Episode #32 How to Create Your 5-Year Plan + Fast-Track Your Success with Terra Bohlmann

The Fast-Track Woman Podcast: Episode #32
How to Create Your 5-Year Plan + Fast-Track Your Success
with Terra Bohlmann

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 Meet Podcast Host + Business Strategist, Terra Bohlmann.

Terra Bohlmann in a business strategist who helps female entrepreneurs accomplish in one year what would normally take five-years. As the creator of The Business Map Method™, she has crafted over a hundred custom business models for clients who have gone on to build six and seven-figure businesses.

Through her speaking, training, coaching, and live events production, she's impacted thousands of female entrepreneurs across the United States and Canada. Terra has been featured in publications and podcasts including Forbes, The Huffington Post, and The Sigrun Show. She's also the host of The Fast-Track Entrepreneur Podcast with Terra Bohlmann.

She lives in Houston, Texas with her husband, three boys, and spoiled rescue dog and cat. Terra's forthcoming book, The Fast-Track Entrepreneur: Create Your First Class Business with Clarity and Confidence, is due out in 2021.

 About this Podcast Episode.

In this episode, Terra Bohlmann breaks down what it takes to create a 5-year plan for your business that feels do-able. If you are craving more clarity in your business success, it all starts with a plan. She shares why it's important to have a 5-year plan and the how-to's to create yours so that you are building the lifestyle you want to live. She walks you through how to go from where you are now in your business to where you want to be. Terra provides a free downloadable workbook you can use as a tool to guide you in the creation of your own 5-year plan called DESTINATION SUCCESS available on her website at TerraBohlmann.com/workbook.

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Announcer (00:02):
Welcome to the fast track entrepreneur podcast with your host Terra Bohlmann, you are about to get filled with business strategies, advice and motivation to get you prepared to fast track your five year plan in less than one year. So buckle up and let's create your first class business with clarity and confidence.

Terra Bohlmann (00:29):
Hello. So excited to bring you today's episode, which is all about my favorite thing in the world, which is planning. So you may have heard me talk about maps. I'm all map, map, map. I map everything mapped to me as a plan, right? So I talk about business maps and business maps are the output of working through my method, which is the business map method. And it's a step by step, how to guide to run your business from start to finish, right? And in the main areas, there are six areas at that when you build them strategically in the right way, and you put these strategies in place, the clarity that comes from having a plan is huge. So once you go through that process, then my clients create their business map, right? And then I review it with them and all that kind of stuff.

Terra Bohlmann (01:26):
So from a business map perspective, that really is your entire business strategy with the how tos and the, what you're going to do and getting all that beautiful stuff out of your head and onto paper and the paper being your business map. Right? So, and it ends up being anywhere I've seen from a 45 to 55 page branded document that you could literally hand over to somebody on your team. And they would know exactly what your business is about how to run it, what you sell, all the stuff that you would have to sit down and usually tell people one on one, or sometimes you don't know, right? So the whole point of doing a map is to fill in the blanks. And when you fill in the gaps, clarity comes from that. So I believe more than anything in the world. If you want to fast track your business success, it starts with a plan.

Terra Bohlmann (02:23):
I believe you can use tools like affirmations and manifestation and all of that kind of stuff to help fast track the plan, because it goes faster when you actually have a plan. So I am going to talk today about how to map out your five year plan so that you can guarantee smooth skies going forward. Like that little play on the whole airline thing. If you haven't noticed my brand is all about travel because for me, traveling is like breathing. If I can't go somewhere once a month, even if it's to a road trip an hour away, just to see something new, I literally feel like I can't breathe. So travel to me is my oxygen mask. And, you know, and from time to time, you know, when I start feeling restless and whatnot, my inner nomad kicks in and we must go, which is why I have the mastermind where we travel and do great things at least three times a year.

Terra Bohlmann (03:23):
And I'm in a mastermind. Like it's just important for me to experience other places in the world, even if it feels like it's just outside of my backyard. I wish I could go to Fiji every month, but that's not necessarily the case. So I want to talk about what I feel will really serve you around having a plan and why five years. Right? So, you know, a five year plan to me feels like far enough away, but yet still doable. I myself, can't see very clearly past five year plan, like five years. So five years is something I can put my head around a little bit easier. And I think most entrepreneurs can, when I was in the corporate world, corporations tend to plan out they have a longterm strategy, but then they have a three, usually a three year plan. And I just felt like three years.

