your business started is not the same model you use to double and triple your business.


This is a scary time for most entrepreneurs because sometimes you have to go backwards to go forwards.


Sometimes you have to say no to a few opportunities so you can get clear on what matters (everything can’t be a priority but I understand that it’s hard to choose what to focus on).


Not sure it’s possible to stop the cycle of hustle, sell, work, repeat? I’ve so been in your shoes.

In my corporate life, I was known as the girl who could get stuff done.terra working at computer


My colleagues would hand me extra work and rather than being annoyed, I prided myself in being able to work harder than everyone else.


Success requires hard work, right? Of course. But there’s a difference between working hard and believing that you can never stop working.


When I started my business, I worked my butt off and bootstrapped like my life depended on it. I did, however, invest in online courses and programs. Each time I prayed that this course would be the answer to my prayers.


A private business coach is the best investment I’ve ever made in my business

It’s when I stopped pretending to run a “biz” and became the CEO of a business that I finally found that elusive “freedom” every entrepreneur wants.


There comes a point in business when it’s time to invest in personalized help instead of general DIY programs. If you ever hope to soar above paying yourself minimum wage, you have to set up a business that will let you take a vacation and a healthy paycheck.


Once I figured it out for myself, I spent years working with my own clients. I developed my coaching method, The the Auto-Pilot Business Growth System, that helps entrepreneurs just like you (and me) get over the hump that we all run into once we get past the “newbie” phase.

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What can Turbo Jet Business Coaching help you accomplish?

      • Having a solid business model! You’re offering a clear, simple set of products + services that are designed to help you make the exact amount of money you want this year.


      • Following simple systems that you put in place for everything that happens in your business so you can create consistent, dependable results (and hand some of the work to someone else).


      • Only doing work that’s in your zone of genius. You have a small, dependable team that can take care of the rest (it’s more affordable than you think!).


      • Saving hours of time on social media because you know exactly what you need to post and where you need to go to build your list.


      • Having a tech wizard on hand to take care of all of the website tweaks. You’ll save hours! (And you should never have been doing that stuff in the first place).


      • Taking one vacation… taking two vacations… or… (gasp!) taking THREE vacations per year without checking your email!


Growing a business is NOT for the faint of heart.
It’s for women who are on fire to make a difference doing what they love


I work with two types of women: those who want to get where they’re going fast and those who want to get there even faster.


I like to work fast and I won’t lie — I’m a hardcore coach. You need to be ready to do the work (though I’ll help you figure out what the work actually is). No one can run your business for you. You’re the pilot of this jet.


My goal is to only work with success stories. The purpose of hiring a coach is to get where you want to go as quickly as possible. It’s my job to help you get the results that you want and I am ridiculously dedicated to helping you get there.


This private, coaching program is only if you are ready to hit the ground running and hustle because you don’t want to waste one more second necessary to reach your goals.


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It doesn’t matter if you choose the Jet or the Turbo Jet package. You can expect the following from our time together:


  • You’ll have an opportunity to take the wheel and tell me what you want to discuss or have me lead the conversation. It’s your call.
  • We’ll go over your intake form and I will dive much deeper into your business so I can understand the whole picture.
  • During this session we focus on realistic goal setting. We’ll make sure that your dreams are in alignment with your reality and make a plan for getting there.
  • You’ll walk away with several homework assignments (depending on how you’re feeling + what your goals are).

  • Each of our 50-minute sessions will follow the same format, which is designed to help you take the next step towards your goal.
  • We’ll work on your overall strategy, core business systems, and creating a solid business model.
  • After each session you’ll have 3-10 pieces of homework (action steps) to take before our next session.
  • In between sessions you also get an hour of email coaching for anything that comes up. I won’t leave you hanging!

  • In this portal, you’ll have access to First Class business materials and programs. You’ll be able to use these resources as you work towards your goals.
  • This is where I keep track of our session notes and assign your homework.

But Terra, what if I still want more coaching once my package if finished? 

You are about to become one of my dearest clients which is not something I take lightly. 


When you work with me, I become deeply committed to helping you reach all of your goals. That is my passion and my purpose as your coach.


Of course, life doesn’t end in 6 months which is why as a client of mine, you get a lifetime VIP Pass to schedule additional sessions with me at a lower rate.


Are you ready to hop on board the jet? Here’s how to get started: 

1. First, fill out an application to apply for a strategy session.

2. If we are a fit, you’ll get an email to schedule our (no cost) initial strategy session so we can get connected, talk about what issues you are facing, decide on which coaching program is best for you, and work out a time when we can both start depending on our schedules.

