Episode #78: How to Build a Business AND Be Your Own Best Friend with Maharati Windle

The Fast-Track Woman Podcast: Episode #78
How to Build a Business AND Be Your Own Best Friend with Maharati Windle

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 Meet Podcast Guest, Maharati Windle.

Wendy "Maharati" Windle is a Mindset & Meditation Coach who helps spiritually stuck women quit holding themselves back and, finally, be their own best friend.”

Drawing on her decade long journey as a meditation teacher, and expertise as a growth mindset educator, Maharati has created a bespoke coaching series, “Fearlessly YOU”, created a group coaching experience, “Master Your Freedom Mindset” and is currently writing her first book, “Woman, Friend Yourself.

She splits her time between her two homes in Guadalajara, Mexico, and London, UK, and is careful to never be too far away from a cat.

 About this Podcast Episode.

In this episode, Terra Bohlmann interviews Maharati (Wendy) Windle, a Mindset & Meditation Coach who helps stuck women quit holding themselves back and, finally, be their own best friend. She shares why we care so much about "making it" and then sit on the sofa eating all the cake. Maharati also shares how to calm the fight/ flight response to your own imagination. If you are ready for more motivation to fast-track your business, you'll love this episode.

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Intro (00:01): When you give smart women a five-year plan, simple business strategies and a positive mindset. It's amazing how fast your business can grow. Welcome to the fast track woman podcast with your host and business strategist, Terra Bohlmann. She helps women business owners stop winging it and board the fast track to success. When she's not making high flying dreams, the reality you can find her traveling to random destinations, desperately tracking down Chanel, broaches, or sipping overpriced coffee drinks. Her purpose in life is to help you build a profitable first-class business, smooth out the bumpy ride, and finally have more time, energy and freedom. So buckle your seatbelt because this episode of the fast track woman takes off right now.

Terra Bohlmann (01:02): Welcome back to the fast track woman. I am your host, Terra Bohlmann. And today I have a special guest. I can't wait for you to meet her. We've been doing some chit chatting prior to hitting record, and I know she is going to deliver some amazing goodness for you today on this episode. But let me introduce her first, Wendy, Wendy Maharati Windle is a mindset and meditation coach who helps spiritually stuck women. She helps them quit holding themselves back and finally be their own best friend drawing on her decade long journey as a meditation teacher and expertise as a growth mindset educator Marathi has created a bespoke coaching series fearlessly you and created a group coaching experience, master your freedom mindset and is currently writing her first book, woman, friend, yourself. Love that she splits her time between two homes in Guadalajara, Mexico, and London, UK, and is very careful to never be too far away from her cat as a fellow cat mom, myself, please. Welcome my Harati to the podcast. Welcome. How are you today?

Maharati Windle (02:18): I am feeling great, Terra. Thank you so much for having me. I'm

Terra Bohlmann (02:22): So glad. I'm so glad. So tell me your cat's name before we jump in. She has me

Maharati Windle (02:27): Lou and she has assigned me his cat. I'm being taken care of downstairs by my fiance right now. Sound like a crying baby. Oh, I love it. I had assigned

Terra Bohlmann (02:36): Me as cat my whole life growing up and her name was Lacey and she was like my best friend and I loved that cat. And then you know, I cried about how much I miss my cat and, you know, dah, dah, dah. And then we got a cat named Gracie, which is so funny that it rhymes and Gracie is crazy. Like she's nothing like Lacy, Lacy was very affectionate as assignees and you know, kind of, well, mine was sort of a one owner type of, she had a favorite. So she would be my favorite during the day. And then she would sneak into my brother's room at night and like sleep with him. So we were always like, what what's going on. And Gracie just only cares about herself. So it's kind of different, but I love Siamese. They're the best. Oh, so beautiful.

Maharati Windle (03:20): Yeah. I feel, I have to say to people she's Siamese, it's a D it's not really a cat.