Terra Bohlmann (04:15):
It goes pretty quick. And there's probably logic behind why corporations have a three year plan, right? Most of the time executive leadership there, it's normal for them to minimum be in a role for three years. That type of thing for us as women entrepreneurs, you know, we want to think in terms of at least five years, and I'll give you some hints on how to do that. If you feel like five years, like I don't tear out, I don't even know what I'm doing tomorrow. You know, like I'll give you some, some prompts and some things that you can do to really put this in place as, as well as I have a free workbook on my website that you can go to any time it's just TerraBohlmann.com/workbook, or it's right on my home page. I try to put it everywhere. It is like my number one thing that I work with all my private clients on, if they hadn't filled it out for free on the workbook, they do it as our step one so that we get on the same page.

Terra Bohlmann (05:07):
So five year plan. So why a five year plan? Well, I can tell you based on statistics and things and research and all that kind of stuff is having a five year plan will double your chance of success double. And as an entrepreneur, like I'll take that. I will take doubling my chance for success because so often small businesses fail, right? You probably have seen the statistics. I don't need to rehash those. It gets really depressing to actually read them and understand them. My heart goes out for people who start businesses and they do it with all the right intentions and the excitement. I see it all the time when I work with startups, like there's just a passion and it's almost like an instant, it's an optimistic view of how things are going to be. And I say that because I, you know, this isn't my first business.

Terra Bohlmann (06:01):
I had a retail store for three little over three years and my hometown and I put everything into that store. And I was one of these hopelessly optimistic entrepreneurs that was starting a, like a gift store, art gallery and not a new area of town that I was sold on that was going to just bring so much traffic and this and that. And while it was okay, like we did about a million dollars a year, you know, it just didn't mean that there was tons of profit to be, you know, to have. So, you know, after doing it for a few years, I just, well, it fell fun. I was really starting to resent things like Christmas, others day because the store would be so bad, busy, but then in January and February and March and the summer, like it was, it was really slow.

Terra Bohlmann (06:53):
It was a cash flow kind of nightmare actually. Cause we did most of our sales. Yeah. October, November, December, which means I had like 12 plus employees he's working there. We were open mall hours. I had a little baby at home. I'm trying to balance that with my husband had a new job, you know, and it was a lot and I just didn't see it progressing to anything. And I'm an overachiever. And I felt like I had hit the peak and it was, I foresaw it not getting better. So I knew that was a good time to have an exit strategy. And that's when I, and I went back into consulting. So I've been there and you know, so the optimism we have as startups, it's, it's amazing. And like, I love working with startups because I just, that renewed energy gets me excited about business again.

Terra Bohlmann (07:42):
And then I have clients who are in the growth phase and they're like still excited. They're making some money. It's, you know, there feels like a bit of a grind they're meeting to put systems in place. They're in this growth of like, wow, this is harder than I thought. Of course it took longer than I thought. And some days I'm so productive and other days I just want to lay in bed. Like there's just, you know, new level of opportunities and a new level of challenge just that comes in the growth phase. When you're in startup, you want to be in growth, right? Because you're making money, you're getting some help. You're getting more clarity, but a lot of people stay in the growth stage for awhile. Right. And then I work with clients who are past the growth stage and they're in the scale stage.

Terra Bohlmann (08:32):
And what that means is, you know, they're making plenty of money, but really their struggle is time. Right? So that's there the client that we've put a lot of systems in place, we've got to go backwards to get some clarity on stuff, things, and we're really focusing on team and leadership and that kind of stuff. Money's not the issue that tends to be the issue in startup and growth. Right. And the growth people look at the scale people and they're like, yeah, I want that. But they again have their new set of challenges. So when we think in terms of creating a five year plan, you also want to think about in five years, cheers, what level are you going to be at? And I use level because I feel like we're in a generation now that really understands. I said, we need to level up.

