Business Mapping Method

Business Mapping Process™

 Let's Co-Create the Operations Manual for How You Run Your Entire Business with Ease. 

"Give it to me SHORT & STRAIGHT, Terra"  (Because I'm NOT going to read all the details on this page)

But, if you like details (like me)...scroll on down

Imagine having a complete “how-to” guide for everything that happens in your business.

Sound dreamy? Keep Reading...

If you’re creative, the thought of this might sound restrictive, but I want you to stay with me for a second. (I promise it’s good!)

Imagine having more creative space — more time to do whatever it is that you do best.

Imagine going to bed at night and being able to let go of the stress of holding every part of your business together with your own willpower.

As an entrepreneur, your #1 role is to hold the vision for your company. You must prioritize working on your business to working in your business.

When you have an operations manual (or Business Map), you’ll see the following transformation:

  • More time to focus on the work that you love doing.
  • Feel less frustrated with your team because they won’t be asking you the same 5 questions again and again and again.
  • Confidence that you can go on vacation without coming home to tons of work to do.
  • Optimize your time and increase your income rapidly.

Do you know how much time you’re wasting each week re-inventing processes that can be rinsed and repeated?

The goal of a Business Map is to give you more freedom, not less.

If you’re not documenting repeatable systems (we’ll go over what those might be in a minute), you’re wasting tons of your own valuable time.

You will be amazed at how much more time you have once you stop making more work for yourself to do than needed.

In fact, I bet you’re spending at least 20% of your work time (that’s an entire day per week!) taking shots in the dark, doing random marketing, and “pseudo working”.


Answer this one question:

If you had to leave your business for a month, could your team run your business seamlessly by referencing your BUSINESS MAP alone?

If not, I want you to know two things: #1 It's totally possible to make this happen and #2 You are NOT alone.

If you’re like most entrepreneurs, you get more stressed on vacation than not because when you’re not working, nothing happens.

Most entrepreneurs I speak with feel nervous to let me see “behind the curtain” of their business because they think I’ll judge the mess.

This couldn’t be further from the truth! And trust me, I guarantee that I’ve seen much messier businesses than yours… but I’ve never seen one that couldn’t be served better with a Business Map.

Here's a few more signs that you are a bottleneck in your business:

  • You are too busy working IN your business to work ON your business.
  • You’re constantly putting out fires, keeping customers (and staff) happy, marketing, selling the next deal, and actually delivering what needs to be done to collect payment.
  • You can’t imagine finding a day to work on business strategy and "getting all that information out of your head and onto paper". You know it’s important, but your to-do list is a mile long.
  • You want your business to grow but you’re terrified that you won’t be able to handle it because you’re already overwhelmed as it is.

Your business can be a smooth-running machine (even when you’re not there).

To make that happen, you need a Business Map .

At the heart of a systems-driven business is your company's operation manual. The operations manual is the authoritative guidebook of how things are done in your business. It gives you an effective way of communicating policy and procedures, and gives your team members [current and future] the independence and security they need to operate in their jobs for maximum results.

Michael Gerber
Author, The E-Myth Revisited

When I first started my business, I struggled with clarity and keeping my team members going at the pace that I was used to when I was successful in the corporate consulting industry.

I realized that the companies I had worked for had a rule book, a set of guidelines and guiding principles if you will, that kept everyone working toward the same goals.

Not only that, but people knew how things worked, what the expectations were, and what was not acceptable. As employees, we all knew where we were heading.

When you have your own business, you know most of this stuff - but it's in our head.

My job is to pull it out of you so that you (and maybe improve on it a bit) so that you can run your business as smoothly as possible.

I want to work with you to create & document your business model to focus on maximizing your time and making you the most profit.


Your Business Map is a step-by-step business blueprint that pulls all the different areas of your business together into a single, shiny guidebook that will have you (and your team) crystal clear about where you are going.


This is NOT a DIY product.

No templates. And… definitely not a one-size-fits-all solution.

This is a done-with-you product where I do 90% of the work and deliver you a customized business blueprint.

I will interview you and dive deep into your business so that your Business Map is 100% curated for your business.

As a side effect, you are also going to get help making profitable business decisions for the systems that you don’t have in place yet!


16 Years

 16! The number of years it's taken me to curate my business process streamlining system. With input from you, I'll create and define the following areas of your business model:

Mission, Vision & Core Values

Know what must-have qualities you look for in team members and customers. When you know your guiding principles all your business decisions are easy and streamlined.

Tagline & Who Are We (One-Liner)

I'll create a tagline for your company so that represents you. I'll also create a one-liner that you can use as your punchy phrase - super helpful when you are networking!

Perfect Customer Description

You and your entire team need to know who you're selling to so that you're constantly attracting the right customers. 

