Episode 47: How to Use Feng Shui to Have a Power House Business with Patrica Lohan

The Fast-Track Woman Podcast: Episode #47
How to Use Feng Shui to Have a Power House Business with Patrica Lohan

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 Meet Podcast Guest, Patrica Lohan.

Patricia Lohan is the creator of Feng Shui Mastery and Author of The Happy Home: A Guide To Creating A Happy, Healthy, Wealthy Life. Patricia Lohan helps women make their home magnetic to money, luck, and blessings. She shows you what they don’t teach in school, what lies between the lines, your top secret tool for success. She is a feng shui expert, a healer, and a passionate female entrepreneur who has shaped her dream life living in Bali with her husband. Patricia has a gift at making feng shui simple and easy to understand and implement.

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Terra Bohlmann interviews Patricia Lohan, creator of Feng Shui Mastery and Author of "The Happy Home: A Guide To Creating A Happy, Healthy, Wealthy Life." Patricia Lohan helps women make their home magnetic to money, luck, and blessings. In this podcast episode, you'll learn how Patricia found her niche and was able to relocate to Bali to live the life of her dreams. Patrica gives strategies on how to make Feng Shui simple and easy to understand so you can get a few quick wins in your business today.

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Intro (00:02): Welcome to the fast track woman podcast with your host Terra Bohlmann, you are about to get filled with business strategies, advice and motivation to get you prepared to fast track your five year plan in less than one year. So buckle up and let's create your first class business with clarity and confidence.

Terra Bohlmann (00:28): Welcome back to the fast track woman podcast. I am your host, Terra Bohlmann, and I can't wait to talk to you about today's topic, which is going to be around how to use feng shui to amplify your business. Super cool. And I have an amazing guest here that is going to give us all the good stuff. So let me introduce to you Patricia Lohan. So she is the creator of the signature program at power house, and she's the author of the happy home, a guide to creating a happy, healthy, and wealthy life. Patricia also helps women make their homes magnetic to money, luck, and blessings. She shows you what they don't teach you in school. What lies between the lines, your top secret tool for success? She's a feng shui expert, a healer and a passionate female entrepreneur who has shaped her dream life. Living in Bally with her husband.

Terra Bohlmann (01:31): Patricia has a gift at making a feng shui simple and easy to understand and implement. So please join me in welcoming Patricia Lohan. How are you? I am so good. Thank you so much. I'm happy to have you and thank you for, you know, I know our time zones were off being I'm in Houston and you're in Valley, like beyond. Cool. So this is going to be such a great interview and I've been looking forward to it. So, so, so let's dig in. So, you know, in speaking to, you know, the woman who wants to go faster in her business, she may not have even heard of something as simple as feng shui, or maybe she's heard of it like me when, I mean, I've had my house punctuated, so I'm like a fan and I know it works right, because I've experienced it myself. But prior to that, I used to really think feng shui was like moving furniture in a certain day or having someone come in and decorate for you. Can you tell us what is funny? Oh my God. I absolutely love it. That you said that I use a thing. It was moving furniture. I didn't have this. I'm going to decorate. Cause like I am not an interior designer and I certainly don't really care where your furniture is basically. So people hear that. They're like, it's like, but I had all these preconceived notions of what it was going to be like and what it is. So this is the best thing. So first of all, for me, [inaudible] is acupuncture for your home.

Patricia Lohan (03:00): It essentially is working with the hidden energy of your home to align it with what you want. So for me, really using your home to create the perfect foundation that supports you with your business, your family, and just like flourishing it's often, you know, I remember one day I'm talking to some people and I was like, no matter what money you spend on funnels, coaches, Facebook ads, like the next big thing, shiny object in business. If your house is bad for money, you will not make the money you want. It's just going to be an uphill battle because every single house has its own energy imprint, and it is either attracting what you want or repelling it. So my job is to make sure that your house is a hundred percent supportive on all aspects. And that's the beauty of it. Because when you start working with the energy of your home, you're not just looking at the business side of it because you can do it on two layers of the personal and the business, but it's every aspect.

Patricia Lohan (04:01): So it's like how you shine your light in the world, fame and reputation. You want to get seen on TV. You want to get like more media opportunities. Like we can amplify your career area. Just like, as Steven Spielberg did to get an extra, an extra Oscar, you can use it for your health, the health of your business for your finances or hiring. Like one of my favorite thing is for hiring team members. I'm like, Oh my God, well, you use this area and you can like call in like your perfect dream team members. So that's the nice thing is that you can actually use your physical environment, like your, literally your home and on your office to just make your life and your business easier and more successful. So yeah, that's what I love about punctuate and what it is for me. Oh, that's so cool.

Terra Bohlmann (04:47): Especially with those of us who work from home. I mean, I have a home office, but I did have an external office somewhere else. And you know, I have clients that they have an external office and you know, so how does it work? I mean, is it work better in the work that you do? Do you have to have, is it a work from home office or even if you have a physical location you go to, but then coming back home, does that, you know, like how does that work on, on both sides if you actually work outside the house? Yeah.

Patricia Lohan (05:19): I love your question. So I do both, I've done both basically when a client comes to me, I'll talk to them and see where, where they spend most of their time. And to be honest, for me, I'm most happy with working with your actual home first, regardless of like where you're working, we start with the home because like there's no point having your beautiful funks Wade office, like, and you feel so good when you're in your office and you're so creative and productive, but you come home and all your kids are fighting all the time. And you know, at the place is just like a bit of a mess, you know, energetically. So really what we want to do is make sure that it's all harmonized. So if you work from that's where I think there's just a double whammy of being able to achieve better results because not better results, but when you work, when you have both of them done.