Terra Bohlmann (03:25): Exactly. Basically human. Yeah, no, I totally get it. That's awesome. So yeah, we're going to dig into to how to build a business and be your own best friend. And I think that's something that's so important. And I know with clients I've worked with and women I've spoken to, there really is this disconnect between, you know, building your business and putting all your energy into it, to where you exhaust yourself. And then you forget about who you are. And I just want to, I'd love to hear your take on, you know, what are you seeing now? You're obviously seeing it too, cause you have a whole business model built up around it, but why do you think that's happening so much? Especially with women entrepreneurs?

Maharati Windle (04:09): I think for me, I, what I see is that we're trained from a very early age that our worth is into our achievement. So it's all about what we achieve is what we're worth. You know, it's get the grade, get into the right club, get to this level. There's always something more to achieve. And then we're used to being praised for the,

Terra Bohlmann (04:33): Okay. Wow. Yeah. That's, it's so true. I mean, especially, I mean, I'm a high achiever. I work with high achieving women and that's something that is, it's like get the good grades, be the good student, be as perfect as possible. When you launch your business, don't let them see you sweat like this whole thing. And wow. I love, I love how you always say, you know, build your, you know, how to be your, how to build your business and be your own best friend. And the hint is it's not about bubble bath.

Terra Bohlmann (05:04): Oh. Because when people think of self care, it

Terra Bohlmann (05:07): Is, they instantly, oh, just go take a poll bath. Right. And, and

Maharati Windle (05:13): Still run the same negative commentary in my head the entire time. Oh, that didn't work. That's a idea for Seco in the bubble box.

Terra Bohlmann (05:21): Maybe that'll work. Yeah. Yeah. So what, so what tools

Terra Bohlmann (05:25): Do you use and what, you know, what do you recommend as far as how women can be their best friend? Well,

Maharati Windle (05:32): It's funny. I was just talking to a client yesterday who admitted. I always love to ask clients, you know, what was it that made you come on board? You know, because you know what it's like, people will hover around, just follow you on social media for a couple of years. You don't know what blogs are. You don't know how deep they've got. Right, right, right. But there's always a trigger. And I said to this client, what was the trigger for you? And she said, you put out this Instagram post that said, self-care, isn't a bubble bath. Try saying no 27 times this week.

Terra Bohlmann (06:02): Wow. That's a fantastic challenge for every listener on hair to try saying no twenties 27 times. And I'm sure there's a reason why it's 27. Tell us that.

Maharati Windle (06:13): To be honest, I just love that number. It sounded outlandish. I was like, yeah. Try saying no this week. Okay. 27 times. I love it. Now we're out of the comfort zone. So the first step to being our own best friend has to be in placing boundaries, learning how to say no learning, how to protect our own energy, learning how to protect ourselves ultimately from ourselves.

Terra Bohlmann (06:39): That's good. That's good. And so let's talk about the woman who may not even know that she's sabotaging herself. Right. And what does, what does it typically look like before a client, when a client first comes to you? Like how, what are the, like the signs or what is it what's going on in their life to where they're like, you know what? I need to work with her. Like what's going on. It's just so our, anyone listening to this can go, oh my gosh, that's me. Like, I didn't realize that was an issue. Sometimes you don't know what you don't know. So can you talk about what's going on with her

Maharati Windle (07:15): Postponing feeling good about yourself? Okay. You know, I'll, I'll feel good about myself or I'll allow myself a holiday or I'll allow myself a day off or a break. And I find this, particularly with women entrepreneurs that, you know, I read this again. I love social media for the quotes. I read this on a quote somewhere that entrepreneurs are people who will say no to working 40 hour weeks with somebody else, we can work a hundred hour, weeks, ourself. And I'm not mad. Yes. Raise my hand to that one.

Terra Bohlmann (07:47): Yes. I love that one too. And I've made a conscious decision when I left my corporate consulting job cause I was working maybe 50 hours a week type of thing. And it was like, I don't want to run a business where I'm, I want to work less, not more. And if I have to work more, I might as well get a salary, a consistent salary and get paid three weeks vacation, right. Or holidays you would say, so it's like, what are we doing as entrepreneurs? And then I found a lot of women entrepreneurs aren't even paying themselves a consistent salary as well. And that just breaks my heart. So it's like we put everything into it, probably because they're saying yes a million times and not saying no at all during the week. And it just starts building until they get into this breaking point.

