Episode #67: Creating Passive Income with Lisa Johnson

The Fast-Track Woman Podcast: Episode #67
Creating Passive Income with Lisa Johnson

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 Meet Podcast Guest, Lisa Johnson

Lisa Johnson is a 7 figure business coach specialising in helping entrepreneurs scale their businesses using passive income.

After a tough childhood spent in social housing, Lisa went on to have successful careers in law, banking and the entertainment industry.

She has spoken on the BBC’s Women’s Hour and is a Thrive Global Contributor. She has been featured in national newspapers and magazines including Psychologies, The Guardian and Forbes.

Lisa lives in Hertfordshire, UK with her Husband and 8 year old twin sons but coaches around the globe.

 About this Podcast Episode.

In this episode, Terra Bohlmann interviews Lisa Johnson, the Passive Income Queen, a 7-figure business coach specializing in helping entrepreneurs scale their businesses using passive income. Terra and Lisa talk about how to add passive income to your business model so you can live the life of your dreams. Lisa shares her CASSH system which is a simple framework that adds passive (and semi-passive) income streams into your business so that you can work less and earn more. Ready to add passive income (or semi-passive) income to your business? Yes! You'll love this candid conversation between Terra and Lisa.

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Intro (00:01): When you give smart women a five-year plan, simple business strategies and a positive mindset. It's amazing how fast your business can grow. Welcome to the fast track woman podcast with your host and business strategist, Terra Bohlmann. She helps women business owners stop winging it and board the fast track to success. When she's not making high flying dreams, the reality you can find her traveling to random destinations, desperately tracking down Chanel, broaches, or sipping overpriced coffee drinks. Her purpose in life is to help you build a profitable first-class business, smooth out the bumpy ride, and finally have more time, energy and freedom. So buckle your seatbelt because this episode of the fast track woman takes off right now. All right. Welcome back to

Terra Bohlmann (00:58): The fast track woman podcast. I am your host Terra, and I've got a special guest for us today that I am super excited to introduce to you. This is a woman who we've seemed to have passed like ships through the night over the last, I don't know, few like year to two years, and now we're like we finally connected. So that's, what's really cool about having a podcast, but let me introduce to you Lisa Johnson. She is a seven figure business coach specializing in helping entrepreneurs scale their business. Using passive income. After a tough childhood spent in social housing, Lisa went on to have a successful careers and law banking and the entertainment industry. She has spoken on the BBCs women's hour. And as a thrive global contributor, she has been featured in national newspapers and magazines, including psychology's the guardian and Forbes. Lisa lives in the United Kingdom with her husband and eight year old twin sons, but coaches around the globe.

Terra Bohlmann (02:01): So please join me in welcoming Lisa Johnson. How are you? Good. It's so good to finally meet you and be here. I do feel like we're ships that passed in the night. Yes. And that we've kind of known each other through the online, so it's good to like, it's good to chat. So thank you for being here and server off the fast track woman audience. Perfect. So I didn't know you had eight year-old twin sons. I have 11 year old twin sons. And so, yeah, so I'm a total boy, mom and a 17 year old son, but yeah, the twins are yours fraternal or are they identical? No. Then they all fraternal. They're not identical. I always get those confused though. They don't look anything like each other, like if they're like different in sizes and everything mine too. And that's, what's funny is when they're babies, everyone's like, you know, I would always get all the time. I'd be pushing them in the double stroller and they'd be like, Oh, twins. I'd be like, did you have them naturally? I was like, are they babies

Lisa Johnson (03:01): That, you know, but I guess they're asking more like, did you have in vitro or whatever, but yeah. And so they looked so much minor blonde hair and blue eyes, and then one was a little bigger at birth. And then that one now is probably a foot taller than the other one. So it's like, they look nothing alike. So I thought the exact same questions and I love it when you're walking around with twins and people go, Oh, how do you manage? It's like, I don't know anything different. This is all I know. Right. Or do twins run in your family? They would always be my, Oh, my cousins, brothers, sisters, aunts neighbor has twins. You know, I love it. We're just twin moms are like, we are like United and so like crazy way. So anyway, but so let's, let's, let's go right into the business side.

