TechBuzz – Use Someday


Are you falling behind on the daily grind?

Use the time-saving, money-saving & money-making Business Apps that I will show you how to use in your service-based business!


People look at me and wonder how I get so much done in so little time. I’ll tell you a secret…It wasn’t possible before all the business apps that have come out for Smart Phones, Tablets & even your regular ol’ computers.  


The business apps that are out there today are simply AMAZING.terra bohlmann sitting cropped app strategist   But you have to know which ones to use – and which ones to avoid. That’s where I come in…


As a tech-savvy woman entrepreneur – handling all the duties of a successful businesswoman, wife, mother, and non-profit volunteer – I have learned the hard way which apps are useful, and which are junk.


I’ve even developed a “sixth sense” for quickly testing NEW apps and seeing if they’re worth using or not. I can usually tell in just a few minutes, because I know what to look for.


If you had to do all the research I’m doing, it would take you a month of Sundays.


That’s why I’m happy to announce my NEW service, TechBuzz.


With TechBuzz, you get a weekly e-mail message that tells you all about the BEST apps you should be using for your service-based business.   I focus on all the GREAT things about each particular app, and then I show you how to decide if you should invest your time (and possibly money, but what’s the difference?) in any given app that comes out.


Not all apps are created equal, that’s for sure. Some are just DOGS. Others will really and truly help you enhance your life by…


  • Saving you money on everyday items
  • Planning trips so you don’t get lost or stress out
  • Making lists with reminders so you don’t forget important “to do” items
  • Keeping track of your calendar, your appointments, your phone calls – everything!
  • Managing your budget and your expenses – constantly updating you on where you stand
  • Getting exposure in the marketplace – especially social media
  • Updating your contact list so that no one “falls through the cracks”!
  • Avoiding embarrassing moments that reveal you should have been better prepared
  • And so much more!


There are apps out there today that are a working woman’s DREAM COME TRUE! And I’ll tell you all about them – and fill you in on all the details – when you subscribe to TechBuzz.


It’s only $75tech buzz with Terra Bohlmann for 12 weeks – and at the end you get a FREE One-Hour Phone Consultation with me to go over all the things you’ve mastered or still need to master for your business success.


As a one-on-one business coach specializing in helping my fellow woman entrepreneurs, I want you to succeed whenever and wherever possible.


Now, with the awesome new APPS that are available to you, there’s no excuse NOT to advance your business to the next level – and beyond!


So go ahead and start your subscription to TechBuzz today!

You’ll be amazed at what you’re going to learn to accomplish with your new-found “high-tech” skills! Your friends will be astonished…