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+ Bi-Weekly Group Coaching with Terra for 3 Months
(Our first group coaching call is Monday, April 4 – all sessions recorded)

+ The CEO System eCourse to Work Through in Your Private Online Classroom
(First assignment will be sent out Monday, March 28)

 + Private Facebook Community for 24/7 Acccess

+ Connections

 + Accountability & Support

+ Access to My Dream Team

+ Discounted Private Sessions with Terra (if needed)

+ 2-Day Mastermind in Houston, Texas (July 16 & 17)
(Mastermind included – travel expenses are not)


Your Investment:

($100 pay-in-full savings)


3 pay: $500 per month x 3

Enroll CEO System and Mastermind Buttong

(Limited number of Participants)


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Can you guarantee results?

I guarantee proven business strategies for the best practices to systematize areas of your business, but I can’t guarantee that you’ll do the work.I can guarantee that I have faith in your ability to step into your role as CEO of your business and step into greatness. And I can guarantee that if you do the work through The CEO System that you’ll have the knowledge and motivation to make it happen.If you don’t love the program, I will give your money back within 30 days of enrolling. There is nothing more important to me than trust and you knowing I am as serious about your business success as you are.

How much time will The CEO System eCourse take me to complete?

You can take a day or as much time as you need to work through each module and implement each piece. It’s up to you.

I want to give you time to learn, complete the worksheets & implement your new system which is why I send you a new module every other week – with email motivation along the way. Each module is broken into micro-lessons totaling about an hour plus the time it will take you to complete the worksheet.

Do I get direct (1:1) access to you, Terra?

Yes, you get access directly to me through group laser-coaching as well as discounted private sessions if you need more support. My intent is to be VERY available to those in the Mastermind.

Do I need to be a tech wizard to take this eCourse?

Not at all! If you can send and respond to email, you are qualified to be the CEO of your business. You’ll have access to your private online classroom with your unique login/password to watch videos, download resources and get tech support.

If you feel it is over your head or that you’re falling behind, you’ll have access to my support team to help you on the tech side.

How fast can I get started?

I just love your enthusiasm! We start Monday, March 28. Everyone will get the first training module, worksheet and homework. Our first group coaching session on Monday, April 4 (at 9am CST)


Enroll CEO System and Mastermind Buttong