Patricia Lohan (06:04): So for me, when I work with, say, for example, I'm a client who has an office from home. We will work on the overall energy of the entire house. And then we will take the office space as like a microcosm and look at that for the business. So we're kind of like looking at like, make sure that everything is sorted your family life and your home and everything is sorted in terms of that energetically, because you know, you can't run your business successful. If there's a lot of drama going on in your relationships, you know, we want to make sure that that's all sorted and then you can really focus on your business and in the office. Then we make that the microcosm and kind of look at amplifying the business from that space.

Terra Bohlmann (06:42): Cool. Oh yeah. So w when, you know, you've got the woman who was like, okay, like I've heard of this funk choice thing, right? Like, is that really gonna work for me? Like, can you talk about, you know, like maybe give a couple of tips of what are some little things that a busy woman entrepreneur could do, you know, after listening to those podcasts that she would then be able to see like, Hmm, I feel different now. Like, you know, like a lot of entrepreneurs can be skeptical on will this really work for me? And it's like, you know, what are some little wins that they could do? Pretty simple that show them a result that they would then go, okay, I I'm in on this feng shui thing. Like, what's next, you know,

Patricia Lohan (07:27): I love this. So, you know, I actually got asked this question at a mastermind I'm in I'm there. She was like, well, like, what are the results from this feng shui thing? And I was like, well, so all of my clients have 10 X their business. I've had others double their business, their first month treble at the second month, have a wait list of like, from zero clients to a three month wait list. And then they're like, Oh, and then I always like to pop in and say, you know, punctuate every whole foods in America is punctuate. We see those checkout lines at whole foods when I'm there. I'm like, Whoa, every whole foods kind of the car is Disney. You know, bank of America, they've all been punctuate along with, as I said, Oprah, Richard Bronson, all of the huge companies use it. And so do, you know, successful business people because they want to make sure that their environment is supporting them.

Patricia Lohan (08:17): So that's the kind of first thing to realize that it's not just about like, making your place look pretty or like, feel good. It's really gives tangible results, which is what I'm all about as, you know, without having to change anything. So the other part about this is like, you don't have to work any harder. You don't have to do any harder, you just be you and it'll amplify what you're already doing in the world. That's like the best bit is like, I don't have to work any harder, which is crazy for like someone, like, I'm also like a really want to get things done yesterday. You got a person. So for that, like, it's like, okay, I work with my environment. So in terms of tips for me, the most important space as an entrepreneur is obviously your office and setting up your office for success.

Patricia Lohan (09:01): So I know this might start kind of start sounding kind of weird. The very first thing I would say is like, what are you sitting on? So I have looked at a lot of entrepreneurs and seeing them sitting on like garden chairs on little, like small little crappy chairs that are just like, not supporting them. That may be unstable. Start with, you're getting yourself. Like I am the CEO, boss chair for yourself, a nice support of back. So you feel the sense of support now, Terra is with his beautiful chair that I'm like, yes, you win. You've got a great, great set up there. She's got a nice wall behind her, like a strong support behind you. So I feng shui a woman's office a couple of years ago. And when I got to her office, I could see straight away she was in complete overwhelm.

Patricia Lohan (09:45): She was completely stressed out. And her husband, who I actually was the COO of the business, was sitting over in a different position. And he was like, how are you? And I was like, Oh my God, look at this. Like, they were like chalk and cheese running the same business. Yes. She had her back to the door. The energy came straight in. It was like initially burdening on her shoulders landing on her desk. And I said, are you feeling overwhelmed? And does everything land on your desk? Like, you can't see where everything's coming. She burst out crying. She's like, how did you move?

Patricia Lohan (10:16): And I'm like, God, I feel it. I was like,

Patricia Lohan (10:19): See it. And I'm like, look at your husband. He's sitting over here with the back wall behind him. He can see the door. He's like in his power position, like happy days you are getting the brunt of everything. And it didn't like, that was a subtle change. Like, all we had to do was basically move her desk and get her in the power position. She needed to be sitting where he was because she's CEO, she needs to be further away from the door and she needs to be in the power position. So sometimes, especially when it comes to when we work from home and the work from home is that we think, Oh, we won't have any clients come to visit us at home. You know? So I can just take this little corner, this insignificant corner in this room and like work from here.

Patricia Lohan (10:59): What are you telling the universe? Like, what are you saying about your business and how important it is? Like, you need to take up some space. You need to commit it to being your like hub for your business. Like you have to make sales, be creative, like work with your clients. There. You need to, to be a supportive environment that inspires you. And somewhere that you want to come in and be like, Hey, yeah, I love this space because you're going to have to spend a lot of time there. So when you work with them, an example, that lady, her desk was also like pushed up against the wall, which is similar to what I work with single women. And that's how I got into foam. Swiped first was actually functioning my house for love to call him my husband. It worked. But when you work with the bed is up against the wall.

