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by Terra  - November 29, 2013

In today’s Internet world there are so many tasks that are outsourceable it’s incredible.

Let’s look at it from a marketing standpoint.

You are busy running your business, so how can you market your business at the same time? There are many ways in which hiring a virtual assistant can actually help with your marketing.

Grab a knife and fork and let’s dig in.

Virtual assistants can help you with marketing by:

1. Setting up appointments for you. This could include calling and confirming or just following up with potential clients. (Looks professional too).

2. Lead generation is a great way a virtual assistant can market for your company.

3. Sales and marketing research. This is something you do not have a lot of time for right now anyway! Keep up on it by hiring a VA to do these tasks.

4. Putting together radio or billboard ads for your business.

5. Let the VA do the Internet marketing for your business as well.

Virtual assistants can help with social media marketing by:

6. A VA can monitor your social media and answer any sales questions.

7. Hire a VA to interact on your social media. Remember that interaction is key to success in social media.

8. Writing and posting content to your social media accounts. (Admit it, you forget about doing this on a daily basis).

9. Posting content relevant to your business on all social media accounts.

10. Scheduling posts and ensuring there are no spelling errors or mistakes across the social media board.

Hiring a virtual assistant can help your marketing endeavors through research:

11. Have your newly hired VA help find keywords for your blog posts and website.

12. A virtual assistant can be hired to sign up for Google alerts.

13. Why not have a virtual assistant research future or potential customers?

14. Virtual assistants can also research content for you.

15. The right virtual assistant can also research media opportunities and partnership opps.

Hire a virtual assistant to do your writing for you:

16. Blog posting is a great skill to hire a virtual assistant for.

17. Need sales copy written? Why not hire a VA to complete it?

18. Have transcription you need to be done? Many VAs have the skills to complete this sort of task for a reasonable price.

19. Authors can hire VAs to complete manuals and even book proposals.

20. Web copy takes special skills to complete; this is also one area in which you can hire a virtual assistant to make your website stand out.

Administrative skills are in hot demand; why not hire a virtual assistant for your admin needs?

21. Get your emails sent out faster and more efficiently with a VA.

22. Organize your travel plans, or better yet have a virtual assistant complete it for you.

23. Personal tasks are one of the easiest things to outsource to a virtual assistant.

24. A VA can organize your personal and professional calendar and keep you on track.

25. Have someone help put your presentations together with ease. Those power points are no longer a hassle when you hire a virtual assistant.

Bottom Line

All of those small/large tasks you no longer have time for are perfect for a VA. Imagine a secretary that can do ten times more things for you and your business.

Have a look at this list and imagine the possibilities.

Hiring a virtual assistant cannot only help with your marketing it can turn your business into something great.

What are some things that you would love to get off your “to-do” list to help free up your time?

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