Episode #33: How to Get More Visibility by Being a Podcast Guest with Kelly Glover

The Fast-Track Woman Podcast: Episode #33
How to Get More Visibility by Being a Podcast Guest with Kelly Glover

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 Meet Podcast Guest, Kelly Glover.

Kelly Glover is the CEO of The Talent Squad: a podcast booking and publicity agency, and has spent almost two decades working in media as a talent agent, radio host, podcast producer, and celebrity interviewer (I’m talking John Travolta and Joaquin Phoenix level). Her myriad experiences in media have allowed her to strategize like a marketer, act like a publicist, and teach entrepreneurs how to get more clients and build their brand.

 About this Podcast Episode.

Terra Bohlmann interviews powerhouse, Kelly Glover, who is the founder of The Talent Squad. Kelly specializes in booking podcast tours for entrepreneurs. She has a 20-year track record of working in media, which includes podcasting back in 2007 and hosting her own syndicated radio show. Kelly teaches you how to use podcast guesting as a way to strengthen your personal brand, gain massive credibility, and get instant authority. They discuss the benefits of being a guest on podcasts, how to know when and where to start, and all the things you need before you get booked on a podcast so that you maximize the experience. If you are ready to get more visibility for your business, you'll love this podcast episode.

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Announcer (00:02): Welcome to the fast track entrepreneur podcast with your host Terra Bohlmann. You are about to get filled with business strategies, advice, and motivation to get you prepared to fast track your five year plan in less than one year. So buckle up and let's create your first class business with clarity and confidence.

Terra Bohlmann (00:28): Welcome back to the fast track entrepreneur podcast. I'm your host Terra, and I'm a super excited to talk about our podcast episode today because we have a powerhouse woman who's going to teach us strategies on what we can do to get more visible in our business and who couldn't use some more visibility. Right? So let me introduce her and then I'll bring her on and we'll go from there. So I'm going to read her official bio because I love for women to sit back and just enjoy being introduced and just being, it's just a really cool feeling. So let me introduce to you our guest for today. Her name is Kelly Glover. And so Kelly books podcast tours for entrepreneurs so that they can build brand equity as the founder of The Talent Squad. Kelly is driven by the core belief that your personal brand is your most valuable asset.

Terra Bohlmann (01:19): Kelly is a natural Energizer obsessed with booking podcast interviews for her clients, enabling them to deliver incredible value to audiences, build relationships with hosts and increased credibility, authority, visibility and influence. In 2007 Kelly released her first podcast, but it wasn't until 2014 that she finally made the transition from commercial radio hosts to podcast guests, a booking agent. Then in 2017 Kelly was faced with a Jerry Maguire moment, which I want to learn more about for sure, and with just a, she had just a single client and one team member. She then launched her podcast, guest booking agency, the talent squad. Kelly splits her time between LA, New York and Sydney. So please join me in welcoming Kelly to the podcast. How are you doing Kelly? I'm great, thank you. It's a pleasure to be here. Tara, thank you so much. I'm so excited to talk to you.

Terra Bohlmann (02:22): So the first thing people are going to go is like, Oh, she's got an accent. Where are you calling from? I am in Sydney. Australia right now, but I actually went to college in Ohio, a high university. I'm a Bobcat in Los Angeles, lived in LA for a few years, lived in New York for a while. But yeah, the accent, it doesn't go away. It always sounds like this. So yes, I am. It's a major brand differentiator. I gotta say as you know, which we'll talk a little bit about branding when we're talking about how to get booked on podcast and why it's super important for women entrepreneurs to do that now. So I love it. I love it. I'm a fellow Midwest girl, was born and raised in central Illinois. So the fact that you went to school in Ohio, I went to a college called Bradley university in Peoria, Illinois.

Terra Bohlmann (03:13): And so I have no doubt that we have some of those same values because you can't not get them. Oh, the Midwest. Yeah, I feel that's definitely my allegiance. But let me tell you something funny about Australians, Idaho, Iowa, Ohio. My family, I went to college 20 years ago, still have no idea where it was. So it's quite funny then. We have no idea. We have no idea. It's great. It takes us, and I have a good number of clients now in Canada and I finally had to sit down and go, okay, I need to learn about the Canadian provinces, what cities are aware, what that looks like. I mean it's, it's kind of amazing how we just, you know, get in our own bubble. So that's like a, yeah, it's super relatable, that's for sure. Okay, so let's talk about podcast guest strategy and you know, to me, you know, will you share with everyone why, what are some benefits of doing podcast interviews?