Lisa Johnson (03:51): So your specialty is passive income, which I'm super excited to talk about because it's the beginning of the year. There's no better time for women business owners to get serious about adding some passive income to their business model than right now. So, so can you tell us your story? Like how did you even become a specialist in helping women create passive income? She'll well, I mean, how it all started was I, I mean, there's a big, long story about how I had a wedding business before this, but if we start from the coaching business, I started a coaching business three years and a couple of months ago. And I started that business because I had a wedding business before that. And so people were asking me how it made it so successful and those kinds of things, I've only had that wedding as it's three years at that point.

Lisa Johnson (04:37): So it wasn't like I was term in this because my twins were little and I wanted to be around them. And so my whole goal in life was travel as much as I can be around the twins, but I then, Oh my gosh, we have the same goals, but the patient is taking over like it does. So I started this coaching business and within the first six months I'd made like six figures, which was great. And the first year I made just over like 200 grand, which was all great. And everyone was telling me, yeah, you'll stay successful because you're fully booked, but I didn't feel successful in any way. I felt absolutely shattered. I'd given up my nine to five job for six in the morning to 11 o'clock at night. And I still wasn't being able to travel as much as I wanted to barely saw all the twins alone, my new husband at the time.

Lisa Johnson (05:26): And I was like, something has to change, but I don't know what all I was doing was one-to-one at that point. And then I was listening to a podcast and I heard some people arguing about whether passive income was real and I'd never heard of it before. I thought passive income meant like network marketing. So that was a bit like when people were arguing about something home it, like, I want to know what they're talking about. So I started listening to this passive income and then started reading about it. And I was thinking, you know, what, if this is a real thing, this going to solve all my problems because I need to work a lot less, but I need to make a lot more, I'd hit an income ceiling. People were coming to me saying, Hey, I want to work with you. And I was like, I have no more time to work with you only, you know, people always do that whole, you have the same amount of hours in the day as Beyonce.

Lisa Johnson (06:14): Yeah. I have twins who I haven't done it. Like I don't, so I just didn't have any more time. And then I started reading up doing every course you can possibly imagine and passive income. And then slowly started adding passive income streams into my business first with courses, then with a membership and with a jewelry range. And it changed everything for me. Like within a year I went from 200,000 working, probably 60 hours, two working 34 to 30 hours a month, not a week and earning a million a year. So it changed. And so then, you know, I was already doing courses and things, and then I was on holiday one day, I was in Dubai and I launched from the by I generally launch on holiday cause I love launching. And I think it's like, it can be totally stress free if you do it in a fun way.

Lisa Johnson (07:06): And somebody wrote to me and said, how are you making this money? When all I see is you on holiday on Instagram. And so I was like, well, I can teach you if you want. It's just about, you know, semi-passive income stream. And they were like, okay. So I thought, Ooh, I wonder if anybody else wants this. And I put out a course and within like three days I completely fell down and I realized people really need this. They want the freedom. And so I started teaching others very quickly. They started going from, you know, sweet K 5k months to like 20 K months that he came on and I just got this title of passive income queen. And people started realizing that it didn't have to be this myth because there's all these myths surrounding passive income on there. Like you just need the money appears.

Lisa Johnson (07:50): And none of that's true. I don't even believe it should be called passive income. I think it should be called leveraged income or recurring revenue or something. That's not passive because it becomes passive eventually. But at the beginning, you know, you're mate, you're creating an asset upfront that you're going to sell over and over again. And whether that's a spare room that you've bought at the beginning, decorated, put a bed in and now people are, you know, you're hiring out, out to a tenant and making the money every month. That's passive income, but there's lots of different ways of doing it. And you know, like, I mean hundreds of different ways to make passive income. But I realized that the ones that were the quickest were like courses, memberships, group programs, workshops, anything that takes you from one-to-one to one-to-many and then COVID it last year.