Terra Bohlmann (09:19):
Right. I personally feel like I'm being called to level up, even in my own leadership to women and whatnot, you know, when you feel you're being called up and that could just be, I had to leave my corporate job because I'm feeling called to do something else. Like, you know, we know when we're being called up and it's, it feels purposeful. It feels like we don't have a choice to not step into that. And we're doing it probably scared in a lot of cases. So when you're feeling called up to me, the first thing you could do is when you say yes to making those, and I'm a baby stuffer, when you make those baby steps to go to the next level, you want to think in terms of what's the plan. So when you're thinking about your five year plan, understand what level you're at now, are you at a startup level, maybe you haven't even started at all and you just want to be in startup, you know?

Terra Bohlmann (10:15):
And then there's from startup into the growth world where you just want to be making some money. You want to have doing the things and serving clients and doing the marketing and, you know, and, and that you want to be in that kind of rinse and repeat world, right? And then, then if that's where you are now, then your next level is to move into the scale scale arena, which is like, you know, how do I get my time back? How do I put people in place? I care about my company, as much as me, you know, that, how do I step into leadership more? How can I make bigger impact? How can I help my company run itself more? So understand where you are now. And if in five years, if you want to be at a new cause, some people may not. Right, right.

Terra Bohlmann (11:00):
Some people are totally fine staying in the growth stage. And they're totally fine with what that looks and feels like and paying themselves a comfortable salary and having a business that really is in alignment with the lifestyle they want to live. And that's fine too. So we want to understand where you are now and where you want to go, because that's going to double your chance for success when you take the time to think about it and put it onto paper. So in the destination success five year plan that I have, it's beautifully laid out. And there's a space for you to type in, you know, all the answers to the questions and the things that I'm going to talk about on this podcast episode. So you have that resource available. It's free, download it, enjoy it. I created it for you. It's the step one.

Terra Bohlmann (11:52):
Right? So the first thing we need to think about is where are you today? And we need to be realistic and not let your mind play tricks on you on the reality of where you are today. I'm not here to be gloom and doom. That is not it at all. I want you to just be honest with yourself. And I say that because oftentimes I've given talks at women's events and whatnot. And I, you know, at times I've done like workshop style, anyone who's ever seen me speak knows that like having workbooks and worksheets and whatnot, it's kind of my jam because I believe you can give people information, but if they don't have a way to apply that information, they're learning, they are going to not get the result they want. So I like to give a, some sort of medium so that they can apply that to themselves.

Terra Bohlmann (12:46):
And that's why I do workbooks and worksheets and all that kind of stuff. So we, and what I found was when I would have them do an assessment, Oh, like a, where are you assessment in your business? I would have them do it. And I made it like, I totally got inspired when I had to take my son to the doctor and on it, they had what's your pain level. And, you know, they had the, like the sadness I think it started with that happy phase. And then it went to more of a neutral face and then a, you know, a sad face and then a crying face. Like they had it just very easily visual. Like you knew where your pain was based on this emoticon, emoji like a face emoji. And that's how kids can go. You know, I can't tell you from a zero to five where my pain level is, but I know looking at that I'm hurting.

Terra Bohlmann (13:39):
Like I have a tear going down my eyes. Right. And they can point to that. So that then the doctor and the nurses can then assess that to make it, make them more comfortable. Right. And so I kind of taken that as inspiration to create an assessment on where you are in your business today. And so oftentimes I would do a talk and I had that and I had questions and I'm like, all right, let's take five minutes right now and let's rate yourself. And so when we would go and circle and do all the things to fill out the workbook or the worksheet, and then I'd go, okay, cool. Now flip it over. Cause you'll notice there's the exact same questions and the exact same basis. Right? I want you to now let's, we're going to talk about how your mind will play tricks on you.

Terra Bohlmann (14:25):
And a lot of the times we want to show up and be seen as bigger than the reality of where we are. And it's not until you get real with yourself on where you are right now that you can't get to where you want to be until you're true with yourself. So I would say, okay, now let's let me ask you that question. Again, being honest with yourself, not knowing that, you know, you need to do, but in honest to God reality today, if you were being graded and measured on successfully doing something in your business or have done something where you feel you are with being extremely confident about your messaging, right. Are you super happy with it or do you feel like use some improvement? Like, and I had all these questions, different areas of business. And I would say, let's take five minutes again and let's get real.