Kelly Glover (04:13): Like what we're doing right now, that question is hard because there are so many. So I will say a few and then I'll just have to stop myself. Okay. So it's expert status. So that's all about or authority, credibility, reputation, being known, the influence. It strengthens your personal brand. So it's all about communicating your expertise and amplify your message. Another benefit is access to audiences. So those are niche and established audiences. They're curated, they're engaged audiences, so you get to speak with them pretty much. It's like speaking to somebody one to one instead of one to many because you're right in their ears. The other thing about podcasts that's beneficial is the relationship with the host. So it's high end networking. It's a one on one relationship, which also helps give you a warm introduction to the audience. So that is hugely beneficial. And there's also opportunities for cross promotion partnerships, referrals.

Kelly Glover (05:14): So with podcast guesting yes, it's about the audience, but it's also about the host as well. Another benefit is time. You get usually 30 to 60 minutes on a podcast all about you and your expertise and teaching people. Or as if you did a radio or TV interview that might be three minutes and or a blog post or a guest spot is a headline and however many words. But if you listen to a podcast interview on the way to the store, even if you pause it in the middle, 15 minutes there, 15 minutes back, you listen to the whole thing. So you can really expedite the know, like, and trust factor with podcasts pretty quickly. Because when people listen to you, they can, if they like you, they can tell if you know what you're talking about or if you're completely full of it. They're either going to like your energy or dislike it.

Kelly Glover (06:05): Either way they're putting themselves in, putting themselves out, which helps both of you. So I think that audio is a medium where you are able to be your real self. I know when we write what we write is different to how we speak as an expressive. We kind of write a little bit better than we are sometimes because we've got time to think about it and curated it. But when you speak it, that's who you really are. So I think it gets to your essence. And then also another benefit of being a podcast guest is the SEO. So you're able to inject keywords into the interview you do, which is likely to be transcribed or get in a show notes. So then that's going to show up in the search engines. So people may not find you through your website, they might find you through a podcast interview and get to you that way.

Kelly Glover (06:53): So it's all those little, I just think about them as gold pebbles that people can pick up along the way to find the trail to get to you. Yeah, yeah, yeah. No, I need this. We need more of those. Yeah. Every podcast is a little gold pebble on the trail to find you the giant golden nugget. The other thing is media experience. It helps you refine your message. It helps you practice your message and it helps you realize what's good, what's bad, what can be better, what to get rid of, what people are responding to. And then also it's, it's an active medium. People aren't going to accidentally listen to a podcast or go across it while they're looking at something they you or something that they're actively looking for a solution to a problem that they have, or they're already listening to a podcast that has an audience and they trust the person. And it's a warm introduction, so I'll cut it there. There's a few, there's a few. Phew.

Terra Bohlmann (07:52): Yeah, no, we're going to, we always do the show notes and we transcribe and we'd do all that stuff. So from an SEO standpoint like that makes me happy that I felt like we're checking the boxes here with a fast track entrepreneur podcast. Yes, but the biggest thing that I've seen too is when I've been a podcast guest is I've been a podcast guest on some podcasts like up to two years ago, and I still get leads from those podcasts. Those, the longevity of being on a podcast Chera it's the gift that keeps on giving. Totally. It is absolutely the gift. And you know something, again, I said I w I had to cut myself off because I get very excited, but don't forget about the repurposing element of it. This is content that you can turn into other content and a lot of it because every interview you do, and this isn't even your platform, it's not something you're creating.

Kelly Glover (08:46): This is why you're attending somebody else's party, right? You're accessing that audience, but then you can turn it into a blog post. You can pull quotes from it, you can get some audio. So you can take an awesome screenshot. You can do the pre promotion. Terra, maybe you said something genius. I can pull that and put it on a quote and put it on a picture of you. That's content of me highlighting you. That's me. Instagram, you can do a behind the scenes video, you can do a LinkedIn article, anything you can repurpose this interview and like you said, in perpetuity. So, and we love that because we want, yes, it's easy to do a podcast interview, especially when the podcast host has a system in place and then that's done. And but it just is that one to many experience, which is what exactly Kelly was talking about.

