Episode #17: The Easy Way to Get Exactly What You Want in Your Business with Mandy Barbee

The Fast-Track Woman Podcast: Episode #17
The Easy Way to Get Exactly What You Want in Your Business
with Mandy Barbee

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 Meet Podcast Guest, Mandy Barbee.

Mandy Barbee, MA Economics, CCHT is a transformation and healing expert who has helped hundreds of clients across the globe to overcome anxiousness and thrive in business, health, and life. By combining the power of imagery with their innate capabilities, she empowers men and women to regain positive sense of control, transcend struggle, and enjoy everything more.

Mandy’s signature method is the natural result of certifications in clinical hypnotherapy, neurolinguistics, and mind-body connection intersecting with 15 years of leadership experience in three commercial industries and the US military. She's obsessed with co-creating massive, lasting & positive changes with others using practical actions and fun, natural techniques.

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Mandy Barbee, MA Economics, CCHT is a transformation and healing expert who has helped hundreds of clients across the globe to overcome anxiousness and thrive in business, health, and life. By combining the power of imagery with their innate capabilities, she empowers men and women to regain positive sense of control, transcend struggle, and enjoy everything more.

Mandy’s signature method is the natural result of certifications in clinical hypnotherapy, neurolinguistics, and mind-body connection intersecting with 15 years of leadership experience in three commercial industries and the US military. She's obsessed with co-creating massive, lasting & positive changes with others using practical actions and fun, natural techniques.

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Intro (00:02): Welcome to The Fast-Track Entrepreneur Podcast with your host, Terra Bohlmann. You are about to get filled with business strategies, advice, and motivation to get you prepared to fast track your five year plan in less than one year. So buckle up and let's create your first class business with clarity and confidence.

Terra (00:27): Okay, welcome back to The Fast-Track Entrepreneur. I'm your host, Terra Bohlmann and I am thrilled to bring you today's guest. Not only has she became a great friend of mine, but she is ridiculously awesome at what she does. So I'm going to introduce her and read her formal bio so you can hear how awesome she is as well. So Mandy Barbe has a master's in economics. She's also a certified clinical hypnotherapist. She's a transformation and healing expert who has helped hundreds of clients across the globe to overcome anxiousness and thrive in business, health and life. By combining the power of imagery with their innate capabilities, she empowers both men and women to regain positive senses of control, transcend, struggle, and enjoy everything so much more. Mandy's signature method is the natural result of certifications and clinical hypnotherapy. Neuro linguistics and mind body connection intersecting with 15 years of leadership experience in three commercial industries and the U S military. Mandy is obsessed with co-creating, massive lasting and positive changes with others using practical actions and fun natural techniques. So please join me in welcoming miss Mandy Barbee. How are you?

Mandy (01:52): So good, Tara. Thank you for having me. Wasn't that a mouthful?

Terra (01:56): I know. Well doesn't it? Sometimes it's good just to sit back and just listen to it. You know, cause it's like whenever my bio gets read I'm like, is that me? Does that mean, Oh my gosh, that's me. So that's really cool. Really cool. Well thank you again for being here and you know, it's no accident that we met. We're in a mastermind together and we just instantly hit it off. And when I asked her to come on the show, you were like, heck yeah. So I want to like dig into something. So first tell us about you. Like where do you live and what joy do you get out of it? Getting to do what you do for other people.

Mandy (02:32): I love this question. Thank you for giving me this opportunity to share with your listeners, Terra. I just want to start by saying that I really admire to speak to your listeners from, and I really admire Terra so, so much. She is a brilliant doer. She's an amazing, amazing strategist for sure, but I also think there's this wonderful quality about Terra of providing support in the most empowered way that I really respect and appreciate and have experienced myself just in being around her. So I,

Terra (03:08): Well thank you. Like I'm blushing. So yeah, thank you. That was very, very sweet. Good mission accomplished.

Mandy (03:17): The thing about Terra, I just want to say one more thing, is that her belief system is so powerful and I've mentioned this to her and also to others, so it's a pleasure and it's a blessing to be around as well. And so it's just a really cool experience to be. It'd be speaking to the people that love you, Terra.

Terra (03:36): Oh, thank you. Thank you.

Mandy (03:38): You're more than welcome. Well, I am hailing from Seattle, a rainy Seattle this morning, Washington up in the Pacific Northwest and I have really lived a lot of lives. What I'm doing right now is my true purpose and man has it been a windy road to get here but like such a ride, I help people to overcome what I like to say is the greatest challenge that they're facing. Because by the time that somebody reaches out, like I just big panning back into like a more therapeutic or like if the healing aspect of what I do, it's truly a brave choice to reach out for help.