Strategic Give Back

When you are in business to do better for the world - it makes everyone work harder. Let's figure out yours and tie it into your business.

What Exactly You Sell (and Pricing)

Tell me honestly: do you struggle to decide what you offer and at what price point? I'm going to help you apply the 80/20 rule so that you can focus on the products and services that bring you the most profit. 

Customized Marketing Process

I'm going to help you get focused and consistent with your marketing (instead of haphazardly hopping on Instagram,  you'll know exactly what your intentions are). We'll figure out how to tackle the different types of marketing you'll need & how you should use them for max potential.

Customized Sales Process

(This area alone is more than worth the investment). Do you have a sales process? Did you know that you can have CONTROL over your sales process? If your sales process is non-existent or "in your head", I'm going to help you implement and track your prospects to customers at every stage of the sales process.

Customized Referral Program

What happens if someone refers a customer to you? Do you have a program in place to say THANK YOU? Referral perks are an easy way to control your marketing. I'll help you setup a referral program to get a (almost free) invisible sales for you.

New Customer On-Boarding Process

How do you properly bring a new customer into your business? When you have a customized on-boarding system your customers are re-assured they made the right decision.

"WOW" Customer Experience

What are the exact steps you take to do what you promised you would do? Now that you sold your customer, it's time to deliver an experience that exceeds their expectation. Let's create a system for this!

Your Signature Framework

Your business needs a signature framework that sets you apart from everyone else. This becomes what you speak about, what you market and what you deliver. Having a framework is a total pro move!

Tools & Technology to Use

Have you decided what software and tools you use to run your business or are you hopping around from one calendar system to another? I'm a tech geek so I'll actually take a look at what you are using to help you find the right (affordable) solutions for your needs.

Roles & Responsibilities

Documenting the responsibilities of your key team members (existing or future), is the best way to lead your team to success. Where does one person's responsibility end and the other person's begin? We will define WHO needs to be on your dream team.

Team Expectations & Benefits

What are your values and ground rules for your team? What are the unique benefits to working on your team? People are not mind readers and if you don't lay it out ahead of time, you will have frustrating conversations down the road. Let's mitigate that for you!

General Business Operations

Holidays, Working Hours, etc...Do you have policies around when you business is in operation? What are your rules holidays and days off? How should team members request vacation? Regardless, if you are a team of 1 or 500, this needs to be clear in your business.

And...So Much More!

You'll be shocked at how much clarity comes out of this process. If there is a leaky hole in your business model, I'll find it so we can plug it up once and for all! There is no other way in the marketplace to get your entire business clearly documented & optimized.

Our work together is a 6-week process completed in 5 easy steps:

Step 1 >>
Book Your Complimentary Discovery Session

Fill out the application form below and we'll get on a call to see if the a Business Map is a good fit for you. Simply click on the "Let's Start My Business Map" button below to get started.

Step 2 >>
1 Hour "Gap Analysis" Strategy Call

You’ll fill out the in-depth questionnaire so I can gather all of the important details about your business. Then we’ll hop on a strategy call so that I can fill in the gaps and help you to establish systems that you don’t have yet.

Step 3 >>
Creation of Your Business Map

Sit back and relax...I go into full-on creation mode crafting your customized Business Map. I’ll get in touch with you if I have follow-up questions.

Step 4 >>
Presentation of Your Business Map

Once your Business Map is created, we get on another video call so that I can walk you through the entire map and show you how it works. (I even record our presentation so that you have it for years to come.) You’ll love how gorgeous this document is!

Step 5 >>
Your Living Business Map Comes Home to You!

Your Business Map is a living document that will change over time. That’s why I also send you the editable or “living” version of your Business Map with tips on how to update it when things change in your business.

  You’ll also get the following bonuses:  

Bonus #1: Branded for You!

As an added bonus, I will even brand your Business Map to match your company’s personality! You get a beautiful, customized product… not just a black and white document because that would be #boring.

Bonus #2: Leverage My Tech Brain

Did you know that I’m a tech expert? Yes, one of those rare computer scientists who actually likes talking to people. I’ll add my technology recommendations directly in your Business Map. It’s easy for me to recommend the very best tech for you because of my in-depth knowledge of your company. (I’ll also let you know if you’re wasting money on expensive tech!)



Even after they spent upwards of 5 figures on consultants, coaches, and training programs, having their own Business Map is the best investment because it brings everything together — and their whole business model feels simplified. (Whew. Talk about a huge relief!)

Your Business Map is truly your business foundation — which is your vision executed by my business-system-oriented brain. It is a written business strategy meets “how-to guide” that you can literally take to the bank.

I only take on a maximum of 6 clients a month because I’m spending my time working ON your business, too. (Right now, I’m booked out for most of this month but you can still APPLY HERE for a spot in the middle of the month.)

