Ready to spread your wings +
fly the open sky?

Give me 8 weeks + give your business massive altitude.

Let's get you:

Clarity. Cash. Confidence. 

Get more done in the next 2 months than you could in the next 2 years.


Terra Bohlmann

I'm a Business Coach and Strategist and creator of The Business Map Method™.  

After creating almost 100 customized Business Maps™ for clients, I know how to take your ideas and run them through my filter to sift out CONFUSION and leave you with the CONFIDENCE to run a profitable business. 

My mission is to provide tools and business strategies to allow you to impact the world.

As a former consultant to multi-million dollar companies, I love to take business to the next level by transforming chaos into simple, actionable solutions to get major altitude. #LetsDoThis

You can't impact others and grow a profitable business without a step-by-step strategy to get you there faster."                                                                                  -Terra Bohlmann

How It Works.




The VIP Day

You + me together so I can get all the messy great stuff out of your brain and into mine. No judgement. Only forward movement.

Your Business Map™

Your part is over. Mine begins. You'll get your how-to guide to run your entire business (with any gaps filled in) presented to you on a silver platter.

Consistent Conversations

For 8 weeks, we will talk every single week so you are certain you are working on what exactly you need to move your new business strategy forward.

Your done-for-you Business Map™ deliverable is neatly organized to answer the 5 most important areas in your business:

1. Business Foundation:

who are you and what do you do, vision, core values, professional bio, business operations, branding, strategic give back, signature framework, and perfect customer profiles. 

2. Signature Offerings:

offers, pricing, sales process, consultation process, and how you get paid.

3. Visibility:

marketing strategy (including traditional marketing, online marketing, and social media marketing) and referral program. 

4. Customer Experience:

new customer on-boarding process, delivery process, WOW experiences, and customer transition process.

5. Dream Team:

defined roles and responsibilities, staff expectations, tools to use in your company, and a sign-off sheet to hold your team accountable.

What Others Say About Their Business Map + Private Experience with Terra


I was constantly conflicted and unsure where to put my attention because everything was "HOT".

After I received my Business Map™, I no longer hand to reinvent the wheel. Our processes were clearly documented. So much time has been saved because the answers to 95% of the questions are in our Business Map (and time is money.) 

A Business Map™ is absolutely necessary for your business. Every business will eventually find out that they need one and you'll enjoy owning your business more the sooner you do it!

Amy Boyter

CEO + Chief Creative Officer @


Terra Bohlmann is magical.

I went from having a great idea with no clue how to monetize it… to $4,000 the day after our VIP Day.

She made what was “confusing”…. ”EASY, FUN and PLAYFUL!” 

Without her I would not have had the resources to make a difference in many people’s lives.

Run, don’t walk to work with her!

Best. Investment. Ever.

Anna K. Morris

Founder and Chief Play Officer @


After only one phone conversation, Terra Bohlmann delivered such value, I knew I had to meet her in person. (This, coming from an extremely deliberate, non-impulsive personality type is saying something.) And she delivered! I left our VIP Day with much more than I had anticipated. 

After working privately with Terra, not only did I have the tools to know how to implement my business strategy, I had the confidence knowing that my dreams were within reach and it was doable.

I had someone in my corner to push, cheer, encourage, and steer all along the way.

Leslie Green
Author of Love, Trust and Pixie Dust + Founder @

Stop overloading.
Start controlling.

So, buckle up, Buttercup.
It's time for you to fly.