Episode #6: Create and Sell Your Own Signature Offer with Terra Bohlmann

The Fast-Track Woman Podcast: Episode #6
Create and Sell Your Own Signature Offer with Terra Bohlmann

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 Meet Podcast Host + Business Strategist, Terra Bohlmann.

Terra Bohlmann in a business strategist who helps female entrepreneurs accomplish in one year what would normally take five-years. As the creator of The Business Map Method™, she has crafted over a hundred custom business models for clients who have gone on to build six and seven-figure businesses.

Through her speaking, training, coaching, and live events production, she's impacted thousands of female entrepreneurs across the United States and Canada. Terra has been featured in publications and podcasts including Forbes, The Huffington Post, and The Sigrun Show. She's also the host of The Fast-Track Entrepreneur Podcast with Terra Bohlmann.

She lives in Houston, Texas with her husband, three boys, and spoiled rescue dog and cat. Terra's forthcoming book, The Fast-Track Entrepreneur: Create Your First Class Business with Clarity and Confidence, is due out in 2021.

 About this Podcast Episode.

In this episode, Terra Bohlmann gives the secrets to create a Signature Offer that you become known for in your niche. She shares her 4 steps to create and sell your Signature Offer over and over again so you make consistent revenue (without working so hard).

Terra breaks down her program, Now Boarding Clients, as an example that you can use to create your own Signature Offer that works for you. She goes deep into how to come up with the best price for your offer. If you feel you are trying to be everything to everyone in your business with multiple offers...or just starting out and struggling to figure out what to sell, you'll love this episode.

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Intro (00:02): Welcome to The Fast-Track Entrepreneur Podcast with your host, Terra Bohlmann. You are about to get filled with business strategies, advice, and motivation to get you prepared to fast track your five year plan in less than one year. So buckle up and let's create your first class business with clarity and confidence.

Terra (00:27): Thank you for joining me for this episode of the Business Upgrade podcast. Today I'm going to share with you the power of a signature offer, but before we get into the teaching part of this podcast, I want to do something special. I want to give a couple shout outs to some reviews that I have already received because of the podcast. I'm telling you, nothing makes me happier than hearing your takeaways, your a-has, and what you think of the podcast. So the first review is from Zsazsa0414, it's a five out of five it says "Boss lady's best friend, great podcasts for entrepreneurs. After just a few podcasts, I've already picked up some good tips. Listen and subscribe." Thank you so much Zsazsa0414 and another one is from Jennyflys. "Love This podcast. Terra Bohlmann has done it again. After listening to just three episodes, I learned a ton on how to better position my business. Listen in. You won't regret it." Thank you so much, Jennyflys! And so if you want me to give you a shout out as well, please, I invite you, leave a review. I want to hear what you think of this podcast and it's just the little things I'm telling you, this stuff keeps podcast hosts motivated to keep giving you some awesome content. So thank you. Thank you. Thank you for listening. This is why I do it. Love it.

Terra (01:53): Alright, so let's get into this episode of the podcast. Like I said, we are going to talk about signature offers. We're going to dive deep in not just what a signature offer is, but how it will literally transform your business. It saves you time, it allows you to make more money.

Terra (02:10): It's a beautiful thing and I want more women entrepreneurs to have amazing signature offers that make them so proud, but also makes them consistent income. Before we get into the teaching side of things, I'm going to tell you about one of my programs and I'm going to do it because I'm also going to be referencing this program as an example throughout the teaching of this podcast. So there's to me, I wanted to give some background and plus, Hey, if this sounds like you, then I would love to work with you in this program. So I'm gonna go deep and creating your signature offer on this podcast. I want to do it so you have something to sell over and over again. I want to let you know about one of my signature offers, which is now boarding clients. So Now Boarding Clients for me, it's an eight week implementation program for women entrepreneurs who are ready for their business to take off.

Terra (03:04): So right then and there, just by me telling you Now Boarding Clients, it's an eight week implementation program. So it's not an eCourse. It is an implementation program for women entrepreneurs. That's exactly who it's for, who are ready for their business to take off. So that says, if you're in the thinking of launching a business, part of your journey, if you're in the startup phase or you're in that phase where maybe you're selling multiple things, but you want to be known for one thing, this program is perfect for you. Okay? And I tell you that because when I work with my clients to create their signature offer, we got to dive deep into who it's for. And that's really, really important. And we'll get to that in the teaching. But I just want to make that really clear that it's a two month way to work with me so that we can get results in your business.

