3 Steps to Figure Out Exactly What You Stand for in Your Business

Values are important in your daily life, whether they are professional or personal.

Let’s face it…most of the time they go hand in hand.

Establishing core values in your business will make your business more structured as well as help it grow in the future.

Without core values your business will lack clarity and the overall productivity of your business team could suffer.

Don’t panic! I’m here to help.

I’ve even included a handy-dandy worksheet for you to make it easier to determine your own core values.

Here are 3 easy steps to help you establish your core values:

Take out a piece of paper or use this freebie worksheet to write down a few values that you find important (make a list of 20-30).

 >> No. 1: Brainstorm & Evaluate

Analyze each word you wrote down and try to find an underlying value.

Feel free to add your own words, too. This is all about finding all those words that you stand for.

INSIDER TIP: What typically happens is that your big list of words starts to have a common theme. You can then pick the one word that best describes that common theme.

>> No. 2: Choose Your Top 5 Words

These words should mean everything to you, the CEO of your company.

They are the words you stand for personally and within your business. The words should be embedded as your company culture.

>> No. 3: Communicate & Stand By Your Core Values

Share your core values with anyone who will listen. That includes your team members, customers, potential customers & vendor partners.

Once you’ve established your core values you need to remember to follow them and be ready to make your business decisions based on them.

If something pops up that doesn’t align with your core values, you shouldn’t take a chance on it.

(How’s that for a decision making system!)

Entrepreneurs tend to have thousands of ideas running through their heads daily.

I know I do.

By narrowing down a focus and establishing core values you can help organize those thoughts into relevant/irrelevant objectives.

Don’t assume your team members know what’s inside of that beautiful brain of yours. Instead…stop the guesswork and share your top 5 core values with them immediately.

Think of your new core values as a guide to how your company behaves and how you make choices from now on.

You’ll find that, with these new values, decision making just got easier.