The Fast-Track Woman Podcast -52 with Terra Bohlmann

Episode 52: How Can I Help Get You to 6-Figures with Terra Bohlmann

The Fast-Track Woman Podcast: Episode #52
How Can I Help Get You to 6-Figures with Terra Bohlmann

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 Meet Podcast Host + Business Strategist, Terra Bohlmann.

Terra Bohlmann in a business strategist who helps female entrepreneurs accomplish in one year what would normally take five-years. As the creator of The Business Map Method™, she has crafted over a hundred custom business models for clients who have gone on to build six and seven-figure businesses.

Through her speaking, training, coaching, and live events production, she's impacted thousands of female entrepreneurs across the United States and Canada. Terra has been featured in publications and podcasts including Forbes, The Huffington Post, and The Sigrun Show. She's also the host of The Fast-Track Entrepreneur Podcast with Terra Bohlmann.

She lives in Houston, Texas with her husband, three boys, and spoiled rescue dog and cat. Terra's forthcoming book, The Fast-Track Entrepreneur: Create Your First Class Business with Clarity and Confidence, is due out in 2021.

 About this Podcast Episode.

In this episode, Terra Bohlmann breaks down how to get to the first six-figure year in your business. There are secrets that help fast-track your success and Terra shows you exactly how she can help you get the results you want within a year.

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Speaker 1 (00:01): When you give smart women a five-year plan, simple business strategies and a positive mindset. It's amazing how fast your business can grow. Welcome to the fast track woman podcast with your host and business strategist, Terra Bohlmann. She helps women business owners stop winging it and board the fast track to success. When she's not making high flying dreams a reality, you can find her traveling to random destinations, desperately tracking down Chanel brooches, or sipping overpriced coffee drinks. Her purpose in life is to help you build a profitable first-class business, smooth out the bumpy ride, and finally have more time, energy and freedom. So buckle your seatbelt, because this episode of the fast track woman takes off right now.

Speaker 2 (00:54): Welcome back to the fast track woman podcast. I am your host, Terra Bohlmann. And today we're going to talk about how I can help you get to that magical six figures on your business. There's so many statistics that show how many women entrepreneurs work so hard and never get to the six figures, you know, and we hear six figures thrown around quite a bit, but what we know is six figures is the minimum of a hundred thousand dollars, right up to $999,000 and nine, nine, nine. Right? So right under them a million. And so many women entrepreneurs really struggled to even get to the six figure mark. And there's just, there's a, like a magical milestone as the best way I can describe it around getting there. And once you get there, then it's like, okay, you know, that's one milestone. And then it comes into play that you need to scale, right?

Speaker 2 (02:00): And then scaling helps you get to the 300,000 plus and then, you know, above. So the first step, if you're not at six figures then is listen to this podcast, obviously at this episode. And then if you already are at six figures, you know, you don't, this may not be perfect for you to listen to, you can skip on and move on to the next podcast. But you know, you could also listen to it because you might learn something that you didn't quite understand. And then it's a big aha moment around, Oh, that's what that was. Right. So I think it's going to be a really interesting episode. And it's also why I created a new signature offer that I have called the fast track accelerator. So this is a 12 month group mentorship program to help you create that profitable first class business strategy.

Speaker 2 (03:00): And it really is going to help you smooth out your bumpy ride. And because it's not a matter of if it's a matter of when, right. Especially when you're trying to get to that magical a hundred thousand dollars. And my goal for you is to finally have more time, energy and freedom, because that's what we really want. That's why a lot of us go into entrepreneurship in the first place. And then we end up, you know, a lot, you know, for those who came from the corporate world, we end up working harder and harder thinking, you know, if we work harder than we're going to get those results faster and then will we end up getting to burnout and I've seen it time and time again. And the, the secret here to get to six figures isn't to work harder. It is to work smarter, right?