3. If we agree to move forward, we will get you on-boarded and get our coaching times on our calendars, work out payment, schedule time for your business map delivery (usually in month 3….) and help you with any technology we will be using. 

4. You’ll fill out an intake form that will allow us to set your goals and measure success. Don’t worry… I will also give you other tools and templates to measure our success, too, depending on our goals. Regardless, I’ve got you covered.

5. We get started by doing our 2-hour kickoff strategy session and make great things happen in your business.


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One of the things I hear the most from my clients is, “I should have worked with you sooner.”

If you want to get results for your business, it pays to get a great coach. Literally!terra arms up


Here’s the deal: I only private coach a limited number of smart women each month.


I wish I could take hundreds of clients, but in order to completely focus on my clients’ successes and my own sanity, I can’t. (Trust me, I’ve tried… and had 20+ private clients each month at one time… it doesn’t work well.)


I don’t believe in holding on to clients forever and I don’t think we need to work together for 12 months to get the results you want. My job is to get you where you want to go in the most efficient way possible.


My past clients know that I am just an email away from supporting them on anything else they need, too. Because I work so intimately with each of my clients, I don’t do hourly business coaching for anyone except clients who complete a coaching program with me.


Turbo Jet Coaching is for women entrepreneurs who are BUSY and ready to make big changes in their business quickly


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Hi, I’m Terra and I’m big-time obsessed with everything business 

Before starting my own successful six-figure business, I was an in-demand consultant at a top-tier consulting firm with a fat paycheck that, sadly, couldn’t buy me TIME to take my kids to the park in our neighborhood.


After some serious soul searching, it became clear that I wanted to follow my real purpose (which definitely wasn’t fixing problems in big corporations). I discovered that I wanted to build up powerful, successful women and raise the standard of how the worldviews female entrepreneurs. Yikes… that’s a big calling, but it’s my passion and I’m up for the challenge!


I went back to business basics and carefully created a system for success as well as a plan to get there one step at a time.


I took time to put together a real plan that made sense. I stripped away complexities that I had created for myself and simplified everything from my offerings to building a dream team of people to help me hit my goals.


And my system worked… and continues to work for me and the many women business owners with whom I’ve shared my approach.


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What if I’m not satisfied with my Turbo Jet Coaching?

Your happiness matters to me more than anything! Your trust in me matters to me, too. Because of that, I offer a no-questions-asked, money-back guarantee. If you aren’t 100% satisfied with Private Coaching with me after our first month working together, I’ll refund your money. Period. I want you to feel completely comfortable making this next step in your business. I am that serious about your success if we are a fit to work together.


Don’t take my word for it — here’s what other women have to say:


Rose“Terra Bohlmann was a pleasure to work with.  Her laser-focus coaching approach allowed me to obtain the clarity necessary to ensure that my multi-business plan moving forward was rock solid.  As the owner of multiple businesses, it is often difficult to decipher where to focus your attention. Terra was both insightful and encouraging in guiding me to focus on my strengths and outsource my weaknesses.  In great business practice, she guides you to look at revenue generating ideas, tasks and goals.” – Rose Colarossi, The Egg & I Restaurants, Central Texas & Flip Flops for Freedom




meshell baker“My experience with Terra Bohlmann has been nothing short of life changing. I’ve experienced a complete and total renewed strength, courage and mastery in my business acumen. Having been incredibly successful in corporate sales, I assumed my transition to entrepreneurship would go off without a hitch. Didn’t take long to realize, you don’t know what you don’t know! And boy didn’t I not know a lot. Terra’s genuine caring and task-oriented leadership styles are a recipe for SUCCESS! She quickly and effortlessly ascertains your strengths and areas for growth, empowering you to take stretch opportunities. It doesn’t take long before you are impressed with yourself as you take bigger, bolder and braver steps toward accelerated client and revenue increases. Anyone fortunate enough to spend time with her will be indelibly changed! Coaching with Terra Bohlmann is a no brainer!” – Meshell Baker.com, Vision Strategist



