Give Your Business the Boot

Give Your Business the Boot…Getting the Most from Boot camps!

Getting the edge on your completion can be hard in today’s marketplace. Everyone is running at full speed and nobody has time to think about great ways to make their businesses better, let alone implement them.

That’s why there are so many boot camps out there for business owners, managers and executives. Not only can they help you get started as an entrepreneur, they can help you iron out the kinks you’ll find when running a company, improve your business processes, power up your marketing or fine tune a variety of strategic approaches to ensure your continued success.

Boot camps are short-term, intensive sessions that offer solutions to today’s business challenges in a group setting. Run by a single expert or a team of professionals, these sessions are usually a mixture of classroom lectures, role play, quizzes or written exercises, group work and problem-solving sessions.

But do you have the time and money to spare? Is it worth it to attend a boot camp?

There are a lot of great reasons to go…here’s just a few to get you thinking seriously about one of these great opportunities!

>> No. 1: Specific Action Plans

A boot camp is usually designed to lay down specific, step-by-step action plans for various aspects of your business that can get you started efficiently or make it easy to address the challenges you’re facing.

>> No. 2: Knowledge

New strategies, tips and tactics are available from not only the instructors, but also from other attendees. You’ll share stories of what worked for you and what didn’t, trade industry secrets and brainstorm great ideas. It’s rare to find such an amazing opportunity to pick up so much cool stuff so quickly! Within groups, you’ll discover a wealth of knowledge and be able to use it to your advantage as soon as the door closes behind you.

>> No. 3: Increased Motivation

When you leave a boot camp, there’s a window of time directly afterward where you’re fired up and ready to go! This energy boost and renewed excitement in your business can help you move forward quickly. It can be especially helpful if your business is in a rut or if you needed a new direction to get you back on track.

>> No. 4: Networking Opportunities

Most boot camps are industry specific or deal with a certain type of skill you’re eager to polish. People attending them will have a lot in common with you, and you’ll be able to establish strong connections that can lead to fantastic business opportunities or grow your professional network. The more people you know that can help you build or leverage your business, the better off you are.

>> No. 5: Reference Materials

The handouts, presentations, workbooks and texts used in boot camps make great desk references to have on hand when you need an idea, help with a problem or confirmation of facts and figures. While your memory may sometimes be short-term or a little Swiss cheesy, the take home pieces you get to keep can serve as instant refreshers and inspirations.

If you think that attending a boot camp is perfect for you, but don’t know where to find the right one, drop me a line. We’ll work together to assess your needs and match you up with the right opportunity!

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