Terra Bohlmann (08:31): Right. It's like where then their life, maybe I need to get that job back. Or is this even for me or my, am I doing this? And you know, and you just get off path and it's like, the big hint is just do what she says and like be your own best friend. So let's, let's dig into that a little bit more. You know, we really have this fight or flight response, I believe is something that you say, and it's like, you know, how can you explain what fight or flight means and how do you calm that down when that comes up for when,

Maharati Windle (09:08): Oh, I'm so glad you bring this up. I feel like this is definitely in the realm of things that you don't know till, you know, we don't realize how much of our lives we spend in fight or flight. And that's basically panic mode. That's when the cloudiness has come in, we can't think straight. So we tend to fall into bad habits, whether that's with food or overworking and you know, heart rates up, we're sweating, we're not breathing properly. And it makes no sense to us that we would be in fight or flight because we're sitting at our laptop working. You know, it's not like a tiger has come into the room, looking hungry. We're just sitting there working. So we don't make the connection that we've gone into ultimate stress mode. Our imaginations are such incredible tools and can also be our own worst enemy. And for me, with all of this attention on the achievement on that outer getting to the outer goal, what happens is we attach a story to it. So here comes know how to be your best friend. Number one, spot your stories. If I don't achieve X, what does that mean about me? And what I find with most clients is when we dig into that question, if I don't achieve X, what does that mean about me? There's a story that, and it's usually not very kind,

Terra Bohlmann (10:32): Oh, we need women to be kinder them to themselves. I mean, what did I say? I saw something or I participated in something this past week. And it was like, the coolest thing was the woman had said oh, as a client of mine. And in one of her talks that she did, it was like, she said, you know, cause she teaches storytelling. So this is like perfect. Like we're telling stories. And her thing was, you know, so many people she works with. They're like, I don't have a story. I'm boring. Like I don't I'm I don't have a story. No one wants to hear what I have to say. And it's like, she said, picture yourself, sitting in front of your best friend at a cafe and your best friend says, I'm boring. I don't have story. I don't dah, dah, dah, I'm this and that.

Terra Bohlmann (11:17): Like, what would you say to her? And then it's like, I would say you have amazing stories. And I would like give you like, what about this story? This, you know, and it's like, and you know, we need to show up literally that would be the equivalent of, of being your own best friend. Cause we need to be as kind to ourselves as we would, our best friend we're sitting across from, in the cafe. So I love that. It's like, you know, oh yeah. Anyway, that was just, that's so good from a a standpoint of, you know, we're making up stuff and when we're making up stuff, it starts telling us we can't do things and this and this and that. And what else? Like what else comes up for women when they're they start going down that story path,

Maharati Windle (11:58): Once you're on the story path, we start projecting into the future.

Terra Bohlmann (12:03): That's good. Right?

Maharati Windle (12:04): So we're going into the, you know, I didn't achieve acts, which means I'm a failure, which means I'm a terrible person, which means, you know, that thing Stacey said to me in school when I was 13 was true. It's validating

Terra Bohlmann (12:17): All the things in our past that like, we, we kept keep there. Right? oh yeah. I, when I hear often and a friend of mine, Heather just wrote a book called dying to be a good mother. That's probably another one. It's like, well, I guess I'm not a good mom because I care about my business more than, you know, going to my son's soccer team or game or whatever. And it's yeah. And this stuff gets really toxic. And then I would imagine it doesn't just happen once. Right.

Maharati Windle (12:44): It goes deep and it's probably happening every day, just in ways that we're not really seeing. So we're now trapped in a cycle of, I got to achieve this. Otherwise it means all of this awful stuff that people have told me maybe once in my life, but mostly I've told myself is true. And then the imagination takes it and creates a beautiful, catastrophic picture of we're gonna fail. We're going to have to go back to our jobs with our tail between our legs. You know, our marriage might fall apart. We haven't been there for our kids and they're not going to love us anymore. You know, we go there, right? Yeah.

