Episode 70: Grow Your Sales Using High Organic Touch with Elaine Cartas

The Fast-Track Woman Podcast: Episode #70
Grow Your Sales Using High Organic Touch with Elaine Cartas

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 Meet Podcast Guest, Elaine Cartas.

Elaine Lou Cartas is a business and career coach and speaker, serving clients in 23 different countries.

Elaine specializes in helping women of color entrepreneurs land their dream career and create business opportunities through authentic relationships both online and offline. As a result, clients have made multi 6-figure and 7-figure incomes, received $25k raises, earn 6-figure corporate salaries, transitioned into new careers and create their own global businesses.

Elaine has over a decade of experience as a political grassroots organizer, and nonprofit fundraiser. One of her proudest accomplishments was raising $1 million in student scholarships in 6 months, providing 200+ scholarships. Today, Elaine is the founder of the Color Your Dreams Movement™, an initiative to inspire and support women of all colors to create their dream business and life.

She has been featured in Forbes, Business Insider, Badassery Magazine, and Pasadena Magazine, and Good Morning La La Land. She has spoken around the world including Sweden and Indonesia, as well as Universal Music Studios. She leads monthly community events in the Los Angeles area. She lives in Pasadena, California with her boyfriend, and loves boxing.

 About this Podcast Episode.

On this episode, Terra Bohlmann interviews Elaine Cartas that shares her low-cost, high-touch strategy to create lasting relationships with your future customers. She calls it "high organic touch" and it's simple and highly effective. In an era where marketing is automated, if you want to stand out from the competition and connect fully with your future customers, you'll love this episode. Also, you'll learn how Elaine had a six-figure launch using high organic touch and zero dollars on Facebook ads.

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Intro (00:01): When you give smart women a five-year plan, simple business strategies and a positive mindset. It's amazing how fast your business can grow. Welcome to the fast track woman podcast with your host and business strategist, Terra Bohlmann. She helps women business owners stop winging it and board the fast track to success. When she's not making high flying dreams, the reality you can find her traveling to random destinations, desperately tracking down Chanel, broaches, or sipping overpriced coffee drinks. Her purpose in life is to help you build a profitable first-class business, smooth out the bumpy ride, and finally have more time, energy and freedom. So buckle your seatbelt because this episode of the fast track woman takes off right now. Welcome back to the fast track woman. I am your host, Terra Bohlmann, and

Terra Bohlmann (01:00): Boy you're in for a treat today because my friend Elaine is going to be serving us up with some awesome strategies on how you can do high, organic touch marketing in your business, and really have it affect your sales and a great way. So let me read her formal bio before I actually bring her on, because she's a total rock star and I want to give her all the kudos that she deserves. So Elaine Lou Cartas is a business and career coach and speaker serving clients in 23 countries. Elaine specializes in helping women of color entrepreneurs, land their dream career and create business opportunities through authentic relationships, both online and offline. As a result, clients have made multi-six figure and seven figure incomes received $25,000 raises and earn six figure plus corporate salaries. And they've been able to transition into new careers and create their own global businesses.

Terra Bohlmann (02:03): Elaine has over a decade of experience as a political grassroots organizer and nonprofit fundraiser. One of her proudest accomplishments was raising $1 million in student scholarships in just six months. She's also worked on providing over 200 plus scholarships as well. Today. Elaina is the founder of the color, your dreams, movement, and initiative to inspire and support women of all colors to create the, their own dream businesses and life she's been featured in Forbes business, insider bad-ass Ray magazine and Pasadena magazine and good morning Lala land. She has also spoken around the world, including Sweden and Indonesia, as well as universal music studios. She leads monthly community events in the Los Angeles areas and lives in Pasadena, California with her boyfriend. And Elaine also loves boxing. So please her to the fast track woman. Elaine, thank you

Elaine Cartas (03:03): So much. Me. I'm excited to connect with all your ladies.

Terra Bohlmann (03:08): I'm excited to have you, and let's just dive in. So we met Elena and I met because we were in a mutual mastermind together. And what was what's so cool about being in a mastermind and I'd love to hear what your big takeaways as being part of a mastermind. And we also lead our own masterminds as well because we see the value. And I think if you almost need to, like, if you have a mastermind, you also need to be in one because you need to show up a little bit differently for when you're serving your clients versus getting the benefits that we love from masterminds too. So I don't know, I've met the most amazing people in the masterminds that I pay to be in. What do you think, like as far as what's been your big things of being in a mastermind versus having one?

Elaine Cartas (04:01): Yeah, I mean, I love being a part of masterminds because you get to be with the women who are in the same level as you, and I'm not talking about the money situation, but it's like, like it was cute during the celebrations, like, oh, you got a personal assistant or I had to deal with this difficult conversation with a client and it went really smoothly. So that's just really great. And I'm so grateful that all of us are still continuing to connect even beyond being in a mastermind. So true friendships do happen. And you know, that experience being a client and a member of a mastermind also helps you become a better leader to your own masterminds. Like it's making me realize not that there's any bad or good, but it's like, okay, that style works for this coach, but not for me. And I'm going to just change it up or like, okay, if I'm feeling this way, how can I make sure clients feel this way in a good way? Or if there's something I not liking, how can I make sure I don't replicate that for my own mastermind? So it's a good experience overall. And I just, I love community. And it's, it's one of the struggles when you're like growing and you go from like one-to-one to mastermind. Like no, but my clients get so much amazing results. One to one, I was like, actually you're creating codependent relationships. So like, let's see how you get there and done each other's energies as opposed to just you, which I love. Yes.