Jen V“Until I hired Terra, I reinvented the wheel every day. I knew I needed help putting systems and processes in place that would save me time and allow me to do more of the work I love. Six months after I started working with Terra, I have streamlined so many things it’s hard to count them all. Not to mention that I’m about to launch an online course and promoting myself in ways that once seemed scary and impossible. Terra is a whip-smart, big-hearted, powerhouse of an advocate for her clients’ success, and exactly what I needed to take my business to the next level.  She has helped me to turn anxious into prepared, floundering into focus, and fear into fun.  Investment in working with her has really been an investment in me and what I love to do. So if you’re reading this and on the brink of contacting her, allow me to push you right over that edge.  You won’t regret it.” – Jen Violi.com, Award Winning Author, Editor and Writing Mentor


Jen V“I have been blessed to work with an extraordinarily insightful and innovative business coach and mentor. Not only did Terra coach me in the expansion of my husband and my Insurance & Investment business, but also the launch of my instructional designing firm. Both times, measureable success followed. I am forever grateful to have Terra on my team as I continue to grow and expand our current and future business ventures!” – Linh Perez, founder Present2Profit. LinhPerez.com





“I can’t imagine I am easy to coach. No lies! My mind goes a mile a minute, I have several entrepreneurial initiatives I want to launch and I have long history of working in corporate America with no desire to quit. Terra was amazing. She was able to not just talk through all my ideas and provide amazing and relevant suggestions for moving forward but she also has the background and qualifications to really brainstorm some of the more complex corporate career issues I was working through. A truly amazing experience and I would recommend her to entrepreneurs or women struggling with taking their career to the next level.” – Ilse Rew, founder, Rew Consulting




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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQS)


Q: What kinds of businesses are best suited for Turbo Jet coaching?

A: What’s really important is that you are a business owner who is “all in”. You’re not looking for someone to run your business for you, but for support and guidance with proven business systems. Turbo Jet Business Coaching works with all types of businesses (bricks and mortar, online, creative, services, coaching, etc…) I love all business and my systems work with all models.


Q: I’ve spent so much money on programs and other coaches that didn’t work. Why are you different?

A: This happens and you need to trust your gut and become more discerning with each hire you make.


The past is the past… and I am interested in your future. No one makes perfect business decisions all of the time. Your past investments have made you the person you are today. It’s time to move forward.


This is why having someone like me in your private business works. Online programs are great, but they only work if you take action. That’s where I come in.


Q: Do I need to sign a coaching contract with you?

A: No, I don’t do business coaching contracts. I personally feel contracts favor coaches and not clients. I am more focused on results than making people feel contractually tied to me. Rather than doing a contract, I ask for a commitment to working together for 6 months. If we finish early, great. If we keep going after our commitment time, we have a conversation about it. My job is to get you to a result and let you fly — not keep you as a client forever and ever.


Q: What if I have a vacation scheduled during our time together?

A: We will work that out ahead of time. I encourage business owners to take vacation (I’ve even given it for homework before). Ideally, we get through our sessions in 6 months – but sometimes it’s less and sometimes longer. That’s why we do 1 kickstart session and 11 additional sessions.


Q: You are perfect for a friend of mine. Do you have a Referral Program?

A: Yes. I love referrals and reward those who refer me with a beautiful pair of Tieks designer ballet flats made from the finest Italian leather that fold up and go in your purse ($200 value). They are comfortable, stylish and, in my humble opinion, something every woman should own. I teach my clients how to create and execute their own Referral Program so I must have one, too.


Q: How much TIME do I need to dedicate to working with you?

A: I know you are busy, busy. This is why we have a specific start date and a specific end date. We typically have 2 sessions per month. I work fast, but can match your pace. I will only have you working on things that will move your business forward at a pace that you can handle.


Q: Do I have access to you when we are not in sessions?

A: Yes. It drives me crazy when coaches only allow access during calls. (Seriously, sometimes people need help outside of scheduled calls.) This is why you get email and text message access to me when we are working together. I just cap it at 1 hour per month which has always been plenty of time. It’s more important that you feel supported during our time together as your business begins to shift in big ways.


Q: How do we track everything we are doing?

A: Great question. I use a shared drive that we both have access to during our time together. This is where I take notes during our sessions together and assign your homework. It’s the central system we will use during our time together.  It’s easy-peasy… and just in case technology freaks you out, I will guide you through it.


Q: How do we do our coaching sessions?

A: Your choice. Either by video chat if the recordings are important to you (using a platform called Zoom) or by phone. This will be arranged on our onboarding call.  I will help us get our private coaching sessions scheduled, answer questions about the coaching process, help you with any technology — including email auto-responders, and anything else we decided. Pretty cool, huh? Consider me part of your Dream Team.


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