Lisa Johnson (08:42): And suddenly everybody was like, I can't do my job anymore. Like I had therapists, I had all these people that were off the line saying I can no longer do it. I mean, 20%, 25% of my audience was the wedding. And they completely had to stop everything they were doing. There was no weddings for the whole year because of coronavirus and this pandemic. And so I started teaching them how to make money in a different way, semi passively online. And all of these people got through the year making more than they had in the original business the year before. And so I think that's why suddenly I've become sort of a bit more well known for what I do. I think in a way the pandemic helped me show why it's needed. You can't put all your eggs in one basket. Oh,

Terra Bohlmann (09:29): Absolutely. And we, I think a lot of people saw that even with COVID it was like, you know, what's working now needs to shift up. And as long as you've got a goal, like I'm a big, I'm a psycho person about having a five-year plan. Gotta have a goal we know like in, was it 2015? No, one's five-year plan was 2020. Like we know that, but you know, you can, now you can get back on track. And so once you have that goal, it's like, okay, well the house just needs to shift. So if you're a coach, the one to one, or if you do, I did live workshops. That was, I did two live events a year, which is how I filled my pipeline and sold my stuff. It's like, I, you know, my goal didn't change, but my, how I had to. So I had to then move that to online.

Terra Bohlmann (10:14): So, you know, and same thing with, you know, the money goal that you have. Like if you can't reach that, then it's like, you have to tap into being different and you might as well make it a passive way, you know, which is really cool. So I love that. I there was something I was going to specifically ask you around. Oh, like on the passive side, you know, when I think used to think of passive income and you helped change, you know? Cause you're, you bust a lot of these myths. You've done a lot of thought reversal around what people think of passive income, because we always had all these, we'll just call them. I don't like to use the word slimy, but [inaudible] classic, like old school internet marketers that are like split up in the Ferrari's and they're like, look at me on the beach, making money and I'm doing nothing. Or my team's handling everything. And I'm just here collecting the money in my bank account, you know? So is that what you thought too? When you started

Lisa Johnson (11:12): Looking at the state? No one works on the beach. I work from all around the world. You'll never see me with a laptop on the beach. Nobody does it. It's uncomfortable. The sun is shining. No one does it, like if you think of how passive income used to be seen, it was mainly men. It was mainly standing in front of sports cars and it was just, there was no actual how to do anything. It was just sort of, I don't know, supplements and all of these different things and yeah, it doesn't have to be that way.

Terra Bohlmann (11:45): It was like a look at me. You can have what I have and like, look at my house, look it, you know, and that may work for some people, but definitely from a, and I know you're cause we, we come from a similar mastermind that I know attracts like a very heartfelt person. And when you're a heartfelt person who lives in alignment, I would never, ever, I can't imagine being like, look at my house, look at my car, look at my life. You want this? Okay, come work with me. I don't want the responsibility of expectations of people thinking they're going to get a big house. They're going to drive them fancy Mercedes like

Lisa Johnson (12:18): Whoa. And that just does not feel good to me. Those people get found out. They do get signed up. But also it's about integrity. If you actually think about why people want a passive or semi-passive income stream, it's rarely that they want to be flashy. It's rarely that they want to go like, look at me. What they want is to spend more time with their family. What they want is to be able to work from other places with their kids. What they want is just to just step back a little bit and become a CEO rather than becoming a really bad employed employee. It's all of those things. And people like the way that passive has been portrayed up to this point has never really shown that it's always shown that the glamor and the gloss and the crap really, instead of what you will rarely get out of it, which is, you know, don't put all your eggs in one basket, diversify your income streams. If we look at we've all heard, you know, like the average millionaire has such and such amount of income streams. I don't know whether it's five, seven or 10 these days, but whatever it is, it's more than one. And usually a lot of them have to be passive or semi-passive. And I mean, even

Terra Bohlmann (13:22): My husband and I mean, you know, we've hit that glorious number of net worth, right. That everyone wants. And it's like, but when we look back and we're like, okay, we, my business does decent. He's got a good corporate job, you know, we've invested well, but we also have rental incomes, a rental homes that we own that are passive income. Right. Like, yeah. And so we'll just continuing to add to that portfolio, but you know, and even for me, where I've gotten in my stage of business is I can still work one-on-one. And I do that for people who are in like my mastermind or in like a higher tier of my accelerator program. But like, you know, there needs to be something that I have that it can be more one to many. And that has been a big focus of mine this year as well. So what do you say to that woman? Who's like doing the hustle and grind and like the thought of we'll call it Lisa's new passive income model. Like the thought of that, like if she's making just maybe a couple thousand a month, the thought of going to 30,000 a month just seems so unattainable. What do you say?