Mandy (04:19): And when we think of anything in the healing space, the therapeutic space, sometimes there's a degree of humility that we feel like we have to reach personally just to ask for help and admitting that we don't know around like so many other things where we can go grab a strategy or learn something new or you know, hire something like some of the things in our lives that we face, they're not solved by those choices. And we know that and we come up against it over and over. And over again. And so reaching out for help from somebody like myself, it really is, I think just a brave decision. And I try to unburden that choice so we can pull back the veil of what's actually happening so that everybody feels way more comfortable and empowered in seeking support. That's one of the greatest sources of enjoyment and fulfillment that I get from my work is helping people understand that it's actually an empowered decision. Not any type of need of being broken. Right or anything like that. That brings us to, to powerfully ask for the help that we need.

Terra (05:25): I love that. Cause we were talking the other day and I remember, you know, we were chatting about, you know, I think I had asked you, you know, what's something that you do that's different than quote unquote everyone else. Right. And the one thing you had brought up, which I thought was brilliant was I think you were like tossing out, what do you think of this for a tagline or something like that. And it really was about having, not just, you know, giving people tools to cope with what they're dealing with, but rather than creating a solution to fix it, right. That they don't have to just learn to cope. And I think really important for people to know, yes. The awareness of, you know, of definitely patting themselves on the back and really celebrating themselves, that they can at least ask for help and move towards, you know, the step to work with you and, or somebody else in the therapeutic industry and then, but also that, you know, yeah, there can be tools that can help them, but the longterm solution could be really, you know, you don't have to live like that.

Terra (06:23): Right. And have to deal with that. And I thought, okay, that was brilliant. What's your tagline?

Mandy (06:27): Well, I've been playing with a new product. I've actually had like a really massive, what I would call like a download from my inner wisdom in the last few weeks. And for the first time in my fifth year of practice, I am in the midst of creating right here this morning on my floor. I am creating a resource that people can begin to create the change that I have created with clients. One on one in the office, they can start at home. And the idea for that was there's some people that use this, this phrase in the world, but the idea crossed my mind that this changes everything. And I don't know if that's what you were talking about from our conversation. My tagline is enjoy everything more. Yeah. I, my purpose is to heal with others. The root cause of whatever the problem is going to. That was it. That was, it was the root cause.

Terra (07:18): My husband's an engineer by degree and so as soon as he, we were going on a walk around our pond and I was like, I had this great conversation, a woman, maybe you'll meet her someday. But it was really about, you know, getting to the root cause for lasting change. You know, and I was like, and I loved it because she's analytical like me and that just, I want to know the root cause and of where this comes from so that I can, you know, not have to feel things like anxiousness. And of course, you know, I'm all about going faster and you know, sometimes I know we need to slow down in order to do that. But I think a lot of women entrepreneurs really suffer from that anxiousness and that stress, you know, waking up and literally already filling behind and you can't squeeze any more in your day and you can have all the time management techniques in the world. But at the end of the day, when you go to layer your head down at night, you know, you shouldn't feel like, Oh, I should have done more. Or, you know, you should be able to just lay your head down at night and go to sleep and no tomorrows, you know, a new day where you get, you know, and you don't have to feel anxious. Like that's kind of my ultimate goal for all women entrepreneurs.

Mandy (08:24): I really love that we're even talking about this root cause aspect of like what I work cause I've, I come continually refining and trying to draw closer into my own trueness and so that I can express that even more clearly to others. Therefore being of great service and the root cause resolution is not like an aspect of what I do. It is the purpose and it is the entire focus and it is what's available when we connect to the inner knowing of the client. So like of any human of any person of, of me of you. And we connect into our own inner knowing and when we're talking about root cause of a problem, it kind of begs that question.

Mandy (09:07): So there's a reason I think it's like it prompts, it's almost like a foregone conclusion that there is a reason and this has in it, this truth has in it all the seeds of healing. Because if we know that there's a reason, then I think the next step is to provide respect for that reason and a state of compassion for that reason and a curiosity about the reason where immediately we've begun to shift from a powerless state into a more empowered and also self respectful state, which is like I said, it kind of like it fulfills itself. It's like, well, this is the seed of feeling better is not beating ourselves up or making ourselves wrong for having a problem.

Terra (09:56): Yeah, no, I totally agree. And I can see how, you know, for me, when I first started doing the personal work, right, where I would have never, and I say this all the time, but if you ever want to know all your insecurities, you have as a woman, go open a business because they're all gonna come to them rising to the top. In the corporate world when I was there, it's like I knew my value, I knew like, you know, if I needed a raise or you know, I've, I felt confident in my work abilities. And you kind of like, that's your identity and then you decide to follow the pursuit of your purpose, right? And you go out there into the lone ranger world of entrepreneurship and it's almost like I forgot everything, you know, and everything that had made me successful in the corporate world.