Terra Bohlmann (05:20): I totally agree with all of that. And for me, it was like leading a mastermind. What I found is, you know, I facilitated, I've had a mastermind for three years and it's like, you know, you've got in my job, my job, my clients pay me to facilitate those relationships for them. Those connections also give them business strategies and whatnot. But like my job is to make them all best friends so that they have people forever in their lives that are advocates. And they do like joint ventures. They do partnership things. They become each other's clients. Like it's a whole thing. Right. And I remember being at one of my masterminds, I was hosting in Houston and they were eating lunch and everybody was in their little pods of, you know, cause I encourage, Hey, take this time. Like if you know, Mary talk to make sure you talk to Sally at lunch and ask her about how she does this and whatnot, cause that'll really help your business.

Terra Bohlmann (06:17): And I just remember being like the proud mom that was looking around and just like, and then I was like, oh, this is awesome. This is exactly what I intended. But then quickly after that I was like, I'm kind of jelly. You know, like I was like, I need this for me. Like I want to be the person having lunch with like rockstars and whatnot, which my clients are. And you get this too, because your clients are too, but it's like, you have to show up differently for them as a facilitator. Then you can be where you're like, you know, I'm just stuck. Like how did you do this? You know? And you have, people are like, oh, we've, we've launched that six times. Here's my template. Right? Like, and that's the power of being in a mastermind. So yeah, it was totally jelly. So I'm like, I'm joining one.

Elaine Cartas (06:59): Absolutely. What we did prior to this interview is that Terrais using monday.com for project management. I just hired a project manager manager and I was like, Terra, can you just like, show me like the secrets and the tips

Terra Bohlmann (07:14): Monday, show me

Elaine Cartas (07:15): Monday.Com. And so like, it just really helps doing that because why are you going to reinvent the wheel when you know a friend's done it and it's yeah. And it's an easy, like I hoped her didn't feel this way, but usually when you're in the same mastermind, you're in same level, you've invested the same. It doesn't feel like, oh Elaine, just take it away from me. Like I'm going to charge her, you know?

Terra Bohlmann (07:36): Well, in masterminds and for me, my big thing I wanted was friendships of women who are at the same, you know, they have this they're at the same quote unquote level. Or, well, I guess I would say like space and business as I am. Right. And like, or one, I really like to not be the smartest one in the room at all in a mastermind because I want to learn too. So for me it was like, yeah, like here's my monday.com. And by the way I learned about this from Daniella who then also Amanda did, and she showed me how she did this and I enhanced it. And it's like this infectious way to all of us get better. So literally it's like there isn't competition. There's plenty for everyone to go around and you know, it's like, how can we all be better and serve our clients at a deeper level?

Terra Bohlmann (08:25): So absolutely so masterminds. Yes. If you're not in one, grab one, but grab one and be in one at the stage in business, you are. So if you're in a startup, find an awesome mastermind for startups. If you're in growth mode, find one for growth. If you're in scale, find one for scale. Because in the past I've been in ones that are, if I was in growth, I joined like maybe more of a startup. And I was like, oh, wait a minute. Like, I feel like I'm coaching everyone. And I paid 20 grand and this is weird. So you want to join one at the level that you are.

Elaine Cartas (09:01): And also another thing I want, I want to add is making sure you're choosing a coach also who has a similar model to what you may want to have. Right. like I just recently hired a coach because I realized what type of business I want and there's no negative or positive and different types of models. I mean, as you grow in your business, similar to growing up as a individual or human being, you realize what you like and you don't like, right. Like, and I'm realizing I don't want a big machine. Like I love creating intimate relationships. There's nothing wrong with the businesses we see like that or like a machine that's completely fine if they want it, but I'm like, Nope, I just want to create intimate relationships. So who is a coach I could work with that does it similar way. Exactly.

Terra Bohlmann (09:45): And I felt the same way. I used to think I wanted the big office and have the multi-million dollar company with all the people in the corner office. And then I went and got an office and I think I paid seven 50 a month for my, I started as coworking. But then once people find out you're a business coach, it's like, I couldn't get any work done. So I was like, I need a door. I need an office. Okay. Well that was an easy upsell. So then I was in a $750 a month office by myself. And like, it just was like, well, that's the same as working at home almost, you know? So so yeah, totally. So I got a taste of that, what I thought I wanted. And even in my little $750 a month office, I liked when my lease ran out, I was like, I'm coming back home because I miss my dogs.