Lisa Johnson (14:27): Yeah, it does. And it probably won't happen straight away. It's not a get rich quick scheme at the end of the day there's work to be done. But I think that most people who are entrepreneurs are already growing an audience of some kind for one-to-one anyway, it all starts with growing an audience like that has to happen. There's a lot of people that will just say, I do a course, get it out there. You can't do that. You need someone to sell it to. So, you know, you grow this audience. If you're growing an audience for one-to-one anyway, you may as well do some passive or semi-passive income streams and go from like, I dunno, two, 5,000 to more than that. If you think of it as leveraged income, so is no longer trading time for money. So if we trade time for money, let's say I'm doing a one-to-one.

Lisa Johnson (15:09): I can probably charge 20,000 for 10 hours work. Let's say with that one-to-one client. If I do, I have a course out there that goes over 10 months, I still have to do 10 hours because I deliver it live it's semi-passive. So I go on for one hour every month and I deliver it. Now you think that what book's already written because it's the seventh or eighth time I've done it for the presentations are already written. So I'm just going on and delivering. So it literally is 10 hours work. But for that 10 hours, depending on how many people you get into that course, you could make like three, 400,000 each time you do it. And you're also helping them because they can't afford to work with you. One-To-One not, everybody's going to be able to afford your one-to-one pricing, but they might be able to afford it a 10th of it or a 20th of it. And if you get enough people, you know, it's a volume thing, then you'll still make more than you would on want one anyway. And that's the same with memberships. That's why I teach memberships as well. Because even if you have a course or a group coaching model, there are going to be loads of people in your audience that can't afford that either. And that's like leaving money on the table. Like you mop all of that up into a membership. Yeah. I love that.

Terra Bohlmann (16:18): Like one thing I teach with my business map, you know, method or whatever is like, you have your signature program, your signature offer, right. And then you have an upsell and a down sell and you want to keep it really simple. So even for what Lisa said about, it's like, you'll have your main thing, which, you know, sounds like, you know, it could be a course, but I love the fact that what you do and how you're calling it semi-passive, which is beautiful because there's something about someone like me and I'm sure other women out there that it's like the idea of just having only a course that's put on, you know,

Lisa Johnson (16:51): Like on the internet. Yeah. Which is fine.

Terra Bohlmann (16:56): Like there is something like, I still want to show up for my people. And so like,

Lisa Johnson (17:01): Yes, I love that because I had it. I did have it on passive. All of my courses used to be just, you can buy it on the internet, go off and do it yourself. I'd wake up in the morning and they'd go. And the problem with that is we saw that people were either not getting to the end of the course or not getting the results. So we said, how about if we show up, they'll show up because there's some accountability there and they can ask that question. And over 80% more people got to the end of the course and started actually getting for me integrity wise, which is one of my biggest things you got to do, what's best for the client. And what's best for you. There has to be a pack. So all of my stuff is now, apart from things like my jewelry range and things like that is semi-passive.

Terra Bohlmann (17:44): So everyone listening, listen to what she's saying. So w cause I with this, and one of my core values is integrity as well. And this is such an aha from you know, someone who is going to sell you something and being of high integrity, because guess what? We actually care that you get the transformation that you paid us for, because if you're getting passive income, which is fantastic, like, like you said, the membership, the certain things or whatever, you know, if, if that's all people can afford, you might as well give them something for a couple of hundred bucks and let them do it. Cause discipline people are going to work it through and get the result. But if you actually want people to have that transformation and not just, you know, like I think of the bro marketers, and it's like, they're just all like to change, to change the channel. I don't. And they don't, they're not tied to your transformation. They're tied to the money. And I think there's something to be said for us, actually caring and saying, you know, yeah, this could be a hundred percent passive, but I want to show up for you once a week. Because if I show up for you, you're going to show up for you and you're gonna get the transformation. And I care about you. Like,

Lisa Johnson (18:52): That's huge. The thing with that, it is huge, but it's also a win for you as the marketer. Because with passive income, the first time you do a course, let's say a passive income stream of any kind. You're going to do the work as you go along. So that you're going to like this course, as you go along, it's going to take you some time. You get to put a lot of work in the second, third, fourth, fifth, six times is it becomes a lot more passive or semi-passive the only way you're going to get that second, third, fourth, fifth, six time is if the people have got results and they're going to sell it for you by shouting about you, by giving you testimonials right next, you get them those results. You're not going to have a passive income stream. You're going to have a one-off no one wants that.