Terra Bohlmann (09:32): You can also refer people to it because if you're speaking to someone, you can be like, you know what? I did a podcast interview about that and I think this will really help you and here's Terra's podcast. Just click on this and listen to this. So then I'm referring them to you, but also showing my expertise of being on the podcast. And also you're answering, that's a lot more in depth than go and read this blog post, which I love blog posts. I do. But you're going to get a lot more information on that. You can also put in your email signature, you can put it in your newsletter, you can put the link on your website, you can put it into your press page. So, and that's every single interview. So if you do this as part of a strategy and do multiple interviews, imagine the repertoire you'll have at the end of six months, 90 days a year, whatever it is, whatever campaign you're doing.

Terra Bohlmann (10:23): And they all build on each other. So you'll do bigger podcasts, bigger podcasts, bigger podcast, bigger podcast. And then you can say, Oh yeah, well actually I was on this show. So then you've got evidence of you doing media. Exactly. And that is one thing you hear so often as well, how do I get booked on podcasts? Well you get booked on the first one and then you get booked on the next one. And then he used that one to get booked on the next. And it, it really is an easy way. You just have to get past any fear. You have to just do the first one. And that's it, and then it's less scary and less scary and less scary. So I love all these. So if we haven't convinced you that being a guest on a podcast is like, it's the best thing that you can do for your business.

Terra Bohlmann (11:06): It's super easy. It's a no brainer. Like she gave you a million reasons why visibility. It's SEO, it's content, it's leads, it's trust. Yep. A hundred percent and often, Oh, go ahead. I'm sorry. This Terra on this podcast there, she's on that podcast. There she is on that podcast. Oh, I've seen on a lot of plushies everywhere. Listen to one. Oh, I've listened to him. Let me listen to something else. Yeah, her message is consistent, but she's given me something in this episode to that episode, and then someone might listen to you on three or four podcasts. Read a blog poster. That's how you get people into the ecosystem and it's an express route for them to work with you because I don't know about you. I've hired people just from listening to them on one podcast because I'm like, yep, I get it. I get them.

Terra Bohlmann (11:53): I like them. I mean they know what they're talking about. I'm sold. Exactly. And a lot of times it's like, Oh, I don't want to give away my best stuff on the podcast. It's like give it away. Establish yourself as the expert because people don't want to do it themselves anyway. So yeah, that's perfect. That's my recommendation. Leave it all on the table. Don't hold it back. Cause people can tell that and they don't like it and it's going to do the opposite of what you want it to do. A hundred percent and I wonder even, they may be, they may not even be able to verbalize what it is, but they'll get that gut feeling of there's something about them that I don't like. And it's you holding yourself back. Yeah. Yes. A hundred percent and you know, and not giving your best stuff.

Terra Bohlmann (12:34): Like if it feels 90% salesy and 10% good content, you're going to be like, Oh that doesn't feel good. Like yeah, switch it. You know, you're never, you can't like talk about your IP enough. Right. Because yes. Right. So if something we, if we have an amazing conversation from this, and Kelly tells you step by step by step what to do. Yeah, you could hire her company to do it for you or you could go do it yourself. But at the end of the day, I have no doubt that she's like, cool if you went and did it yourself because that's what you want to do right now. Then she gets awesome karma for that and it's going to come back to her through additional clients for the talent squad in a different way. Like that's how all this stuff works, you know? So podcasting is a positioning play.

Terra Bohlmann (13:19): It's not about sales. People will lead you to believe. You go on a podcast, you get sales. That's not what it's about. It's about publicity. It's about positioning, it's about exposure. It's about giving, not asking. And when your counts, when you're doing the interview, and it counts when you're doing the pitching because it's actually not about you, it's about the value that you can bring the audience. So when you pitch a show, you actually not pitching the host, you're pitching the audience, and the host is the gatekeeper of the audience and you're not pitching yourself because, Hey, I want to come and talk on your show. I've got a book, I've got a service, I've got a product. So what? Who cares? No one. It's about, I see that your audience has this and are looking for this and could use this help to do this thing.

Terra Bohlmann (14:05): By the way, I'm the person that knows this stuff. Let me teach the audience so they can do something. That's what it's about. Exactly. So speaking of that, so if we have, you know, I work with a lot of super smart women that have been successful in the corporate world and they're now transitioning from the corporate world or starting their own thing, right? Or you know, I've worked with, I worked with plenty of women who are in that growth and leverage stage of her business as well, but maybe they haven't been on a podcast, but she's hearing this right now going, yes, I need to be on a pie. I need to be on a podcast. What's step one for her? What is, what's your step one? Okay, so step one, especially for women transitioning from the corporate world to doing their own show is personal branding.

