Episode #35 The Fortune is in the Follow Up with Amy Robinette

The Fast-Track Woman Podcast: Episode #35
The Fortune is in the Follow Up with Amy Robinette

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Meet Podcast Guest, Amy Robinette.

Amy Robinette is an Author, Entrepreneur and Founder of Women Helping Women 2 Network. She is also known as The Gold Buying Girl and The Goal Getter. As the Gold Buying Girl she had 150 women working for her throughout the US and Canada. And collectively they bought over $15 million worth of gold, silver and platinum. As The Goal Getter, Amy has received many Top Producer awards during her career in the personnel staffing industry and believes that The Fortune Is In The Follow-Up. She has developed The ‘Close’ Factor Program to teach others how to follow up and increase their sales. 

In 2014 Amy was not getting what she wanted from the networking groups she attended so she started her own! Women Helping Women 2 Network is the largest and fastest growing networking organization for women entrepreneurs in Texas with 400 members in Dallas, Houston and San Antonio. Amy believes there is enough abundance for everyone and by building relationships you will build your business. She also believes we need to be educated on how to do business.

She also coaches other women throughout the US on how to start their own successful network called “The Fortune Connection”

Later this year she will be launching her new book ‘There's Always a Plan B’

 About this Podcast Episode.

Terra Bohlmann interviews Amy Robinette, Founder of Women Helping Women 2 Network. Amy is known as the "Goal Getter" and has received many top producer awards in her former personnel staffing career as well as a leader of women. She founded The Gold Buying Girl and had over 150 women working for her where they collectively bought over $15 Million worth of gold, silver, and platinum.

She teaches women how to grow their sales through networking and by following up. Amy believes there is enough abundance for everyone and knows that by building relationships, you will build your business. On this podcast episode, Amy shares her "follow up" secrets to go from meeting someone for the first time to winning a new customer that you can serve over and over again.

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Announcer (00:02): Welcome to the fast track entrepreneur podcast with your host Terra Bohlmann, you are about to get filled with business strategies, advice and motivation to get you prepared to fast track your five year plan in less than one year. So buckle up and let's create your first class business with clarity and confidence.

Terra Bohlmann (00:29): Super excited to have you back today. And I am thrilled to have an amazing desk. Who's also a dear friend of mine on the podcast episode today. So we're going to be talking to Amy Robinette and let me read her bio because she is a firecracker who has done tons and tons of great stuff. So Amy Robinette is an author, entrepreneur, and founder of women helping women to network. She's also known as the gold buying girl and the goal getter as the gold buying girl, she had over 150 women working for her throughout the us and Canada and collectively, they bought over $15 million worth of gold, silver and platinum. As the goal getter, Amy has received many top producer awards during her career in the personnel staffing industry and believes that the fortune really is in the followup. She's developed the closed factor program and teaches others how to follow up and increase their sales in 2014.

Terra Bohlmann (01:32): And he just wasn't getting what she wanted from other networking groups. So she decided to start her own women. Helping women to network is now the largest and fastest growing networking organization for women entrepreneurs in Texas only believes there's enough abundance for everyone. And by building relationships, you will build business. She also believes that we need to be educated on how to do business. She also coaches women throughout the United States on how to start their own successful network. And later this year, she's launching her new book called there's always a plan B. Please join me in welcoming my dear friend. And you're rubbing that. Hi, Amy. How are you? It's a great introduction. Thank you. Thank you. I'm glad to be here today. I'm glad. I'm glad. And it really becomes one of the, I like to read the professional bios because it's not, oftentimes we get to like sit back and listen and be like, man, we've done.

Terra Bohlmann (02:30): We've done some cool stuff over the last few years, so maybe we need to Pat ourselves on the back. I love it. I love it. So I have no doubt that this interview is going to be packed with fun because Amy is super fun. So we actually met at a networking group. Oh gosh. Five, seven years ago. Seven years ago. Yeah. And then we became pretty quick friends. We met, we knew that we weren't in anything for competition, but we together we could do better and grow together, which was really cool. So we have very similar objectives, which is to help serve women entrepreneurs. And Amy does that fabulously. So today

Amy Robinette (03:13): [Inaudible] in the, in the Mexico masterminds. Yep.