Patricia Lohan (11:45): It's like pushing love away. It's the same concept when it comes to your desk. Like if your desk is like up against a wall, you're like glacier, any kind of going nowhere. And you not like looking at like where you're going. You can't again, see what's coming. So there's a few things I'm going to say, cause you might be listening and going, but my desk costs will stay like this and I can't turn it around. Oh. But the nice thing about feng shui is that there is always something we can do to mitigate the negative. And that's something that is really misunderstood in the, in functional way that oftentimes you may have heard something like this is bad function way and we assign our whole entire house to be jinxed for life and we can never be fixable. And I'm just want to tell everyone, like that's total crop and we can always find a way I've never told anyone that they need to move house or knock any walls or do any structural changes.

Patricia Lohan (12:33): Like I'm going to give you one tip. If you have to say with your back to the door, hopefully not directly. Even if you could just move it smidge up and not have it coming straight at your back door or the back the door coming to your back, that will be good, but just a little snitch up, pop a mirror on your desk so you can see. So you're sitting at your desk and you're working and you're not having this like move your head around, go what's there, what's coming. And you've got this burden. So a tiny little mirror will just work at treat and you will feel a difference. A strong chair will make a big difference in terms of support. I used to have an office years and years ago. And it was down to the basement and the company that I worked for and we used to call it the dungeon.

Patricia Lohan (13:13): And I, it was literally the worst way ever. And and I knew this, but I couldn't change. Like the room was so small. So I have my little neighbor and then the desk was pushed up against the wall. And we literally had a sea view, like all of the, it was a bar and restaurant applies and had a sea view, but I was down in the dungeon. So I remember one day going upstairs and be like, Oh my God, James, this. And I took a view, took a photo of the view of what everyone else saw every day when they were working. And I brought it downstairs, I printed it off a big picture. So I could feel like nature and feel the sense of expansion, you know, you can, and it really made such a difference because it didn't feel like I was going nowhere. It was like, Oh, look at this. You know, so you can really make your space be more than it is. So that's what I would say in terms of like getting yourself set up, like, you know, make sure your positioning is as good as you can possibly make it, use a little mirror, use artwork to make it even better to inspire you.

Terra Bohlmann (14:09): So good, good stuff. I mean, yeah, like it was a game changer for me too, because I had an home office, but it was very much where my husband and I were trying to share it. And we had, I was looking at a wall all the time and you know, and finally kicked him out. I'm like, you have a real corporate office. Like I need to transform this. I want it to be on brand for my company. And so I kicked him out. And after that, it was just a game changer. And then, well, I want to talk to you about transforming, like looking at the money side, like the wealth side that comes with, you know, feng shui the benefits. And then I had heard, you know, the fountains and running water and it was something I had read and I had a feng shui consultant come in and do my house.

Terra Bohlmann (14:55): And she's like, if you can do a little fountain and I have a Bay window in my office. And so I'm like for mother's day, I would like a fountain, a big woman. And so I have a fountain outside of my office and I swear, and it's weather. And you can tell me if it's just in my head or if this is real and I live in Houston, Texas. So you can imagine this fountain, which is it's good size, but when the water evaporates, then it's like, I always say like, if my fountain isn't going and the water's not flowing, sales are down. I mean, it's like, you know, and that's my kid's shore. Like go fill up the fountain, you know? And I loved it. Just listen to it and, you know, and see it going. But I, I swear there's a correlation between revenue and okay, okay. So you're validating,

Patricia Lohan (15:43): You're not crazy. And the thing is, people may be listening, going, I'm going to put a fountain outside and I'm like, no, like a fountain could be like the worst thing for your house. And this is where people messaged me. And they're like, I just got this lovely picture of a, I've got this lovely new water feature. Where should I put it? I'm like, no, there's different schools of feng shui. So like, you can try and Google it, you could put it in and it could be an absolute disaster and immediately create like chaos in your life. So I'm like, you know, just like, let me run the numbers on it and let me do a proper consultation. Let me check it out and tell you like, this is where you can put it if you even can. So that's where I'm always a little bit nervous when people ask about different things. I'm like, this is why I have a program that's specific because there's so much stuff online that is like really, really, really contradictory and can cause havoc if not done properly.

Terra Bohlmann (16:37): Yeah. And you know, and I had had the woman that came in and it was just kinda like she immediately came in and it's funny cause they feel so when Patricia would go into a space and they have this gift to just feel, she's like lovely home, you know? And I was like, Ooh, okay. You know, and you know, but I had like my prosperity and the way my house sits, Northeast, Southwest, whatever, like all in the numbers and all this stuff like comes into play. So she's right. Like, you know, you, you can't just rely on Google that, you know, everything's going to work for everyone, but it's like, and then I thought, Oh, wonder what she's going to say? And I paid for this service. And then I was like, Oh my gosh. Now she's probably going to tell me I need new furniture.

Terra Bohlmann (17:17): Cause in my head, right. It's like a remodel or something. And it was like, okay, well this doesn't work or your son's bedroom is directly above the stove. So rather than move his bed, which, which wasn't an option because of the way his rooms and windows are. It's like, we're just going to put a green towel and neutralize that. Right. And like, here, we're going to this doesn't work. But if we put something yellow here, you know, so they give you like fixes for all the things to make it work. And then I swear, I have people who come into my house and even like my husband's friends and whatever, like they'll come in and they're like, your house is just so peaceful. And I have three kids, a brother living with me now and now I just got another puppy. So I have two dogs, a cat and three rambunctious boys, you know, and my husband and I and our house. So it's like for them to come in and say, it feels good. It's like, yes,

Patricia Lohan (18:13): It feels good. The nice thing is like, it feels good. And that's the priority for everyone is it feels good. And people sleep really well and they get on really well. And then from that, you can, it then gives you more mind space and you know, that support to be able to be more productive in your business to be happier in your business. And it ultimately then is that support thing, just like you said, the water features and going like there's specific elements. And you know, for me, what I like to think, and I tell my clients is that if you go and you spend time in the most beautiful parts of nature, you know, when you're standing in nature and you're just feeling so good and everything, so the trees are growing, like everything is in perfection. That's what we're bringing into the energy of your home.