Terra Bohlmann (14:53): So you need to go all the way back to the beginning because Hey, I want to get booked on a podcast is about step five or step six. You need to go back to the beginning and say, who am I speaking to and what do I want them to do as a result of listening to me on a podcast? And then it's doing a whip around going, okay, what's my message? What does my visuals look like? Do I have my headshots? Do I have my previous interviews? Is my website in order? Is my bio in order? Do I have my talking points in order? Because the first thing is someone who is a former podcast and radio producer is I'm going to cross check and verify. So even if you get through the email subject line, to me reading your pitch, to me it's a series of doors.

Terra Bohlmann (15:40): So even if you've got to get through that series of doors, so if you get the email open, you better have the stuff to back it up. Otherwise it's a no. And what a waste of that research to get to that. You're trying to get to the yes. So I wouldn't want you to waste all that with your LinkedIn still looking like you're in the corporate world when you're not anymore or your website. Maybe you don't even have a web presence or a website and you, so you need to have that ready. You don't need to be Oprah, but you need to have something. So I can cross check and verify and know exactly where you stand. And it needs to be consistent and it needs to be congruent. So having that personal brand in place is absolutely key. And if you want to be a guest on podcasts, great.

Terra Bohlmann (16:22): But instead of jumping to that, I'd make sure you have these ducks in a row. So when you get to that point, you're ready. You can get your research and pitch lists in order, but have all the other stuff ready. And if you are coming from that corporate world, it's not difficult. It's just time and it's just getting the list and it's just doing all the things. So it's that LinkedIn, it's that Instagram, it's that messaging, it's having your positioning in place, it's having your headshots ready, all those things. So an online press kit, a media sheet, and getting those initial interviews as evidence so people have something to look at to prove who you are, who are you prove it. Exactly. And when you had said on a really key point around having your messaging in order, right? So it's like, you know, if you go to someone who's an experienced podcast guest, right?

Terra Bohlmann (17:12): Like they'll have a media page on their website or a bio or something that literally is like, here's the things I speak on and here's the points I make and here's even some sample questions that you can ask me. So you make, you want to make it really easy for the podcast hosts. And I think when that happens, it's like, it just amplifies the whole experience for both the audience and the guest and the host. It's just, it's a win win. So I love that. So with the personal brand, there's who you think you are, who you say you are, who you actually are, and how people perceive you. You have no control how people perceive you. You only have control over what you put out there. And if people are going into this new space, then you might have to generate some content for people to have something to look at, especially if you've been under somebody else's umbrella because now you have to make your own umbrella and just push that out there.

Terra Bohlmann (18:06): So I think that's really important to have that ready. So true. And so oftentimes it's like, especially coming out of the corporate world, I mean I came out of the corporate consulting world as well as a lot of my clients and most of them have and at some level worked in the corporate environment. And what is the struggle is when you're going to develop, okay, I want to be on podcasts. Okay? But first, you know, Kelly, stay in step one. We got to develop that personal brand and get all your ducks in a row. So you walk the talk and you know they're going to cross check you and all that kind of stuff. So it's like we want to have that in place, but you also need to know where you stand in your messaging that you're just not being a recorder of what you were in the corporate world.

Terra Bohlmann (18:50): Like that's what's cool about being on a podcast and having a personal brand is you can be polarizing. It's okay, love you or they're going to hate you. That's okay. Better. It's better because same is boring. And just something else on that is you already have a personal brand like it or not. It's either you're active in it, you're branding yourself or someone else's branding you. So it is really about unpacking your personal brand because it already exists and then communicating it. So it's just a bit of self awareness and being like, who am I? Okay, well who am I really and what do I actually want to do? Because, especially if you've been under that corporate umbrella for a long time, you're venturing out on your own, possibly for the first time, or you've kind of been having the dip the toe in the water and now you need to jump off that cliff.

Terra Bohlmann (19:39): So it's what do I stand for? Who am I? What do I believe? What do I stand for? Who am I talking to and what am I teaching them? So it's just asking yourself these questions, but then it's like going deep and thinking about it because when you personal brand, it's from the inside out. And so many people go from the outside in and it's almost like having a photo that you just can't live up to. That's Instagram. That's not what it's about. It's something, but it doesn't mean it can't be changed. It's not set in stone. It's in wet cement. So think about it that way. And it's not an oil painting, it's a Polaroid. So when you think about it that way, it changes everything. And really podcasting is all about your personal brand and it's just vocalizing it and getting it out there to the right people.

