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Terra Bohlmann is a Business Mentor for Coaches and online trainer who helps fast-track high-achieving leaders become the "Go-To-Coach" in their niche. As the creator of "The Build FAST Framework™, she has helped launch over 150 businesses for clients who have gone on to build six and seven-figure businesses. 

Through her speaking, training, coaching, and live events production, she's impacted thousands of entrepreneurs and leaders across the world.

Terra has been featured in publications and podcasts including Forbes and The Huffington Post. She's also the host of The Fast-Track Coach Podcast with Terra Bohlmann.

She is obsessed with collecting Chanel brooches and traveling but loves to come home to Houston, Texas where she lives with her husband, three boys, two spoiled Australian Shepherds, and an entitled rescue cat. Terra's forthcoming book, The Fast-Track Coach: Create Your First-Class Coaching Business with Clarity and Confidence, is due out in 2025.

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Create and Sell Your Own Signature Offer with Podcast Host, Terra Bohlmann

Terra shares her time-tested strategy to become the resident expert in your niche. She teaches about the four critical steps to create and sell your Signature Offer to your Client Avatar. Take a deep dive with her into pricing, making sure you’re hitting that “sweet spot” to maximize your profits.


Discussion Topics.


  • How to Design a Clear Path to Your 6-Figure+ Coaching Business
  • 3 Simple Strategies to Become the Go-To-Coach in Your Niche
  • Create a Signature Coaching Offer that Sells (and Scales)
  • 5 Ways to Build Authentic Connections to Win Great Referral Partners


  • Push Through Fears and Self-Doubt to Fulfill Your Purpose
  • How to Navigate Mean Girls in a Nice Girl's World
  • Define Your Core Values to Simplify Your Decision Making Forever

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8524 Highway 6 North #143
Houston, Texas 77095



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