Hi, I’m Terra, Business Strategist, Breakthrough Coach
+ Creator of The Business Map Method™

Fasten your seat belts, folks.
My motto in life is: Fly or Die.

I love helping women entrepreneurs stop “winging it” and board the fast track to success.

My clients are able to soar to new heights—making their high-flying business dreams a reality, while I help them navigate any turbulence along the way.

You might be surprised to learn after reading all of my airline puns that I didn’t actually take a flight until I was 16 years old. Seriously. 

I grew up in a small town in Central Illinois, and never thought I’d leave. Maybe you can relate. My dad works for an airline, and I grew up next to an airport—listening to whir of planes above my home every single day. I even communicated with my dad in airport codes.

And yet, even with all of that flight inspiration, I still didn’t see myself soaring to epic heights. 

At least, not until I got on that first flight. 

It was a warm summer day. My uncle took me up in his small plane, and we only flew around our small town. I was familiar with every place we passed, but - that day - I saw things from a new perspective. 

Instead of looking up, I was finally staring down. I got to be on top of the world. 

And I realized that day that THIS was my passion. To create a community of amazing women… and that we could all catapult to the top, together. #FlyOrDie

So that’s what I did. 

Today, I’m not just the Pilot—leading women toward the business of their dreams—I’m the whole darn crew (there’s my Gemini peeking out again!)

I’ve worked with fortune 500 companies as a consultant and now proud to have worked with hundreds of women entrepreneurs (and counting) to help them fast-track their own five-year plans in less than one year.

When working with me, you can expect expert navigation… and you can expect that if you’re a little uncomfortable, I’ll grab you a blanket and a bag of pretzels, too. 

Here are 9 other things you can expect when taking flight with me:


I’m completely addicted to Chanel® brooches. I line-up my collection at home and stare at them any time I have a break.

I hunt new ones down like a rabid fan at a Beyonce concert.

I have this recurring fantasy that I’ll have a daughter-in-law one day (I have all boys, by the way) who will inherit my collection and love it just as much as I do. *Sigh*


If I don’t travel somewhere at least once a month, I’ll die.

That sounds very dramatic, but what is life without a bit of drama?


I can’t stop going to Starbucks™.

It’s so bad, that my local Starbucks has a photo of my dogs on the wall.

I go through these virtuous bursts of trying to give it up, but I think I’m just going to fully embrace my Starbucks shame.


I was never a dog person until I rescued my sweet Aussie, Skylar Blue. I then got another Aussie pup on the 4th of July and named her Liberty Belle. Have a rescue cat, too, but she doesn't love the Aussies as much as they love her.

Now I’m obsessed with them, and love my pets more than anything (sorry, husband.)


Speaking of husband (who I do love the most - I swear!) - he is the secret to my life balance.

Oh… he's 6'4" and I'm 5'1” (okay..with heels on.)


I have a mom who owns and operates a busy barber shop and a dad who was a lead singer of a rock band in the 70's and 80's.

That means I have stories for days.


If you meet me in real life, I will constantly be applying lipstick, or lip gloss, or Chapstick.

Dry lips are my nightmare.


I’m a closet soap opera freak. I shamelessly engage in online fan forums to discuss the latest episode, and secretly want to go to a General Hospital fan convention, but I haven’t worked up the guts. Yet.

My TV obsession also extends to other guilty pleasure shows, like Real Housewives, The Bachelor, and Hallmark Movies


I'm all about a good shortcut.

You want to know the fastest way to get anywhere?
I'm your gal. 

Ready to hop on board?