Oprah's Last Episode That Changed My Journey Forever

This video may be the best Oprah talk show episode that I ever saw. It definitely made the most impact because it gave me the inspiration to leave my corporate consulting job. You know, the job that keeps us in the "golden handcuffs" where you get a bi-weekly (big) paycheck but leaves you drained by Thursday. 

Thanks to this episode, I took the big step necessary to start my own business coaching business.

Watch it. Learn. Be inspired to build YOUR platform that makes a difference in the world.

When I left my cushy corporate gig, I knew I had to have something to sell to the women entrepreneurs that I knew I was meant to serve in the world. Back then, I sold 1:1 coaching. 

I didn't know that my 1:1 coaching would become my "signature offer" and I sure didn't know how to sell it and to who I was going to sell it.

I had to get crystal clear on my perfect client profile (AKA "my imaginary" best friend). By the way, her name is Jillian. I had to learn everything about Jillian and understand where she received her information. Then, I had to put together a marketing plan to get in front of her.

I had to put my marketing plan on rinse and repeat so she knew that I was THE business coach who was going to help change her business for the better.

Marketing was fun for me...but it was also a way that I was distract myself from something that scared the heck out of me. Selling. (gulp!)  

I thought I was pretty good at selling but in reality, all I was doing was "upselling" in the corporate consulting world by doing a great job.

I doubled my six-figure salary in commission just by finding new sales opportunities once I was working with a client.

What I didn't know how to do was generate sales leads and convert those new leads into new coaching clients.

I had to learn how to sell based on my own personality type. This was, of course, after I spent $25,000 to learn how to sell like someone else (which was NOT my style at all). 

Once I figured out my own selling style (which is to teach and serve first), I had to put sales systems in place so that I could teach, do consultations, and offer my signature offer so that my business would make plenty of profit. 

Trust me, I was motivated because I didn't want to go back to the corporate world.

Plus, I really loved what I was doing. Again, I put my sales system on rinse and repeat until I filled up my business coaching roster. 

This is why I teach sales in a different way than most sales trainers and coaches.

I believe you need to sell in a way that's in alignment with YOU. Your style could be totally different than mine.

I want your sales strategy to stick so that you are super successful in serving those you are meant serve.

That's why I created The Fast-Track ACCELERATOR.

It's a way that I work with clients to complete 4 projects.

Project 1: Get you clear on who you sell to (your own Jillian) and how to get in front of him/her. 

Project 2: We create and price your signature offer that you sell over and over again.

Project 3: I teach you how to sell and have consultations that allow you to serve before you ever ask for any money.

Project 4: Lastly, we automate your sales process so you have more time to do what you love.

I invite you to check out The Fast-Track ACCELERATOR (because it was exactly what I needed when I was first building my own platform). Thank you, Oprah. 

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