Terra (03:58): So to me, when you're first starting in your business, or you really are in that clarity stage, all you want is a fully booked waitlist of clients, right? Like the waitlist is the golden opportunity. That means you're in demand. It means you're making money, and that journey is shorter than you think. So you can look at enrollment information for now, boarding clients at nowboardingclients.com that's also on my website under "work with me" at terrabohlmann.com but if you just want to go to nowboardingclients.com you can kind of see what I'm referencing here in this podcast. So in Now Boarding Clients, just to give you a quick overview of what it is for me as a business coach, I wanted to have a way to help do a cash infusion into women entrepreneurs business. Okay. So I use a method that I use for everything, whether it's leading one of my masterminds, whether it's teaching at one of my live events or sharing information on someone else's podcast.

Terra (05:02): I teach and then we go do. And then I review and I like that method because it gives accountability to something. So Now Boarding Clients is not an eCourse, right? Where I just teach you and you go do something and you know that kind of stuff for me. What I know because hello like I was the person who honestly like bought every course under the sun. And I wouldn't do them or I would do them, but then I would have questions or I'd be overwhelmed and it just didn't work great for me. So what I realized, and that's, I mean the statistic is astonishing for e-courses. I think it used to be only 20% of people actually did them. Now it's even lower. Okay. I'm more tied to the results that you're going to get than anything else. So anything that I sell, I strategically price around you getting the results.

Terra (05:55): I also lay out the so that I can teach you what you need to know. Nothing more, nothing less. Just teach you what you need to know. Cause we don't have tons of time. I'm never sold on 15 hours of content. I don't have 15 hours. So I'm going to teach you exactly what you need to know you're going to, then you need to go do something with it, right? So you need to take an action based on, in this case it's a project you go do and then you send it to me and we, I review it and give you feedback. Like that to me was something that felt really good and it was like I felt missing out there in in the world to help serve women entrepreneurs, so that's why I do teach, do review together and now we're adding clients. We work on four critical projects and your business, this includes who do you want to work with?

Terra (06:42): This is defining your perfect client. It's for you. The second project is how are you going to serve that perfect client? This is going to be what we create your signature offer, including the pricing. So many women entrepreneurs have great offers out there and they're not confident about their pricing. They're either selling it too high, too low, it's just pricing gets weird. So there really is an art and a science to pricing, which is why I love that. I can give feedback on everybody that I work with on this because there's a secret art and science to this and I'll, I'll share with you on the podcast some things that you can do if you don't want to do Now Boarding Clients. Totally okay with me. I'll teach you some things that you can do to make sure your pricing's on point. Then the third project we do is I teach you how to sell your signature offer over and over again.

Terra (07:29): So yes, I actually teach you how to sell and I give you a success tool that you can use and I even teach you how to have conversations. So some people call these consultations, discovery calls. I just, to me, they're conversations, right? And I help you create a formula that works for you because how you have a conversation with somebody is going to be totally different than how someone else has a conversation. So I would be crazy to think I could teach a blanket method and that you're going to just go kill it, right? In reality, we have to be very in tune with what's comfortable for you because you can learn one thing, but actually applying it, that's where all that scary stuff kicks, kicks in around mindset. What is she going to think of me? Is he going to, I think I'm too expensive, blah, blah, blah.

Terra (08:17): Like all these things come into play. So I have to know that and work with you on that as well so that you feel really confident to actually convert a right fit client into a sale. Then the last project that we work on is how to automate the conversations using a lead generation tool that's going to kickstart everything and then I had to throw in as a bonus, which I don't even put this on nowboardingclients.com but you also get a simplified marketing plan so that you can be visible because you don't want to be everyone's hidden secret, right? That's a great way to not get any sales, so you have to be visible. So I created a simplified marketing plan that you can put together that works for you, super simple and it will get you the visibility, which then in turn gets you the leads because marketing is not sales.