Terra (10:38): And then all these insecurity start coming up. Now I have to sell something and I want, if people like, think I'm salesy or you know, and all these things come up and it's like, but you, you know, push through them and you know, find a way that works for you and then the next thing's going to come up. And then, then your money mindset issues from your childhood. You know, and you really have to work through these. And it wasn't until I started doing that personal work and the kind of work that you work with clients on that you know, that's when I saw a massive shift in my business and not just from revenue, but just in my ability to be more vulnerable to serve, which is what we all want to do.

Mandy (11:15): I've got to ask, would you please share a little bit more about that? Curious.

Terra (11:21): Yeah, maybe even the first shift. The first shift was, you know, just what I was really comfortable with and here we're going to have a live where she's going to work on me.

Mandy (11:36): You have a story here.

Terra (11:40): Yes. And then you can analyze and tell me what really happened. So like what I was struggling with is I was a really good behind the scenes person. I had always, I never wanted to be the CEO, I always wanted to be the vice president. Well when I first got, I wasn't going to go to college and I went to junior college and I was going to be, I wanted to get a secretarial degree and I was going to be the secretary of the CEO of the biggest company in my hometown. And so I never quite wanted to be out there like from the visibility standpoint, what I was good at helping navigate and do all the things in the background and and whatnot.

Terra (12:15): But I kept getting called to step up into like a more leadership role and it was so scary. And then I'll never forget that I had to go speak in front of like a thousand people and I had to give my quote unquote elevator pitch because I had paid for the sponsorship to do it and I got up there and I had two days. The first day I did it and I completely flopped and I blah, blah, blah, blah, blah. Right. I was so mad at myself. I'd wasted money. I looked like for me, I felt, you know, like I just flopped it. And then, then I went and worked with somebody who helped kind of shift that perspective for me through doing some muscle testing and some other things. And she almost programmed in my brain or I don't even know cause I didn't believe in the woo-woo stuff.

Terra (12:54): Like I was like, whatever, like sure I'll give you five minutes and you can show me how this magic is going to work. Right. And then the next day when I did it, I nailed it. And it was such a good response and I had people coming up to me afterwards and it was just based on kind of shifting thing. I don't even know how it worked. I just know it worked and I felt really good. And then that made me go, huh, maybe there's something to this like. And then I would do the next thing and then the next thing and then I'd had to work on my own money mindset around, you know, the typical things. Money doesn't grow on trees. Terra, I'm not the first national bank. And I laugh every time I drive by a first national bank. I'm like, there is a first national bank and you know all the things, you know rich people are greedy, that kind of stuff. And my experience now as an entrepreneur is I get to be around people who make a lot of money and I realized now the more money that people make, they're so generous. They're the ones funding all this amazing outreach and stuff that's happening all over the world. Right. And it's like my perspective has totally shifted because it's a more open, I have an open mind about things versus where I was and Oh my gosh, like just keep me in the background cause I'm too scared to step out.

Mandy (14:11): That's such a well one. I just feel like that's totally relatable. This aspect of you is part of what I was commenting on. I think it just is. So anybody who or who gets to experience you near or far probably gets to experience this supportive quality of you and the part that wanted you to shrink yourself into like the support only role is the same part that makes you the most powerful leader. And I don't, I'm not analyzing you in this place. I love it. I just, I'm reflecting so much admiration because I do think this is, it's relatable because probably anybody could see, I can relate my own story. I'd love to like piggyback on this and show like a bit of a pattern. How do you see what I'm saying though about like the supportive and later, but how it was holding you back was because that view was more closed on.

Mandy (15:05): It was like a more closed if you versus your belief system becoming more open. And I think another really cool aspect of the story you just shared is that didn't happen overnight, but by willingness and choice and action. So first there's the, there's the volition, there's the choice of I want to move more in this direction. Then there's the action that confirms it to the self a lot of time. Yeah, I think so. I've been noticing this for a long time with people as we can will it. But until the action matches even a very, very small action, it can be like a match to tinderbox. When we have all the will, all the will, all the will, we can feel like we're just pent up potential energy moving in one direction. And so those are moments where I think anyone who's listening to this conversation could recognize sometimes when we're just the point where we'd like to give up, all we need is that spark of opportunity. It could be any small action that will confirm to ourselves the belief is worth having. And then we explode into that potential and we don't become potentially more. We are expressing the reality of that belief realized. And it's takes the action to prove it to ourselves. And that's where sometimes people feel like they have to, they're like, why? Just have to believe differently. And we're not convinced. It's not easy for anybody like that. They think that they're supposed to be like brain training.

Terra (16:38): Yeah. Like and in black to cha-ching, you know, like the little light and it's, Oh I'm good now I'm fixed.