Terra Bohlmann (03:15): Yeah, absolutely. She's my ride or die. So she's like, I need you to be at my house in Mexico to help facilitate the masterminds he puts together there, and on the flip side, she's helped me at tons of events and you know, it's just so great to have like a friend, you can trust that your dad helping you do really cool things. So so yeah, so I'm going to like pump some awesome stuff out of your brain so we can share it with the, with the audience. Awesome. All right. So the first thing I want to talk about is, you know, tell us about why are really how you discovered that women were not following up with sales leads.

Amy Robinette (03:54): Well, you know, after networking, when you read my bio, I come from a strong sales background and the, to be successful in sales, you have to follow up. And I was just noticing when I'd go to networking events that these women were having success in their business. And I saw just kind of ask them some questions, cause I'm always, I like to help size, like I'll give free advice and, you know, throw some tidbits out to help someone. And I could, I could see when women would lose their passion and about the business that they were in. So when I asked him some more probing questions and I found out that they were only following up twice, two times, that's nothing you've got to follow up at least five to eight to 12 times in order to build a relationship and make a business or create this between that person.

Terra Bohlmann (04:42): Absolutely. Because a lot of people, especially, I'm sure you witnessed that, you know, your networking organization. I know I always did with networking too, where it's like, people are like, hi, buy my stuff. Here's my car, buy my stuff. And like, that's just doesn't work. Right. So yeah. So what let's talk kind of quickly about and networking strategy. So when people meet somebody or they go to a networking event, or maybe either even on a virtual, there's a lot of cool virtual networking events now and whatnot, you know, what do you, what do you suggest they do? Like what are some things that people are doing wrong versus what people are doing? Right.

Amy Robinette (05:20): Well, I find that it's not all about you. You've got to get to know that other person, you have to make it about them. It's about building that relationship. Be a good listener. A lot of people aren't good listeners and they want to get their story out or their 32nd commercial first or whatever. You know, I always like to find out more about people besides what they do, like their family, their interests, you know, their kids, their dogs, especially dogs, you know, you and I are dog people. So yeah.

Terra Bohlmann (05:50): You gotta find that common ground. So yeah,

Amy Robinette (05:53): Absolutely. And you know, you build on that, you build that relationship. Right.

Terra Bohlmann (05:58): And you know, something I've seen you do really well is you asked a lot of questions. Right. And you know, and that's one thing that you can, that is a great strategy for when you are going to a networking group or you're breaking into a circle or you're just having a conversation. I was like, ask more questions. Right. So then from there, you know, it's like, well, let me tell you this. Like, how did you feel? Cause you led 150 plus girls. He may have had some guys too. But when you did your, when you had your goal buying girl business, when it was, I mean, you still have it, but it's like when it was in its quote unquote glory day when you know, gold was all over the media and stuff like that, you know, what did you see that your goal buying girls were doing well versus the ones that you had like paid for memberships for them all over the U S and Canada. And they were like, it's not working. It's not working. What advice did you give them?

Amy Robinette (06:55): Well, what I noticed in my organization is that the girls that were the most successful and I had girls were earning six figures, buying gold for me. So, you know, working maybe 20 hours a week, they had, they were outgoing. They were always making the situation with whatever they were in fun and people liked it. So people were attracted to them and that's why they were the most successful. So they'd got to know people and that, you know, that they did business with and that just moved their business forward because it was easy for them to get referrals. And the ones that I noticed that didn't do as well, they did well, but didn't do as well, just when we're putting themselves out there, you know, it takes a little work and a little self confidence to do that.

Terra Bohlmann (07:39): Right. So what, what tips do you have for, cause I know you've got well over 400 plus members, you know, you've personally coached and mentor to 150, you know, gold buying girls, all that kind of stuff. And it's like, what advice did you give them? If they came across, you know, really good at what they did. Like they could sell a goal that could really have those one on one relationships, but something about stepping into a room and they just felt shy. Like, what would you tell them? Like, what are some tricks that you could give you would, you would tell people that are a little more introverted?

