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Secret to Outsourcing Content Creation

Secrets to Outsourcing Content Creation (They’ll Never Know it’s Not You!) – By Guest Blogger Lacy Boggs When I first hung out my digital shingle as a ghostblogger, I didn’t have a clue if there would be any kind of demand for that service. Turns out, there definitely is. But there are people out there who aren’t even […]

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Secrets of a Goal-Getter

Yeah, that phrase ‘Goal-Getter’ might be a little corny. Okay, maybe a lot corny…but it’s descriptive. Do you meet your goals? Achieve them? ‘Get’ them? Tuck them in your pocket when you’re done? I hope so. But chances are, if you’re reading this right now, you don’t. Get them, that is. They’re still floating out there in […]

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Celebration = Motivation

I love writing down my professional goals each January. I actually start in November and December but really put it all together in January. It’s a perfect way to start a new year in business. I have a strong view point that you need to land your plane (also known as your business) a few […]

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