Speaker 2 (03:44): You may have heard that before, but it is so true. I want you to work smarter, not harder, which is why I put together the accelerator. So it's ideal for women business owners that are working their way to six figures. That's why they program is extremely affordable in my book because it's, you know, you've got to do this investment and usually trade money for time. And I, what I'm going to ask you to do in the accelerator is work on your core business strategies. That once you have these in place, you don't have to waste tons of brain power going back and trying to figure out where the gaps are in your business model. So the fast track accelerator for me is a way that I can serve women entrepreneurs and get them to create their own business map using my method right, rather than my team.

Speaker 2 (04:36): And I doing it for you, which tends to obviously cost more. But, you know, and for that, I have another level that's called the fast track premiere, where I private coach, you, you get your business map my team, and I do it for you off you go, right? This is a way for you to get to that hundred thousand dollar level and be mentored through the process. And I will give you everything that you need from a business strategy standpoint for you to apply, to create your own map. And I even give you the template for your own map, right? I can't do it any more affordably than I can and the accelerator. So if this feels like a fit for you, just go to my website, That's T E R R a B O H L M a N

Speaker 2 (05:27): And if the page is open, that means I'm actively enrolling in it. If it says there's a list, that means we're closed at the, at this moment, but you can add yourself to the wait list. And I will let you know when we open back up. All right. So what do, what do I think helps accelerate you to get to six figures, faster? Couple of things, one the right mindset, which is something we definitely work on and the accelerator, I think you have to have your six core business strategies defined. And once you do that, the clarity that's going to come is amazing. And you'll be able to understand exactly what you need to be working on in order to get the results that you want. And first and foremost, you've got to have a five-year plan. If we don't know where we're going anyway, we'll get us there.

Speaker 2 (06:19): I guess that's one way to look at it. Or if you don't know where you're going, you know, it's, it's just gonna feel like you're always struggling and trying to find that way. So we always start with a five-year plan, even in the accelerator, my team, and I work you through that and we actually create a visual that we can share with you. So you can even print it out. It's a really cool graphic on what your five-year plan is. And then I know how to help hold you accountable to accomplish that, right? So we start with the five-year plan. Then we get into the BA the business strategies, it's called the business map method. So you're going to crank through the six strategies you need in your business, and then ultimately create your business map. And once you do that, then you and I actually have a one-on-one session where I will review it with you and help give you feedback, because I've, you know, I've done, I think at 117 or 118 at this point of these maps.

Speaker 2 (07:20): And they really, really give women huge clarity, right? So I'm like, I've been doing the business map method for years now. I wanted to have a way to bring that to you in an affordable manner. And I think, what else do you need? I think you have to have support for a year, right? It can't just be, there is no quick fix when you're trying to get to six figures. It's like, everyone's looking for a magic pill and there's not it's, it takes consistency. It takes having clarity on the plan. It takes having the right strategies and the accountability and the community that's gonna help cheer you on. And that right, coach obviously, as well as really important, and that consistency over the next year is what gets you there. Okay. So I think that's really important. And whether you choose to want to ever work with me or not, this is what I know to be true.

Speaker 2 (08:15): I've been doing this for over 10 years now. And I have seen women come in that are even just starting up there, have a side hustle. They want to transition into their business full time. They want their, maybe they've been in business for three or four years, but they're just not getting the momentum they want. So they come in, we put them through the business map method. And it's a game changer. I mean, I can't tell you how many women I've worked with that a year later, they are not the same women that they were when they started. And when I say that, I mean, they're, you know, maybe come in a little unclear, stressed out overwhelmed. What else? You know, thinking maybe this isn't for me, right? That is why I created this. I don't want more women business owners quitting because there is a method and we don't need to reinvent the wheel when it comes to business.

Speaker 2 (09:08): Right. I've done all the hard work for you. So when you are thinking about, okay, I want to get to six figures, what does it take? Well, it takes consistency. It takes accountability, right? Because if not, you're going to get the shiny object syndrome, which, you know, it's like, Oh, maybe Facebook ads. That's going to solve my problem. Oh, over here. You know, maybe if I just do Instagram lives or maybe I'll start a podcast, or, you know, and these are the visibility things that we know that we have to do deep down in order to get the visibility you want. So people know you're there to serve them, but there's a lot that goes on before that. And this is where so many women just bypass the foundational business things that need to happen so that you have clarity on what the best marketing is and let alone, you got to have a sales strategy.

