Twitter for Connections

Are you on Twitter? If not, then you are missing out on an opportunity to make some awesome connections. Now, I know what you are thinking. “Twitter is just another social media tool to suck up my time.”

It is another tool, but it does not have to soak up your time.

When you know how to work Twitter right, it can help you grow in connections and business. Let’s dig into Twitter and the reasons why you should be using it.

It’s a Party

It’s not really a party, but it does feel like one. You know how people can get extremely annoyed on Facebook, LinkedIn and G+ when you post too much?

Well, the purpose of Twitter is for you to post as many times as you want. It’s not like someone is going to yell at you for posting “too” much.

Unless all you are promoting is your business, then that can be a tad bit annoying. Not only is it like a chatter party, but you can also connect with others who are like you.

It’s a free social media platform, so why not dig in?

Friend Making

When you own an online or Internet business it can be hard to meet up with people who have a common interest.

That’s why Twitter is like a whole other universe. You can meet new people without leaving your computer. You can connect with others who have similar business models and goals for success.

The Know How

One of the best parts of social media, especially Twitter, is that you can have your news delivered right to your computer screen.

You can use the Twitter search tool to search for hashtags (#) or keywords that peak your interest. When you use the search tool, all of the news updates and regular updates will show up.

You’ll be surprised what you can find in that stash of updates. Some really interesting stories that you can even retweet to your own followers.

Target Customers

I really like Twitter because no one can hide from you. You do not have to be annoying, but there are ways you can stick out on Twitter that you just cannot anywhere else. You can DM (direct message) someone, directly tweet to them, or retweet what they say.

Sometimes they will answer back because they appreciate the time it took to connect with them on Twitter. Just think, if you know your target audience, you can use Twitter to target your very own customers.

Real Connections

When you get your first retweet or when someone sends you a message back, you really feel as though you made a real connection. I’ve heard stories where people say those were life changing moments for them.

For example: tweeting to a celebrity and getting a response. That’s life changing because it shows the celebrity acknowledged their existence and didn’t just blow them off. Keep in mind that a lot of celebs monitor their own Twitter accounts, so it really feels incredibly personal when it happens. The same could happen with a potential network connection or client as well.

A Few Tips

So many people worry about joining sites like Twitter because they are afraid they do not have time, energy or motivation.

Trust me, even if you only tweet a few times a day, Twitter will be well worth the time investment.

Please do not worry about the number of followers you have. In my opinion, too much emphasis is placed on how many followers a person has.

Do me a favor, enjoy the Twitter platform and the followers will come naturally. I would say that Twitter is more about the quality of conversations and not about the quantity of followers.

Are you on Twitter? I am. @TerraBohlmann. Leave your @Twitter Handle in the comments below so I can follow you!