Patricia Lohan (18:54): But that's what we're recreating and the energy of your home using those elements. And when you do that, it then brings that alignment and balance into your business and into your finances and into everything. It's all about that perfection of energy. Now, the interesting thing about that is that when we, when we do that, when we bring this energy in and we align it, what we all know in our kind of logical brain, because function-wise, doesn't really make that much sense in general. You know, it's like, I put this green thing or put this water here. I put this here and it's going to change everything for me because I have a lot of like logical people in my, in my community who join my program. And they're like, okay, like why? And know that. And I'm like, you just have to trust the process.

Patricia Lohan (19:35): It doesn't make logical sense, but actually the results will now the, the nice part about that is that like we're told you have to start yourself out, you have all these blocks inside. You like, we can blame. Like, it's almost like it's like a self, a blame culture of like the reason your business isn't successful is you're not working hard enough. The reason that you're not making the money is because you all of these money blocks and you have to take here that you have to look inward. And what I find is that people come to me when they've got to a place of like, well, I don't all the money work. I've paddled the marriage counseling. I've had all of this, I've done the law of attraction, blah, blah, blah. It's still at working. But since we moved into this house, like, it's been pretty crap.

Patricia Lohan (20:12): And I'm like, Oh, well, look at, there you go. The thing is doing all those things is so brilliant because when you've done that work and that kind of inner work and kind of have sorted all your stuff, it can take off. So I was saying about the client who doubled their business the first month in troubled at the second one, she's like a money manifesting alignment coach. So she teaches this stuff like, and she kind of went, Oh my God, I have everything in alignment except my home. And then, you know, so it's not like bringing it all together. And this is this unique piece of the jigsaw that you can just be like, Oh, I can just do this at my house. You know, it's set once it's done, it's done. And then I'm like, rice, let me off.

Terra Bohlmann (20:54): Yes. Right. And so I think of like, what I specialize in is like the six core strategies to put in to get your business maps so that you can go run your business. And it's like, okay. So there's when similar thing, you know, as you, it's just kind of a different way to think about it, but it's like, I look at the strategies and I'm like, okay, well, you know, there's a gap here, like in your foundation, you missed this piece or you didn't do it, or it's not in alignment with, you know, your perfect customer. Doesn't, isn't even relating to like how you're doing your marketing strategy now and let alone your product that you're selling is not in alignment. You know? So there's like, all of this has to like play beautifully together so that you feel confident that you even have a profitable business model.

Terra Bohlmann (21:38): And then on top of that, it's like, okay. So once you do that, and then it can feel overwhelming running your business. So it's like, you know, using a technique like feng shui and stuff like that is a great way to then have that white space to actually implement what needs to happen for your business or be the leader, or be the person and be, come from a calm space instead of always running behind. Right. Cause we don't need more stuff to do instead. Like what she's saying, like how cool is it? If you just, you know, leverage feng shui and you do it like, and then just let the results speak for themselves. Like you don't have to do a bunch of stuff like, and we don't need more stuff to do. We want, you know, we want to feel good in our space so that you can put that energy where, you know, you need to put it most. Right. So I love that. I love that. You had said that you'd looked into feng shui originally from a relationship standpoint and then you're like, well, that works. So why wouldn't it work for business people? Right.

Patricia Lohan (22:42): I know I'm like, it was so funny because like, obviously I met Ken and I went to visit his house a few months later. Like he built this beautiful house in the countryside and went to visit his house. I walked down, I'm like, he's punctuate this place. So Ken is also a feng shui guy. He works in the business with me and he's also feng shui consultant. And it's just so fun because we both did it together just for personal interest. And all of a sudden, like my business took off, like I wasn't even planning to ever do feng shui from a business perspective, I worked with clients one to one doing kind of like trauma release and healing work and all of that. And the thing is I was like asking them then like, like what's going on with your bedroom and their kitchen about, and they're like, why are you asking me about that?

Patricia Lohan (23:23): Like, cause I knew that we were doing this powerful work, but they were going to houses that were like leisurely blocking their success. And when I get to their houses, I went, Oh, this is it. Can't wait to lift the roof off. Like what's going on for you? Like, it's gonna, it's like next level. But yeah. And that's how it all started. People were like, Oh my God, what just happened to you? I was like, Oh my God, I've all these clients. I just have this huge windfall of money and we've got to finish our house off. And I'm like, you know, it's a very aesthetic thing. When you see a house that had like hardly any furniture and was like loads of the, you know, the landscaping and all of those things that were like big investments, all started being done. And everyone was like, what happened to you guys? And we're like, I'm like, Oh, it's called feng shui way. And they're like, I want more of that. So it was, you know, that's and that's like how everything in my life and business has unfolded people like asking me like, Oh, you seem happy.

Patricia Lohan (24:19): Give me the magic formula thing. So yeah, that was like our own folding with the journey with feng shui. And it's just being like mind blowing.