Terra Bohlmann (10:32): But like, I don't think I want the big high-rise thing like I did. And I definitely want a more boutique high touch business and we are giving people permission to also want the same. We don't ha you don't have to be, you know, hence this is the fast track woman, right. We want to be able to go faster and get the results and feel successful, but success feels different for everybody. Right. I mean, I've changed so much in 10 years from where we thought we wanted. So yeah. So I love that. So that's so cool. Yes. Pick a mastermind that resonates with you. I like was on the lookout for a while before I found the right one. And then also find a coach that resonates with you and your own values like Elaine was saying, but also maybe has a similar model to what you want, because hello, you're going to be able to fast track, which is what we like.

Terra Bohlmann (11:25): So fast tracking really is about saving time, money, and stress. So, all right, well, let's dive into high organic touch marketing, which is totally Elaine's jam. Like every time we would get on a mastermind call, it was like, Elaine, what's your script for this? Or, Hey, how do you know? She's like the queen of that. So tell us, first of all, like, you know, I know we had, I'd read in your, that you came from the nonprofit world and you were like a massive fundraiser. What was the core, like the correlation of going from there and to building your business?

Elaine Cartas (12:03): Yeah. So I was, I worked at the, I worked at Pasadena city college, so it's a community college. I worked in the foundation level. So it's a nonprofit, loved it because I was raising money for human college students. I was also a political fundraiser too. And just so you guys know my type of fundraisers, it was like Elon Musk, the owners and founders of trader Joe's, the era of LA times. Like these are big names, right. And they didn't come through an email list. Like, I just want to share that with you. They come from me, sitting down with them, with whoever was in my team, listening, you know, what do they want to support? Where initiatives they want to support? Like it was beyond just like a transactional. It was like, what is their mission? How they, how do they want to give back in the community?

Elaine Cartas (12:48): So it was just such a great experience to build those relationships. I mean, it's not like I have a personal relationship with them, but it was relationships to the organizations I was working at, but understanding how to, how to build those relationships and the nonprofit world. We focus on two things. One is donor acquisition, a K sales, which is what we do in entrepreneurship. But I think a second part, I learned that I wish we focused, or I focused on my business. I have a 55% renewal rate, but I will say, I think that I wish a lot of entrepreneurs talk about is what we call the nonprofit sector, donor acquisition, which is basically client retention, you know? So how are we making sure our clients are happy? You know, how are we making sure that they are getting the results they desire? So that by the time it comes up for the conversation with renewal, or maybe they're graduating, they either receive a great you're working with me again.

Elaine Cartas (13:44): These are the next goals or awesome. I'm so glad we worked together. Do you know anyone else that would be interested in it? It was. So it's an easy transition. Coming into this coaching world, I will just be completely transparent because we are here in a podcast. Like, why is it so focused on the money part? Like, I mean, I get it we're entrepreneurs, but it's so focused on client acquisition all the time. But like, what about the, you know, we see this in corporations. I mean, Terra, you worked for business consulting companies before becoming business coach. You have a sales team, we have a client success team. Like there's a reason why big fortune 500 companies have these two teams. There's not this talk about it in the coaching world. Right. So I'm really, and in higher organic touch marketing, like you're focusing on building these relationships like transformational relationships, as opposed to transactional relationships, getting feedback, listening to the feedback. You may not want to hear like, Hey lane, I actually don't like this part or like, can you do this or adjust? I mean, sure. Take the feedback. Don't change everything, change what feels aligned to you. And then that's how you continue. I mean, my client, like I just sold eight out of people to my virtual retreat. Eight out of 13 of them came from referrals. I learned,

Terra Bohlmann (14:58): I mean, I think of, so in my mastermind and my accelerator program, it's like, I tend to hone in on one to two women that are doing the work, getting the transformation, showing up, you know? And if they're the ones, then I'll always like, Hey, what can we do better? You know? And it's like, because I want to create an experience. So I attract more of those women versus the ones that are, I mean, just pay you, but then they don't want to do the work like, you know, and that doesn't feel good at all. So it's like, I tend to find those couple of people who then I'll like double down on, you know, and be like, all right. So like this worked for you. How did you get that done faster. Oh, okay, cool. And then I can shift up the, because we always have to be improving our delivery as well. And yeah. So I love that idea. It's like, we, you know, I think what I've seen with you in the last year is how much you have quote unquote doubled down on your delivery. And, and then you feed, you feature your clients so much in their success stories and their success stories, becoming lions, which is really cool.

Elaine Cartas (16:08): I mean every Monday I like show new results. Like it just happens and it's not just all money. Like two of my clients are pregnant right now to my clients, found men, not think I could help you in the bedroom, by the way, I am not that type of coach, not a dating coach, by the way, I'm a business and career coach. So I mean, there's that, but what I also took away in the nonprofit sector, we would do like, thank you events, or just like even just different touch points for people to come. And what I do every month, my lead generation quote, unquote, is like, it's doing these free monthly events before pre COVID. I was doing it in person. Now I do it virtually, but that's my lead gen because that's what I learned, the nonprofit sector. I also go more organized.