Amy Robinette (08:13): Well, I would tell them to find, you know, when they're integrated, I say, take, you know, get a buddy partner, find a buddy company up next to, and that will give you more confidence and always introduce yourself first, you know, women, we are the best at helping each other. We really are. We are natural nurturers. So it, you know, walk up to a group of people that you see and just introduce yourself and, you know, get that buddy partner that will really help you with your confidence when you're kind of scared when you're in that type of situation, a wing woman,

Terra Bohlmann (08:44): Oh, a woman. And it's better if you're a little more shy and uncomfortable, maybe introverted or Amber, or however you classify yourself. I know people get so mad at labels, but we know what side we to, you know, beyond it's like find the opposite, right? So if you're super outgoing and whatever, bring a woman, who's a little more timid, but like amazing at what she does, like under your wing and, you know, introduce her to people. She's going to be forever grateful and vice versa. If you're a little more shy, like, you know, go have a one on one conversation with someone and be like, can you help me out? Like, this is, I'm kind of new at this and show that vulnerability and, and get your what'd you call him a away woman. I love that. That's yeah. That's awesome. And then, okay, so then once people, you know, do their networking, you know, we've got the, we've talked about this before, but like the business card slingers, like the guns on your set of like, here's the card, here's my card.

Terra Bohlmann (09:38): And I'm like, I'm not about collecting a bunch of cards. I'm actually like, I want, if I get a card, I want it to be because I'm actually going to do something with it. When I get home and vice versa, I don't want to just hand out all my cards. I buy nice business cards at, you know, and it's like, that's an investment in a marketing and I don't want everyone just spamming me with like, whatever, you know, they're selling. I really want it to feel like a gift when I get one. And when I give one, so it's like, so, you know, what's your advice for people when they either give or get a business card, as far as followup goes,

Amy Robinette (10:14): Well follow up immediately. Well, within the four 48 hours, don't bug the person right away and just, you know, jump on them. You know, I was going to say some other words, you know, give them some time to relax and breathe and take in what they, you know, they, they were just at an event and take all that in. So follow up with them in the next 48 hours in one of my favorite tips is the, is the picture text, you know, that, that I like to send with a picture in it and a little cup of coffee. So you let's have coffee. You know, people are doing things virtually nowadays. So doing a zoom call virtually and you know, getting on with your friend or this person that you just met and build a relationship. But I want to say something to let those card slingers, the gunslingers and all that, not everybody is your customer. They really aren't. You know, like I told the statistic before only 2% of sales are made on the first touch. But you have to understand who your target target audiences. And when I used to collect business cards, I made sure it was somebody that I thought that needed my service and my product. And I knew I follow up with, let me be nice to everybody, but not everybody is, is your, is your perfect client or customer.

Terra Bohlmann (11:27): That is great advice because I think oftentimes we're told to go network or it's instantly what you think is like, Oh my gosh, you know, if I need sales, I need to be out networking. But the best time to be networking is not when you're hungry. Right. It's like, how can you show up and give first and you know, and serve others so that when you do go to do something, they're like, what do you need me to do? Right. Like, yeah. So I love that. That's so good. Not everybody's your customer don't think, Oh my gosh, whoever hands out the most business cards wins the game. It's really like, one thing that I do is if I go somewhere, I want to just get, make three connections. You know, it could be a room of a hundred, but like three that I'm going to take further. And I'll tell you, and I'm curious on, you know, this is something we've never discussed before, but it's like out of, you know, I think I've done a hundred and what, I think I'm at 149 live events like produced at some, you know, most capacity for you. You're like, time's up by 10. Cause you've got, you know, 20, how many chapters? I mean, you're like, yeah, a lot, a lot more than that. So out of all the people you've met, how many people have, do you think have followed up with you?