Terra Bohlmann (13:22): Our subconscious mind is like, it can like, it can go there like, oh yeah. I mean, and but none of that stuff is true. And we spend so much time thinking about all the things that, you know, aren't true or aren't going to happen. And it's like, I mean, that's just exhausting for our body. I mean, I, you know, for me personally, it was about five years ago that I went I was about ready to, I was like, you know what, this business thing, I had 30 clients a month and it was exhausting. I was a one-on-one coach. And I was like, wait a minute. Like I left a mid six-figure job to essentially make that, but then have expenses and whatever. And I was dog tired. I was on the phone nonstop like Monday through Friday. And it was like, oh, this just doesn't feel right.

Terra Bohlmann (14:12): I don't see how this is scalable. I I'm going to Polish up my resume. You know? And then it was like, then my husband, our therapist said, you know what, just go on your trip. My husband and I were going to Thailand and they're like, you know, she's like, don't talk about it. Just go and enjoy and be right. And of course, when you go and you relax and start being, then you can start talking about things. So, you know, we really had great conversations around, you know, what, like what if you just put together a plan and, and whatever, and to see like how you can scale this and be your own best client, you know, like you say, be your own best friend. I say, be your own best customer all the time. And it's like, and, and do that before you just throw on the towel.

Terra Bohlmann (14:54): Right. And I was like, okay, you know what, you're right. And when I get back, I'll, I'll do that. And I did. And that spun off to be the business map method. And that's really been the catalyst that's like helped me so much in the last five years and help my clients. But what was interesting is the stress I had been feeling. So exactly like it was like the silent killer, like she was talking about like it's. And when I came back from Thailand, I noticed I had my first spot of Mulago, but I didn't know what it was. I was like, oh, I must've missed some putting sunscreen on or something, which doesn't make sense because it would have been the opposite. It wouldn't have been a white patch. And then it just started spreading like crazy. And, you know, so I've, I've been managing it for the last five years.

Terra Bohlmann (15:37): And what I found out is it's so triggered by stress and it was like, literally my body started showing up because I wasn't registering that I was in fight or flight with my business. Cause you're right. I was behind the laptop doing the things, you know, keeping the hustle, going and trying to, you know, take care of everyone else. But myself and then my body is like, I don't think so. Like, I'm going to show you physically how much you've been ignoring me. And that is what it took to have a major wake up call for me. It was like I had to physically see something happening. And luckily it's just a, it's an auto immune that it's not quote unquote dangerous. It's just something I have to like live with. But it shows up for a lot of other people in a lot of, kind of unhealthy sicknesses and stuff. And I don't want any woman as I'm sure you don't, you don't want any woman to have to go there, you know, and, and have to experience that. So what are, you know, what are some things that, you know, people, the first part being awareness like she side was like I didn't even know I was in fight or flight and it's like, once you have the awareness is, oh, I guess what, what are some triggers that you see that women can recognize that they're in fight or flight

Maharati Windle (16:47): Clouding us, the cloudy NASA, the cloudiness and the thing is we don't, we just think, oh, I'm cloudy. So I'm going to have another call for coffee and push

Terra Bohlmann (16:54): Through it. Oh yeah. You know, oh,

Maharati Windle (16:57): I'm cloudy. So let me just focus really hard. Yeah. Let me just put on the focus, energy music and keep going out there. But I find cloudiness is the first trigger warning that there is no blood going to your frontal cortex. You have no book. I'd go into the thinky. Thinky. Part of your brain is a very scientific word for it. And the reason it's funny, like you say, your body showed you how much stress you were under because the body doesn't know the difference. And part of the body is actually the limbic system in the brain, the primitive system in the brain. And that is responsible for the fight or flight mode. And when we're sitting panicking at our laptop, if I don't make X amount this month, if I don't bring in X amount of clients, that will mean this. And that will mean that. And we're often imagination land the limbic system, the primitive brain doesn't know that that isn't happening. It's down there in the dark receiving information from the prefrontal cortex. That's painting a picture of doom and gloom. The limbic system says, my gosh, we're under attack.

Terra Bohlmann (18:10): Oh yeah. I wish I would've known this like 10 years

Terra Bohlmann (18:14): Ago. I'll stop right now. This isn't that stuff.

Terra Bohlmann (18:18): And so when yeah, go ahead. No, you go ahead.

