3 Traits Your Perfect Customer Will Have

3 Traits Your Perfect Customer Will Have

3 Traits Your Perfect Customer Will Have

Do you feel like any of your customers are wasting your time?

Do you have customers that are constantly complaining? If so, then maybe it’s time to re-evaluate your business with them.

You don’t have time to keep in contact with customers who are negatively affecting your business.

It’s time to take control and find customers who appreciate your business as much as you appreciate theirs.

Here are 3 qualities to look for in a future customer.


Confidentiality is important.

Building trust and understanding with your customers will create an authentic relationship, which in return will create more revenue.

Having someone who:

  • is loyal to your business
  • has integrity
  • is always transparent & honest
  • shows up on time for your meetings

These qualities are essential in a customer.

Being able to trust your customers will allow you to create a thriving business and build lasting relationships.


Think of your entire business as one big team – that includes your customers!

You want players on your team to be able to work together as seamlessly as possible.

Customer relationships are just as important as team member relationships.

You want customers who:

  • can communicate well and effectively
  • show respect
  • provides encouragement and feedback (both positive and negative)

Receiving feedback is crucial.

Feedback is the most efficient way to change your business as needed based on what your clients want to see.

As long as your customers give you constructive feedback in a way that’s classy and kind.

Then, you just let them know that you appreciate their feedback and you will work with the team to improve it for next time.


The perfect customer won’t spend their time complaining about your pricing.

Instead,the perfect customer understands that the VALUE of your product or service because it is well worth the price.

Look for customers who:

  • are committed to your products / services
  • values your product / services
  • returns on a regular basis
  • Tells other people about you and sends you referrals

Having customers who are fully engaged and return regularly creates a solid customer base, which makes your business much easier (and much more fun) to run!

Time to Take Action!

Step 1: Think about your top 5 customers

Step 2: Do they have the 3 traits listed above?

Step 3: Want to know more traits? Download my CHECKLIST below!

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