How To Create The Perfect Work-Life Balance

Do you feel yourself being pulled in a million directions?

Are you constantly saying ‘there’s not enough time in the day?’
Wondering how to juggle your ever-growing business AND yet have quality time to spend time with family & friends?

The answer is balance

The key is to "schedule" both your work and personal activities.

And...putting boundaries around yourself (but still being accessible to those you're meant to serve.)

What feels like balance to me is personal, just like it is for you.

As for me:

  • I love business, and love my husband and kids, too
  • I honor money, and not enough to keep it to myself
  • I live to travel, and love to come home
  • I am a deep thinker, and a quick action taker
  • I work online and make sure I connect offline...often 
  • I evaluate using my head and execute based on my gut
  • I schedule work, play and downtime in my week
As far as I am concerned, the only thing that shouldn’t
balance in your business is your revenue and expenses.

You definitely want MORE revenue than expenses, which equals more PROFIT (yay!).

I'm often asked: "Terra, how do you get so much stuff done!" Well, it's time to unveil the mystery of my secret sauce. I use a method called "Time Blocking." 

TIME BLOCKING: An effective strategy for using time wisely to achieve greater productivity and eliminate distractions.

I have time blocked to:

  • serve paying clients
  • help women connect with each other
  • create products
  • disconnect for self-care
  • spend quality moments with my family and friends

That’s what I want for you, too. I want you to achieve forward movement.

I’ve found that my revenue (and my clients’ revenue) correlates with exactly what my calendar looks like.

Let's talk about making money in our business...

The more time you allocate to serving your ideal clients, prospecting for new clients and doing strategic marketing, the more money you make.

Making money isn’t hard…it’s doing the same things over and over again and being consistent about the important tasks at hand.

I believe when we aren't 100% focused on making money (because we already have our time management system in place that brings in consistent money), we can create our own perfect work-life balance.

Here are 3 Time Blocking tips that have helped me:

 >> No. 1: Schedule Downtime 

Do you pack your schedule full and constantly feel overwhelmed?

Give yourself some time to recharge throughout the day.

Once a week I plan an activity with my children or a date night with my husband.

Having something to look forward to gives you an incentive to manage your time more wisely.

 >> No. 2: Prioritize Your Tasks 

Sometimes, the biggest problem is spending too much time on the WRONG tasks.

If it does not add value to your personal life or your work life, minimize the time you spend on it.

Limiting the time we spend on little tasks could make all the difference.

Value you your time and other people will do the same.

Yes, sometimes this means we have to say NO! But, by saying NO, you are saying YES to the things that truly matter in your life like: your family, your business & your personal downtime to re-charge.

 >> No 3: Managing Technology 

Use technology to your advantage.

Sometimes we spend too much time on tasks that could easily be solved through technology.

For example, scheduling posts for a set time is one less thing you have to manually do.

E-mail, text messages and voicemails are all great ways to get in contact with clients and customers.

But, don’t let technology take over your life.

I have a stopping point each day that I turn off my technology and spend time with my family.

Make yourself reachable to your team but not too available.

And turn off those dings, peeps and pop-up messages that control YOUR TIME. Those are nothing more than someone else's agenda for you.

I want you to drive your own PERFECT WORK-LIFE BALANCE.​