Mandy (16:45): Yeah. It doesn't work like that. And that's the beauty of it because we work in consent. Yeah. We don't want to do something to someone. We are helping. I am in the business of helping people experience what the hope is suggesting as possible. And, it's a cool play of choice and action that reforms it.

Terra (17:08): So, and it's, there is such joy in the journey. It may not feel like it at the time, but I, I'm a big believer of there's no accident and everything that happens, it doesn't happen to you. It happens for you. And the reason, the whole fast track entrepreneur thing came about even for me was I wanted to go faster. I wanted it to be just the same way in the corporate world. How some people get plucked to go on a track that they bypass a bunch of stuff so that they can get, you know, the promotion, climb the ladder and do everything so much faster. Right. And, and make that impact. Cause I love leadership. So that was, you know, that happened to me at, you know, two companies I worked with and

Terra (17:50): You know, and I continued to always see it happening. Like, you know, people help you and fast track you and give you that opportunity. But that being said, I, you know, I've been in business about 10 years now and over time I've seen people who come into the space and whether it's, you know, business coaching, that type of thing and it feels like, and sometimes they've been doing the grind and you know, doing stuff in the background for years and we don't see it. They're overnight successes. But a lot of the times, you know, they have done so much clarity work, you know, the inner work to where they decide. And then within six months they're out speaking on big stages, making tons of impact, making tons of money. And I just, it's like no matter what, I kept seeing that in my world and I was like, man, why can't I do that?

Terra (18:36): Like, what am I missing here? And now I know I had to go on that 10 year journey, which really as frustrating as it was, I was in the ditches with the mud. Like I understand the frustrations that other women entrepreneurs have about not being able to go faster or feeling stuck and then have navigate and figure out and I knew I had to go through that so that I could help them, you know, on their journey as well and had I not experienced that would have never known. That happened to me for a reason and that there was so much joy in the transformation. Now that I can look back on it, I didn't like it at the time. Is that what you say with the work you do as well?

Mandy (19:16): Oh my gosh, yes. A couple of things that just really, really peaked my interest about what you were saying when you were experiencing all these other people around you in your life and there was those, you said there was almost like this.

Mandy (19:31): You just kept seeing this over and over and over again. I, it's like a circle. I feel like of awareness sometimes we experienced because we think wouldn't that be nice? And then we get to see it, which creates more desire and then we see it again and then it's this feedback loop of well why can't I have that? And then we get to sit with that, that we don't have it and then that amplifies the desire. And so at some point you're then able to step up. The thing that comes to mind is in rock climbing. One of my most first and favorite professional rock climbers, Jonathan Siegrist, I follow him on Twitter, still follow him to this day. He followed me back when my account was just starting to, so I was just like, I'm seeing yes, right. I've done that too.

Mandy (20:18): It's like, yeah, like total fan girl, you know. And I was I was a new traditional rock climbing leader, so I was setting routes and taking falls on gear and climbing Yosemite and all over the U S and he wrote a tweet once that said, nine times out of 10, the beta is always get your feet up. So just one more inch can give you the visibility of the next handhold. So when we're just there, we're just sitting there and we're just sitting there. If we're focused on how do we just get all the way to the top, we don't see what's around that hump of rock that's a clean hole because it's obscured. We have to just, if you can inch your foot up one step, then all of a sudden you're standing powerfully on that leg and then knee constraint now and now you've gained another four inches of visibility.

Mandy (21:08): That was like a powerful piece of transferable, translatable wisdom between rock climbing and the real world for me. And will you keep seeing these, these examples of what you want for yourself until it calls you into the visitor, how to create it for yourself. And so we have to just keep moving forward because in forward motion, which I think you just described, I've experienced it personally myself and I know my clients could tell you, but that's from their experience that they could tell you my best experiences that I could share with you. How I've seen that are like, certainly from my own view, time and time again.

Terra (21:48): Yeah. And sometimes it is, it's those little baby steps that make all the difference. And so that's what I found out and you know psychoanalyzing myself was my whole life was about baby step, baby step, baby step. Oh turned into a big thing. Oh, let me rest an anchor at that and relax and enjoy it for a minute. Then I'm going to do the next, which is baby step, baby step, baby step. I made it to a big thing and you know, you had mentioned the rock climber and the one thing that came to mind for me, which was huge, was the best speaker. One of the best. I mean there's, I love Mel Robbins and the way she, when she gives a transformational speech, Lisa Nichols, amazing. And another one is Rachel Hollis. If you ever get the chance to see her speak live, she will move you.

