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A 90-Day Private Coaching Experience for Business Owners Who Are Ready to Stop Flying Solo and Arrive to Your Next Level of Success.

Save Time and Make More Profit With Your Done-For-You Business Map™ + 3-Months of Private High-Performance Business + Mindset Coaching with Terra To Get Your Business to Cruising Altitude.

A 90-Day High-Performance Coaching Experience so You Breakthrough What's Holding You Back and Accelerate Your Personal Growth at Lightening Speed.

Change Your Internal Programming to Have a Success-Fueled Mindset. You'll Own Your Value, Make Bold Moves, and Step Fully Into Your Power. This 90-Day Experience is For Women Who Don't Have Time to Waste.

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Oh...and this is why I do what I do...

When I reached out to Terra, I was not clear what I needed, but I knew I needed help. If I wasn't drowning in my client work, I was drowning in the needs to manage my business. After 3 years of running a profitable, growing business I realized that I was running at a pace that was impossible to sustain. I was constantly conflicted and unsure where to put my attention because everything was "HOT".

After I received my Business Map™, I no longer hand to reinvent the wheel. Our processes and procedures were clearly documented. So much time has been saved because the answers to 95% of the questions are in our Business Map (and time is money.)

A Business Map™ is absolutely necessary for your business! Every business will eventually find out that they need one and you'll enjoy owning your business more the sooner you do it!

Amy Boyter

CEO + Chief Creative Officer

My experience with Terra has been nothing short of amazing. Confidence and clarity have been my primary struggle through my entrepreneurial journey; however, through the strategic guidance, accountability, and most importantly, my Business Map™ my struggles have been drastically minimized. 

As a finance major and MBA, I created a beautiful business plan, but when navigating the real world of entrepreneurship, those plans are worthless.  


My Business Map™ is more than a plan; it provides a guide to take your business from where you are to where you see your business in the future. The map is incredibly in-depth and detailed; I am simply amazed. 


I am truly grateful and privileged to be a member of the Concorde. It equivalent to being in a secret society of women superheroes, who go out and slay dragons daily. My only regret is I wasted so much time and money with other coaches and did not find Terra sooner.

Malissa Dunnings

Founder + Head Coach @

Tamara White

Success Coach + Empowerment Speaker

I have lots to say about Terra Bohlmann, my Business Coach. She saved me and lifted me up when I began to think it wasn’t possible to have a coaching business that produced clients and income.  

You see, she is my 3rd Business Coach, and no one else helped me to clarify my vision and provide a road map except her. 

She has a proven system with her Business Map™ method that really works.  Terra is serious about her work as a Business Coach, and she refuses to leave any of her clients behind.

Terra provides tools and easy access to get things done.  Not only that, but she is gifted in creating, developing, and helping you to execute your ideas.

I have found Terra to be thoughtful, personable, and available. She listens with intent to help you; she is a problem-solver, thought-provoker, and giver (and is extremely smart.) 

She can take your ideas and dissect them into a beautiful flower. She takes your dream and helps you to see that dreams do come true.

I have enjoyed my experience with Terra and have no doubts about referring others to her so she can draw out their masterpiece.

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