I call myself a Do-er!

Hi, I’m Terra Bohlmann, Business Coach + Brand Experience Strategist. Think of me like the pilot on your private jet. Destination: Dream Business! I knew early on that with a great system you could have it all.
(All-You-Can-Eat French fries included).

So My Story Begins...

Toothbrush…check. Bunny slippers…check. Cabbage Patch doll with extra outfits…check and check. I admired the contents of my neatly (with military-like efficiency) packed "Going to Grandma’s Suitcase." I swiveled my 5-year-old legs over the foot of my bed with self-satisfaction and thought, now, just 5 more days until I’m spoiled with all-I-can-eat french fries at Grandma’s.

You can call me a lot of things:

  • Optimist.
  • Over-Achiever.
  • Dreamer.

But, you can’t call me haphazard.

“I’ll take a grande iced decaf nonfat, 2-pump with whip iced mocha, please.” The barista looks at me intensely and narrows her eyes. I know what’s coming. I hand her my laminated card with my order clearly printed in bold block Georgian font 14 (because studies show that this font is the easiest on the eye to read).

My order comes out perfectly brewed…see? System.

I have never been the type to wallow in the past but I might spend a few minutes there spying so I can analyze and extract better systems for the future.

Because really, it only takes one time leaving for a meeting without your laptop and, calculating how far your car can go after your gas light comes on, catching every red light, dropping your cell phone in the toilet, then checking your calendar to only to find that the important meeting that started 15 minutes ago, really isn’t until tomorrow …am I right?​

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 Ultimate Destination: 

Let's get you on a steady platform where you can rise up to thrive and see your way to lucrative and fun, forward movement.


Great. I’ll navigate. You fly.

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This eCourse is all about giving you the framework and tools to sell so you don't need to spend your precious time and energy around selling anymore.

I take the guesswork out of sales so that can focus on what you do best. Delivering maximum value to your paying customers.

YOUR SYSTEM TO SELL is a foundation business solution to anyone who struggles with selling, wants more sales in less time, needs to get organized and/or wastes too much money on marketing that isn't working.

All you have to do is take the training and work through the step-by-step worksheet to setup your very own sales system that will work in your business to increase your sales. 


This eCourse is the is the solution you've been searching for to customize a Referral Program to fit YOU (while giving your referral partners that extra push to send you great new customers!)

I'll teach you HOW to setup a Referral Program and give you a done-for-you a framework to create your own invisible sales force.

PASSPORT TO REFERRALS will help you determine your referral budget, figure out what perks work for you (and more importantly, your partners) and establish your Referral Program that will take your sales to the next level.

All you have to do is take the training and work through the step-by-step worksheet to setup your own Referral System that will make getting your new (highly qualified) leads a win-win solution.

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My  Bio

Terra Bohlmann is a Business Coach + Brand Experience Strategist. She organizes entrepreneurial chaos by offering complete, plug n' play systems, strategies and tools that give business owners more freedom and more profit. 

She’s a systems thinker and loves technology (but understands that not everyone loves systems and technology as much as her.) Terra is skilled at problem solving and has a natural ability to take businesses to the next level.

​As a former consultant to multi-million dollar companies, Terra believes everyone should work smarter, not harder. She believes that you can have it all – be the CEO of your company and do all the things that you love to do. Terra works with business owners to implement proven business techniques and provides simple tools to track their financial success.​

Terra has a huge passion for traveling, but she calls Houston, Texas home where she lives with her amazing husband and their 3 boys (including a set of twins!) Terra is the 2016 eWomenNetwork Managing Director of the Year, member of the Forbes Coaches Council & an Adjunct Professor at Lone Star College.