Amy Robinette (12:49): Oh, very few. Very few have followed up with me. I think that when they see you in a different light, you know, when the head of an organization that they're a part of, but I always encourage people and you know, should not be discouraging to you. And it just means not now follow up and nurture those relationships. And sometimes, you know, it might be a timing, timing issue. People might not need you at that time. But later on down the road, they may need you or needed.

Terra Bohlmann (13:19): Yeah. Hence the followup, because it's not like the probability that they need, what you have that day when you're there meeting is so low. Like what you say, it's 2%, you know, but how, you know, and then as you get further along and nurture and you don't even have to be like, Fady about it or weird, or like checking in with you, do you need to buy my stuff? Like, no you don't, but just staying visible and also helping them and kind of keeping them in your world and serving them and vice versa. Like what, how can you talk statistics a little bit? Like if 2%, only 2% buy, you know, the first time they meet, you know, what does that look like as there's more touch points?

Amy Robinette (14:01): Well, your, your probability of closing a sale or making a sale goes up, the more touches you have, you made a key point. I just forgot it about you know, put yourself out there. And the more you put yourself out there that will come back to you, if you're not willing to get close to a person and make that connection, the connection of, you know, you have some common ground and every time you see them, you ask about their family or this and that. And then later on you go, Hey, who was that person was in the insurance business. I forgot their name. So you get the referral and you know, if you don't give them business, there's always the referral business, part of networking, which I think people forget about.

Terra Bohlmann (14:39): Absolutely. And I mean, just me, even as a networker, not running anything or leading up one of my own events or whatever, but just simply showing up as just Kara, going to a networking event, I can tell you, and I've done a lot of networking as you have to, like outside of your own organization. It's like, I can think of maybe less than five women who followed up with me. I have men have followed up, which is interesting, but from a, I've given a card and they've either emailed me within your 48 hour suggests the time period and stuff like that. Like it's so low that I am like, yeah, it's probably three to five people and they're just like, women are not following up. And what do you think is the reason for that?

Amy Robinette (15:27): Well, that's, sometimes it's a fear it's going up, but sometimes they're not trained to do that. And you've got to train yourself to do that. I always like to refer to my personnel background because I had a lot of training in that. And it was, I was always following up, always following up. And that just comes naturally to me, like riding a bike, but I think you need to get used to it and you need to have a system in place so that, you know, when to follow up, how to follow up and when to follow up how and when to follow up.

Terra Bohlmann (15:57): Oh, so true. So you've got to have a followup system. You have to, even if you have to have an accountability buddy, like maybe your waiting woman, you know, it's like you have a strategy and not to be like icky about it, but just like, what's your goal? My goal is to meet three new people. Okay. What's your goal. I want to meet, you know, two people in the real estate industry and one in the whatever. Okay, cool. And then off you go. And so having a wing woman at a networking event, it could be like, you know, Hey Amy, if you meet somebody who I'm looking to get in front of and I meet, like, I'm going to make sure I introduce you to, right. So that kind of allows you to help cover some more ground and, and meet more people too.

Terra Bohlmann (16:38): So I love that. So I think, you know, the wing woman strategy with the business card and then like your wing woman, shouldn't drift stop after the event. I think like what about having her say, okay, let's follow up with each other in 48 hours and make sure we reached out to our people. Let's take it a step further. And that's what he's talking about, having a system in place so that we can follow up and not feel icky about it. Like, what do you think? Some of the fears, like, what are women saying? When say we need you give me a card and you're like, Hey, send me an email. Like, okay. And then we'll talk about the fears. But I had like this crazy story. I remember one time I was at a networking event and I literally told the woman, I said, Oh, and it was, I needed some more essential oils. And I said, I am going to, I need to buy some. I will. But I'm like, I don't have like time right now to like, place an order. Here's my card. Will you please email me and send me the link? And I will order, like, I'll be good for at least a hundred bucks. Right? Like, don't say that, but I will order. And he emailed me and I'm like, that's a closed sale. Like, why are you spending your time and money networking? I mean, it was so heartbreaking what's going on in these women's heads?