Terra (09:08): I should have named the podcast that marketing is not sales marketing. A lot of times we will use that to be busy so that we don't have to do the sales parts, which may feel uncomfortable for some women. So they are two separate things. Marketing generates leads for you and visibility sales. Your sales process is what converts them into paying for your products or services. Regardless, all this is about you having something great to sell that you're super confident and proud of so that your business is making money. It's an action packed implementation program that gets you results. So if you want to go deeper and learning how to create your signature offer and have me give you personal feedback, like one-on-one feedback to navigate those twists and turns along the way of when you're going about it, consider joining me nowboardingclients.com it's a great program.

Terra (10:02): I can't think of any other way to go faster and do something in two months that actually will move the needle on your profitability. So it's done with you, which is again, not an eCourse, it's done with you, but I'm not personally coaching anyone in this program. But I do give you feedback and I record a video and I have to send me your project. I recorded feedback video and I send it back to you and we go back and forth until it's right, until it feels good. Okay, so it's an affordable way that we can work together. It's my least expensive way to work with me and it's just about getting that cash infusion in your business. I want you to have the clarity and confidence to keep going and sometimes this is all it takes. So again, learn more, dissect the program if you want, learn more, enroll nowboardingclients.com so I wanted to share all this information with you because I'm going to be using it as an example so that you can create your own signature offer.

Terra (10:59): Now Boarding Clients works for me because my branding is all about travel. I love to travel, so you got to have your thing that makes you different than the marketplace as well. So Now Boarding Clients is how I named it. It's the first step that a lot of women entrepreneurs need is to have something to sell and be able to be known for that. It's a lot easier instead of trying to sell, everything to everyone and I only say that because I was that person who was trying to be everything to everyone. Jill of all trades, master of none when I first started and it wasn't until I got serious about signature offers that everything changed for me. So what is a signature offer and what does it matter? It really is about being known for one thing and solving a problem. And it matters because it's really one of these things that it's so much easier to be known for one thing than it is 500 things.

Terra (12:00): Because if you can't break down and dispel like what you sell and you can't do it simply if you can't do it and you actually know your business, everyone else around you is confused. Potential people who would love to work with you are just so confused on what do you sell? Like, okay, you just sell a plant, all these products or maybe you offer all these services and you're having to give custom proposals, you know, and you're trying to market to five different types of people. And it's so confusing. So for everything you sell, you need to have a sales process for it. So that's why I like starting with the signature offer and having one thing and selling it over and over again until you hit a goal. And that goal for me, my first one really was business maps. So I would actually create these done for you business maps, which are the how to guide to run your entire business.

Terra (12:50): Very custom. And I wanted to just do a hundred of them. So until I got it down to where I had did a hundred of them for clients, I didn't, want to focus on anything else, right. So mine was that kind of number. Yeah, of course that equated to, you know, a good amount of money, but I wasn't focused on the money. I just figured I was focused on if I could do a hundred of these, I'll get really good at them. Each one will get better and I'll really prove out that this works for women. So that was one metric. So for one signature offer you have, and just start with one thing, get it until you, maybe you want to make a hundred thousand dollars with it. Maybe you want to stick to that one offer and just focus on that for a year.

Terra (13:30): Whatever it looks like. Just have a goal in mind. I love goals and I love, you know, when you take consistent action to hit that one goal before we start getting squirrelly and going and trying to do multiple things. So that's a signature offer. It's the thing you're known for. When people say, you know, Terra Bohlmann, I want them to think, now I have two signature offers, but, and I'll explain to how Now Boarding Clients came about, but I created a mastermind program and group coaching called the Concorde, so it was like Terra Bohlmann, Concorde, right? Terra Bohlmann Now Boarding Clients. Oh, she helps people create signature programs and teaches them how to sell it. Right. You want to be known for that. There's plenty of people who have great examples. I mean, there's people who are known just to help speakers become better speakers.

Terra (14:19): I have clients who are amazing copywriters and they're really good at writing sales copy, clients that are great at helping people tell their story. Clients who have products that solve problems like no matter what it is, you just want to be known for that. And that's your signature offer. So the key is you have to understand your potential customer's problem and solve it as easy as possible. You don't have to solve the entire problem for your potential client. I go between client and customer, but you don't have to solve entire problem. Sorry about that. You could just go from get them from A to B. We don't have to get them from A to Z, just a part of the problem to get them a result. Funny enough, Now Boarding Clients came about from the Concorde. So this is what I meant when I told you that you know your clients or your people who you want to work with you, they will tell you what they want.