Terra Bohlmann (24:29): Wow. Like who would've thought, you know, the thing that you didn't learn about brought you that joy, but then even, even more right. It amplified it even bigger. So that's yeah. That's so cool. And I love, I love how you said you can, what resonates with me with you is like, you're walking your talk, right? So it's like, I'm doing this feng shui thing. What can you do it for me? And that's kind of like how that's, how my business was born too. And a lot of, even my clients, you find a passion for something and we'll usually go in and you do a practice business. Right. And you do something and then like you find this passion and you're like, how can I meld them together? And that would make me really unique, but I'm just gonna do it for fun. And then like next thing you know, Oh, the business was born from it.

Terra Bohlmann (25:17): The business is born. Yep. That's exactly what happened with my business maps too. It was like, I was going to quit. I was done. I was like, I'm going back to the corporate world. I was like, you know what, honey, I'm going to give us one last shot. I'm going to, I'm just going to let me create the plan. I'm going to show you how this is going to be awesome. So I did this like entire business strategy, like document where I looked at all these areas of my business and I became my best client, but I had never done for myself. Right. And then I showed it to him. I was like, what do you think? And he's like, well, let's seem to doable. Like, why can't you make this happen? I'm like, you're right. This is cool. And then I just started to go and I showed the plan to a friend and I was like, I just did this for myself. Do you want me to do one for you? And they're like, yeah, yeah. I want one of those. And I showed it to another friend like, Oh, I want one. I want one. And then I showed it to another friendship, Terra, all my high end clients need this. Can I buy 10? You know? And it was just like, Oh right. And it's just because you did it for yourself and how often do we just need to be our own best client? And then for us,

Patricia Lohan (26:21): Yeah, sure. Unlike if something is going like a bit weird, like I'm like going, I literally walk around my house and I'm like, what's here. How do I have, what do I need to clear? What's going on here? You know, literally. And that's what I tell my clients. It's like, if you're, if there's something kind of, not really sitting, you know, the kids are starting to fight again. You know, the feng shui common, move the stuff like, you know, or something, you know, there's something like a bit off that. Okay. We can just go back and readjust it. And like tweak it and be like, right. Let's just, we know. And that's the other part for me is knowing that your foundation's in the right place. And just like you were saying about using your passions, cause I'm a connector. I don't know if you've done SMA.

Patricia Lohan (26:58): We were talking about Denise Duffield Thomas earlier, but like the sacred money architects I'm one of my main is like celebrity connector and connector is so huge because I just love people. I love community. And that's what really changed for me was that like functionary was this kind of solid troop practice that you would have someone come to your house or, and just be like, this is what you have to do. Dah, dah, dah. And then it's like, okay, bye. And you're kind of left and you get your report. And that's when, like originally what I did it like that clients didn't really implement as much. They would say like, Oh, I've paid. I had a functionary consultant come. I didn't do everything. And you know, we know that it's okay. If someone has that plan that you've done, but if you don't do it, you're not going to

Terra Bohlmann (27:44): The transformation for you, women. Like we want the transformation. Yeah.

Patricia Lohan (27:47): This is, so this was the thing when we moved to Bali people were asking about feng shui and I said, okay, well I'll do it online. And we started doing it online and created this community. And like, that has just blown my mind because it's like, they've got this support of not just me, but like hundreds of other women now who have done it before. So, you know, when you've got logical brain of like, why am I doing this? I've got this to do, like, Patricia has just told me to do this in my report. And they all go, just do it. Yeah. Just do it. This is what I did. This is what I did. And it becomes like, I'm not on my own. I don't have my cynical husband over there going like, like what are you doing? Right. And you're like, Oh, watch this space. You're just going to get like a pay rise or you're going to get a new job. You know, the husbands, I swear to God, the husbands, like the cynical husbands get blessed some, but I swear to God, they get the best results on their wife. Like they don't even do anything.

Terra Bohlmann (28:43): Yes. I know. And my, my, it happens to me all the time. Like, I'll be like, you know, I had a great session with, I call her my therapist, but it's, it's more than that, but I'm like, yeah, you should do one too. And he's like, what? And I'm like, just talk to her. And he's like, Oh, and the next thing you know, he's getting the promotion and that kind of stuff, which is cool. Cause if, you know, I always, I wake up every day saying I'm so grateful for all the abundance I have in my life. And I invite more abundance comes in different ways, right. It's like maybe, you know, make more of my business or my husband gets a promotion and a pay raise or, you know, we've got real estate that, you know, increases in value, like all kinds of things. And it's just being aware that all this can happen. So I totally agree that like partners totally reap the benefits and,

Patricia Lohan (29:32): And the children. I had like blind Telemark, like she came to me for her career for more visibility. She got brought onto a TV to rebrand her a whole TV show done. She was one of those featured people. I was like, do you think that's enough visibility makeover, like a whole broad makeover and you were on it about TV. And the same day her husband, her son got a $70,000 scholarship. Wow. I'm like go you. And this is the thing it's like these subtle things that are unexpected that are just like, with the energy, it changes to support. But yeah, it's been beautiful, like using all of the gifts, like in terms of like the community for me is being the best bit and knowing like that we can translate something. That's usually a very like in-person scenario into way more onto the online world where you can implement it in your own time. But also we've built software and everything to be able to like get everyone's information and create the reports and everything. So amazing journey. Yeah.

Terra Bohlmann (30:35): And you can actually like, yeah. I mean, serve people internationally and live in Bali and live the dream. Right.

