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Do Financials Make You Squirm? Take the Quiz

Even though everyone needs money (and more than we need air, once in a while…) quite a few of us hate talking about it.  We hate dealing with it. And we hate worrying about it even more. Are you always finding ways to wiggle out of your bookkeeping chores? Do you usually refuse to talk […]

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Money Map for Experts Who Want to Get Paid to Make a Difference

Most people just don’t realize how much they know. This is one of the most accurate statements ever made. Seriously. Everyone has a hidden well of knowledge that they don’t share with others. And…it’s not because they’re selfish or want to make others feel like they aren’t smart. They simply just don’t realize that they […]

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Your Tech Report Card

Technology. Can’t live with it, can’t live without it. In today’s uber-digital world, you have to work with technology on some level. The question is – are you a total whiz? Or maybe you’re a late adopter with a reluctance to hop on the information highway and cruise at full speed.   Depending on what […]

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The Price is Right: How to Price What You Sell

The Price Is Right….It’s Not Just a Game Show: How to Price What You Sell  {Free Download Below} When it comes to business fundamentals, one of the most common areas of concern for women entrepreneurs is setting appropriate prices for the goods or services they offer. This is one of the biggest reasons women turn […]

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