Speaker 2 (10:03): And a lot of people are like, okay, I can get leads, but then can you convert them into working with you or buying your thing, right. If you even know what your thing is, cause you're probably super smart. I have no doubt. If you're listening to this year, you're probably a Jill of all trades, but maybe you don't feel like you've mastered that one thing, or really been able to define out that niche that makes you really unique. It took me years to figure out mine was strategy. And I know with all my heart, if women business owners, I have a clear strategy and there's just six things that need to go into play for your business model. Then it makes all the difference later. Let's do a little hard work now so that you can enjoy the fruits of the labor later. So you can have back that time, energy and freedom.

Speaker 2 (10:55): Okay. So what are the six things? The first thing is we got to get really clear on your business foundation. So once we have your, well, let me back up once we have your five-year plan figured out because not every woman wants to have the same type of business, some want a business that is going to make tons of money and she wants the corner office and the sky rise skyscraper up in the sky. Right? Some women want that. Some women are totally cool with like, you know what? I want a lifestyle business, Tara. I want to just run my business out of my house with a couple of people that work remotely for me. And we do a really solid business. I am, that's exactly what I want. Right. And then some people are like, you know what? I just, I just want it to be me.

Speaker 2 (11:39): You know, maybe I'll get some help here and there getting an admin, but I'm totally fine with running the show here. So we have to get really clear on where you want to be in five years based on what type of business model you want. So that has to be step one. And then once we know that the strategies come into place to build that for you. So obviously a sales strategy is going to be different for the person who's cool with being a solo preneur versus the one that is producing, you know, something that they can sell over and over and over again, and really want this big machine type of company. And then obviously for the somewhere in between, it's just, it's a different type of model. So the first thing that has to go into place from a business strategy perspective, this is number one in the business map method that we put into place in your business is your business foundation.

Speaker 2 (12:32): And getting really clear on these basic things. When I say things there's a lot that makes up your business foundation, I won't go into it. I have plenty other podcast episodes that talk in deep detail about it. But the business foundation is all about, if you think of building a house, it's about framing it up and making it solid so that as you build upon it, right, you're, it's rock solid. And we're getting really clear with your core values, your branding, who you want to be. You want to be able to answer these basic questions when people say hi, you know, what do you do? It's like, usually it's like, Oh, Oh my gosh, that question, right? We want to be able to nail that. There's other things that are really important around how do you want to impact the world in a bigger way, your strategic give back.

Speaker 2 (13:18): Like there's tons of components that go into just your foundation itself. And then from that, you have that solid ground that we're going to build upon to get really clear on what you sell. So in your foundation, we also have to define out who your perfect customer profile is, so that you can give him or her something in your signature offer that solves the problem for them. So the second part of the business map method is your signature offers and your pricing. And this is where a lot of women get stuck. That's why I want to be here to be able to say, okay, yeah, pricing lift feels a little low. It feels a little high. Maybe that's a good pilot price, but let's, you know, so I'll be there to advise you on that. So then after your signature offers in place, the third thing out of six in the business map method that we do in accelerator is getting clarity on your sales process.

Speaker 2 (14:17): And so I've noticed I'm not going right to marketing visibility PR I want you to be really clear on now that you have a foundation in your business now that you have your signature offers defined and you're priced. I want you to be really clear on how the heck you're going to sell them because so many times we'll hide behind marketing because we're like fearful to sell. And sales does not have to be icky. I teach it in a way that feels really, and and con like an alignment with who you are, because I have some clients who are like, can close sales all day long, boom, boom, boom. You know, no problem that does not keep them up at night. And then I have other clients that the thought of asking for a sale literally makes them sick. So we have to work through that.