Terra (22:35): And one thing she said, that was my aha. That set my entire trajectory for this year to be completely different and be open to being more comfortable, being more vulnerable. I'm an authentic, but I'm usually just more authentic with people who are close to me. But just putting myself out there more. It was something she said at a talk. I saw her doing California and it was, you know, all this time, no matter what you believe, whether universe, God, what have you, it's, you know, you say and declare, I'm gonna go to the top of the mountain. Right? In your case like you, it's so perfect for rock climbing. I'm going to go to the top of that. I'm gonna go to the summit, I'm gonna go the top of the mountain. And in mine it was, I want to go to the top. I want to do all of this great stuff in my business, right?

Terra (23:19): And I want to go to the top of the mountain. And then it's like, okay God, you know, Oh, you want to go top the mountain? Okay, that's great. You can go the top of the mountain. All right, so then you start your journey. And you're just still at the base and all these locks you feel are blocks that are happening to you. Like, Oh, I'm being tested. Oh, now I gotta do this. Oh great. Now this legal thing happened. Oh, wonderful. This client quit on me. All these things that make you feel like you want to quote unquote quit. It's like, then you don't even get to the bottom of the mountain and you're just ready to quit. And it's kind of like, it would be God saying, Hey, you said you want to go to the top of the mountain. You're in now you're ready to quit on me.

Terra (23:59): And it's like, and you know, it's like, here I have been preparing you and I've been building your muscle so you can climb that mountain and you're ready to quit. And so everything to me up at that point has been, this is all about building my muscles so that you can manage, you know, the, the rock climb to get up there, right? And you're getting all these tools. And I was like, this didn't, I always said that I'm being tested, I'm being tested. How bad do you want this? How bad do you want it? And it wasn't that at all. It was the blessing that all this was happening. Because when you get up there and you get what you want, Oh my gosh, everything gets amplified. Right.

Mandy (24:38): And I'm just reflecting back. I feel like something you just said is when you look back behind you, you realize the blocks were stairs and it wasn't a test. It was like you just said, it wasn't a test at all. It was like steps that you needed to get there.

Terra (24:54): I love it. Oh my God. Gosh, that's so good.

Mandy (24:56): It's just perspective. Thank you. I, yeah, it is so good. I love that story. That was inspired by Rachel Hollis.

Terra (25:04): Yeah, for sure. So switching gears here, you know, let's talk about, so knowing that, you know, the, the women that listen to the podcast and the women that I tend to work with, they're high achievers, right? It's like, it's high achieving. To me it's a blessing. It's a curse. It's everything. You know? What is it about the women who are high achievers that want to go to the top of the mountain and just, you know, having a mid six figure business, you know, and being able to have a, you know, live the life that you want and be able to balance it and do all that kind of stuff. It works great for some people, but some people like great, Oh my gosh, I hit six figures now. What's next? Half a million. Okay then a million, then 3 million. Then you know, it's like we always have this need to quote unquote level up. Right. Which makes some people, and this was me, you know, it's still me sometimes, but you know, I've gotten some tools which has been good, but like what is something they can do to like slow down on the anxiousness and trust a little bit more around that goal and not feeling like they're always behind.

Mandy (26:12): I say this back and then make sure I'm understanding. It seems to me like the person that we're talking about, their feeling of pressure, like they want to level up, but it feels like pressure. And also maybe it doesn't feel completely doable, but there's a very strong longing for that to happen regardless. And the way, the way there may not be clear. And so that can be frustrating. And part of the problem that's happening is they're also experiencing some anxiousness, is that right?

Terra (26:43): Yeah, totally.

Mandy (26:43): It's so relatable. Right? I mean, who hasn't been there before? I mean maybe it's just because you and I are very similar in certain ways, but I can relay a little bit of my story and then also some practical, like my best advice. Would that be helpful? Absolutely. And the way you refer it was way more eloquent than me. So yes, that's exactly what I want to know. I get to interpret, I do this all day, so the hypothetical's, there's so much easier to answer what we're talking about, that real person. And so getting clear on this, so if you're resonating with us out there, like I know that I have resonated with this example set in the past. You're in great company actually. Like I was talking about some of the clarity work that I've been doing lately as well. It's a constant process.

Mandy (27:31): I have been doing the purpose, mission, vision, core values, work with myself and my business on the same Google document for going on five years and as of last night. It is dramatically different in a very positive way. This is just like happens to be what's going on in my life right now. But in that document, the words that have come forth over and over and over again from my own story are the only way I knew was to push. And what is that experience feel like? Right? Like I know the depths of that experience of trying to reach the state and the place of that end outcome that you know is possible. Cause there's an inner strong belief that you are capable. But the anxiousness I can sometimes come from or even frustration or even to the realm of despair around why is the gap.