Terra Bohlmann (15:23):
And I want you to write, really get into that vulnerable space. So when you're thinking through, where are you now? It needs to be not where you think you need to be, but where you really are. And then they would do it again. And then it never failed. I never had a woman that answered exactly the same, because it's just not how we're wired. And what I do know is when you do get vulnerable with where you are now, and then you're opening up space just to get the help that you need to move further on the continuum to move in the right direction. Yeah. So that you can go from, I'm a really like, no, I'm a two, I'm a two in this area, but I know I want to get to a five and, but we have to be real with where we are now.

Terra Bohlmann (16:09):
Anyway. So that is the first thing our brains will play tricks on us because we're like, Oh, I know that. Oh, and I work with tons of smart women. So it's like, yep. I know that. Yup. Oh, I learned that in MBA school. Yep. Yep. And it's like knowing it's one thing and applying it and making it relevant and your business and totally different. So that's the first thing is to understand where you are now. And to be honest with yourself. So the five year plan, which is what I'm obsessed with is it may not feel like a long time, or it may really feel like a long time and three holidays. It's not really that long. And I have people that complete the desks, success workbook, little go. Yeah, it's really not that that long. And you know, there's, to me, I've worked with two camps of women entrepreneurs.

Terra Bohlmann (16:58):
So, and when I say camps, they're either like, this is what they are passionate about. They're either crazy passionate about planning or they're like, I don't plan. I don't do that, Terra. Nope. Not my thing. They've maybe bought planners, but don't fill them in. And then I have clients who literally have their planners like daily. Like that's just their thing. But no matter what camp you are, if you're a planner or a, not a planner, you'll find that value and going through the exercise to complete your five-year plan. And I just invite you to get into a quiet space so that you can think about the most important thing in your life, which really becomes where do you want to be five years from now and not just your business, but also your life too. And that is you. You are the most important thing in your life.

Terra Bohlmann (17:47):
And if we don't take to declare what you want, where you are now, where you want to go, then it's a heck of a lot harder to get the clarity that you want in your business. So I did some research and according to the research, by the university of Scranton, 92% of people don't achieve their goals. 92% of people don't achieve their goals. And what I know for sure is going through a process like creating your five year plan will significantly increase your success because I want you to be part of the 8% of people that actually do reach their goals, right? So let's do do this, and this is going to be so beneficial for you. So where are you now and your business. And I want you to think in terms of a no judgment zone. Okay. And to be real, this is about being real.

Terra Bohlmann (18:42):
And in the workbook, I have questions that get you thinking, like you can think in terms of how much revenue are you making. Now what's frustrating about your business or where you are now. What's amazing about it. How many lives are you impacting now? Are you where you thought you'd be? And you know, again, going back into those three phases, do you consider yourself a startup? Are you green growth? Are you at scaling? Where are you in the steps? Because a lot of the times we want to be at startup or we are in startup and we want to be at a scale level, but there's another level in between that helps us get there faster. And that's the growth level that we need to honor as a business coach. I often see a lot of other business coaches, coaching startups, fun and exciting. And some coaches that only focus on the people in scale that are making multi-millions right.

Terra Bohlmann (19:37):
There's such an open opportunity for people who are in the middle, who are in that growth stage. And you know, and that's kind of a zone, but I love because you've done some of those and startup, but you're not quite to scale. And it's like, so the growth level is my that's my jam. And I feel like we're often so neglected. It's fun to get people to six-figures it's sexy to work with the people in the multi-millions. But what about the people in the middle that are just trying to go from a hundred thousand to 300,000 or 300 to five or 500,000 to a million, right? Like that's the middle, that's our, what I consider the middle. And I just saw a book on Amazon and I think it's called the messy middle. And I thought, Oh yes, I haven't, I didn't even know what it's about, but just the title alone was like, sometimes the middle feels messy, but when you can work through it, it's beautiful on the other side.