Terra Bohlmann (20:25): Yes. And, and I'm the girl, I've been doing this, I've been business coaching for almost a decade now. I can't even believe it. And when I first started out, and it wasn't until I really got comfortable with putting my stake in the ground and saying, this is what I stand for and this is what I don't stand for and wasting. And maybe it wasn't, it was a waste, but it also was a learning experience. Like every dollar we spend, you know, when I invested in my own personal brand, like it was like 10 grand, right. You know, had somebody help me do it. And then I looked like, what was a me too brand? So it would be, there's tariffs sitting at the desk in the coffee shop with the computer and I'm like, Oh my gosh, like I don't even work in a coffee shop.

Terra Bohlmann (21:06): It would be too loud. And it felt so opposite. So then that was me building it from, would you say the outside in instead of the inside out. And once I did that it was like Whoa, it was a game changer. So she's a hundred percent right on this, all these tips and just save tons of money and stress and time and just do it this way. And it's not just about images. A lot of people think it's about images and logo. It's about what you say, how you say it, who you say it to when you say it, where you say it. And so am I at a rave at 2:00 AM in the morning getting a photo of that or am I in the gardening and my gardening gloves on my knees in dirt in, you know like that is a part of your brand as well.

Terra Bohlmann (21:49): So it's not just the visual and imagery and the color palette, it's everything you do where you show up. Am I speaking at conferences or am I at home playing with my dog? Like either way it's fine. It's just whatever it is. And it's representing you and the way that you are represented. So again, and that's why podcasts are pretty great because you can tell I am my brand, my brand is me, there is no difference. It's just a representation. And right now you're either getting a video representation if you're watching this that way or you're getting an audio representation, but it's even in the speed that I'm speaking, that is your brand and thinking about it and scientific or you are you excited and can't think of the next word. And you know what I mean? That's all your brain like everything is your brand.

Terra Bohlmann (22:35): It's so exciting. I just love it. It's so cool. Cause like I do a lot of live events and so the craziest thing is, and I go to live events cause I just enjoy them. And you know the craziest thing is when you, you know, you have your mental vision of what a somebody's personal brand is because it's what you see on Instagram. It's what you see online. It's whatever, whatever, it's what they want you to see. And then you meet them in person and you're like, Oh that's totally not like, that's, that's you. I didn't, you know, and it's like I can't reconcile that. Right? So it's like I love the tip of just be who you are both in your business and in real life. It just makes everything easier. You never have to suffer from imposter syndrome, which is a huge thing women suffer from and Oh, huge, huge tip.

Terra Bohlmann (23:23): And it will change. So I used to be a plus size blogger. I used to be 335 pounds. I had weight loss surgery. I'm now, I didn't even know what the weight is. I lost 200 pounds. I had to change my brand. That's how I know all about this because I had no choice. Everything changed for me. So things will change. It's also not something that you have to decide on and that's it. And that's what you have to live up to and you have to look like that and be that and do that every day. It can change. And every podcast interview that you do is a chance. Is it new? It's a fresh new slate. It's a new audience. You can try things and you can change things. It's almost like a B testing, but it's a testing B testing, seed testing, D testing.

Terra Bohlmann (24:04): You can change it every time for every audience. And it's almost like a testing ground. What works, what doesn't, what lands, what doesn't, what audiences. It's amazing. So I think personal branding and podcasts go hand in hand and if you want to be on podcast, great can you pitch them and get on them? But I'm just inviting you to consider this first because in the hundreds of people and thousands probably that I've spoken to, this is the bit that's missing that would really change their life, their business, their media impact I think. And just the trajectory. Absolutely. And I know like this is the fast track entrepreneur podcast, so anything to help women go faster and these are all great secrets that are going to help you do that. So develop that personal brand first, get really clear on what you stand for in your messaging and then get booked on podcasts.