Elaine Cartas (16:53): I have a spreadsheet, everyone that's coming in, like, what's their, what's their email address? What's their Instagram. Let me send them a message, whether it's me or a team member like, Hey, Elaine and I are so excited to see at the free event, what's your biggest struggle in your business. So we can address that during the event. It's just these little touch points. I'm, I'm actually planning to do a post of like, wow, I have 2,900 followers, but what I really want to emphasize is the relationships I've created from, from that, as opposed to the number, I think people get so focused on like 10,000, but you know, this terror coming from business consulting, I know this is a nonprofit, like quality leads, not the number. It's the quality leads that are coming in.

Terra Bohlmann (17:37): Yes, absolutely. We want to look at you know, a couple things. One we very much are in alignment with so much of our like values and whatnot, obviously, because when you go into a mastermind that tends to align values, so then you're all like automatically have new besties, which is cool. And I couldn't agree more on like the celebrating the 2,900 new friendships on Instagram versus Hey followers, look at me. And I see so many people, I mean, they've got 15, 30,000 followers. I mean, I'm not saying they bought the followers or whatever, but it's like, you can kind of tell based on the engagement and stuff, but it's like, it's not a matter of the numbers. It's really a matter of the actual relationships. And one thing that was so key that I learned a long time ago is like, if you have a thousand true followers or fans, or, you know, advocates for you that can equate to a million dollars very easily.

Terra Bohlmann (18:39): And I would rather have that all day long. So I've been super intentional this year, this, this past year, removing people out of my email list that just don't open because, you know, we want to start learning and looking at our metrics and actually, you know, being excited when you write an email that goes out to your list like that people are excited for it and not, you know, I don't like to see only like 40% of the people clicked on it. You know what I mean? And yeah, so it's like, we've, we've been super intentional, I think, cleaning up a lot of that kind of stuff. And then the other thing is I think when it comes to hire organic and I want to pick your brain more about because of my friend and I know you'll just dish it out, like some of the high organic touch strategies that have been successful for you.

Terra Bohlmann (19:28): You know, one thing that I even started doing is I'm getting ready to I'm in a chow I'm next week, I'm doing a challenge. So maybe by then I'll do another challenge. I dunno, it's a five day challenge, but forever right now I sent the email out yesterday and I've got like 55 women in it. And it's like, but I'm going to take the time to record a one-on-one private video for each person just to welcome them. Right. Because it's not a matter of getting people to sign up for the challenge as it is to come to your, or to sign up for your free monthly event. It's you want them to show up, you want them to get the transformation, right. So that then they'll like start trusting you. So will you share some of the high, organic touch strategies that have been killer for you?

Elaine Cartas (20:10): So I do free monthly events and I do exactly what you do. I send videos for every single person. I do it with a white board, like Terraand mixed.

Terra Bohlmann (20:20): I'm a bio I born and put like, you put their name, right? Yeah.

Elaine Cartas (20:25): Yeah, it has. And I use bombbomb.com I use for videos. And Terra, you I'm sure, you know, this stat a bit, usually the show up rate for online webinars or workshops is about 10%, 45 to 55%. Sure. That's awesome. I know it has to do with the personal touch and a lot of the follow-up. So when comes into my audience, I want them to know how I'm going to be like, if, how my team will be like, if they were to be a client. So I get a lot of compliments, like, oh my God, like the site connect with people. I'm not just a number. I don't, that's one of my goals. I don't ever want a person to feel like a number. Cause a lot of people in this industry makes other people feel like a number. I just used to do that.

Elaine Cartas (21:12): I want people to know it's relationships. And I will say, I have people go to my free events. They refer people to come to my free events. And, and that's what I do to, for those of you that do like workshops or webinars, make sure in your emails like, Hey, Hey Terra, do you know anyone else? That's a similar like, entrepreneur that you want to invite for them, this email. So the emails get forwarded. And I ended up getting clients from referrals of people who are at my event and they're not even a paying client. So it's just, I want to make it like a word of mouth. It's kind of like, oh my God, did you try? Then you talk a place down the street. You need to go. I want that. Like basically I'm creating that type of business,

Terra Bohlmann (21:48): Grassroots, and that's exactly what you did in fundraising. So it's like, so in alignment with your lane and, and it's just something that's so missing, like I have to tell my clients all the time. Cause you know, we do a sales Quickstart when I start working with them, it's like, all right, you know, do this, do that, whatever. And then they go and then like they're off and running. And then like three months later it'll be like, ah, and I'm like, okay, well what you're doing is you're constantly looking to fill the pipeline. Would new people go retouch those same people that we've quick, started with, reach out to them, ask how they're doing dah, dah, dah. So it's like we don't have, and that's what I think in our space, especially, or just in a lot of, I could be services or products. It's more about how can I get new, new, new, and then in reality, what is it? What's the, what's the statistic you use? And I'll say the statistic I use on how many touches it takes for somebody before they pay you even a dollar what's do you have like a certain number

Elaine Cartas (22:49): I've heard of it? I don't know if you've heard the same number. I hear seven,