Terra Bohlmann (20:31):
So we want to be really real with where are you now in your business? Then something I like to talk to my clients with is where are you now in your life? So we have business and we have life. I like to combine them as much as possible, because what I know is when you're living two separate lives, it doesn't feel good. It doesn't for me. I want your life and your business to feel in alignment so that you're not, you don't feel like you're being a total, a totally different person in your business, but like in your life is struggling or, you know, feels private. I've seen plenty of quote, unquote, successful people that have this life, that lifestyle that's fantastic and their business isn't. And they don't want to invite people into their personal space because it just feels, it doesn't feel right. Like they want to protect that sacred space. And to me from a transparency perspective is, you know, when you can combine all of that and live authentically with being comfortable of showing here's my life, and this is also my business and be in alignment with core values, which is something I'm obsessed with as well. And when you're living that, and integrity

Terra Bohlmann (21:51):
Just is such a strange

Terra Bohlmann (21:53):
Free way to live. And I say that because I've been through it, right? Like, and I still have to constantly be like, you don't have to be perfect. And this was like the perfectionism type of stuff that comes up for me is, you know, like, Oh, I want to take a picture from Instagram, but food. I don't want anyone to see the laundry in the corner, you know? And it's like, no, this is real life. We should all have permission to be real. Okay. So judgment free zone. Where are you now in your life? I imagine that you did start your business to enjoy your life more and to actually serve a purpose. And when you know that, and you understand that the business really is part of the bigger picture, which is about you, your life, your legacy, your family, whatever that why feels like to you, then everything else flows so much easier.

Terra Bohlmann (22:42):
And so when you can declare, where are you now in your life? So some questions to keep you, get you thinking about how to answer, where are you now in your life? I, as a woman entrepreneur, I'm a big person on, I may not know certain things, but I know how I feel. And I think that's a super power we have as women entrepreneurs. We know what feels good and we know what doesn't feel good. And so how does your life feel right now? Is everything in alignment. I often have clients who have an amazing life, but their business doesn't feel right, but they're off. They have such strong boundaries around their life, their lifestyle, and what they're willing to sacrifice for their business and what they're not like. And I so respect that. And then on the flip side, I have people who have amazing businesses with you.

Terra Bohlmann (23:30):
Wouldn't look at them and never think they'd ever be struggling for anything, but their life feels like it's a mess. And I've been the coach that when people are like, Oh, are you a business and a life coach? I say, no, I know my lane. And my lane is a business strategy that my lane, and I'm very clear with that. But I also know as a business strategist that really is invested in my client's transformation. I also have to be conscious and around the things in life that can get in the way and, and the joy that comes from living life as well. So I started working on a life coaching certification, not because I'm going to change who I am, but so that I have more compassion and more insight into how life and business merge. So there's plenty of amazing life coaches out there that play in that lane, you know, and if that's an area that, that you struggle with, I would highly, highly suggest, you know, getting in touch and whether it's reading books or hiring a life coach to help you figure out the life part.

Terra Bohlmann (24:36):
Right. Because I very much know my zone is, is the business part, but I'm also constantly learning myself. So I want to even get better on that too. So here's the, you know, did you think you would be further along in your life right now? Maybe you secretly wonder if you should get a corporate job, you know, are you from, or a long than you thought, right. So did you think, Oh, I'm going to start this business. It's going to be struggle. And, but it's not like it starts flowing. And then I've had clients who do that, that they're like, I don't know. It's just kind of, I just was really good at my craft and now it's taken on a life of its own and ah, it's now impacting my life. So, you know, just understand where are you now in your life? Do you have the white space based that you want?

Terra Bohlmann (25:20):
You know, for me, I know note non-negotiables are traveling, spending time with my family and my friends, constantly doing what I can to improve myself. I feel like that's part of my journey, you know, that I need to always work on and what you know, and something I also like is self-reflection on where are you in your life? Cause I feel like as women, we don't give ourselves enough grace around what we have [inaudible] cause we're too busy looking to the future and not celebrating where we've came. So understanding what are you the most proud of that you've accomplished versus what are you feeling still missing in their life? Right. So once we get really clear on where you are now, then we can fill in the gaps. But if we don't know, you know, we don't have that awareness and we can't make the plan to get where we want to be.

