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Over the years, I'm honored to have spoken, taught and engaged with thousands of amazing entrepreneurs, business professionals and students.

I speak on a variety of topics including: Navigating Change, Business Leadership, Business Systems and Strategies, Time Management and High Performance, Simple Sales Solutions and Creating a Customer "WOW" Experience.

Meet Terra (Formal Bio)

Terra Bohlmann is a speaker, trainer, author and coach who helps entrepreneurs and business professionals organize the chaos by providing tools and strategies to add more balance into their lives. She’s a systems thinker and loves technology (but understands that not everyone loves systems and technology as much as her.) Terra is skilled at problem solving and has a natural ability to take businesses to the next level. As a former consultant to multi-million dollar companies, Terra believes everyone should work smarter, not harder.

Terra has a huge passion for traveling, but she calls Houston, Texas home where she lives with her amazing husband and their 3 boys (including a set of twins!) Terra is the 2016 eWomenNetwork Managing Director of the Year, a member of the Forbes Coaches Council & teaches as an adjunct professor at Lone Star College.

Signature Speaking (and Teaching) Topics

Here are a few of Terra's speaking topics about increasing sales performance and surrounding yourself with your dream team for maximum productivity. Her talks can customized from 20 minutes to a 2.5 hour training workshop. Speaking fees vary based on you needs. She also has signature talks on: Navigating Change, Business Leadership, Business Systems and Strategies, Time Management and High Performance, Simple Sales Solutions and Creating a Customer "WOW" Experience.


Many people go into business and are both the biggest visionary and the biggest critic in their profession. They see the big picture, yet do the things to sabotage their advancement. In this talk, we are going to identify the common mistakes that entrepreneurs commit in their sales process and how they can avoid them. Remember that knowledge is power. It’s time for you to have the power and learn how to not make massive mistakes that are stopping you from making mega sales.

Key Takeaways

  • How to Stop Sales Overwhelm
  • What All Successful Business Owners Know that Keeps their Money Flowing
  • How to Make a Sales Connection for FREE
  • Common Excuses to Lack of Sales and How to Change that Forever


As an entrepreneur, it can get lonely. No matter where you are in your business journey, it’s important to have a solid support system to help you achieve your goals. And…creating your own “Dream Team” of people you work with just makes business a lot more fun! Terra will teach you what super successful entrepreneurs know about growing their business without their business running their life. Whether you have a home-based office or a 300+ employee company, you will learn how to surround yourself with the right people to drive you to success.

Key Takeways

  • The difference between working ON your business Vs. IN your business
  • The “must have” people supporting you both in your business and in your personal life
  • Great resources to find people to help you
  • How to create a raving “dream team” to support your business

Kristie KeeverBrand Strategist + Creative Director                 

Real. Actionable. Motivation. That's what you get when you hear Terra speak. It's so easy to get stuck in your own head, but Terra is relatable and REAL and provides you with the clear, no-nonsense tools that you need to not only keep moving forward, but keep you out of the pool of overwhelm. If you are looking for a speaker that provides non-stop actionable and valuable nuggets, Terra is your gal! 

Have an idea for a talk that will entice your audience to take action? I’m happy to customize something…just let me know what you have in mind.

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