Maharati Windle (18:22): Notice that I'm feeling cloudy, I'm feeling disconnected or even spinning out on thoughts. The reason that we can't talk ourselves down off that ledge. Cause sometimes as well, I think I'll just rationalize my way through it. I'll be fine. Everything's okay. Why am I still hyperventilating? It's because we've got to the point, once you're in fight and flight, your body's full of cortisol, your body's full of adrenaline and your prefrontal cortex. Isn't allowed to talk. You might hear it talking and lots of panic, negative chit chat, but the body and the deep core brain aren't listening, they're doing their own thing. They're getting ready to run.

Terra Bohlmann (19:01): Ah, wow. This really is a, like a silent thing that like, it just is so impactful for, I'm just having like such an aha cause like, you know, so many women entrepreneurs deal with this on a, on an hourly basis period. Even when they're not working, we're thinking about our business and that is also keeping us in this mode. Wow. So, you know, when somebody starts to feel cloudy, what, you know, you talk about there's some emergency fixes that you can do. What are, what are a couple of things that you can do when you start to feel that cloudiness

Maharati Windle (19:40): My favorite emergency facts and one that I give to people as this is especially great. If you don't have time to meditate, which is rubbish and a whole other thing that would take it to a different podcast.

Terra Bohlmann (19:51): But if you

Maharati Windle (19:53): Have time to meditate and you've noticed that you're cloudy or you're feeling disconnected or the panic has come six deep, slow breaths,

Terra Bohlmann (20:04): Nice. That's it.

Maharati Windle (20:07): And there's tons of studies on this that have shown that that's all it takes because like I said, the limbic system, the one that's kicking off all of these stress hormones, not listening to your brain, but the lungs and the limbic system are connected. So if the lungs takeover and take those six deep, slow, full breaths, it's like the limbic system can tune in and go, oh, I'm sorry. I, I thought there was a tiger in the room. Turns out we're fine. Yeah. We can relax. Also back online.

Terra Bohlmann (20:39): I love it. I mean, breathing, literally someone had told me that a long time ago, a client I had, she was like, I believe breathing is the new currency or it's going to seen as the new currency. It's like, we just need to breathe. I love so six deep breaths when you start to feel cloudy. Game-Changer thank you for sharing that tip. That could be the most important tip on this entire episode, but stuff let's get started.

Maharati Windle (21:01): That's the only, the only thing people take away. I'm so happy about that because you can, you know, you can be anywhere. And even I find talking if you're in a stressful meeting, you know, and you're just like, I don't know what to say instead of trying to think about what to say, just breathe yourself. You've got it. You're an expert. Oh, so good. So good. So good.

Terra Bohlmann (21:23): All right. So let's kinda switch gears a little bit, but you know, there's so many women entrepreneurs, especially that care so much and they want to be, they want to make it out there. And I just got off a client, a coaching call. It was something that was very important to her is like, I don't understand why I'm not a bigger deal than, you know, in my mind, I should have been so much further along and people who've been in my industry for five minutes, like are killing it and I'm not white. What is going on? And they get so mad at themselves. I'm like, all right, well, you know, here from a business strategy perspective, it's usually they're consistent on one thing right. Over and over again. And you know, but from a, from a, just a life standpoint, it's like, they care so much about making it. And then, you know, something you had said was like but then yet they're sitting on the sofa eating cake, right. Instead of focusing on, they want it so bad to make it, but literally like they're, they're not doing anything to move towards that result, you know? W what do you, what's your thoughts on that

Maharati Windle (22:31): Again? I think we've, we overwhelm ourselves because we're so attaching our worth to the outcome. So it's all very well to say, I'm going to make it, you know, whatever that is, I'm going to make it, but then comes the attachment of if I don't, and this is the bit that we don't see that we're doing to ourselves, you say like, oh, I'm gonna make it. You know, I'm going to say, make a six figure business, but underneath all of that other fears around what that would actually create for ourselves, there's the terror of what if we don't make it, you know, what if I step out there and I give it everything and I don't. So instead we go into overwhelm and that's why, you know, I know for myself, I'll find myself just sitting on the sofa in biscuits, going, this is not stepping me towards my goals. Why am I here? You know? And it's because I'm so attached to all allow myself to be a success when.dot dot. And of course the problem is that, is that, that when is forever going to be moving forward,

Terra Bohlmann (23:31): Moving target. Yes. Yes. Hmm.