 You are losing money every day that you do not have a proper Business Map in place. 

This investment will pay for itself many times over if…

  • You’ve been in business for a at least one year and are already working with clients.
  • Your daily workload has become overloaded with dozens of random tasks and you feel like you’re wearing too many hats and can’t catch up.
  • You’re craving time to work on the strategy and big picture of your business.
  • You know that the way you’re doing things has got to be more organized.
  • You want to grow your business but aren’t sure how (or if) you can manage growth because you’re already overwhelmed!

 You are probably NOT ready for a business map if: 

  • You are just getting started in business. The first year of business, things change pretty rapidly so it’s not the best time to create a Business Map.
  • You're not convinced that having systems is a good thing and you prefer to "wing it".
  • You aren’t going to follow the processes that we put in place. The only way this investment can pay for itself is if you use it!
  • You have no idea where you want your business to be in the next 5 years.
  • You aren't open to constructive (albeit loving) feedback to improve your business.


There’s one thing you have to know: I am obsessed with all things business systems.

I’m that crazy woman who analyzes business operations for fun and offers a simple solution to fix any issues I see. Yes. I. Do.

Just ask any Starbucks employee by my house that can’t seem to get my drink order correct after they’ve taken my exact same order 2 times a day for a whole week. At that point, it’s time for the <queue up my sweet voice> “May I give you some advice on how to make this whole thing easier for you?”)

I’m also that woman who worked for a top-tier consulting firm that helped Fortune 500 companies improve their business processes and delivered technology solutions to save lots of time and money.

Plus, in my entrepreneurial life, I’ve coached hundreds of business owners to provide simple solutions that help fix big business problems.

At what point in my business am I ready to create a Business Map with you?

Right now you may feel small (heck, you may even be a team of one), but I know you want to scale your business in a big way, right?

What I know for sure is that if you don’t have a strategic plan and how-to guide, how will you navigate your business forward?

I can tell you that your success is a direct correlation between understanding where you are now and where you want to be in the future.

I promise that I see you bigger than you see yourself and your future business.

And… I will map out the simple step-by-steps to get you to where you want to be.

Ready to Take-Off?

If you’re not happy, you don’t pay.

Your happiness as a client is the most important thing to me. Because of that, I offer a no-questions-asked, money-back guarantee.

If you aren’t 100% satisfied with your Business Map, I will give your money back.

Period. I want you to feel completely comfortable making this next step in your business.


Amy BoyterCEO/Creative Director @ in Houston, TX

When I reached out to Terra, I was not clear what I needed, but I knew I needed help. If I wasn't drowning in my client work, I was drowning in the needs to manage my business. After 3 years of running a profitable, growing business I realized that I was running at a pace that was impossible to sustain. I was constantly conflicted and unsure where to put my attention because everything was "HOT". Everywhere I looked, I was needed...and there wasn't enough of me to go around. Terra immediately knew what I needed.

After I received my Business Map, I no longer hand to reinvent the wheel. Our processes and procedures were clearly documented. This freed me up tremendously and created consistency and clarity to my staff. It allowed my employees to understand my vision which, in turn, gave them the confidence and ability to be more self-sufficient (something I never realized was an issue). My team could finally work as a unit because they had the tools to become familiar with each position. We also setup an accountability system so that each person had someone to report to rather than all the positions reporting to myself, the owner. 

So much time has been saved because the answers to 95% of the questions are in our Business Map (and time is money.) There is a source for almost all information that is needed which frees me up from being bogged down with a full day of questions. We now have a documented system for training new hires and interns which frees up myself and other employees from reinventing the wheel. A Business Map is absolutely necessary for your business! Every business will eventually find out that they need one and you'll enjoy owning your business more the sooner you do it! The challenge is taking the time NOW to "land your plane" for maintenance and create the foundation, but the payoff is way worth it! My Business Map is incredibly valuable. It gives me peace of mind knowing that my vision is documented and easily accessible to my entire team.

Briana BinionRock Star Speaking Coach & NLP Trainer in Los Angeles, CA

Terra, thank you so much for putting words and vision into my business. I gained so much clarity and confidence about the direction I am headed now.

The sales process you helped me build out really relived me from being in sales to being in service! This was really priceless since that was a huge anxiety in my business. I am now able to respond to prospects with the vibration of excitedly attracting all that is mine.

Thank you for putting the pieces together in my profit system in one round of coaching with you! So many coaches in this area hold back in this area! Thank you for giving me your absolute best! I am excited about what is to come for me. I'm on to making more income than ever before.

The rinse and repeat process is in full effect!

Ready to Take Action?


Is there pre-work?

How fast can you create a Business Map for my business?

Do I need to know all the answers to your questions? What if my business is a mess?

Why do you do this, Terra?

Time to Organize Your Business?