Terra Bohlmann (19:30): We don't want to be a one hit wonder, and then it takes so much work then. Cause guess what? You got to go find the next thing. And then you're branded as the person's like, wait a minute. I thought she was, you know, somebody who talks about talking about money mindset, and now she's selling, you know, I don't know, dog training, like, I'm confused. Like, wait, what are you doing now? I thought you were doing this. Yeah. And I mean, and a little bit, every, every woman business owner I've ever met usually goes through a little bit of that at the beginning. So the faster you can get through your practice business and learn from it and get to it straight away, the more successful you're going to be. And this is the fast track woman podcast. So we want to go fast. I love that. So can you tell us, like, what are some of the examples of the clients you've worked with that? What kind of businesses have they created that are passive or

Lisa Johnson (20:23): So there's three ways that I kind of teach people to think about passive. So if you're sitting there like at home right now, and you're thinking I'd like a passive income stream, but I wouldn't even know where to start. First of all, think what is it you do in your normal business? So like, let's say you're an assertiveness coach or a branding person. You might go, well, there's two ways we can deal with that. If you're a branding person, you can either teach people how to themselves, because they can't afford your price and do a course on that. Or you could decide to teach people how to become you and become a branding designer. So that's the first way you can think of it. The second thing is to think, if you don't want to do anything to do with your business for a passive stream, what did you used to do?

Lisa Johnson (21:05): Like I have clients come to me and they go, I don't know what to do with my possible, like, what did you used to do in your job? And then I've had 15 years in PR and I'm like, okay, but you could probably teach people. They are. And if they're still nothing that, you know, customer service all sorts, but if there's still nothing there, think about your hobbies. So I have a client that started a membership because she likes the theater and we were like kids. We S we want to be around people who are like us, who liked the same things as us. So she started this membership for people that like the fair too. And then as she had this membership, she realized she could buy membership tickets and, and in book and sell them. She made 600,000 last year from this membership, even wall, you know, all the, all the theater shop that the, the community is what people stay in for.

Lisa Johnson (21:51): So it didn't matter. They were still there waiting for the theaters to open. And, you know, I've had branding designers do causes on branding. I've had Caribbean cooking. I've had someone that's a dating coach, do a course dating. And I think that their biggest issue for women that want to have passive income stream games is they don't believe they're an expert. They think that an extra is like a big girl, you know, that we see online, like the best and expert, the definition of an expert is actually the person that knows the most about a particular subject in an average route, not the internet or the world or your town or people in your Facebook group in an average room, we all know something, you know, all the expert on something. Now, every dream I could probably do a course on. And so could you potty training twins?

Lisa Johnson (22:40): Yes. We know things because we've done them. There'll be somebody else that wants the knowledge in your head. If you can turn that knowledge into a membership, of course, a group program or workshop, anything like that, an ebook even, you know, we think of tripwire. So I've been teaching tip wise for three years and I've never had my own because I'm too lazy to do it. So this year I got an ops manager and she said, you really ought to have a chip wire. Yeah. You're paying a few grand on ads per month. Now we got to seven figures with no ads. And then we were like, okay, I'm not going to be scared about it anymore. I'm going to do it.

Lisa Johnson (23:13): And we decided to put a trip wire and it was a tiny little thing, 49 pounds on there. I didn't think much would happen with it. We're making over a thousand every month, just on a trip. That's pure passive income. So if you've got like a sales funnel going out, you've got like your nurture sequence and your lead magnet and all of that kind of stuff. And you've got your funnel sorted and you're paying anything for Facebook ads. You need to be put the first way I do it is put a chip. I want a little ebook, whatever. You'll make money back that way. And that'll be your first passive income stream. So good. There it is. And it pays for your Facebook ads, which I love. It's awesome. So you have this a system called the cash system. Can you walk us through that?

