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by Terra  - October 13, 2015

People think I’m exaggerating when I say that bringing the right people on board is not only great for your company, but can actually change your life. Trust me…I’m not blowing things out of proportion.

Not Even A Little Bit.

Finding brilliant team members to help you handle the hundreds of responsibilities, people, and devices clamoring for your time every day is a LIFE SAVER. The person I usually recommend you hire first is an assistant. A great assistant is the backbone of your dream team.

Let’s look at the various ways that hiring the right person can change your life.

1. Financial Interests

Usually, the first thing I hear when I tell a client it’s time to hire an assistant is “I can’t afford it.” The truth is…you can’t afford notto. Let’s say you’re working 50 hours a week and your total revenue – earnings after expenses – is $50,000 per year. You’re spending half of your time making travel arrangements, answering phones, sending out mailers, planning events, and other administrative duties. If you hire a part-time assistant to handle these tasks at $25,000 per year, you gain 25 hours weekly for revenue-building activities. This extra time to focus on marketing and sales brings in five new clients. You’re still working 50 hours a week, but your yearly income shoots up to $150,000. After you’ve paid your assistant, assuming your expenses remain static, your additional profit comes to $75,000. You can’t argue with that.

2. Personal Interests

As your assistant learns your business, she becomes a solid performer who can handle most activities on her own. You decide to bring her on full-time. You cut back on the number of hours you spend at work, knowing that she can address any issues that come up and keep the business on track. You have more time to spend with your partner, children, or other family members, to vacation with your friends, or devote some energy to finding your soulmate. With better life balance, you think more clearly, are more relaxed, and have a better outlook.

3. Business Interests

Customers love that while you are always there for them, they can also receive timely attention from someone else who considers them to be just as important. An efficient, well-trained backup inspires trust and confidence.

4. Your Desire to Give Back

Not only can you give back to your favorite causes financially with your extra income, but you can also give back in a far more important way. You’re providing an income and security to someone who needs to support herself, and possibly a family. You’ll also have the opportunity to teach someone, broaden her horizons, and hone her skills. You can mentor someone who may someday take the reins from you or start her own business with the knowledge she’s gained. And this benefit – more than the others – is priceless.

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