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Want to increase your sales but stuck on how?

Voila. Here’s what you need to know to bring in more dough. $297. Learn more here.

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Ready to have an invisible sales force working for you?

Get your own Referral Program in place so others get rewarded to refer you. $197. Learn more here.

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More Online Courses Coming Soon:

  • The Direct Flight to Outsourcing
  • Fuel Your Business with Interns
  • Raise Your Fees With Ease
  • Consult to Closed

Digital Trainings to Help You Fly


Need a quick infusion of sales? 

It's easier than you think. This toolkit gives you the how-to, sales template and plug 'n play scripts.  Learn more here.

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Coming Soon:

  • Brilliant Business Planning Workbook
  • Outsourcing Resource Guide
  • Brilliant Lead Magnet Template
  • Time Blocking Like a Boss
  • Brilliant Business Systems Mega Checklist
  • Create Your Own Framework Kit

Real Paper Books I Wrote


The Boss in Bunny Slippers
Available on for $12.95 HERE


Your Soulful Business Plan Workbook
Available on for $67 HERE