Lisa Johnson (23:55): Would you mind spilling the beans? Yeah. Cool. I am very transparent when I put book. I'll tell you exactly how so love it. The cash system. What I realized was when I was adding passive income streams into my business, and I've learned from all these other people and all these books and all these courses, some things worked and some things really didn't. And so I decided to like work out what had worked for me every time, what was working for my clients and then do it over and over again, to see if it could just be kind of nearly formulaic. And we realized that it was working with a few tweaks. And so I trademarked it into the system, the cash system, which is C a S F eight. I really wanted it to just be CAS H but I could not shoehorn it in.

Lisa Johnson (24:38): So we have to S yeah, so, well, if you go through these five points, you will make passive income. So the first one is the seat that's client. Before thinking, I'm going to have a membership, I'm going to have a ebook or a course, or whatever thing who do I want to serve? Who is the client that I want to help just as you do for you, you know, we've all heard your hero, your client avatar, all of that in our businesses, exactly the same. And it might be a different person than your business. So who is that client know everything about them, and then go onto the, a in the cash system, which is audience grow an audience of those people that, that you just realized you wanted to serve and nurture that audience. So you can't just grow it using Facebook ads and let them sit there.

Lisa Johnson (25:23): You have to nurture them. They have to really get to know you. You want to grow a loyal audience so that you're not needing new people all the time. They'll buy from you over and over again. The first in the cash system is systems and structures. It used to be, the tech would be the reason people didn't do this. It's like, yeah, but the tech, the tech, the tech these days is easy. They've made it too easy for it. It's front facing, you know, you can get things like teachable, Kajabi think effect. There are so many places you can host courses and memberships. You can even just get a plugin for your website. If you're on WordPress, you can get MemberPress you're on Squarespace. You can get like member space. It it's easy. So decide where you're going to host it just by playing with a few things and seeing which one you like the most, they will do, like these free two weeks, and then work out how you're going to, like, if you're going to do a course, so you can do a membership, how you're going to do it.

Lisa Johnson (26:15): So with me, I love video. So I'm always going to do video. I expect you to do video too. And some people don't want to do video. They want to light. So they do workbooks things where they can just, you know, they don't have to be seen. And that's totally cool too. Some people like audio and then the next S is selling. And this is the part most people get wrong, which is launching the launch. Launching is a whole strategy in itself. You know, I teach launching that takes six to 12 weeks. So many go out there and say, well, I told my audience about my course, but no one bought it. How did you tell them what? I just told them? Like, no, no, no. Like we have wary buyers. These days buyers have been burned. You know, things change all the time with launching.

Lisa Johnson (26:55): So you've got to do a proper strategy for your launch. And then the H is what we were talking about earlier, which is keeping your clients happy, because you need them to be able to get the results. If they get the results, they're going to tell people about you. You're going to make more money the next time. And I have this course called one to many. And in it, we realize it's teaching passive income. And we realized like, in the first two times we did it. People weren't getting the results. People just not getting to the end. So we were like, why aren't they? We asked them, they didn't like the TAC. They're like, I can't do the sales funnel. I'm finding it really difficult. So if we want them to get results, we give them more support. So we gave them a completely done for you sales funnel, and then they got to the end and they got the results. So if you can see that they need something more at it, because the more, the more results you get, the bigger your business is going to get. It's as simple as that. Yeah. Those are the five steps.

Terra Bohlmann (27:48): Love that. The cash system, C a S S H. That's perfect. I mean, and it's, and it's so true. And what I've seen, cause I work with a ton of like high achievers. I E also perfectionist have it all together, whatever is, they'll get so caught up. And this was me like eight years, seven years ago, when I came out with my first course on how to outsource things in your business, it was called what I call it. What was the passport? Who, gosh, now I had like multiple names. I thought, you know, what if I just rebrand it then it'll it was just ahead of its time. It was when everyone started going through and doing work in the Philippines. So, you know, I had built the course and I was like, so like, okay, making sure it's branded right. And the tech and this and making sure it was all built out before I went and sold it. And that was so silly. And it was such a waste, but mindset wise, I wasn't there. Like I wasn't ready just to put it out there and quote unquote, launch ugly, which is what someone like me has to tell myself, I'm launching this. I'm going to just launch it, ugly, the best that I can, and then I'm gonna improve. And then the next time it will be prettier and then prettier. And that's how I have to like talk myself into anything.