Speaker 2 (15:05): And there's a lot of mindset that goes into that too. So the third thing, can you imagine having a very clear sales process, that when you go to generate leads in your fourth step, which is visibility, you can, you can handle that, you know what you need to do, right. To actually transact. That's the difference between visibility and marketing and sales is the transaction. So the fourth thing is your visibility. And that includes your marketing strategy, what you need to do from an online perspective, from a social media perspective and from a, what I call traditional marketing perspective, which still produces most of the sales, right? That's one thing a lot of women I feel get stuck on is thinking they have to be masters and online marketing and social media and stuff like that. That's, that's a component of it, for sure. But you said to me, Tara, I never want to get on Facebook again, or I don't ever, I don't like Instagram, or I don't even know how to use LinkedIn.

Speaker 2 (16:09): And I don't want to I'd say, okay, cool. Cause here's what I know for sure. Plenty of millionaires out there that don't it. And have a social media account. Totally fine. Again, this businessman method is to apply to you and create what you want, not what you think needs to be done, because trust me, there's always willing someone willing to sell you the next shiny thing, right? If you learn, I need to learn how to use Facebook for business. Well, let me teach you how to run ads. Well, let me teach you how to have a Facebook community. And next thing you know, we're like completely overwhelmed. And is it even generating leads that you can, are buying your thing? I don't know. So we have to back it up, put you in the driver's seat to be the CEO, define out the strategy, and then it's about execution.

Speaker 2 (16:57): And then I'd venture to say, you're a good executer. And if you're not, we can hire people to do that for you. So the fourth thing, so we have foundation, number one, number two, signature offers and pricing. Number three, your sales process completely defined step four, visibility. I E marketing, how people are going to know you're there to serve them, right? The fifth thing is your customer experience. So once somebody buys from you, you want to create like a really cool, I call it a wow customer experience so that they are telling other people they want to stay with you longer, that kind of stuff. So we need to create a really solid as automated as possible. This is where the automation comes in. It really helps is how do you onboard your new customers? How do you deliver to your customers? How do you wow them?

Speaker 2 (17:57): And how do you transition them when their terms of service is done with you? And this is an area, a lot of women missed the boat on the transition. So we define that for you, but that, and that goes, obviously all these have associated workbooks with them. You get the training, the workbooks, the resources, then you can take for what, from your workbooks and copy and paste and put it in the business map template that I'm going to send you, that I would send you and boom, like you've got your map ready to go. So then the last thing, once we get really clear on your experience is your dream team. So that is number six, your dream team, who's gotta be on your team. What are the roles and responsibilities? What tools do you use? What does it take to move this bus? So you can hit this five-year plan.

Speaker 2 (18:44): Granted, I know you're like, Oh, you know, everyone at the, getting to six figures, it's like, I need a team, but I can't afford a team. You know, it's the chicken and the egg thing. And it's like, I'm not saying you need to go hire all the people that we're going to put on your dream team right away. You know, you can put people in on a, as needed basis, you can do projects to get things done. There's ways that I teach you to stair step your way and to having the team that you want. So, but we can't. How do you know who you need to hire? If you aren't really clear on what needs to be done? So dream team to me is always last because so many women will run out and hire people thinking they're going to have the magic pill and the magic bullet to help you get all the things done and figure it out.

Speaker 2 (19:30): When in fact it's frustrating for you, it's frustrating for them because they don't know where's the bus going, or they're making it up as they go along. And then you're thinking one thing they're doing another, and you end up having a Frankenstein business model, which this is where the confusion lies. Right? And I've, I've had plenty of clients that they're like, Tara, I don't, I don't know what I need. Something's off in my business. I don't know what I need, but I know I need something. And usually that's a trigger for me to go, yes, she's built this thing as she could and brought in people. And now they're kind of defining things and everything's not cohesive. And when your business model is not cohesive, that's what keeps you up at night. That's what keeps you confused. It keeps your team confused. It keeps your customers or potential customers confused.