Maharati Windle (23:36): So the cure for this is how are you going to let yourself be today? Not do. And the core work I do with all my clients is the digging into your core values. Yeah. Because your core values, of course, the things that you don't need to be making six or seven figures, you don't need to have 25,000 followers on Instagram. You don't need to have any of the markers of success in order to succeed at digging into your values every day.

Terra Bohlmann (24:08): Yeah. Oh, that's good. It's, it's kind of, it's always it always blows my mind whenever, you know, I'll get a client who, you know, on a consultation or just very she's ready to go. Like, she's just like, yes, like, this is what I need, this I'm this and that. And then I'm like, okay, awesome. Cause I only like to work with people when they're ready. So I get that feeling they're ready. And then they come out of the gate real hot, you know, and one of my programs, which is more of a done with you, so they have to do the work. And then I give them feedback rather than my team and I doing it for them. And so when they come in with a done with you, it's like, they fall into a couple of camps. One being, they come in hot and they just get it done from start to finish.

Terra Bohlmann (24:52): And I'm like my called my rockstars. Right. And then I've got the ones that they want it, this and that. And then they just take forever to even log in to do the first thing, you know? And you're just like, wait a minute, like what's going on? I've stopped tying my value to their motivation. Cause before I used to like wake up in the middle of the night going, I don't know what to question, what's going on. What did, why does this mean about me? Is my stuff too, you know? No, like I get it. It's, it's not, I'm not going to take on that stress. But you know, and then the third option is like, they come in hot and then they fizzle out, right? This is what happens when people buy online courses, you know, they'll buy them. And then like something like crazy, 90% of people don't finish them. And that breaks my heart. Cause I probably like you, I don't want to take anyone's money if they're not going to get the transformation, how do you get the transformation is doing the work? You know? And

Maharati Windle (25:46): So we made the calls to get the transformation for people because that's what we love to do for money. I think there's probably easier ways to make money.

Terra Bohlmann (25:56): Agree. I agree. If

Terra Bohlmann (25:58): You want to make a ton of money easily, don't go into the expert space. You know, I mean a couple of people who've done it really well, but you know, we're doing this cause it's, you know, it's very, it's a passion driven thing. Like it should be, you know, and if, if it's not, it's out of alignment with your core values, as you were saying. So, you know, so it's like, you know, when you see women who are totally motivated and they are just doing what needs to be done, right. And I mean, they don't have to be working machines, but they're just being a hundred percent consistent. Right. And that's what I always tell people. And they started the comparison game. The difference is they are picked one thing and they're rinsing and repeating and it's consistent from a business standpoint, but it's like, you know, what's the difference between the woman who's consistent, you know? Doesn't overly stress about things and is getting the results versus the woman who wants the results so bad. But then, you know, can't get out of her own way and push through these fears. You know, what do you think the difference, the main differences between them

Maharati Windle (27:05): As well as the attachment to that outcome, you know? Cause I love how you said that, you know, she wants it so bad, but I'm like, why, what does it mean if you don't get it? Cause that's where the overwhelm comes in. Got it. And I would guarantee I would stake money on this, that you're rock stars that come in and just show up and consistently do the work, have a way of encouraging and rewarding themselves every day for the steps that they're taking, as opposed to focusing on the end goal. Wow.

Terra Bohlmann (27:36): Again, another that's like another huge nugget you just gave us the difference being, they are rewarding themselves. The people getting the consistent results, they aren't beating themselves up. Like the other ones. I wish I'd have known that 10 years ago.

Terra Bohlmann (27:54): You're so amazing.

Terra Bohlmann (27:55): That's I mean, that's, that's just, wow. My mind is blown right now. So wow.

Maharati Windle (28:02): I've been doing this for about two years since really. I went into the online coaching arena and I think it has saved me. I love it. Every day I sit down and actually when my fiance and I are in the same country, we ask each other this question, what are you proud of today? And we say three things that we're proud of. I love that. And some days it feels like scraping the bottom of it.