Terra Bohlmann (22:53): Seven to nine is what I say all the time. And people think like, okay, I mean, you meet somebody and you're going to ask them to get married. It's like, no, no, no. I need to go on a date. You need to go on a second date. Don't be the weird stalker, you know, like, you know, we start with a chat and texting and then you might meet for coffee and then, then maybe dinner and then maybe, you know, and it's like, then you'll do a dinner and a movie like there's this whole dance that needs to happen or else you, and also for you as the business owner, it gives you the chance to see how they are because I've had people who I totally thought I wanted to be clients. And then, you know, you start dancing and you're like, whoa, wait a minute. Now this seems like this is going to be a lot of stress. And it's like, you know, so you get to audition as well for, you know, they auditioned for you as well. So I think that's really cool. So what are some of the other things that listeners can do when when, when you say high touch, like what does that mean?

Elaine Cartas (23:52): I mean, something else I do is like for example, if someone's new into my Instagram or Facebook, I send a personal message, Terra, thank you so much for adding me on Instagram. I see you and I have mutual friends. So I stopped them a little love that you have a podcast, by the way, I'm a business and care coach. If there's any supporting data that you need, let me know. I could refer you resources and people. So I say, hello, wonderful, wonderful meeting you in my world. I'm not doing a pitch. I'm just getting to know them. You never know. Like, and by the way, I, I mean, I've literally had people messaging me back, oh my God, I've been looking for a business coach. They just, they literally reply back. And then we get on a sales call. But like two days later they end up being a client. I've also had opportunities where like, oh my God, I've been following you from a client. One of your clients, I would love to have you on a podcast. So you just never know. Yeah.

Terra Bohlmann (24:41): What do you say to the woman? That's like, oh my gosh, you land. That sounds like so much work.

Elaine Cartas (24:46): Yes. I actually get this critique actually have a post coming out this week. So I get so much critique of like, oh my God, high, organic touch. It's so much work. I'm like, I'm also getting new clients all the time is a lot of work. So I am actually in the process right now, putting SOP to hire community manager so you could hire other people. So I've learned this, the nonprofit world grassroots organizing, and let's look at the corporate roles, fortune 500 companies. They actually have a sales team and they have client success. So sales team for the client acquisition and then a client success team to help with client retention, making sure that they're happy with the product or service that you're offering. Right. So it is possible, but how you grow it is making sure you're growing a team to support you deals and how everyone in track.

Elaine Cartas (25:32): So for me, when, once I hired the company managers like Elena and I are so excited to meet you at the event, what's your number one struggle right now in your business. So we can best serve. You basically have little minions, but making sure they're speaking the language similar to you, like the same similar vibration when and then too, just making sure your team is always staying late and not. Are you laying in the game? I love that. So I mean, look, if fortune 500 companies could do this, we could do it too. It's just, what is, I don't know. What is upsetting in the coaching world is there's not a lot of emphasis on this part. It's like this evergreen funnel let's get as many leads and it's like, but at the same time, this is what I've noticed. The clients that I want to work with, I don't want them to actually come through a funnel like that. I want them to be smart enough to know exactly what they want, who they want to work with to understand the valley, like to have similar values of integrity and relationships. Those are the people I want to work with

Terra Bohlmann (26:31): And they become a heck yes. On that first call versus a, I don't know, let me think about it. What's a business coach, you know, and I had a girl one, so it was like, okay, I, this is like, I was talking to Elaine on the pre what do we call it? The pre podcast episode where we're just chatting. And she's like, should I do? I'm thinking about doing a podcast. I'm like, oh, you need to do a podcast. This is why, blah, blah, blah. Talk about high touch. It gives you a way to always be like connecting and also promoting other women and stuff like that. And that's a huge tip is like, you know, when you're like, well, how do you do all this? Ha who has time to do all this high organic? It's like, well, you can either do that and go deep with, you know, some of your leads or constantly be paying Facebook ads to do new lead generation. I mean, when she goes and it was talking about the different departments, like there's the sales team and then I called it like the delivery team, but what what'd you call it? The customer,

Elaine Cartas (27:28): Client success, or customer support

Terra Bohlmann (27:30): Wherever you, and then if you can back it up with more, there's a whole other team for marketing and client lead generation. Right? And so we have to do all of this as business owners. So it's like, okay, we've gotta be able to, I call it your dream team, put your dream team in place and you know, be able to execute this. But we, as the CEOs have to be the people that create, she called a ops, you know, the standard operations procedures. Right. we gotta be able to be the people that create the strategy and the checklist of what needs to be done. So we're setting everyone who comes to work with us a poor success because they're literally following a checklist. And then if, yeah, and if they move on, you could pop someone else in to manage the checklist.