Speaker 2 (20:23): Right? So the clarity that's going to come from all six of these steps in the business map method, amazing. Like literally then you do the map. We were fine. It, you have your, go-to how to guide to run your entire business that you can share with your team. And it's just magical is the only way I can describe it. And that word magical is like funny that I'm using it. But it's just one of these that when women get it, I know when I, when I do them or my team and I do them, I will present it and they cry. And I'm like, why are you crying? And they're like, cause this is exactly what I've had in my mind, but to see it all out. And it's just so beautiful, it's besides the business map is very beautifully displayed and on-brand for you and everything, but it's just like, this is everything I've wanted.

Speaker 2 (21:12): And now it makes sense. And all of it, just the release of relief actually of all the, you know, that ad hoc confusion and things that you thought were working and weren't, and it's just so streamlined and that's what we want. So when we get overwhelmed, we need to simplify and using this method as a way you can do that. I know that for sure. So, yes. So then once you have the business map method that's done, then it becomes, okay. Accountability. So I have a process when I work with my clients that we do weekly accountability and what I know a hundred percent for sure is the women who participate in the weekly accountability. They're the ones whose businesses are skyrocketing, right? So it's, it's free, it's included in the program. So we do a weekly accountability and then we also have two coaching calls a month.

Speaker 2 (22:06): So they're group coaching calls, where you can get to meet people as well, like your peers and have forever friends. I'm there to help coach. I have experts that come in that aren't there to sell you anything they're just there to serve. That's important for me. You get done for you templates. You can have one-on-one support if you actually need something. It doesn't include private coaching. But I mean, I have never had anyone say, Tara, wasn't there for me, no matter at what level I've worked with them, because your clarity is more important to me than anything else. So if you're ready for a clear path to more clarity, confidence, and you feel ready to take full control of the future of your business, I would love to work with you in the fast track accelerator. So again, you can just go to my website,

Speaker 2 (22:57): And it's a great group program. It's not, it's not huge. It's not hundreds of people like some of the other group coaching programs and it's an affordable way. And all you have to do is show up and do the work, right? I'm a big believer. I'm like, don't just buy the thing, thinking you're going to magically sleep and get the result. You have to be willing to put in a couple of hours a week, a week to build this. And so by this time, next year, you'll be in a completely different, totally different position. So how it works is you get onboarded, right? We have a private session. I want to understand your goals, this and this and that. I'll give you some secrets on how you can get there faster and whatnot. So we do all, you know, your onboarding session, your five-year plan.

Speaker 2 (23:49): And then you get to work in your fast track foundation as part of the business map method. Then you go and you finish out the strategies, show up for the group coaching calls, you know, we're there for you to help support you while you're creating in the creation mode. And then the faster you get your business map done, the more you have time to get to cruising altitude, which is where we want to be, right? It's about participating in the group, coaching it's, you're asking different types of questions and you're getting more connections and that kind of stuff. And then as we transition and you get to the end of your year, we have a one-on-one celebration session to, you know, to just kind of go over where you were, where you are now and what needs to happen next for you and your business to get to that next level, right?

Speaker 2 (24:35): Because we're always looking to get to the next level. And so many times women business owners will be at, you know, $30,000 in their business. And they're like focused on getting to 3 million. And I say, you know what? Let's get to 30,000. Let's then get to a hundred. Then you can double and then this. And like there's a, a logical way. Do I believe in quantum leaps? Of course, those quantum leaps that you can take that can literally, you've heard of people that are making 75 and then the next year they make a million, right? It's like those happen faster with the processes. And I very clear business model so that you know what you need to be doing and what your time's worth and what you can be outsourcing. So that is it. That is what I have for you today. That is how I can help you get to six figures. If you want to join the accelerator, just join, just come to And I'd love to work with you. All right, take care.

Speaker 1 (25:35): And there you have it. Another jam packed episode of the fast-track woman podcast, don't forget to visit, Where you can get more business tips and strategies learn how we can work together to accelerate your business success or access this podcast. Episode show notes with a full transcript and links to resources mentioned today. And if you enjoyed this podcast, I invite you to leave a review so that we can help serve more women business owners to like you until next time here's to owning your time and valuing your word.

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