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by Terra  - August 2, 2016

Are You Having Trouble Selling Your Services?

Maybe It’s Because You Have So Many Services That It Overwhelms Your Potential Customer.

Trust me…a confused customer never buys anything.

If this sounds familiar you may just need to change the way you sell your services.

Instead of presenting all of your individual
services at once, consider how you can package up your best services as a single product offering.

Here’s 4 things to package your services for maximum profit:

1. Establish Your Signature Package

It’s important to have a signature package that includes your best-of-class services included.

First, clarify who will be buying your signature package.

Follow that with a gut check to make sure that what you have in mind actually is something your customer wants and needs.

Write out a document that explains your signature package in detail that you can give to your potential customer.

2. Price For Profit

Pricing. Oh, pricing…that is a whole separate blog post.

I usually dig into value pricing when I’m working with my private clients, but it is very customized to a specific business model.

But to quickly price your new Signature Package for profit, simply add up all the prices of the separate services that you want to include in your package.

Contrast that amount by calculating the number of hours you’ll spend delivering your Signature Package and multiply it by an hourly rate that feels right to you.

Take that price and add in any other costs you’ll incur (and mark up those costs by 25%.)

For example:
I'm including 3 services into my package that add up to $900 a month plus doing bi-weekly status meetings

I calculate that I will spend 10 hours a month delivering my package plus 2 hours on status meetings which equals 12 hours a month.

If my fair hourly rate is $100 an hour. That equals $1,200.

To deliver my Signature Package, I’ll need to pay $20 a month for a tool that I’ll have to use. I’ll take that $20 + 25% = $25 to help cover my costs.

My Signature Package would be priced at $1,225 a month.

Your Signature Package should include something that people can’t just “buy” easily or include something that isn’t on your current menu of services.

Insider Tip: Set yourself apart from the competition by giving
your signature package a unique twist that others don’t have.

3. Focus On Selling Your Package First

Now that you know who you are going to sell to, what you are going to sell & how much you are going to sell it for…focus on selling your Signature Package first.

It’s a lot easier to create a sales system for a single Signature Package over and over again…rather than trying to sell a ton of different services to different people.

You can always down-sell someone into a less expensive, single service if your Signature Package is not the right fit, but start with the package first.

4. Put Together Your Signature Package Overview

Now that you have packaged your services for profit, it’s time to put it all to paper so you have something to show your future customers as a single document.

I like to call this your Signature Package Sales Tool Overview PDF.

You can use the same language on your website, too.

Your overview PDF is what exactly you are selling with all the delicious details so that your new potential client has (almost) everything they need to make the decision to work with you.

Things like:

  • What your potential customer gets (what's included as deliverables)
  • How you provide your services (and/or products)
  • The pricing (and payment plans, if available)
  • What you expect and what your customer should expect
  • Overview of your experience
  • Next steps (what you want them to do next)

You can make your Signature Package Sales Tool PDF look super professional using a tool like

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