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How To Create The Perfect Work-Life Balance

Do you feel yourself being pulled in a million directions?Are you constantly saying ‘there’s not enough time in the day?’Wondering how to juggle your ever-growing business AND yet have quality time to spend time with family & friends? The answer is balance The key is to “schedule” both your work and personal activities. And…putting boundaries around yourself (but […]

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Secret to Outsourcing Content Creation

Secrets to Outsourcing Content Creation (They’ll Never Know it’s Not You!) – By Guest Blogger Lacy Boggs When I first hung out my digital shingle as a ghostblogger, I didn’t have a clue if there would be any kind of demand for that service. Turns out, there definitely is. But there are people out there who aren’t even […]

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How Your Life’s Purpose Helps Increase Your Profits

​Your life’s purpose matters in your business. Now before you think I’ve went too “woo woo” on you, let me explain why knowing, communicating and incorporating your life’s purpose is critical in your business…and more specifically to your profits. But first, let me give you the 3 steps on how to successfully weave your life’s purpose into […]

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5 Ways to Make Facebook Work for Your Business

I don’t know about you, but I’ve been using Facebook on a personal level for many years now. But if there is one thing I’ve learned, it’s that Facebook for personal use and Facebook for business are two different things. If you want to be successful in using Facebook as a way to grow and market […]

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