Elaine Cartas (28:16): So by the time you guys here, this election season will be over. But so I worked in political organizing. So I was a grassroots organizer. I managed volunteers to do phone calls. So whatever representative you're working with, it's like, Hey, this is the lane. I'm a volunteer for a Senator Panda. I'm just looking at a stuffed Panda. I don't, I'm not trying to get political here. I'm just going to give you an example. So like, Hey, I'm so excited to talk to you. I'm representing Senator Panda. And you know, we believe in chocolate for all. And I know, I know you do too. Like, are you going to vote for Senator Panda this November? So this is actually what, who, when people are running for office, they have grassroots organizers who are doing calls and volunteers always saying that because that person can't, they can't contact every single person at a state. Exactly.

Terra Bohlmann (29:11): And you want to create such fans with your customers or your clients, however you if you call them some people call them customers. Some people call them clients, you know, dependents

Elaine Cartas (29:22): Or guests target. I'm a target. I'm targeted

Terra Bohlmann (29:26): A target guest. Here's what the one, I don't like students. I don't know why it triggers me, but like when I don't know, like, I feel like some people in our space are like my students and I'm like, I get it. But like, and maybe it's because I attract, like, I attract a different caliber of woman or whatever, but you don't want to be known as a student. Like, I want to be like, these are like, I always say like, you're my priorities. You know? It's like, do you need a positive blood? Like, that's fine. I will give that to you. You're in my world. Like, that's how loyal. And I know you're the same way too. So yeah. So when we think of like high organic touch, like the thing that for me was so beneficial when you were sharing in our own mastermind was like doing things where it's like you put as part of your day that you just do 10 reach outs, whether it's just grabbing Instagram, doing a quick, Hey, what's, so-and-so thinking of you, you were a total rock star during all the COVID stuff.

Terra Bohlmann (30:28): You were reaching out to so many people and just making sure they were okay. And you can do the same with Facebook. So I think we called you the, you are the voice memo queen. You were like lever and where, you know, so many people are like, oh yeah, I'll type and send an inbox. But you like took it to the next level when people like, and people can hear how your compassion and your voice. So, and then now you're all about BombBomb, which is like the video way to connect with people. So I think high touch, we need to learn from my lane. It's like, if you're only at a point where you're comfortable sending a message, please do that, send a text, do something, send a Jeff, do something. And then, but if you can and feel comfortable, do a voice memo because it's just a different level of connection. Right? And then if you can even better feel comfortable, who cares if you don't have hair and makeup done, send them a video because they can see your eyes and see that you care. So I think you've mastered the art of that, even since I've been like, since we've been friends. So yeah.

Elaine Cartas (31:37): I mean, I just love, I mean, even today I was connecting with people who are referrals and we're going to do coffee dates. Like, you know, they're not clients I'm looking to get money, but like let's just connect. And I have like six spots in my calendar, you know, I love

Terra Bohlmann (31:52): That. And yeah, we've got to create that space. Absolutely. so I know recently you had a six-figure launch and you know, and we know like everyone who listens to this, a smart business woman, you know, six figure in launching doesn't mean, oh my gosh, like Elaine put a hundred thousand dollars in her bank account. Like, you know, that's not how it works. There's still the profit side of it as I always preach. But she did a six figure launch with no Facebook ads and only high touch. Yes. Share with us. What do

Elaine Cartas (32:28): I'll share my whole client journey. My, as people say funnel, it's not a digital funnel. I don't even like the word funnel. I like fly it and journey. Okay. Client

Terra Bohlmann (32:37): X customer experience. Cause I want them have this like really cool time, but journey's awesome too.

Elaine Cartas (32:42): So usually people find me on Instagram, which I have a whopping 2,900 followers or Facebook or referral like a client or someone that's come to my events. So that's how people find me. Then they go into my free event, they experience the community. And by the way, my events are not like some boring webinars, but the chat, like everyone gets to speak. There's breakout rooms. Like you, it's a true networking event. People ended up working with each other, which I'm fine with. Like I'm not there to just like pitch myself. Then from that free event, I, and I do this monthly at the time. COVID just like broke out. So I ended up doing it biweekly and I'll be honest it's because I wanted to be like a superhero. I was like, oh, I need to serve these people.

Terra Bohlmann (33:25): Save all the women

Elaine Cartas (33:28): Honest. So I did it biweekly. I'll explain why I now do it monthly, which is what I used to do before. COVID. so I did it biweekly. And then I invited people to a one day retreat, which is four 97. And I make it intimate 13 people. We focus on kind of the tiers that I teach at my mastermind, which is spirituality systems and structures, sustainable income to scale, to serve. So we focus on that. So they get a full day and they're like, oh my God, I want more. And then they go into my mastermind. So I had my weekly free events. I had I think, three to four, one day retreats. And then it just sold out like that. It was incredible, but I will, I want to give lessons learned. I don't want to make it seem like Elaine. You're so amazing.

Elaine Cartas (34:10): That's incredible. I had launched burnout. I'm just being completely honest. I was like, I don't want this again. Like you just realize you don't want to do that again. Okay. So it was actually such a great experience for me. And like, what if I don't have to do biweekly events? Let me go back to monthly. I'm like, oh yes. Because they usually happen on Sundays. Cause I have people are all around the world, come in. So that felt good to me. I'm like, okay, what else do I need to scale? I need to get a project manager. This systems are all in my head. I need to spit it out. So I have that. My project manager is actually my community manager as well. I'm going to be scaling where I'm going to have one project manager. When can we manager? And the other thing about team is when you're growing a team, make sure that you're doing the tasks they love.