Terra Bohlmann (28:25): I'm proud I got out of bed. I am

Terra Bohlmann (28:30): Proud. I brewed my own coffee. Yeah. I mean, but still doing it. I mean, imagine, you know, even from like, you know, a kid standpoint, which if you're raising your children, it's like if you had your children come home and at the dinner table, what are, what is one thing you're proud of today? Right? It's like, that's really, really powerful. And if we do it for our kids, we need to do it for ourselves.

Maharati Windle (28:53): And the trick too is to not always make it about achievement. So it's not, what are you proud of doing today? What just, what are you proud of? Yeah. So it can be the way I handle that difficult client conversation can be. I gave myself a break, you know, I realized it was frazzled and I took my six deep breaths today. You know, it's recognizable and rewarding cause it's lovely. How you talk about we wouldn't do this to our kids. You know, one in my, I have so many strings to my bow, but I have a children's theater company and the whole company is based in the growth mindset. And one of the reasons I started coaching out of being a meditation teacher was I realized that the stuff I was teaching kids in the theater school up women in my life needed it. Wow. You know, and it's this daily celebration of small achievements, you know, so good. That was a 1% improvement on how you sang that song today. Fantastic. Well done. And we don't do that to ourselves. We say, I need to nail the song. I need to be as good as beyond say, or I'm just worthless. Never say that to our kids.

Terra Bohlmann (30:03): Right. Well, and it's like, we've got to play and have fun. You know, it's like, especially women business owners. It's like, I came from such a structured corporate world where I had a certain, basically a uniform I would wear the laptop, this, that like, it was very almost military ask like is how you know how I did it. It was like, okay, I've got my uniform. This makes me feel professional. I feel strong when I wear my Jimmy Choo's I, this and that. And like, you know, and it's like to build up your confidence and whatever, and then it's like, you come into become a entrepreneur and you're like what should I be doing today? Like, I don't have a boss telling me what I shouldn't be doing, you know? And then you start like wallowing and you go down this path and then, you know, something I always always say is, you know, if you want to know all your, as a woman, start a business because they're going to come floating up pretty quickly.

Terra Bohlmann (30:57): And you know, so it's like we're blocking and tackling the whole concept of running a business. But also like, what does this mean for me as a woman, as a wife, as a mom, as a fiance, as a, you know, dog owner, you know, it's like, all this guilt is just, it just hurts you so bad. And we get down that spiral and you know, I love these tips and strategies that you've been sharing with us. I have a couple final questions and we'll wrap up, but what is your number one question to get you out of negative Lala land?

Maharati Windle (31:33): Hmm. Is this true?

Terra Bohlmann (31:37): Is this, is this true? Is this true? Is it, or is this a story? Yeah.

Maharati Windle (31:44): And 99% of the time now.

Terra Bohlmann (31:47): Oh my gosh. There's such this episode is like, honestly, one of my favorites. Thank you so much. I mean, I just like mind blown and I don't, I think it's because I recently came out of all this and it was like, all I can think is more women need to know this because we do have to be our own best friend. And it starts with doing these little things that you've been talking about, which is like you know, what are three things you're proud of today? Right? Breathe, just 60 breasts. And then is this true? And if you have them, those three tools alone could literally save women's lives. I mean, and keep them in business longer so they can keep serving more. But

Maharati Windle (32:31): We forget that our minds are meaning making machines. That's how, that's how that designed, which is a wonderful, beautiful thing, you know? But we forget that when we're sitting having a cup of tea and we're thinking about something that somebody said to us, you know, like, or you laying in bed going, is it me? Is it my costs? Why are they not? You know that when we ask those questions, the mind will come up with answers. Always, you know, am I a terrible person? You're going to think of a hundred reasons. Yes. Am I doomed to fail? Here comes the mind with a hundred reasons why yes you are. But we do that negative questioning on a subconscious level. We're not even aware of it. What we often find is that we're trapped in the middle of a horrific story about ourselves. And that question, when I notice it, I just go, wait, is this true? Is this true?