Lisa Johnson (29:00): We know that money loves speed. So if we want to get something done, we've got to get it out. That we can't think about it for two years. And this is why I tell all of my clients, you don't write a single word of a course until you've sold it. There is nothing that's going to make you do it more, right. This costs more than making money from it. So even if the first time you have to do it once every two weeks instead of once a week. So that gives you time to write it. As you go along to a beat to version, do it that way. Then you've not wasted any time. I see so many people do these shiny videos and courses and take them and they put it out there and they will do this. Doesn't even want it. It's like crickets. Yeah, totally. And I mean the, my last

Terra Bohlmann (29:42): Round or first round that I did, it was just like a beta course. And when I talked to some of my clients who are like, Oh, but blah, blah, blah. I'm like, it's just a beta. It's just you. If you want an alpha, we can do an alpha then a beta. And then a course or whatever your offer, I don't teach necessarily courses and that kind of stuff. But it's like your signature offer, test it out, do a beta and get four or five people in it, you know, and then get the testimonials and then grow from there and then launch it bigger. And then you can go talk to Lisa official, teach you how to like, you know, make it more passive. So, but for me,

Lisa Johnson (30:16): Don't just sit there and do something, do something, do something, move. Yeah. Move. Because I like the way you, yes.

Terra Bohlmann (30:26): The way you said it is, is it money? Likes momentum.

Lisa Johnson (30:29): Yeah. Money loves speed. Speed. If you think of something, get it out. But I don't know. Yeah. I know I'm a big believer and I think

Terra Bohlmann (30:38): It was the big magic book by Elizabeth Gilbert. But it's like that whole concept of, if you have an idea that is like downloaded to you, I get all my good ideas in my shower. So it's like, boom. And then if I don't get out of the shower and do something with it, it's like that idea is going to go onto the next person. And I used to have friends that would be like, I have this idea and I'm sitting on it for a year. And then and then like someone else would launch it with the same name and everything. And they'd be like, cool.

Lisa Johnson (31:06): They stole my idea. I'm like, no, they didn't steal it. They did some, they got it. And you didn't do anything with it. So you can't be mad. And even if you get it a bit wrong, like the first time people launch, they often don't do that. Well. And so they give up, but actually your cheat is really about evaluating what you did, what worked and what didn't, and then doing it again with the things that you've learned by the third or fourth launch, you can have killed it. You know, it's going to be great. You have to be open to failing in some way. And I think that those entrepreneurs that are open to failing and learning from those failures, they're the ones that do really well.

Terra Bohlmann (31:43): And that's so true. And like in the time that we're recording this, I'm like in the midst of a challenge, I'm doing a free five day challenge. And I'll tell you what, like, it's not that I had it all figured out before I started it. It was a matter of doing it. And then understanding that, Oh my gosh, like I will show up for women all day long. I will show up for any woman more than I would even show up for myself. And so it's forces you to show up the same way she's saying, create the course or the program, the concept, right. And then build the audience or we know your first one was know who you want to serve. They see the clients. And then the aim is you gotta build that audience. So then when you go to launch the thing it's like, and you didn't have to have it. Perfect. You can build it as you go the first time. So it's like, and then record it and you're ready to go. And I think we over-complicate that. And I say, we, cause I totally over-complicated it like eight years ago. No judge.

Lisa Johnson (32:41): I think that to an extent, like we complicate business in general and it doesn't have everyone doing everything. So we think we need to do everything and we don't.

Terra Bohlmann (32:52): And once I decided, and it becomes one of these things that you got to work on, your mindset is a huge piece of everything. Right? And it's like, once you decide all of a sudden, it's like, I'm not comparing myself to her middle anymore. I'm going to run my own race. And that's all I've done. I really stopped following people who I quote unquote used to admire, you know, whatever it was like I stopped because it was just bringing up icky things for me. And I'm like, I'm just going to do me. Like

Lisa Johnson (33:18): The more I used was getting

Terra Bohlmann (33:19): Constant downloads and whatever around, you know, step into your uniqueness, just do you do go.

Lisa Johnson (33:27): Yeah. And the more you don't care, the more people are like, Oh my gosh, like you're so real. You're like, yeah, yeah. Hello. It's about that. Oh, I used to do this thing where I compared myself to people and it would make me feel bad. And then Amelia is the, every time I compare myself to someone who I feel envy on someone instead of feeling like, Oh, I don't like that. Oh, why has she got that? I want, now I know I can go for that. Yeah. Yeah.