Amy Robinette (18:00): Well, like I said, they're not used to it and you know, right then and there, they just left money on the table. I mean, we stand on their waving, your checkbook and your credit card and whatever to buy and you know, they're not responding. You just have to train yourself. You have to get used to that follow up because that's where your business and your referrals come from.

Terra Bohlmann (18:19): Oh gosh. And it's just a matter of like, you know, doing the followup. Do you think there's this fear of rejection or like, I don't want her to think, think I'm salesy or, you know, I don't want her to think I'm desperate. Like I don't, I don't know. Like, I guess I'm with you, like we're in a camp of, you know, we've been in the professional, like corporate, we have corporate backgrounds where this was just kind of part of the natural thing. If there's something I want, and I know you, I mean, we let we joke. Like we call Amy and ask Cole. She wants something. Don't ask for it. Like down to, we go, she has a beautiful home in Mexico and she's just like, you know, I'm like, Oh, I love this hat. She's like, can you get my friend? Like he does not his zero fear when it comes to asking. So it feeds it awesome wing women in that sense, you know? But it's like, we want to think in terms of say there's something you really want, like pick anything. It could be like your dream, you know, of, you know, like everyone wants to meet Oprah. You have the trans to meet Oprah. All you have to do is email this person that, you know, and ask for an introduction because they've already said, Oh, I'll get you into me. Oprah, would you email the person? And I bet a lot of women look it,

Amy Robinette (19:40): Oh, I would, that'd be the fine. Now, you know, Terra, I was watching this yesterday on TV and it was such a good example. This newscaster was interviewing the governor of Texas in the governor's mansion. And they were, the special room was a really cool room. And apparently they'd never filmed in that room before. And so he asked the governor, he said why is it we got to come in this room today in film. And the governor said, because you asked, wow, never asked. And this newscaster asks and they got to, they got to film in this beautiful room. And so that's my point. Exactly, because they're, don't be afraid to ask, be an askhole.

Terra Bohlmann (20:24): You're not going to die. You will die by asking, like, I mean, you can respectfully, if they say no, okay. You know, Hey, like at least I asked you know, but it doesn't hurt. And it's just one of these things that by us women asking, we feel like you know, we're going to protect ourselves from being rejected or you don't want to hear, or I don't want, and it's like, these are like, like imaginary conversations we're having in our head versus just send the freaking email, the text ask, right? If you want it that bad, if you wanted to meet Oprah, like ask yourself, would you be willing? Someone says, here's my card, email me. I will get you an introduction to Oprah and you can meet her and get a picture or whatever. Are you going to do it? And so, no matter what, it's just really pushing through the fears, right?

Terra Bohlmann (21:20): Like you said, push through the fears and you're going to get some responses. And I think when you see that you didn't die doing it, you're going to be more apt to follow up. So what are some of the ideas you have around followup? Because I think when you hear the Fortune's in the followup and know the fortunes on the followup, I mean, because you have a whole program around it, like that's kind of what you do. And it's, you know, you're amazing at the followup and getting things done. So it's like, what does follow up typically mean to women that makes them not do it versus what are some things we can do to actually follow up and not feel icky?

Amy Robinette (21:58): Well, I talked about the picture texts, which I'm a big fan of using Canva or word swag. And the other thing I teach in my program is that when you follow up with somebody and you know, like you're going to get a lot of nos or not a lot of not nows, he said, well, you don't care. What, when would, is, would be a good time to call you back or get back with you and write that down and follow up again. That hit them. That question is going to make them give you an answer so you can come back. Does that make sense?

Terra Bohlmann (22:27): Totally. It's like have your system, whether that system is on your phone, you decide, use your, it can be as simple as your note section, right. There could be a notebook that you carry around. It could be an Excel spreadsheet could be a CRM system. It could be whatever that feels good to you, but just do it and track it. And don't one thing, you know, when I used to coach, you know, I had a ton of clients, one on one, and I would always ask people, how do you track your leads? And 99% of the time, they would say, I don't, or it's in my head.

