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As my way of saying THANK YOU, I’m honored to share some magic back with you. Please pick a perk below (of your liking) & follow the instructions to CLAIM YOUR PERK.

(no judgement, seriously, just pick what lights you up!

PERK #1 : Fancy Flats For YOU!

Tieks Ballet Flats

The most versatile designer flats in the world. Made of the finest Italian leathers and designed to fold and fit in your purse. Wearable all day, every day. Perfect for Jet-setters and trading out those high heels. Your choice of color and size (Value up to $200+ shipping) 

To Claim Your Perk

1. Simply go to the Tieks.com website and pick what you want.

2. Email Terra(at)TerraBohlmann.com

3. Let me know your name, color choice, size & shipping address.

4. Sit back and wait for them to appear in the mail.

PERK #2 : Give Back & Get Back

Non-Profit Donation

I will send a $300 donation in your name to your favorite non-profit. (If you don't have a non-profit in mind, I will send $300 to Hope Haven to help fund a school in Rwanda. 

To Claim Your Perk

1. Simply pick your fav non-profit or do Pencils of Promise.

2. Email Terra(at)TerraBohlmann.com.

3. Let me know your non-profit choice.

PERK #3 : My Brain Is YOURS! 

Private Coaching

Get a private coaching session with me for up to 1 hour to help you have a big business breakthrough & determine your next best move in your business. (Value $375)

To Claim Your Perk

1. Email me to schedule your coaching time at: Terra(a)TerraBohlmann.com.

2. You call me during our scheduled time.

3. Be served during your free coaching session. Voila!

PERK #4 : Cold Hard Cash (well...via Paypal)


Money talks...I get it and I value it! I'm all about Business Transactions. I  will send you $300 as a big ol' "thank you!" 

To Claim Your Perk

1.  Email me to let me know you want the Referral Cash Bonus at Terra(at)TerraBohlmann.com.

2. Let me know your Paypal email address.

3. Spend your money on something you need or want.

Thank You for allowing me to continue to serve others.
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