Elaine Cartas (34:53): Don't have them be everything. Like you're just gonna make them despise you. Like, I love mentoring my team. And making sure, Hey, do you like doing this? And then, you know, my project manager is like, you know what? I, I'm not as friendly and peppy as you, like. I just love the project management stuff. That's fine. But like, let's just do the SLPs. I'll eventually hire that. And then I will say, I am having more joy and fun. I'll be honest. I think during the lunch, I wasn't having it as much. I'm writing like doing Peloton rides every day. So I learned so much in that launch realizing, oh, it's not worth it. What can I scale down and up? But I'm, I'm still gonna, so I know all of your listening in the new year, but I'm expected and projected to double my revenue this year compared to last year. And it is growing my team being more intentional.

Terra Bohlmann (35:46): Yeah. And for you, it's not being everything to everyone. Like you just have like your one or two core things. Right? And it's about scaling back, simplify, simplify

Elaine Cartas (35:57): This year, 2019, the year before as it goes. The other thing to this has been a huge year of expansion for me. And what do you mean expansion? It's not just like increasing your prices. It's like, okay, team, what feels good to me? What doesn't feel good to me? And these are constant questions. You have to ask yourself, not just in business, but in life and right. Terra and I were talking about it before this it's like being an integrity to that. I remember a mentor giving me advice because I was thinking of doing something I'm like, I want two cohorts. And like, no, that seems like too much. Just put in one. I'm like, no, like that doesn't feel good to me. I love working in pause and intimacy with my people.

Terra Bohlmann (36:35): Absolutely. I feel the same way. So the same way. And I feel like there's, there's just, I don't know. The people we work with get more of a transformation, which is what we all want. We, no matter what you sell, you could sell a lipstick. You want that person who buys your lipstick to feel like the most beautiful person in the world when they're, you know, it's about the transformation and the feelings, which is why I'm a big advocate. And I'm very pro woman when it comes to business, I'm not anti man. Like I'm raising three boys and I have an amazing husband and you know, but it's like, I feel like as women, we understand what the end goal is, which is really how do we want to feel? And I love that. You said you feel more peace and joy. I asked for that every day in my affirmation, peace, love and joy. Like, and it's kind of amazing how the universe will open up for you and give you just that. So it's, yeah, it's just been remarkable. So, but the key thing with Elaine and what she was sharing and her journey, her customer journey, right. Where she starts here and then she goes here and then she's always like elevating them. And Scott like has an Ascension model to it and an Ascension model,

Elaine Cartas (37:48): Like what you were saying earlier, like marriage, you know, I'm dating my retreat is the proposal. Right. They get, they get the ring, wish it was a proposal. And then it's like, let's get married. Yep.

Terra Bohlmann (38:00): Yep. And then let's continue to always work on our marriage because you know, it's not just the wedding day. Right. So

Elaine Cartas (38:06): And not just continue marriage in terms of like retention too, but they might just like, you know, one of my clients I've been with for two years, she, you know, and I, I knew it too. Like she decided to go another route and I was like, no, I completely understand you have this type of business. You need this type of expertise. But if I still want to refer you, I still want to follow you. Like, oh yeah, journey. Isn't just one thing leave even

Terra Bohlmann (38:28): Stopped. Oh, not at all. And that was always, and we've experienced it. I'm sure we haven't talked about it yet, but I'm sure we will on one of our next coffees, but it's like, I never want it to be awkward when a client graduates. Right. I'm a catch and release coach. I do have clients that have been with me for two plus years, but it's because I'm, you know, when you're always improving yourself there and they're improving as long as I feel a few steps ahead, there's major value there. And it works. And they always lock in their low client pricing. Cause I don't raise prices on my current clients. And so it's a win-win for them, but it's like, you also want to look at it as, Hey, I don't want it to be awkward when you do, when you do graduate, I'm still going to be your cheerleader on Facebook.

Terra Bohlmann (39:15): I'm still pleased. Still. Like we can reach out, don't make it weird. And I've had clients before that they've graduated and then they make up these stories that, oh, because I'm not paying taro, she didn't care about me. And that's not the case. It's just, we're like focused on our clients obviously. Cause that's our immediate, but it's like never in my like rolling my eyes. Like, oh yeah, look at her. No, like I want every woman that's ever worked with me to be successful. So, and we know sometimes it's just the little tweaks that make the huge difference for them. Right. And yeah. I,

Elaine Cartas (39:50): I wanted to emphasize the graduate. I say graduation. I don't like saying like buys like, oh, well, so and so graduate, put a

Terra Bohlmann (39:57): Little graduation hat in the Facebook group. And I thought that some brilliant idea, I do an exit post for them. Like, cause it's always like, well, do I tell people like, I'm done, I'm done our mastermind. We were in, I was like, I'm done. Oh, I'm done too. Oh, you're done. Like, do we say anything? I want to say by like, it's this real awkward thing. And so I'm like, you know what? As a leader, I don't like that feeling. So I'm just going to lead it. So when my people go to graduate, it's like I'm so-and-so and I take their picture and I put a little hat on them and I do a w w I've been so impressed with them about and send me like, let's everybody send her love, you know, as she goes to do her thing,

Elaine Cartas (40:39): You yesterday, my client is looking for something particular. Like actually I've put it in our mastermind group. Like anyone know a product based strategist because I didn't know anyone. And I hate when a client leaves and they're not getting what they

Terra Bohlmann (40:51): Want to make them whole, we got to make.

