Celebration = Motivation

I love writing down my professional goals each January. I actually start in November and December but really put it all together in January. It’s a perfect way to start a new year in business.

I have a strong view point that you need to land your plane (also known as your business) a few times a year instead of trying to build your plane (business) mid-flight.

This is the difference between working ON your business vs. IN your business.

You need to give your business on-going maintenance to make sure your flights are as smooth as possible.

Taking time to write down all of your annual goals on that bright and clean piece of paper is something that is important to do.

If you’re like me, you are so excited to see those goals on paper. There’s something about having a clear vision laid out before you and to move forward. (If that doesn’t excite you or if it’s something you don’t do…let’s chat.)

I like to land my own plane every quarter to see how I am tracking in my business. I have found that celebrating even the smallest of victories helps me to continue to be motivated.

BIZ TIP: Never forget to celebrate the victories (no matter how big or small) along the way to keep you motivated.

For a few years now, I have had a goal on my “vision board” to share my passion of helping women entrepreneurs succeed.

As part of that vision, I have broken down my goals into smaller pieces that I can measure. One of those pieces is to reach more and more women entrepreneurs each year. One of the ways to do that is to expand my readership to touch the lives of more women.

The other day a long-standing “dream” of mine came true! I want to share and celebrate with you that I have officially become a content contributor for The Huffington Post!

You can check out the article HERE. It’s a great article about the one simple business strategy you can put in your business to motivate you to make more money. Check it out, and comment! I’d love to hear what you think. I’ll do my best to comment back.

And remember, let’s keep motivated by looking at those goals for this year, looking at the positives and sharing in all the victories along the way!  Don’t forget to land your plane…