Amy Robinette (23:01): I was just on a call today with somebody, I do that coffee click that weekly coffee click. And she was saying that she didn't have a system about the followup. And I was just like, you've got to do it. You've got to have that system in place. That's what separates the successful salespeople and the non-successful salespeople. Absolutely. Like I said before,

Terra Bohlmann (23:24): And their company, everybody we're all salespeople. Right. It doesn't matter what you are. Yeah. You can call yourself whatever chief, whatever officer, but ultimately no one's going to be responsible or feel as tied to your company as you, so you have to be able to sell. Right. Gosh. So good. Okay. So what are some things that people, what are the other things that people can do? You know, when you think in terms of follow up, if you say, what'd you say eight to 12 touches like that, you know, to get people and that's just touches, like, it doesn't mean that's 12 times of, if you send an email to somebody and they don't respond, you're going to send them another email and then another, and then no, that's psycho, right? Like that's a little crazy, I'm getting a ton of those kinds of emails right now. And I just told my developer, I was like, you need to figure out how blockbuster, because it's insane. So but you know, it's like, so what are some other things I can do to simply have a touchpoint, you know, without having it be the same thing. Like

Amy Robinette (24:30): You can do a mailer, a nice, you know, I like handwritten notes. I think handwritten notes are a nice touch. You can send them a sample of your product or some product information, a picture text, which, you know, they promote proponent of that emails. You know, nowadays we get so bombarded with emails, just like you said, you getting, so I got a set too. I'm getting a ton more emails than normal. And a lot of, to be quite honest, I don't have time to read all those emails. I pick and choose which ones I'm going to open and I'm going to respond to. But in, everything's considered a touch, you know, an email, a card, a note, a text, a phone call, you know, I just need five touches right there

Terra Bohlmann (25:09): When it doesn't even touch social media. This is like, these are methods that still work like, Oh my gosh, pick up the phone and call someone what, you know, what are you crazy? No, it's it. We're sorry. As well as don't even, you know, connect with them on Instagram direct message on Facebook, you know, LinkedIn, like all that kind of, I mean, there's eight, you know, and that's, so it's not hard to do, but for some reason, women aren't doing it.

Amy Robinette (25:37): You mentioned the social media platforms that you can, you can reach out to people on. And you know, I get those messages too. And or people tag me in a post because they want me to respond so that, you know, those are other ways that you can reach

Terra Bohlmann (25:50): Your audience. And what's really big right now is just doing a direct audios. So you send a DM and you can do an audio or a video videos are huge. Like I know BombBomb, which is a great tool for videos. Loom just came out with an app that you can do a quick video and you can do these right after you leave, you know, the time of meeting them, like, Hey, you know, just left. It was so great meeting you, you know? I love hearing about your dog, honey, and you know, you know, like that kind of stuff. So it's really personalized. And then just send it two days later. I see all kinds of awesome ideas. I mean, he went through eight like that. And for some reason we think like I'm not following up 12 times. Like, that's crazy. Well, I mean, you know, how bad

Amy Robinette (26:39): Touched on something when you mentioned my dog, honey, you know, let's say you just met and you know, you thought you hit it off with them. You send them a nice little loom video or something and say, Hey, help your kids. When their baseball game today or something, you don't remember something personal about that person that you just met that says, Hey, they were listening to me. They do care that, you know, they're, they're wanting to know me that, you know, shows that, that you were paying attention and listening.

Terra Bohlmann (27:03): Right. And then on the flip side, like sometimes if like, you know, I have seasons where, you know, I'm not necessarily, I'm not out promoting myself, I'm just out meeting women entrepreneurs or whatever. I'm looking for partnerships. And I need people to be on the podcast, like who knows all kinds of different things. We all have kind of our own intentions when we're out meeting people. And sometimes you just want to meet a girlfriend, right? Like, so we can talk business and close and complain about our kids or, you know, whatever.

Amy Robinette (27:31): I'm sorry. Can you hear all that noise going on? Yeah. That gardeners just decided to show up. Of course, that always happens. Okay.