Mandy (28:28): It can seem that no matter what I do, this gap remains. And how we relate to that gap creates the experience that we have in our own growth process. Hmm. Okay. Interesting. If that makes sense. Yeah. Great. So if we see ourselves, so we have to recognize that there is nothing inherently real about being late to something when we were making our own business wishing to express something creative, right? Like where's the pressure coming from? Pressure and frustration are the result of expectations not being met. This is simply the truth of that emotional experience of frustration is meant to show us or bring about an action to align either understanding to reality or reality into a new state of action, but when the problem is not known, when there's, when the reason for the gap isn't known, that's a disconnect that can cause anybody who's really smart and capable, a lot of anguish.

Mandy (29:44): Makes sense. Totally. Part of what I do is to help people bring what's unconscious into consciousness because that in and of itself creates relief of that experience, but what I'd tell you first is you have greater options and you have more power and control in this very moment without putting your comfort or your relief behind understanding of the costs because you can do that with me. You can do that with yourself in ways you can. That may take you 10 years to understand the reasons why, why we put our experience of peace and tranquility with what just is today behind our understanding of it. It's like, well, I'll feel happy when I understand why you did X, Y, or Z. You know what I mean? We've done it with our partners. Oh yeah, I'll be happy when I hit the seven figure Mark. Yeah. And this like we build up these goals, right.

Mandy (30:43): And, and a lot of the times we're a little disappointed when that happens and we didn't get the reward. Totally. And my point is not to say, Oh well don't attach your happiness to out there. The goal still remains. You may still, but recognizing that attaching your value into an external experience or behavior or reward or result or your identity to a behavior is like absolutely going to create unhappiness every single time. Yep. And people just get in that pattern and like you said, you have to get work with them to get to the subconscious level. I'd love to speak for the, if on this for a moment, right? As well, because these patterns start from the earliest moments of what we would call human life. These can even be prenatal. These can be, I mean, these are pre-verbal. The decisions that we're making about what's true and what it means, the experiences that we have, what we decide about it, and what it means for us.

Mandy (31:50): These are being formed for pre-verbal days, right? And we're not in a great position to make decisions at that age, but we have, and once they're in subconscious, they're running our experience automatically because that's reality for us. And so I just want to create the suggestion right now and just put the suggestion out there that changing subconscious information can happen in so many ways. Somebody like myself, like a big part of what I do is to help people do that rapidly by using certain techniques, et cetera. But I don't even love to, that's not my greatest playground. The most playground that I have is helping people step into that position of true power and control by recognizing that that there's nothing inherently different about having that amount of, or they've assigned the value and they've set the pace of that goal. So reclaiming that power is so critical to having happiness and relieving some of the anxious experience.

Terra (32:50): Oh, so good. Just hearing that like I go, tell me what feels good about that. Well, it just knowing that it is us creating these quote unquote goals and having that permission to like recalibrate, right? Like what is it about, and I see this with my clients every year, January comes and we went from 2019 to 2020 all the marketing is about set up your year plan this, that new year. And like so much anxiousness happens in January with my own private clients and my people in my mastermind and it's like, it's January, I got to have all this figured out for the whole year or else I'm not going to make it. I'm going to fail. Right? And it's like, I'm always like, ladies, like this is a, there's really the only difference between December 31st, 2019 and January 1st, 2020 is a day, right? There's like this whole, you're seeing all the marketing around it.

Terra (33:53): You're seeing all, you're feeling it. There's something about turning over to a new year that you think, I've got to make it and I've gotta be so much better and I need to just get this all figured out right now. And it's not like for me, I was, you know, I feel it too, that I like to plan my year. Right? But who's to say we can't start planning the new year in October of the year, right? Or of the previous year, or take the whole month of January to get, you know, your month, your year figured out and whatnot. There's just so much that comes up from that. And yeah. So I just, I feel like giving yourself, getting permission from someone who, you know, even like you, that's like recalibrate. And like,

Mandy (34:34): Oh my gosh, this has been coming up for me so much personally. And I think it's because I've experienced it as well, so it's with so much respect and dignity that I share it and humility. The thing is if we put the goal that we're trying to achieve, I know that the sounds, I think it can sound very, very like obvious on the surface, but letting it sink in. Like I'll use myself as an example.

Mandy (35:00): If I had a certain goal around visibility, et cetera, and it was causing me stress or pressure in a way, I'm making the goal, I'm trying to achieve more important than my own personal peace and comfort. Insanity. That's like limitless. Literally insane. When we make our business more important than ourselves and our own personal needs, my God, the wheels are off the train. You know what I mean? What are we doing? Who matters here? It's the consciousness running the show. It's the intention behind it without, you know, I think it's just like another example of a misalignment between what we show and what we are. And it's always important to bring those back into focus.