Terra (15:17): So I had, when I first launched my first made, okay, I had my signature offer when I first started my business. About 10 years ago was one on one coaching. Just like a lot of coaches. One on one coaching would get my client roster up to 30 people a month. Some people would roll on, some people would roll off, you know, it was a high volume, low cost model. So I did that and was able to build it. Well, great, well then, which is awesome, you know, doing that. But then you get to a point where you're having the same conversations over and over again and everyone's like, Oh, you need to leverage. You know, there was no way for me to grow. So then I had to convert that into a group program. So one on one coaching was my first signature offer. I didn't think of it like that.

Terra (15:57): It was just, I was a business coach. That's what I sold packages. So then from there I knew in order to leverage, I wanted to create something where I had a group program where I did a one year program, higher end clients that were looking to get a transformation. And what I do really well is I'm a great connector of people. So I can take really smart women, put them in a room together and magic happens. So that's when I created the Concorde mastermind group coaching program, leveraging that. I had also done all these business maps and that kind of stuff. So I wanted to embed that as the coaching foundation. So all I did was focus on the Concorde for, I think it was a year and a half. So the Concorde filled it, relaunched it, that kind of stuff, you know, worked out all the bugs the first go round and I just, that's what I became known for.

Terra (16:52): That was my signature offer. But then when I would have an event, people would come up and be like, Oh, the Concorde sounds amazing, but I just can't commit. You know, it's like, you know, whether it's, it wasn't even so much it was a year. It was, yeah, it's a big investment. I can't swing that right now. Do you have like a mini version? And I had to hear that probably four or five times. Do you have a mini version of the Concorde before? I was like, Oh, what they really want is a, a cash infusion and some clarity in order to feel comfortable and making that investment. So then Now Boarding Clients was born. So that's how, you know, just by talking and having conversations with your potential clients, you can learn about what exactly you need to deliver. What happens when you first get into business is you either sell everything.

Terra (17:38): So you're everything to everyone. Right? Oh I can do that. Yep. I'm good at that. I think when I first started, I created my website cause I have a computer science degree, which is scary. So I love, so I was like, Oh, someone's like, you need a website, created a website. People would come and be like, Terra, who does your website? And I go, Oh, I did it. Well can you do my website? Sure. And so next thing I know I had a website business and that necessarily wasn't what I wanted to create. Right? That's not how I envisioned serving women entrepreneurs. So that was what I call my practice business. So what ends up happening is you're either letting the market dictate what you're selling or you literally have nothing to sell. You don't have any idea and you're like, Hmm, I don't know a custom proposal like, and then you know, if you're not clear, then people around you definitely aren't clear on what to buy from you.

Terra (18:26): So when you get into business, you either are selling a million things, which gets really confusing because you have, for everything you sell, you need to have a process on how to not just sell it or how not just market it but sell it and deliver upon it. And so if you were selling 20 different things, that's 20 that's just complicated, right? So we need to simplify, hence the single signature offer. If you have, you know, again, you don't know what you're going to sell, then this is where, you know, working in now boarding clients, it's going to bring you some clarity because you can't see your gifts. A lot of the times they're on the tip of your nose. Like you can't see it, but everyone else can. So that's normal. I just need you to know that, that if you're feeling a little bit all over the place, that's totally normal when you're just starting out as well as if you want to transition.

Terra (19:13): Like for me, I was doing the one on one coaching, I was on a headset every day. I was on the phone all day for Monday through Friday and it got exhausting. So sometimes you're like, okay, this is great and I've built this, but I want to do something a little different now. And so then that's where you know, creating a signature offer also comes into play. And you know, for people who are coming out of the corporate world that have a great experience but want to move into a different type of market that they sell to, this is why. Yeah. Now Boarding Clients is really good too. So first you want to think in terms of, so I'm going to, I've created four steps. So are, there's four steps to create your signature offer, right? And then let me tell you your upsell, which is for people who want more than what you're giving your signature offer that can come later.

