The Fast-Track Woman Podcast: Episode #61
How to Create High End Offers with Jessica Nazarali

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 Meet Podcast Guest, Jessica Nazarali.

Jessica is a Mindvalley published author of Leading From The Ladder, who’s achievements and personal story have been featured in Marie Claire, Everclear, Huffington Post, Cleo as well as numerous premier business and lifestyle media outlets.

With 9+ years of online business strategy and marketing expertise, she has a keen sense of what works to grow and scale in today’s highly-competitive online market of sophisticated audiences.

She’s continually sought-after for her strategies to create a thriving side-hustle, rise in the online world and build a 7-figure business that gives you the time, freedom and wealth to do what you love.

Passionate about social entrepreneurship, Jessica also focuses on insightful ways to create a world-changing business that makes an impact.

 About this Podcast Episode.

In this episode, Terra Bohlmann interviews Jessica Nazarali who has built a multi-million dollar business over the last 9 years while jet-setting between Bali and Syndey. Jessica shares how to create high-end offers so you can expand your business and have the time to work more deeply with your dream, high-level clients. Jessica and Terra discuss scaling your business while living life on your own terms.

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