Patricia Lohan (30:45): It's a real, sometimes

Terra Bohlmann (30:47): I bet I bet it. So on my list, we just booked a so I'm on like, you know, I do a vision board every year. Right. And I use an app and it's called a vision board. It's nothing like crazy, but it's a free app and you like can make your digital vision board on your app. And I have it now, like as my wallpaper and I've always done vision boards, but I've done the like physical ones where you cut out the magazines and you know, and I keep them all because I love to see the progress. So that was like, this year, I'm going to do a digital one. And so even during times where we're in quarantine, where there's not a lot going on and we're at home a lot, I look at my vision board and I'm like, Oh, I am getting there.

Terra Bohlmann (31:32): Like, and it looks different a little bit. Like for me, I've have a thing that I've always wanted a pool in my backyard. And so I put it, I was like, Oh, I want to get a pole. Like it gives me like a goal and let me go. Like, it's just how my brain, my brain only knows, like, you know, I'm like a dog with a bone. And so then we get the pool picture to, I'm like, Oh, I'm going to have this builtin custom pool, blah, blah, blah. And I ended up like getting a stock tank pool. I don't know if you it's like we're for cattle. Like they drink out of these like big silver pool things. And they're really popular on Instagram right now. And I saw my friend had one. I was like, I had one of those growing up.

Terra Bohlmann (32:14): Like that was like our neighborhood pool in our backyard. It was so fun. She was like, Oh, you can't even find them right now because they're so popular. And so I was like, why won't one? You know? So I'm like that, all I want to do is sit in my swimsuit with a glass of wine at the end of the day and a pool. I don't care if it's a two foot 12 pool. Yeah. And so sure enough, she's like the farm place or the cattle and company near me is like, I get them in. Sometimes I'll, I'll help you. And she found me a big size pool cause they come in like seven feet, 10 foot one. And within, I think I declared on a mastermind I'm in, I want to pull. And they were like, Terra is going to get her pool, you know?

Terra Bohlmann (32:56): And it was a week later here comes the truck with this huge, huge round pool in my neighborhood. I'm so blessed. I live in such a beautiful neighborhood and all my neighbors have beautiful custom pools. And you know, so here it's like, you know, I don't know, they're free. There's like 10 pool in the backyard. And I'm like, is this even can our homeowners like the association, will they allow this? Like, you can see it from the street. So it's fine. So we put the pool in and now it's turned into, Oh my son and his friends in high school, a couple of them came over and they built a deck around the pool. So, and it's like this whole cute thing and we're doing landscaping and we've got the lights, you know, like it is the cutest thing to where all my neighbors, they're like, Oh, come to your pool.

Terra Bohlmann (33:46): Like, Oh, your fancy a hundred thousand dollar pools. And now you want to hang out with my thousand dollar pool. I love it. So yeah. So sometimes we put out there what we want from a vision and it comes in different ways in different way. And I sit in that pool almost every other night with my husband. And we're just like, I just like the best thing. Cause you know, it, husbands can get skeptical about everything and I'm like, and he looked at me, he goes on, this was a really good idea. Like you have validated my life existence right now because that's always like, I know what will be good. Right. So, and then I had on my board, I was going to go on a cruise and we just booked our, we go on Viking, European river cruises, that's book. Like I'm just checking off my vision board, like crazy at home during quarantine during, and that's the power of all of this when you're the energy is the alignment.

Patricia Lohan (34:40): Oh my God. And it's that like craziness because the unexpected ones that pop up and you're like, that is like so far away from me, like happening. And I remember being at an event, I remember being at an event I'm being like, Oh my God, like you were on my vision board. Like I was at a mastermind and I was like, you were on my vision board. And then everyone was like, Oh my God. You know? And it's like, when those real things come true. And I actually really love telling people, like asking people to think about like your home being like a vision board. So like the artwork that you have up and the things that you have up that it like symbolizes and signifies as like where you're going in your life. So for example, I had one client in her career area, she had this beautiful, like galloping stallion.

Patricia Lohan (35:27): And I was like, okay, what's your, what's your vision behind this? And she's just like, she's like, first of all, horses are my favorite animal. Second of all, every time I see it, I that's, I, it embodies me charging ahead in my career. And I was like, yes. So it's like looking at like the image. It doesn't even need to make sense to any, to other people. But when you have something in your space, like visual anchoring your home, especially if in your office that you're like, this is my vision. And you having your vision board and all of your areas and your home balanced, it's like, your house is listening. It's like, Oh, that's what you want, Terra. Okay, let's do that. Let's bring that in.

Terra Bohlmann (36:06): Bring in the horse pool.

Patricia Lohan (36:07): Yeah. Bring in the horse, you know, it's so fun. So fun.

Terra Bohlmann (36:13): It's so fun. And now it's, you know, I've put it on my Instagram stories or this and that. And I've got moms now, Hey, my son was over helping your son build the deck. I want one of those pools. You know what I'm like, let's talk to my friend. Like, I mean, so, and that's the power of like just doing, and then you can inspire other people and to just say, Hey, like you can do this too. And exactly. And that's really a beautiful,

Patricia Lohan (36:38): It is ripping in Valley. You know, like when I said we were moving to Bali, everyone was like, you are nuts. Like how are you going to do it? But how's it going work. Right. And now it's just like, it works because you put our intention to it. And I always had, it was so fun. I think it was like 2015 on my vision board I had, or no, I found it from 2011, they picture, and it was like a picture of Bali. And you know, at that time it was just not a conceivable notion. Like I didn't have an online business. It was a totally brick and mortar business, but I was like, I've always wanted to live in a tropical country. I love the heat. I just want warm. That was always part of it. So now we're here. You know, my friends are always just like, Aw, that's so amazing. You know, blah, blah, blah. Like, I wish I could do it. And I'm like, you can you, can you tell it again?