Terra Bohlmann (27:44): That's the way a podcast and a raise go, but we'll we'll be wrapping up here in a minute. So so yeah, so I love that Amy is here to give us permission to follow up. And that fortune is in the followup. It's true, right? To a point of $15 million in gold that she bought like that wouldn't have happened if he wasn't following up. What's the best story you have about followup.

Amy Robinette (28:12): Oh, I love to tell this story. I wish I had a picture. I could show you, but honey went to work today. She's not here. Anyway. my husband and I are both into rescue dogs as this terror. She has a Skyler, her rescue dog. We have honey. And when we went to look for this perfect dog, my husband finally found one. We settled on this arm. He settled on, he, he met this dog and that night we went home and it was about seven 30. And I asked him, I said, did you, what dog did you really like today? He said, well, there was only this one. And I said, well, what's rescue. Was it? Give me the number and I'll call. And he goes, no, he goes, it's too late to call. Don't call. I go, no, give me the number I'm going to call. So I called the lady and from the rescue, she answered the phone. And while I was talking to her, she said, hang on a minute, please. And she clicked in, and it was the foster family of honey that were calling, was calling her. So they did tell her they wanted to keep the dog. And if I would not have called, we would not have gotten our dog.

Terra Bohlmann (29:12): Wow. So she actually honored when you clicked back over, she actually honored and said, you know, we have a family ready to adopt her. That is so awesome. I love it. I love it. So yeah. So Amy would have never got her rescue dog had not a

Amy Robinette (29:30): Followed up

Terra Bohlmann (29:32): At 7:30 PM when her husband's like, no, no, honey, it's late. Don't do it. Well, the foster family was doing it, you know? And you would have missed out on that baby. So yeah. I mean, it's, it's so important. So to wrap up here, you know, where can people find out more information about you? I can go to the women helping women to network website, which is shortened, w H w two N as in nancy.com or they can also go to my AmyRobinette.com website. And if you go to either one, I have some free giveaways that if you have in there, you can learn how to do your 32nd commercial and you can learn how to build your network. And I'm also getting ready to give away another freebie. So look looking for that. So check back on my website, you'll be able to get another free 10 tips on how to pivot your business at this time.

Terra Bohlmann (30:23): I love it. So, yeah. So, and we'll put a link to that in the show notes. So you can go right to terrible men.com and go to the podcast episode and read the transcript, download whatever you need, all that good stuff. And we've talked about BombBomb, you know what other tools did we give? Like you had mentioned Canva for doing the text graphics that you can put your photo on and say is nice to meet you. And just send that. I like word swag, swag. That's like a $5 app. That's like, awesome. So we'll put some tools in there as well, so that you can go check those out. So thank you so much. So before we wrap up, I have to ask you the question I ask everybody. If there was going to be a made for TV movie about the life of Amy Robinette, who would play you?

Terra Bohlmann (31:14): What actress would play you? Oh, men Ryan. Yep. I could totally see that yelling. Yeah. Blonde bubble aid straight on. Yeah. And just tells it like this. I love it, Ryan. I love that. So very cool. Okay. Thank you for sharing. And again, go to AmyRobinette.com to check out her site. She has some amazing free resources on there that can help you get past any fear you have around following up. And, you know, just trust us when we say we've got to follow up like us as women. And we are like huge advocates of women entrepreneurs. We need you falling up because if you're not following up, then you're giving up. Oh, that's even better. You're so good at like the rhymes. I was going to say, you're giving the business to someone else who may not be able to serve that person as great as you so follow up is important. Get out of your own way and you're not going to die. Right. That's the big advice today. You will not die when you follow up 12 times. I love it. Well, thank you again, Amy is awesome. Always talking to you and yeah. Look forward to staying in touch for sure. Okay, good. See you later. Bye.

Announcer (32:36): There, you have it. Another episode full of strategies and motivation that you can use every day to put your business on the fast track for a podcast, recap and more resources, visit TerraBohlmann.com. Don't forget. Subscribe to the podcast and get what you need to help fast track your five year business plan.

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