Terra (35:48): Yeah. In the proper perspective. Yeah. Cause you get so down that rabbit hole that, yeah, and I would use the analogy all the time. You can't see the forest through the trees, right? Especially when it comes to business strategy. Like you're so in it that you're like, I'm like running a company that I don't even do I even want to do this. Like it's just kind of gotten legs on its own and this and now I've hired people and they're, you know, and it's like you've created a a beast and you're like, how do I uncouple that? And that tends to be who I work with a lot of the times are people who are like, I don't even know what happened. Like I was just really good at photography and now like, you know, I'm like running a company with multiple shooters and editors under me and I've lost what I really enjoyed about the simplicity of it in the first place. Right? You, you're really good at the one thing and how do I become a CEO and do I even want to do that? So it's like, well, you have a choice. You can hire a CEO. And do what you want to do, right.

Mandy (36:42): I came here in my mind right this minute, like a question of a listener perhaps, which could be, well, how am I supposed to do that man? How am I supposed to do that, Terra? Like how do I action this? How do I put this into motion for myself? Okay, I just, what shouldn't want it? Don't be anxious like that's not, that's definitely not the takeaway cause that's really minimizing the experience that you're having. But first of all, going back to that root cause conversation that we have.

Mandy (37:08): One takeaway is remembering that the pain, anything happening automatically such as this painful experience is trying to bring you something positive. It's bringing attention to the subject and there is a purpose in it. It doesn't mean it has to hang around forever. It doesn't mean any of those things. What it means is there's a reason for it for good. If we could step into curiosity and let that reason have space, even just within our own selves creating that space. We may discover the reason why, but treating it with dignity and respect first because it's a part of ourselves, advocating for ourselves is step one to feeling better and instead of like what don't to do, I really want to put focus on what we can do that's positive.

Mandy (38:01): Cause I know your listeners are massive action takers and in go mode already we want to go faster and pushing is the only technique that some of us had known. So trying harder. If we, if we can't do it as they will force it, we're going to make it happen. Do you remember in the, in the Disney movie, Cinderella, Drizella and the slippers and the glass slippers and the stepsisters trying to put the slipper on out? No, maybe I'm dating now but becomes totally bent like this and she goes, I'll make fit the glass slipper just like explodes.

Terra (38:40): Yes. How often are we doing that? Yeah, exactly right.

Mandy (38:44): I'll make it fit. And I mean I can relate, but what if there was another way? So we've tried that one on for size. It's creating a lot of struggle and pain. Probably anxiety as well. Maybe it's not even working. Do we keep trying the same tool or what other tools? Like what other ideas for resolving an issue can we reach for what if the answer were loosening the grip a little bit. I have this picture all the time. You know somebody with like who rides horses. I'm an athlete as well, so it's like I'm thinking of like horse riders, anybody in flow, rock climbers. They're not like this. No, that's not what they're doing.

Mandy (39:28): Loosening that grip so that you can respond in flexibility to what is, I think that's the best tip I could give. Oh, try it. And that's hard, right?

Terra (39:41): Yeah, no, it's beautiful. Yep. And it's coming to mind. You know, I wish I was an athlete. I have a goal and I'll put it out there. I want to at least run a five K this year is on my vision board. So what I think of is, you know, like sometimes running a business feels like you're constantly swimming upstream, right? Like I think of the salmon who, you know, we have that picture of them, like they're just going upstream and it's exhausting and some of them don't make it and then whatever. But then it's like, so if you're swimming, feel like you're swimming upstream with your business and things are hard and it's exhausting when you just sometimes let go and just let, let that river just take you and you can breathe and relax and you're going to see the next move that you should be making.

Terra (40:27): You know? I mean, that's when you were doing your analogy. I was like, yeah, I could totally see that. And then I'm like, it's kind of like the river too. It's just, you don't have to fight upstream. Let it go, let go. And then guess what? That's when the beauty happens. That's when my business shifted. It was like when I let go of the grip, because I, I love how you said, you know, you're just like muscling your way through things. Because that's been my whole life. Right. And when you finally, you know, learn that you can let go and there's so much peace and joy that comes with that and so many things get revealed to you and yeah, and it's just a beautiful thing and that's what makes the journey like amazing. They made me go from super intense working in my office 12 hours a day nonstop saying, well at least I work from home. So when my kids are off the bus, I'm home. But doesn't mean like, you know, you know, you can't come to my office and like talk to me. Exactly. So it made me shift too. Yeah. Yeah. And now I'm like, okay.

Mandy (41:31): And just because we're there doesn't make us present. Coming into presence with ourselves means accepting where we are without blaming ourselves for not having achieved the goal yet. Then all of a sudden we're in cooperation with ourselves and we are helping ourselves. This makes all things possible.