Terra Bohlmann (37:29): Yes, yes. Oh, I feel the same way. And it's like, but there will always be people that are, it will tell you all the reasons why it won't work, but it takes a certain person to say, you know what, I'm going to, I know things are going to happen. Mine. I just got a puppy. Like I have a two and a half year old, Australian shepherd who I love, like, and I would never was a dog person before I rescued this dog at like a year old. And then I'm like, she's like my best friend. And, and I'll show you like, I mean, I have a coffee mug with Skylar. I'm showing Patricia right now. And it's like, I'm like turned into one of those psycho people. And I was like, you know what? I want another one. Cause they were so cute in pairs.

Terra Bohlmann (38:10): And so I got this puppy and, but in the past I would have gotten a puppy. I would have been so stressed because I have OCD with my house. It needs, I like it to be clean and organized. And so I was like, okay, I'm going to get this puppy. But I had mentally prepared for months around the puppy is I'm going to need to potty train. There's going to be accidents. There's this and that. Like, I'm just going to block and tackle this whole thing until we get her trained and we're at week one. And I can say like, even, you know, she's so cute and she's so great, but she's a puppy. Like you give her a toy. She goes after your shoe. Right. So, and, but I wouldn't have been in a space where I could have accepted that in my, even my body couldn't have handled that kind of stress unless I had done this other work too. Whether it's the home, the whatever, and yeah, this stuff works. That's all I could say is this stuff works.

Patricia Lohan (39:05): No. And I think that like anything that's gonna make your life easier, you know, especially when you're, you know, for me, I'm what I see with my, with my clients and is women who have big visions, they want to make a big impact, you know? Like make it easy. You know, what are the things that you can do? That's gonna make it easier for you. That's going to support you. And that's where I love using your home. Like it starts at home

Terra Bohlmann (39:29): And if it feels heavy, you need to make it light. And the best advice I ever got was, you know, Terra, you're working so hard. It's like, you're fighting upstream. What happens if you just let go and go with the flow? And I was like, nothing's going to hit done. You know? And then I'm like, I did it. And I was like, Oh, I actually made more money. Oh like people pay me for what is so easy. Like what? So it was something I had to completely unlearn. Cause I come from a family of workers and you know, Russian immigrants and we work and we work hard and we are proud of it. And you are grateful that you have a job and Ooh. And it was like unlearn that and be able to give that as a gift to my own kids. Oh,

Patricia Lohan (40:12): Oh my God. That is like so funny listening to you. Cause I'm just loving my, if I meet people like who know my mom, they're like, how's your mom? Oh my God. She's such a

Terra Bohlmann (40:23): Good worker. So hi.

Patricia Lohan (40:26): And I was like, Oh my God. Like even my husband is, he's just seeing this change in me around that. Like, you know, when I moved to India, like everything kind of just start, I moved into this kind of flow place of like trusting everything, right. That whole energy of like going with the flow and allowing it is just so much, you know, getting to talk to people you love, like do the job that you love, inspire people. Like I get off my client calls with on my group calls. Like [inaudible] my God. I'm so lucky. And then it's like, that's where the magic is because you have to feel like bass and be inspired by that. And it's like, when you create this space and the environment for it and you set yourself up for, you really can have that sense of flow in your life and this sense of support and everything is working out.

Patricia Lohan (41:14): And you know, I just said to you about like our Facebook ads being deactivated, I was like, it's okay. I know this is working out. It's like interesting dynamic. Cause my husband had taken on saying he was going to start doing them in our business. I'm telling you in the last three last week, he has learned more about Facebook ads in this week. Then at the entire course, he has spent six months doing. And I'm like, I actually, I was like, I think this is the reason that this has just happened because you've learnt so much more. And he's like, I think that's true. Cause it could have been like, and I'm like, this is actually I think what it is. And it's brought me into having fun with it as well and being like, how can we get more creative with our ads and what do we need to learn? And how do you know? It just puts you into this place of like, okay, even if something tough is happening, but you're like, this isn't expected, but what is the opportunity out of it? Like what's the learning and you follow into the flow of that and knowing that it is working out because you have that bigger vision and sometimes there's like twists and turns to do it, but having that bigger vision and that ultimate support holding you with it. It's

Terra Bohlmann (42:16): Yeah. And you know, and I think of that from a fast track standpoint, it's like, we think we can go from a to B and it's like, boom, boom. You know, and I do want to help women like mitigate the stress and the, you know, roundabouts and the, whatever that go along the way. But there is such joy in the journey to where you notice. You're like, I mean, my husband and I went and had lunch today. He's like, Oh, two meetings got rescheduled. You want to go have lunch? And I was like, okay. And we went to Panera bread company and we went and had our lunch and he's like, I forgot my wallet. He he's one of those. Right. And I'm like, Oh, I got it. You know, same, same account. But I was act like I'm paying, I'm paying for it. I go, okay, I'll be your sugar mama.

