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5 Signs That You May Have a Troublesome Customer in Your Future

Your customers are your pride and joy. And **most** of them are ah-ma-zing, right? But we get tested when it comes to making money. I’m consistently being tested to remind myself…Not all money is good money! It’s okay to be picky when choosing your next customer. I know what you are thinking….but, Terra…I don’t want to turn […]

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How to Bundle Your Services to Create Your Signature Package

Are you having trouble selling your services?Maybe it’s because you have so many services that it overwhelms your potential customer. Trust me…a confused customer never buys anything. If this sounds familiar you may just need to change the way you sell your services.Instead of presenting all of your individualservices at once, consider how you can package […]

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3 Steps to Figure Out Exactly What You Stand for in Your Business

Values are important in your daily life, whether they are professional or personal. Let’s face it…most of the time they go hand in hand.Establishing core values in your business will make your business more structured as well as help it grow in the future. Without core values your business will lack clarity and the overall productivity of […]

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