Terra Bohlmann (25:00): And like she said, I think she called it AB testing. We split testing or really what that means and non-techie terms, right? Is just you can practice what works and the find the things that do work. I. E. How do we measure that? We're going to, I can't live, I said E but we're going to get leads from that. Right? You get hits on your website, you got to have something to move people to and maybe that's something you can talk about as well when we're wrapping up here is like, you know, so being on a podcast is one thing, but converting it into a viable lead is another. What are some things that women need to do better to get more impact from a podcast? Yeah, and I just want to touch on something that really resonated with me that you said Terra, which was you were talking about fast track.

Terra Bohlmann (25:43): You know what the thing about the fast track is you're learning from somebody else's mistakes that they've spent 20 years to tell you that. Like everything I'm telling you now has taken me years to learn. You've gotten this in, what, half an hour it's taken me all those years. That's you to somebody else. So there's stuff that you will know that you get on a podcast for 30 minutes and what you're doing to them is your fast tracking them to their success. So your years of treasury and learnings is somebody else's fast track. So make sure that you share that but also benefit from it. So, and then you asked about leads on the other side and the best way to benefit from that, I would say it's you need to nail the interview because having the personal brand great, landing the interview, great. Then you've got the interview great.

Terra Bohlmann (26:35): But you need to do the prep work to now that interview to get it right for the audience to get your stories right, to get your messaging bright. And then you've got to promote it. So make the most of the time that you've got when it's live to tape, like always be camera ready no matter what. Even if they tell you it's audio only because the likeliness is that the host is going to do a little chat with you beforehand. And to me that's an opportunity. That's an opportunity for a screenshot to share on social media to pre promote, Hey, I've just recorded this awesome podcast and that's a gift to the host telling their audience about you. Cause you can tag them. It's telling your audience that you're doing stuff. So that's all about visibility. It's about pre-programming people to go on the show.

Terra Bohlmann (27:19): And then once it's on there, it's doing your bit as the guest to share it on the other side and then put it in your, I use a Gora pulse but there's whatever the scheduling thing that you can do is, and then keep it rolling out there across multiple platforms. So it's about getting the right audience, nailing your message, having a great relationship with the host, giving all the good bits and nailing that interview, pre promoting it and then sharing it after. Yes. And then it's like, it's also about having something of value to take people who are like, I'm obsessed with Kelly Glover right now. Like where can I learn more? Right? And I'm going to ask her that question cause I ask all my guests that question. You're getting a little behind the scenes sneak peek here, but it's like having something of value to be able to provide the audience to learn more.

Terra Bohlmann (28:06): Right? So not just go to my website, but I have no doubt there's going to be some great gift that Kelly can give us. Right? And you know, and I had to get really clear on what my freebie gift is going to be as well. So we want to continue that relationship with whatever listener resonates with. I need to be on podcast, I need to learn more about this personal branding stuff, right? So it's taken at that next step. So that being said, where can people learn more about you, Kelly? So the talent squad.com and the trick with that is yes there are, you know, lead magnets, let's be real. That's what it all is and you can find all about me and it's resources and whatever you want to do. But the trick with that is with podcasts, they are evergreen. So if you're listening to this within a week, within a month, within a year, within four years, that could change.

Terra Bohlmann (29:00): So if you go to the website, you're going to see whatever is relevant at that time. Instead of saying a lead magnet that is out of date now. So I always suggest when you do a podcast interview, just to give one call to action, whatever it is, but just know podcasts are evergreen. So you need to think if someone catches this in five years time, is it still going to be relevant? So today I'm just going to say the talent squad.com I have other websites I do, I have Kelly Glover, Instagram, and all these things, but then your brain just goes, Whoa, Whoa, Whoa.

Terra Bohlmann (29:35): I don't want to be confused. One thing that if you're making the dinner, if you're on a jog, if you're in the car, if you're, whatever you're doing that you're going to remember and it's likely the name of your business or your name a hundred percent great tip. And you are the only person I've ever heard speak of that, right? Usually it's like give something specific, move them into a funnel, sell something, that kind of stuff. But really the advice she just gave is really, really smart because it is evergreen and it's on brand for me as well because I'm not all about tricking you or whatever. Like if you like me, come to my website, check out tons of resources. If you go to the blog, you can find all these blogs and dot points like you can see, I think in dot points and how to, and here's the thing and here's how to do the thing.

