3 Simple Ways to Re-Purpose a Blog Post for Your Business

Writing a blog takes work. Effort. Time. You are spilling your guts on great advice that will help people are interested in what you are writing about. Did you know you can take your blog post and re-purpose it in many different ways?


Here’s 3 ways you can get more out of your blog post:


 1. Shoot a video giving similar content that you write about – instead you SPEAK about it. Some people are visual learners, some people absorb by reading and others learn by writing or listening. Video helps capture more of your audience depending on what captures their attention. Share you video on YouTube to capture a different audience. Here…I even shot a video for you about “Re-purposing your blog post”:

2. Write short status messages giving the same advice and share on Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIN. You can take a few points from your blog post and create a series of social media posts where you share the same information.


3. Create an audio recording (.MP3) of you reading your blog post. Upload your audio to a website like SoundCloud.com and share the link in social media. You can allow people to download your audios to their smart phones to listen while they exercise or ride in the car. You can take it a step further and record multiple blog posts as audios to put on a CD to share with people or create an info-product to sell. Add your personality and music to the background to make your audios sound really professional.


Don’t worry if you feel like you are talking about the same thing in a given time period. Successful entrepreneurs NICHE their expertise. Unless you have mega stalkers, your audience won’t even notice that you are talking about the same thing over and over. If you want to get fancy, you can spread out the same content over a few months. Remember, it’s good to give your hard working content a few different places to shine.


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