Elaine Cartas (40:53): And then I was joking around with her. I was like, okay, I know you're still single. I have another client. Who's dating coach. So when you're ready to talk to her, here's her contact. But even that experience of going and blade, you appreciate for my clients who ended up leaving cause their contract is up. They're like, I really like you, you know, they always tell me, I could genuinely feel that you do care about me being on chat. I was like, yeah. And like, I hope we're still friends. Like, yeah, I will still talk to you. Like,

Terra Bohlmann (41:20): Absolutely. And so there's, there's that whole, that's the delivery side. And then I call it like the transition process that needs to happen. So you're leaving them whole. And so many times I know I've worked with coaches, I've one, 8,000 plus a year to work with them and it's like, it's done. It's like peace out. I'm like, oh, okay. You know, but I don't, when you're in the relationship business, we don't want that right now

Elaine Cartas (41:46): Because your reputation, isn't just the client results. It's also when they transition out because people will find out, oh, you worked with solo. And so I even get those messages. I got a message from someone who was thinking about a couple of coaches I worked with like, Hey, basically, which one's better. And it's like, right, we're going to do that. They're like, oh Terra, I saw you worked with so and so how

Terra Bohlmann (42:07): Yeah. You want him to be like amazing. Do it. No brainer. Yeah, exactly. So love it. All right. So as we're wrapping up two things, one, how can people find out more about you, Elaine?

Elaine Cartas (42:20): Yes. That's the way. So you could express my higher organic touch. I actually want all of you to add me on Instagram. So it's Elaine Lou underscore. So E L a I N E L O U and then underscore it the little dash don't type underscore by the way. And DME and actually put fast track women in there. And I'll send you some freebies.

Terra Bohlmann (42:45): Ooh, love it. Yeah. So challenge accepted, go experience her high touch, high organic touch. And then you can see how that can then work in your business too, which is fantastic. Awesome. Awesome. So Instagram at Elaine Lou L O U underscore, correct. Okay, fantastic. So in wrapping up, I always ask everyone, I interview, this is called the fast track woman. And a lot of the times, you know, we want to go faster in our business or we think success would have been easier, right? Sometimes starting your business. It's not like, I know, I thought I was going to be a multimillionaire. I wrote a book and then I was like, I wrote a book and I was like, okay, like I thought I was going to make millions on the book. I hadn't really thought that whole thing through, but we want to go faster. What advice do you have that would help fast track a woman? What's the best advice you ever took or that you give your clients to find that success, knowing success could be money. Success could be time. Success could be whatever a woman wants it to be. We define our success. What advice do you have for her to go

Elaine Cartas (43:56): Faster? Trusting your intuition and gut. If you know that client is not a good fit, but you're looking at your numbers and you have a certain golden number, don't go for it. Yeah. Because if you end up accepting that client they're holding space for even a better client, if you have an intuition about hiring a staff member. So do, if it doesn't feel good, if you have an intuition about even a coach, like giving you insight or advice to do a certain way and you don't feel good about it, don't do it. You will save so much time because there's been times where I'm like, okay, I'm going to like, I'll be transparent. I, I mean, I, maybe I need to heal my relationship with Facebook ads so you could take it as it is, but I'm like, oh my God, I wasted $30,000 on Facebook before hiring a Facebook ads consultant that it didn't feel good, but I still did it because everyone else, everybody

Terra Bohlmann (44:46): Was doing that. And everybody needs coaching advice. This is

Elaine Cartas (44:49): What you do. I got coaching advice. That is your next step. And I did it. And that it was $30,000 down the drain and I got in debt from it. But it was also a great experience for me to share. But if, you know, if I listened to my intuition, I wouldn't have made that costly mistake.

Terra Bohlmann (45:05): Trust your gut. That is from the words of babes. So it was so much Elaine. This was so good. Oh my gosh. Thank you. Thank you for being on the podcast. Thank you so much, Terra.

Outro (45:20): And there you have it. Another jam packed episode of the fast track woman podcast. Don't forget to visit Terra Bohlmann.com where you can get more business tips and strategies learn how we can work together to accelerate your business success or access this podcast. Episode show notes with a full transcript and links to resources mentioned today. And if you enjoyed this podcast, I invite you to leave a review so that we can help serve more women business owners to like you until next time here's to owning your time and valuing your word.

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