Terra Bohlmann (33:52): And becomes a thank you for inspiring

Lisa Johnson (33:54): Me. It reframes.

Terra Bohlmann (33:57): Totally. And it took a long time for me to realize that I'm a slow learner in all of this stuff and you know, and I'm so, and I am, I can actually say I'm actually grateful for COVID that it, that was a lesson that I learned in. It was kind of like, okay, let's, let's rethink things. Cause I'm the, I'm the queen of like, you can be the queen of passive income. I'm the queen of making something more complicated for myself than it needs to be. So I'll like go down a path. And now I have to have like a, I have a system in my brain. That's programmed now. That says, okay, if this starts feeling heavy or starts falling too much, how can I make this so simple that I'll actually do it. And Oh, and so now I'm like, cause everyone, when you have a launch, right, you've, you've coached and been coached by planning. They have a million ideas on what you need to do. And then you start getting that overwhelm and you don't move and you delay the launch and all that kind of stuff. And it's like, now, Nope. I'm like, I love that. I'm gonna make a note of that. But for right now, I'm just doing this because this feels easy,

Lisa Johnson (35:01): Easy we'll actually do. And I definitely will do it your way. You know, nothing's cookie cutter out though. If there's a way that, you know, feels, and I'm not, we were in any way, but energetically aligned to how you are feeling. If you go into something really happy and not resentful you, of course, you're going to get better results. And if you go into something like, Oh, I don't even want to do this. You're not going to get those.

Terra Bohlmann (35:24): I love it. I love it. So moving into, so I have my last question for you. And as FedEx is coming to my house, which means my Aussie will do a sharp bark probably. But the one, you know,

Lisa Johnson (35:38): Before I ask my final question, I ask all the podcast guests, how can people get in touch with you if they want to learn more like, you know, and do you have something you can, can I do? So I have a quiz, a free quiz called the cash calculator. And that helps people realize if they're ready for passive income, like what they need to do to become ready. And it's a very personalized response. So if you just go to the cash calculator.com, you can get it that, but that's the easiest way to get in contact with me because you will then automatically go into my email less than half for me, that way I love it. And there's no better way to learn than to do the cash calculator.com. Right. And then see how she's doing it too. And I think that's really brilliant. And cause, you know, unlike like I know Lisa walks her talk, right.

Lisa Johnson (36:24): And that's a huge thing, so. Okay, cool. So Lisa Johnson, the cash calculator we had now known her as the passive income queen. My last question for you is it's called the name of the podcast is the fast track woman. So what is the advice that you have for the woman and her business right now? That is smart and she's got it together. And yet she's just feeling stuck and she thinks she should be further along in her business than she is. What advice do you have for her? If something you've experienced or something that really helped you go faster, like gave two things. There's two things that made a massive difference. The one is to stop giving a crap about what anybody else thinks. I really do believe that other people's opinions will not give you the lifestyle that you want. So to stop thinking about it.

Lisa Johnson (37:11): And that held me back for a long time. The second thing is like, you have to just stop. You might not feel ready for what you're going to do. But so like if you're just at the beginning of your business, start thinking now like a six figure business owner, even if you're nowhere near it, start making the decisions that a six figure business owner would make. It will make such a difference. When I wanted to get to seven figures, I was nowhere near ready, but I started putting myself in the position of somebody who was already that. So what decisions would they make about hiring? And they would then hire, even though I wasn't ready. And it always took me up to that next step. So stop thinking of yourself as like not ready. You're not sure why you're not where you are yet. And start thinking and believing you are already there and you will get Oh, good advice. I love it. That's awesome. Well, Lisa, it's been so fantastic having you on today. Thank you. Thank you so much. I truly appreciate you. Thank you.

Outro (38:07): And there you have it. Another jam packed episode of the fast-track woman podcast, don't forget to visit TerraBohlmann.com where you can get more business tips and strategies learn how we can work together to accelerate your business success or access this podcast. Episode show notes with a full transcript and links to resources mentioned today. And if you enjoyed this podcast, I invite you to leave a review so that we can help serve more women business owners like you until next time here's to owning your time and valuing your word.

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