What the Beach Taught Me About Business

Work hard. Play hard.  That’s just one of the many reasons why we chose to be an entrepreneur, right? Truth be told, I tend to forget about the “play” side of that statement. Until last week. I just came back from a stunning resort in Puerto Rico, where I had the privilege to learn from publicity guru, Selena Soo, […]

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Find Your Authentic Sales Approach to Boost Your Business Now!

FIND YOUR AUTHENTIC SALES APPROACH TO BOOST YOUR BUSINESS NOW Let’s be real: many small business owners aren’t great at sales. In fact, many of them don’t have a solid sales strategy or even a tried-and-tested sales approach. And it makes sense; as a female entrepreneur, you’re probably intelligent, creative, and driven, but that doesn’t […]

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The Ultimate Guide to Build Your Signature Offer

I was slightly leaning against the thick glass showcase. I pressed my index finger against the spot just above the glitter of the well-protected Chanel jewels beneath. It took a good minute for my warm fingerprint to disappear.For days leading up to this milestone moment, I had been nervous that my 40th birthday may be […]

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