The Fast-Track Woman Podcast: Episode #59
Funnels, Facebook Ads, and Freedom with Rita Barry

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 Meet Podcast Guest, Rita Barry.

Rita Barry is a measurement marketing expert and the founder of Rita Barry & Co., a digital marketing optimization consultancy. For the past 10 years, she and her team have been helping women-led online businesses get clarity about every aspect of their marketing funnel and paid traffic campaigns.

 About this Podcast Episode.

In this episode, Terra Bohlmann talks with Rita Barry, a measurement marketing expert. As the founder, of Rita Barry & Co., she helps A-list coaches like Brooke Castillo, fill their programs, fine-tune their funnels, and help make revenue-generating decisions to lead to true financial freedom. Terra and Rita talk about paid advertising and what you need to have in place as a foundation before you invest in Facebook ads. Rita shares the secrets on what metrics to pay attention to and where should you focus your time and attention as a business owner. If you are looking to scale up your business using online marketing, you'll love this episode.

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