Terra (19:59): Your down sell for people who aren't quite ready. So think of my Concorde program, right when people are like, that's a little big for me. Do you have anything else? Which would be a down sell? I didn't have that back then. Right? And you know, so this all comes over time. But for now if you don't have the signature offer, start there and commit to it like for one to two years and then build out from a strategy perspective. So step one of the four steps to create and sell your signature offer. Step one is you've got to figure out who you want to sell to and make sure that they have the money to be able to afford your value. So this becomes, some people call it your define your perfect client avatar or your perfect I call your perfect customer. And it's funny because those are really perfect, but now it's putting a stake in the ground of who you'd like to work with.

Terra (20:50): And you get sometimes 50 to 80% there, which is perfect. So be really clear on who you want to work with and by, Oh, I did this exercise. If I could tell you, like out of the 10 years I've had, I've been in this in coaching, it's like I did this exercise multiple times and it never clicked. I would do it and be like, yeah, I did it. But no, in reality you got to do it. But then this needs to be so nucleus into your business. So I have Jessica, who's my perfect client for now boarding clients. I know exactly what Jessica struggles with and where she needs to go. Right? And then I have Jillian who's perfect, who's like my perfect client for the Concorde. I know what she struggles with and where she wants to go. So I've been focusing so much, for the last few years focusing on Jillian everything I market to her, my language, my, the way I show up in my branding, everything is around Jillian, you know, it is so crazy.

Terra (21:47): This past year I got somebody that is now in the Concorde program. Her name is Jillian, she's exactly who I was going after down to the name. So I want you to get so specific on who you want to work with and make them your imaginary best friend and that becomes your perfect customer for your signature offer and make sure they can afford you. It's just as easy. This is going to be some like soap box stuff here, but it's just as easy to sell to somebody who can afford you versus the one that's going to struggle. We all have hearts and we want to serve people, right? And just know that you can do that service by being, it's strategic and you're giving back. So maybe you want to, you know, gift, a demographic that normally couldn't afford to work with you, but you would love to help them get them a scholarship into your service or gift them a gift pack of your products, right?

Terra (22:43): You can still serve that market, but make your perfect client profile the person who can, who values and who has the money to be able to invest. Because here's also what I've learned. People who get stuff for free or that you're under selling your product or service, there's people don't value it and when they don't value it, they don't get the result. They don't get the transformation. So you have to price accordingly. To be honest, when I was first coaching, I was just charging minimal, right? And so, some people would get the results, but I was getting frustrated because I was like, you know, showing up and this and that and sometimes having the same conversation with the same person every month and you just get to a point where like, I don't want to take your money if you're not going to go get the work, go do the work.

Terra (23:33): So it just feels icky. So just price accordingly. As soon as I raised my prices and a little more than doubled them, I worked with less people. It was less stressful and they actually got results cause they took it seriously. I didn't believe in that philosophy. But it's really true. I see it time and time again working with private clients. So step one is to really figure out your perfect client profile. The second step is to figure out what you sell to solve the problem of your perfect client. So again, remember I talked about Jessica, you know, I know what her problem is. She struggles with clarity on what she needs to sell. She's dang good at what she does, but she's maybe not a hundred percent confident in selling. She needs to learn. You know how to have some business conversations. She needs to learn how to price her stuff and how to structure it in a way, but give her a system and she is good to go.

Terra (24:29): So that's what I know about Jessica. Her problem is, you know, she doesn't know exactly what to be selling, how to do it. And the solution I give is the package down to I review it. Here's how you do it, here's the templates, I mean down to sales scripts that people can copy and paste and use them. Just everything. If I can make it super simple, that's what I packaged up in Now Boarding Clients. So think about it in terms of that, like how can you help solve the problem as easy as possible for your perfect client? This becomes that signature offer. And remember pricing can feel tricky. So if you know you're not going to roll into the Now Boarding Clients, that's okay. Like I'm never tied to people's yes or no. I want it tied to their clarity. And when I let go of that, it's a beautiful thing.

Terra (25:19): So you know, never be tied to somebody's you know, total desire to work with you instead. If it's meant to be, it will be. I promise people will come in your life when it's the right time. And I like to work with people when they're ready. So, and I want you to think in terms of that too. You want to work with people when they're ready. So if you are struggling with your pricing, go do research, do online research, go see what the competitors do. But remember, don't compare where you are with them, right? A lot of the times people start their pricing out lower as a beta and then you can raise your prices later. That's one way to do it. It's always easier to start lower and raise your prices than it is to come out really expensive and then lower your prices.