Terra Bohlmann (33:20): That's true. So we gotta ask ourselves better questions, ladies. That's what we need to do. More positive questions so that we get the validation that, yes, that's true. Oh, so good. So good. So before I ask the final question, please let everyone know, how can they get in touch with you? How can they learn more? How can they connect with you?

Maharati Windle (33:42): Oh, connect with me. Probably at Marathi mindset coach on Instagram. Cause I'm always on the ground scrolling truths about your stuff. Probably the Wendy house, project.com is my website. Then you can link to emails that, and you can get I have a training on that called how to get what you really want. And it's again, it's turning this work inside. So you get to celebrate and feel like you're already there today. Like why not enjoy it while you're getting there rather than waiting to get it?

Terra Bohlmann (34:18): Yeah. Enjoy the journey. We got to enjoy that journey. Not

Terra Bohlmann (34:21): Just the result, because a lot of the times, you know, when you're a high achiever, you get to the result and you're like, well, now what? That didn't feel as exciting as I thought it

Terra Bohlmann (34:30): Would be.

Maharati Windle (34:32): Yeah. And then I'll take a year off and you get there and go, no, what's next. What's my next goal.

Terra Bohlmann (34:38): Exactly. Exactly. Very

Maharati Windle (34:40): Exciting. If we've been kind to ourselves and loving and celebrated ourselves along the way, but if we haven't, it's, we're just letting ourselves in for a let down.

Terra Bohlmann (34:49): Oh, so good. So definitely check out her website at the Wendy house, project.com the windy house project, or follow her on the gram. I love this. So final question. I always like to ask what is a piece of advice that you wish you would have known when you first started your business?

Maharati Windle (35:11): Oh gosh,

Terra Bohlmann (35:15): It's hard. Yeah.

Maharati Windle (35:21): Honestly I wish I had really taken that on board. I'm sure somebody told me it would be hard, but I really thought if I just, you know, do the challenges and watch the masterminds and, you know, take the, and do all the things. Yeah. I'll make it. Yeah. And it's funny what you said earlier. This has been the most spiritually growth goal quest I have ever taken. And I'd spent six months meditating on the side of a mountain and became a monk. This is harder. Wow. Yeah, no that I wasn't given that advice, but I wish I had taken it on board fully and created a network and a support system for myself earlier. Yeah.

Terra Bohlmann (36:07): Oh, I love that. That is so beautiful. And it's so vulnerable. So thank you for sharing that. I mean, I think a lot of women can resonate with that. You know, and me too, I mean, it's like, you know, we know we're fairly smart women, but it's like, and if we think we can just do the things, but Ooh, that fear, those, those things, they will run deep and we just need to know to be kind to ourselves, right? I mean, it's follow these steps. This is going to be, you'll get more results when you do the mindset work and do all the inner work in your business, then you will having all the things and all the training courses. And we don't need to keep educating ourselves to validate that we're, we can go serve who we're meant to serve. Right. There's we're just, I don't know.

Terra Bohlmann (36:55): We need, we need more women that are working through this stuff. And, and then sharing their, you know, what is coming up for them to give other women permission to do this kind of work? I mean, it's a journey, it's a journey, but I love what you said, enjoy it because it's so cool and it, and it goes fast. So, and you always want to remember that and learn from it and level up. And, oh, this was so good. I am so glad that we got to do this podcast episode and you know, I, I just really invite all the listeners to go. There's amazing. People like Maha Harati out there that are going to teach you the stuff and go to her website, the Wendy house, project.com, follow her on Instagram and and start making this part of your daily practice too, because it's going to make all the difference in your business. I can tell you that with 100% certainty. So until next time, thank you. And yeah, we'll see you soon. I want to have you back on the podcast too, for sure. Cause you're amazing. Okay, fantastic. Thank you.

Outro (38:02): And there you have it. Another jam packed episode of the fast-track woman podcast, don't forget to visit Terra Bohlmann.com where you can get more business tips and strategies learn how we can work together to accelerate your business success or access this podcast. Episode show notes with a full transcript and links to resources mentioned today. And if you enjoyed this podcast, I invite you to leave a review so that we can help serve more women business owners to like you until next time here's to owning your time and valuing your word.

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