Talk the Talk. How to Chat Up Anyone & Sell Yourself as a Coach

by Terra  - August 25, 2015

For most people, selling is HARD. It can make you uncomfortable and stress you out, sometimes to the point where you avoid sales calls altogether. But remember:

You can’t grow your business if you can’t close the sale.

How do you take the sting out of generating sales? How do you turn “contacts” you meet into “contracts”…paying customers?

It’s easier than you think.

The good news is that hard sales pitches rarely work. It’s the relationship you build that convinces your prospect to buy. Most of your competitors focus on the dollars and cents, ignoring that their potential customers are people like them. If you can find a friendly, involved, non-threatening way to reach out to prospective clients and open the door to a productive discussion, “closing” the sale is much less scary.

Take A Greeting Card To The Next Level

Holiday cards flow from business to business every year – it’s become standard operating practice. But here’s the thing…people celebrate at all times of the year. Remember a prospect’s birthday with a warm, friendly, yet business-appropriate card. You’ll be noticed. The same theory applies to other grand life events such as weddings, graduations, births, and milestone anniversaries. And don’t forget…a simple, sincere, and well-written get-well or sympathy card when warranted - with absolutely no mention of your business goals - is truly memorable.

Unique Promotional Products

Forget the pens and the Post-it. While they’re useful, they don’t tell your story. Connect your promo to your business and give it some lifestyle relevance. A new local salon attended a networking event, and gave me a purse-sized folding hairbrush with a mirror inside, imprinted with their logo. If I brought the brush with me to my first appointment, I was offered a discount on any service over $50. You bet I stopped in to try them out! I loved my facial, and the brush is still in my purse for quick touch-ups. Talk about a win/win!


If you’re selling products, mail free samples with a short, catchy note. Let your prospect know you’ll be following up with a call after a week’s time to see how they liked the product and get their review. Don’t talk about selling it to them – position it as a call that will help THEM help YOU. Then be sure to follow up. Don’t miss the opportunity!

Technology Tricks And Visibility Boosters

Let your prospects know about special offers, sales, or important events with a telephone messaging service such as Voice Shot. For just a few cents a call, you can record your own upbeat, positive message, upload your telephone list, and reach a large number of people in just minutes, or choose a text option instead. They also offer a handy appointment reminder program.

Two words: Social Media. Have you held a contest yet to boost your following on Twitter or gain more “likes” on Facebook?

Increase your visibility to your prospects by giving them something memorable they can hold in their hand. A great, unusual, conversation piece of a business card will go a long way. If they keep it because it’s cool, you’re likely to get a call.

Speaking of calls – it’s time to wrap this up for today, so if you need some more hints and tips, place one with me. Or email me. Let’s make selling your specialty!

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