Terra Bohlmann (30:23): So if you want to learn to do stuff, great. If you want to work with me, great. If you don't have the budget and want to DIY, do that, whatever you want to do, I will. And the thing about podcasts and the fast track is you will help people, you will never meet and you will change people's lives and you will never know how you're doing it. And I'm confident in myself and what I do that I know that will happen. So I'm happy to help people and change your life in whatever little way that is. So you get that little gold pebble to drop and that is fine with me and isn't there no greater thing than you know, somebody getting value from you. And we've been doing this long enough, you know, and it's like, and then you meet them later, so maybe it's five years later and they like come up to you at event or you know, meet you on a masterclass or whatever and just let you know, Hey, that advice you gave me changed everything.

Terra Bohlmann (31:16): Well, it's like the addiction of why I do what I do. It's just like, Oh, that feeling of being able to help and give back. So that's a beautiful advice. I'm going to do a quick photo like we talked about. We're going to do cheese. Okay, we're going to do it G. Okay. So we did the photo so I can post it on my Instagram and tag her. And then two more questions for you. So at the beginning you had said, you know, I read your bio, you had the Jerry McGuire moment right? Can you talk? I don't, I gotta close that loop because I know I work with a lot of women that are like, wait a minute, I got to hear about this because you promise me. And then I have one final question for you before we get off, but can you tell us about the Jerry Maguire moment?

Terra Bohlmann (31:54): Yeah. So I was working for a podcast agency. I'd come back to Australia for weight loss surgery and I'd started doing some contract work as a pro podcast producer. So what happened was the agency that I was working for decided to take their people on, what do you call like put them in house on payroll instead of contractors in America. And I was back in Sydney and the producing job ended and I was like, what am I going to do here? And I realized I was reliant on other people. So I'm like, fine, I'm just going to start my own agency. So I started my, and I had one client and then later I realized, I'm like, this is buddy Jerry Maguire. So I was an agent with one client and staff member and I started from scratch after leaving an agency and another job happening.

Terra Bohlmann (32:45): And then I built it from there. So that was my Jerry Maguire. I didn't have the show me the money moment, but yeah. And it was years later that I went, Oh one staff member, one client. Oh my God, I'm Jerry Maguire. You're the female version of Jerry McGuire. Yeah. And I love it because you're pitching people in agenting right? So it was exactly that. That's so crazy. And it's so true. And we all start with one and then we get the one, maybe VA virtual assistant or the one assistant that helps, you know, and maybe it's probably contract because we don't want to invest in that full time. And then, and then from that then you maybe get a few more and then you get to hire your first and then your third and then, and that's how scaling works, right, is just starting somewhere and the no safety net jump thing.

Terra Bohlmann (33:32): So I know a lot of your audience are going from corporate into their own thing. And it's scary. So you're like, I have no clients or I have one client and that's it. And my may never get another client and I'm going to mulch my business without having done anything at the next podcast event. And it worked. And here I am. So it can be done. It can be done. Absolutely. So. Awesome. So, okay, before we wrap up, let me ask you this question is so if there was going to be a made for TV movie about the life of Kelly Glover, what actress would play you? Rebel Wilson. Rebel Wilson. And she was so like quick on it. Yeah. Okay. Yeah, she's outspoken and just hilarious and yeah. Oh my gosh, that was awesome. No, usually I get women who like really thinking about it and that's usually like a blend.

Terra Bohlmann (34:28): It's a little bit of Gwyneth Paltrow and so and so. So yeah, when I was a plus size blogger, I did a project called 50 fat dates and I had already decided that rebel Wilson would play me in the movie. Oh, you already decided, Oh my gosh. And then someday, this podcast host named Terra and Houston, Texas asked you, I love it. Yeah, so I've been preparing for that question. My child left here. Love it. I love it. Thank you so much. So once again, go learn more. Go connect more. Go to the talent squad.com and Kelly, it was such an amazing opportunity to just chat with you. Thank you so much for getting up at the crack of Dawn before the sun comes up in Australia to talk to us today. Thank you. It's been a pleasure and I don't mind saying I've a very big girl crush on you and I think you're amazing. I think you was so amazing and you are the fast track, so thanks for doing what you're doing. You will know who you're helping, but I'm sure you don't. There are people that you don't know that you're helping as well, which is the secret. Thank you. And same back to you. So take care. All right, well thanks Kelly. Bye.

Announcer (35:38): There you have it. Another episode packed full of strategies and motivation that you can use every day to put your business on. The fast track for a podcast recap and more resources, visit TerraBohlmann.com don't forget, subscribe to the podcast and get what you need to help fast track your five year

Announcer (35:58): Business plan.

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