Terra (41:48): Anything. Yeah. And I'm Testament to that and I still have plenty of work to do. I'm, don't get me wrong, but now I know at three 50 every day when that bus I hear it usually will stop what I'm doing. I know they're gonna run to my office. I try not to schedule calls and sometimes they'll come in if they see my headset on, they'll kind of, sorry, you know, but just to be able to do that transition, cause I know for me like I've never tried to be super mom that's, I was not bred to do that, but it's, I know that the, their experience in the morning and when they come home from school and before they go to bed are like so important for them. And I have 10 year old twins, so it's my 17 year old does, comes in and grunts and goes upstairs.

Terra (42:30): But but yeah, and so it's like, and just those little joys of me feeling the guilt for so many years that my business was my fourth child that I always paid more attention to is like, no, it's not. It's my work. It's my business and I can flip the switch and be on and present. And it's not about the quantity of time that I'm doing, but it's more the quality and you know, so learning that and some of those type of techniques and just kind of letting go and going with the flow and, and not muscling through. Like you said, it was like, Oh, it was a game changer. And I want that for every woman entrepreneur out there. Gosh, well thank you so much for sharing all this amazing, it's like Mandy Barbee, you are a gift to the world and thank you. Let people know how can they get in touch with you. I know you created something very special for our listeners and can you tell, tell everyone a little bit about that?

Mandy (43:22): Yeah. On my, I created an opt-in, like it's a, it's a little freebie thing. So especially for your folks, because as soon as people ask me like what can I do at home? For one, I've created a set of like a process for entrepreneurs that is like, I've heard so much good feedback from this. I've literally received feedback from female entrepreneurs who are already thriving, but this took it to the next level if done simply, it can make a difference even noticeable within days. So I practice it myself as well. I've tried to make it ultra easy for you to find, find it, connect my business is palladium mind, so it's palladium. Palladium is an element on the periodic table. It's part of the platinum group. It's lustrous precious catalytic and very lightweight. I love it. Palladium mind, P A L L A D I U M, mind.com/fasttrack and you're going to find it there. There's that and I love to play on Instagram and so if anybody finds me there, I'll follow you right back. Tag Terra Bohlmann in a comment on any post that you like and I'll know that you came from here so that way I can connect even more deeply.

Terra (44:38): And on Instagram, are you, is it a palladium mind as well or are you Mandy Barbee? It's at, it's @mypalladiummind.

Terra (44:44): My palladium mine. So yeah. Awesome. I love that. So, yeah. So go check her out on Instagram and go download the freebie. I mean I love that you created something custom just for us. It just warms my heart. And we'll also have links to all of this on the show notes on terrabohlmann.com and the podcast section. And this is amazing. Thank you again for sharing all your wisdom and all the joy and all the greatness that you're doing for not just entrepreneurs, like that's kind of my heart and whatnot, but just for everyone that you're working with and I've continued to hear amazing things about you.

Mandy (45:21): This conversation has been really important to me. It's been something I've been looking forward to all week and you inspire me, Terra. Thank you.

Terra (45:31): One last fun thing I like to do is my planners, I was like, what is she going to ask me? But the one thing I like to always ask everyone, cause I always have like what I think and then I like to know what they think. But you know, if I, I'm a huge like how I decompress as I watch hallmark movies. And lifetime movies on the weekend. And you know, so if somebody were creating a biopic a story about your life and they were going to film it into a, put it on hallmark or the lifetime, you know, network, what actress would play you, what actress would play Mandy?

Mandy (46:05): Oh my gosh. Well now you're quizzing me on pop culture too.

Terra (46:12): It can be classic.

Mandy (46:14): I love who do I love the most? Someone gentle. I love to laugh, but probably a bit of a dork. Honestly, I think without, I, for some reason in my head, my, my mind's drawing a blank, but you know, Julia Roberts is from Georgia as well.

Terra (46:33): Oh, I could totally see that. Absolutely. Minus like brunette instead of red hair. But that, yeah, absolutely.

Mandy (46:43): I never really compared myself to Julia Roberts, but if you're talking about hallmark movies I would never do a Hallmark movie,

Terra (46:49): But you'd be on the silver, the big screen with Julia Roberts. But no, I can totally see that.

Mandy (46:56): She probably won't appreciate this reference.

Terra (46:57): Okay. We'll change it that you're in a top, a film featured film that wins an Academy award, please you. Yeah. So Julia Roberts, I could totally see her like doing the whole rock climbing thing. So that would be excellent. So thank you again. I appreciate you and yeah, I look forward to our continued friendship and, and thanks for sharing everything that you did with the today.

Mandy (47:21): Same here so much. Thanks Terra.

Terra (47:24): Bye. Take care.

Outro (47:27): There you have it another episode. Packed full of strategies and motivation that you can use every day to put your business on the fast track. For a podcast recap and more resources, visit TerraBohlmann.com. Don't forget, subscribe to the podcast and get what you need to help fast track your five-year business.

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