Terra (26:00): So just start it where you're comfortable and make a commitment to yourself that every time you launch it or every three months or once a year your price goes up. Okay. Do your research. I talked to some potential perfect clients and bounce off ideas to them, you know, Hey duh-duh-duh. I was thinking about this range. Would you, is that, you know, talk to people, but they will tell you yes or no. Honestly. And don't talk to your family, talk to potential client, potential perfect clients. Maybe somebody who's done similar work in the past or you know, talk to a mentor or talk to another. You know, if you're in life coaching and you're just getting started, you know, go talk to a life coach. They'll share this stuff. Like women are really kind. It's really all about helping each other. It's not about any competition.

Terra (26:47): There's plenty, plenty to go around. Another thing you can do is send out a survey for people to take, you know, and be very specific and targeted with it. You know, if you're having this problem and you wanted the solution, would you mind taking my survey and then maybe, you know, send somebody a gift card or something or you know, do something nice if they take the survey. Again, you can always start at beta pricing and then go up over time. Whatever works for you. Okay. But just be really confident in your pricing and don't waiver on it. And don't discount yourself. No, we don't want that. So first step, figuring out who you want to sell to, your perfect client profile. Your second step is about figuring out what to solve. You know, what problem to solve for your perfect client so that you can create and price your signature offer.

Terra (27:35): The third step is once you have your offer, you got to figure out how to sell it in a way, in a way that works for you. So you need to set up a sales system that tracks leads and conversions and tracks the money. Your sales system really becomes your home base and this is something I even tell people in my Concorde who, you know, these women do fantastic in their business, but they are like, I am starting to get nervous, my projects are winding up. What do I do? And I'm like always, when in doubt, go back to your sales system. It can be as simple as that. I don't love notebooks, but I don't, you know, it could be sticky notes on your wall. I personally love, you know, there's a spreadsheet that I give to people in Now Boarding Clients that helps you track everything.

Terra (28:19): It's kind of based off another online tool called pipe drive. So you can pay as little, I think it's maybe 10 to 15 bucks a month to have a CRM, a customer relationship management system that helps you track where people are in the conversation, who you need to be talking to, sending them proposals and offers and whatnot. I personally love a tool called Dubsado. I'll spell it because it's crazy. D U B S A D O. I have other clients that use 17hats. Honeybook.Com is another great one. It doesn't matter what sales system you use, please use one because 99% of the women that I talked to, if I asked them what system are you using to track your sales, they usually say in their head or I'm not doing that. And that is a game changer. It literally took me from very little money to six figures just by having a system.

Terra (29:10): And yeah, your sales system will tell you exactly what you need to be doing in your business. So if you need to have, you need to connect with people and you need to have leads coming in that needs to, that tells you you need to be doing lead generating activities. Maybe you have 20 offers out there, but people haven't said yes or no. That's going to tell you you need to follow up with those 20 people. So sales systems are awesome and it takes the emotion out of the sales process too. Right? That's pretty cool. So you also need to, in the sales part is how to have great conversations with potential customers. You need to learn that selling is not a dirty word. It gets easier over time. Some people fall into the camp of I love to sell, some people are hate to sell and then some people are in the middle of like, I will sell but only cause I have to.

Terra (30:01): When I changed the word "I need to sell today" to "I need to serve", it was a game changer. So, and if people are turned off by your backup, I do a lot of networking. One of my best friends owns like an amazing networking group here in Texas and I'm going to have her on the show here soon. But you know, the people who come and they just come all full and passing out business cards and they're all about converting at the networking event. They don't get results and people are scared of them. Don't be that person. The business cards slinger. No, don't do that. Instead be invested in creating relationships with people and then later on selling to them if it's a fit. So sell, change the word sell to serve, and it is a game changer in sales. And then once you have that conversation, you let them know if your signature offers a good fit. Or if it's not, that's okay.