Terra Bohlmann (42:57): So we go in and he's like, I kind of already ate, you know? So I'm just not going to get much. I was like, okay. And I ordered like a salad and this half sandwich. And then he orders a soup and a sandwich too. And we go and they sit down and you know, we're just talking and the guy brings us to hell heads. And then he brings the you know, me, my, my half sandwich. And then he brought my husband. He's like, sorry, they made two. So I'm just going to give you both. Like, and so I go, that's a gift. See, that's like, that's a gift. That's abundance. Like you that's a gift to you. Like that's like the equivalent of getting something for $5. Like, and he's like, yeah, okay. Like I see that, but I'd rather have the $5. He don't know the guy who didn't even want to eat. It was like, Oh, I'll just have like, I'll share some of your bread or something. He ends up getting a meal and gets like a double meal out of it. This is what happens to the husbands and the partners that when we do the work, they get the benefit to brilliant.

Patricia Lohan (43:55): And it's that powerful ripple effect as well. That just makes it easier and more fun unlike. Yeah. It just makes it easier.

Terra Bohlmann (44:03): And you find those little moments that you can be grateful about that you may have just been like, Oh, that's just an extra half sandwich, you know? But like, it's like, no, that's a gift. Thank you. You know, it's really cool. Okay. So wrapping up, I always ask one question at the end, since this is the fast track podcast, what is the one tip you would have for a woman business owner who is frustrated and wants to, it feels like she should be further along in her business. Like it can be something that you struggled with that you wish you would've known or something you just know works or, you know, what's your best tip to help.

Patricia Lohan (44:39): So from a functional perspective, I would say to you like release anything to do with old businesses or let go of all of that. You know, for example, if you lived in, you were in corporate, just like you were saying bread, you know, if you're in corporate and you had like books or degree or paperwork or anything to do with that stuff, let it go. You know, that is really important because sometimes it's like, you still have one foot in the past and not like fully bought in to like where you're going. So be really mindful of that. Like what's around you. And what you're focusing on is important to have that energy, which is what I would really say is that you're not like, Oh, I have this box thing. Let that go. And then from a personal perspective with my business, I wish I had, like, if I had my time over again, I probably would have like part of coach sooner.

Patricia Lohan (45:26): Right. Try to figure it out. Yeah. I would have got asked for help sooner. That's really what I would have done. And I know that sounds like, you know what, I, but it's going to cost me a lot. And I don't know if I can afford him, blah, blah, blah. But you know, so many times I've just invested in something. You know, I shared with Terra that when I joined Denise Duffield Thomas has chorus. Many, many years ago, like it was a $500 chorus at the time and it was going up to seven 50. I had 500 euros in my bank account and I spent it all and I told my husband, I'm like, I've just spent all my money. He was like, he wasn't my husband at the time, we were only dating very soon. That was like, he should have taken that as a red flag.

Patricia Lohan (46:03): Very early days I've spent on my money. I was like, okay. But you know, off those investments, I think that, you know, getting yourself in the right environment is a big one, like being around the, around the people who are doing it like that whole group. And there's so many options of different groups you can join. But like, that's just an example of this environment that you can go into that you're like, Whoa, you know, I was like charging five euros for yoga class back then, you know, 500 and people were having like $10,000 days and months and all of these numbers that were like, not just opened your mind mind. So, you know, sometimes it's like you have to, you to commit to something. And when you do the universe response,

Terra Bohlmann (46:50): Absolutely. Oh great advice. She gave us two there and it was both of them were so powerful. It is scary too. And I tell women all the time, I'm like, you know, they're like, I want to hire you or how would I, or whoever should I invest in this? And it's like, well, you know, when you invest in yourself and especially if you invest at a premium level and I don't say this to like, Hey, go run out and join any $50,000 program. That's not what I'm saying. But like when you invest at a certain level, it's so much easier for you to then ask for that amount, to work with you because, and you know, so many times it's like I can't charge and it's because they haven't invested in themselves at that level either. And when you do that, like, it's really cool how the universe will respond to like build your own confidence.

Terra Bohlmann (47:40): And you know, it's really, really powerful. So I love that you don't have to go, we're not running businesses in a silo here. There's so much help out there and guidance and women that are gonna help that have helped pave the way for us that we can tap into. And that's, that's beautiful. So to wrap up, how can people get in touch with you? Where can they learn more? So you can come to www.patricialohan.com and I have a guide there for folks who are in your office, so will give you like step by step guides, like best colors for setting it up, like for filing for all that other extra things I didn't cover today. And then I also have a guide for, to turn your house into a money magnet. The five sneaky ways your home could be sabotaging your success. So both of them are there at PatriciaLohan.com and yeah, follow me.

Terra Bohlmann (48:25): I have a podcast right now as well. And I do a weekly actually, I just have a new one going like, just all about offices and setting up your office as well. So all about like that right now, I'm like, yeah, you're a space sorta that's the time. Absolutely 2020 can be our year so we can absolutely. Well, thank you. It was such a joy and you know, and we'll have the copy of the show notes on the Terrabohlmann.com/podcast. We'll also have links back to Patricia's website. So if you're driving or running or whatever, just go to the website, we'll link back to her. There's even a Tran, there'll be a transcript that you can read all the things. So thank you. Thank you. And I look forward to staying in touch Patricia,

Outro (49:13): There, you have it. Another episode pack full of strategies and motivation that you can use every day to put your business on the fast track for a podcast, recap and more resources, visit TerraBohlmann.com. Don't forget. Subscribe to the podcast and get what you need to help fast track your five year business plan.

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