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by Terra  - September 1, 2015

39 Lead Magnet Ideas that Convert into Profit by Terra Bohlmann

“What is a Lead Magnet, Terra?”

That’s one of the top questions I get from my private clients when I start talking all online marketing-y.

If you know what a lead magnet is…great. You are ahead of the curve. Skip the next sentence to get to the 50 ideas that you can use to create a lead magnet that converts into more profit.

A Lead Magnet is valuable, free content that you give your “perfect customer” in exchange for their name and email address.

Why do you do this? Because you want to WOW them and then continue to woo them with your amazing-ness.

It’s not a technical description but you get the point. Regardless, it’s pretty cool, right?

You give away free content that is a huge value to someone that may become your next customer. And for those who just take your freebie, it will serve them so that they can make more money and come back to you later. Not a bad way to serve the world!

Here’s 39 simple ideas to create Lead Magnet content that converts – including example names to make it all even easier (insert your own topics into X, Y):

1. MP3 audio recording (Free Audio Training: How to do X)

2. MP3 audio recording 3 part series (3 Part Audio Training: How to do X, Y, Z)

3. Video recording (Free Video Training: Why to do X)

4. Video recording 3 part series (3 Part Video Training: Why to do X, Y, Z)

5. Blog Post (5 Ways to do X)

6. Blog Post 5 part series (One Way to do X times 5)

7. eBook (The Magic of X: a Step-by-Step Guide to Get You Results)

8. Checklist (10 Point Checklist to Successfully do X)

9. Facebook Community (The X Community)

10. Assessment (Find Out How You Rank in X)

11. Coupon/Discount (Save 25% this month only)

12. Mind Map (The No-Fail Process to do X)

13. Infographic (How to Know Which X is Right for You)

14. Cheat Sheet (Cheat Sheet to do X So That You Don’t Miss Anything)

15. Free Shipping (Free Shipping Today Only)

16. Swipe File (The X Swipe File for Massive Success)

17. Ultimate Guide (The Ultimate Guide to X So That You Get Y)

18. Product Sample (Free Mini-Size Product Sample)

19. Case Study (5 Top Producing X & How They Did It: A Case Study)

20. Secret Resource Guide (101 Resources to Get You the X Result You Want)

21. Free Trial (14 Day, No Risk, Free Trial)

22. Contest/Giveaway (Enter to Win X by Doing Y)

23. Quiz (What is your X Style – Take the Quiz)

24. Playbook (The X Playbook to Getting Y Done)

25. Free Consultation (30 Minute Complimentary Discovery Session)

26. Webinar/Webinar Recording (How to Turn X into Y within 2 Weeks)

27. Podcast (The X Podcast)

28. Demonstration (Schedule Your Free X Demo Now)

29. In Person Event (Free Workshop: Create Your X in 4 Hours)

30. eNewsletter (Sign Up for to Get Valuable Tips)

31. Done-for-You Template (X Success Template for Y)

32. PDF Report (Learn How to Increase Your X by 200%)

33. Fill-in-the-Blank Workbook (Workbook to Make X Easy for You)

34. Tool (Success Tool to Help You Do X)

35. Survey/Share Results (Take the Survey to Find Out Where You Stand)

36. Free Updates (Stay in the know about X & get exclusive deals)

37. Industry Trend Reports (X Trends to Keep You Out Front)38. Buyer’s Guide (Where to Buy X for the Best Price)

39. Mini-Course (Turn X into Y in 10 Minutes or Less)

​Now that you have 39 ideas, pick one and create the Lead Magnet that your perfect customer wants.

Then, use an email auto-responder system (like Mailchimp, AWeber, ActiveCampagin, Kartra or Infusionsoft) to deliver it when your ideal customer opt’s into your content from the internet. This is a great strategy to build your email list.

And…don’t worry about over-delivering. This is where you want to shine! Your ideal customer will think, “Wow, if her free stuff is **this good**, her paid stuff will be even better.”

(Public Service Announcement from Terra: Just make sure you over-deliver. Always.)

You should have a great lead magnet for each one of your signature products or offerings. Just start with one great one though.

Remember, don’t over complicate the lead magnets…sometimes having one “done” is better than stalling. You can always improve it later.

So, go and create your perfect Lead Magnet so it starts working hard for you and serves your ideal customers with immense value.

PS: This blog post is a Lead Magnet, too. Rather than just tell people what to do, I do my best to lead by example. Ie: Don’t forget to stay connected with me by signing up below.

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