Terra (30:57): It's okay if it's not. You don't need to work with everyone. Like it's just as much energy to work with somebody who you love to work with or actually it's the total opposite. It's very draining to work with somebody who is not a good fit, right? So do that upfront in the sales conversation to determine if they're a good fit. This is why doing your perfect client profile is so important because it tells you yes or no. Right? And so, you know, sometimes when you're first starting out, you're going to take some clients and get some customers that weren't ideal, but you know, you got it start somewhere and it's making some money. You're going to learn from those people and that's okay. And that's a blessing. But then you later on learn some of those traits. You know, you quickly learn that it's not a good fit later on.

Terra (31:47): So it's okay if it's not a good fit and you can be polite with them and send them on their way and give them a great resource and not even give them an offer at all. And then the step four is really about figuring out how to automate the process of having conversations with people so it can look like you go to a networking event, you walk one out, leave with three people you're going to follow up with and just have a followup conversation. Or maybe you like to speak so you're out speaking and you give some sort of, you know, freebie offer where you'll have a consultation with people and help them solve a specific problem. Like my consultations, I really want everyone to walk away with their next best step they need to be making in their business. Sometimes it's working with me, sometimes it's not.

Terra (32:35): And that's okay, right? Don't be tied to the outcome. It kind of drives me nuts when coaches are like all about 90% conversion rate and no, I mean I'm not the type of person that's like get on the phone and go, you want to enroll, give me your credit card right now. That's not my style. It's some style. So I've had clients that do really well with that style, but that doesn't work for me and it doesn't work for my Jessica or Jillian because she wants to think about it. She wants to process it, you know, and I want to work with her when she's ready. So that's what's worked in my own business. You'll find what works in yours. So you want to automate that process as much as possible so you're not constantly having feast and famine in your business.

Terra (33:15): So I hope this serves you. I wanted to give you four steps that make all the difference in creating your signature offer. Remember, create a perfect client profile. Then after that you want to learn invest time into learning how to create a signature offer that you can sell over and over to solve that problem. And then invest time and energy and sometimes you have to invest money. It's not, it's a business investment to learn how to sell, right? I mean, nobody is ever going to sell better for your company than you later on as you're making really good money. Sure, of course you can outsource that and get some salespeople for your company, but for now, nobody's as passionate about being successful in your business as you. You make the best salesperson, no matter what you think, whatever comes to mind for sales, for you, you are your best sales person.

Terra (34:08): And then your fourth step is learning how to automate conversations. Something about what's happening in the world today is we went completely online, so all the marketing in the world used to be what I call old school marketing. Oh my gosh, let's go to lunch, shake hands, connections, referrals, that kind of stuff. Now it shifted to completely like people thinking they could sit behind their computer and just get leads all day on on Facebook, you know? Then there's like the online marketing side where I just built a website and if I build it they will come. No, it takes traffic. Each one of these marketing solutions, it requires effort. So and because of the social media side and the online side, I've leaned more into traditional kind of old school marketing, which is really about having conversations and creating relationships with people. And you know, to me that has, I've probably had that, I've had thousands of conversations with women entrepreneurs in the last 10 years just with not even expecting anything in return.

Terra (35:11): Just conversations and helping solve problems. And I've done that so much. So to me it's, it's built a lot of relationship currency and I wouldn't trade that for the world. And when everyone's trying to go online, I say lean in to having conversations with people. So if you want to have a conversation, go to terrabohlmann.com/consult fill out, answer those couple of questions I have and you'll get access to pick a date and time that works for you from my calendar and we can actually have a conversation and I can help figure out what your next best move is and your business. So I say that and I invite you to do the same. There's no replacement for conversations and as everything else is going more online, I think from a trend perspective, I love trend forecasting. I think what's going to happen is it's now going to shift back the other way because people are, they miss that connection that you can not get on social media and online.

Terra (36:11): I think those are great ways to nurture and follow up. That's why I'm so in love with the Concorde mastermind. I do because we have two group calls a month virtually. But then we also have multiple in-person retreats all over the United States. We might even go international this next year. So because that in person, there's no substitute for it. And that's why I do events. There's no substitution for in person, so no matter what you sell and even if you think talking to people over the phone or Skype or coffee or happy hour, whatever works for you, if you don't think that applies, I would definitely want to talk to you then because it does so you think in terms of sponsorships and strategic partnerships and all that kind of stuff, business is relationships and that's why I think women are awesome at it because women are natural nurturers and we want to have relationships and that's what also makes them great salespeople.

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