Terra Bohlmann (26:08):
Okay. So then after we work on, so we understand where are you now in your business? Where are you now in your life? Okay. Then the focus needs to shift around, where will you be five years in your business, in your life? Where will you be in five years? And if you're, you know, honestly, I struggle with sometimes seeing the future. I look to the past for lessons learned and things that helped me detour and fast track things. Right. But I don't dwell on the past and I'm doing better at living in the present. So when I think terms of how things will look for me in five years, I have to get really specific because I can't even imagine. So today's June 1st, 2020, and I have to literally go add five years to that. So it's June 1st, 20, 25. I'm now let's see I'm 40.

Terra Bohlmann (27:04):
I have to do the math. I'm 42 years old, June 1st, 20, 25. I'm going to be 47 years old. And because I'm adding five years, I'm 47, my husband's 49 nine. Cause I'm adding five. My son who's now just starting to see junior of high school. He's only 22 years old and probably graduated from college. And my baby twins who are 10 are going to be 15 they're in high school in five years. My baby girl Skyler, my dog, my rescue Aussie who's two years old is two and a half years old. It's going to be like seven and a half years old. And my cat is going to be like moving into her elderly stage 11 years old. So to me that helps put in perspective where things are going to what the lens landscape's gonna look like in five years. Right. And I want you to think of that too.

Terra Bohlmann (27:54):
So think in terms add five years to ages. I mean, I think that really helps go, wow, I'll be 47. Wow. That's like, you know, that's pushing 50 and what do I want to have accomplished by then? Like, you know, we're all feel like there's not enough time, you know? And I just find that ourselves in the future really helps paint the picture of where we want, not just our life to be, but also our businesses to be in five years. So I want you to take time to journal this out or download the free workbook and their space for it, with prompts, questions and whatnot. But you know, some things to get you thinking in terms of what your life's going to look like in five years, if all you can do now is imagine five plus years to your age right now.

Terra Bohlmann (28:40):
I want you to think in terms of phone, are you happy in your life? Right? What's life like, you know, what's your business look like if you like to measure things on revenue? You know, I don't necessarily, I don't work for money. Like if money isn't, my driver money is important. You need it to run a business, but it's not my main why, you know, but I also know that when you measure on finances, then it's just a great metric. It's something you can, you can't really argue with it. So how much money are you making and five years, how much salary are you taking, right? How are you getting support for your business? Do you have, what's your team look like? You know, I mean, are you taking time off, you know, maybe in five years, you'd like to be able to have two months off so that you can go to Europe or do whatever you want to do.

Terra Bohlmann (29:30):
You know, where are you giving back to the world? You know, maybe you're partnering with some nonprofits and wanting to make some change, change, you know, what's your house like, you know, these are tangibles, what your house like, which car are you driving? You know, what's your inner circle of friends. You know, what type of characteristics are included in your circle of friends, your clients, your customers, your colleagues, you know, what are, what are you known for? Like, what's kind of your niche, niche, niche. And I want you to have, I give you permission to think big on this it's five years. So, and then, you know, once you have that, where you're going to be in five years, then it's a matter of asking yourself, does this feel doable to me? Can, does this feel doable in five years? And if it does excellent, you know, if it doesn't, you would need to do one of two things, right.

Terra Bohlmann (30:21):
To go back and revise so that it feels doable. Cause it's a trick that your mind will play on. No, that, yeah. Okay. I'm going to go through that exercise, Terra, but I don't really feel it internally. So either need to dial back on the five year plan until it feels doable or you can do some visualizations and think about it daily so that you can also get the support you need, that you can make it happen, but you have to do one of those two things. It has to feel doable inside your heart. And then once you have your five year plan in place, you have to think about I'm a big person. Like, okay, how can we foresee any issues or gaps then fill them in. So I want you to think in terms of when you have your five year plan, you know, your five-year, everything that you've just thought of for yourself.

Terra Bohlmann (31:09):
And then you have to get in touch with what you're feeling right now. So when you're thinking of your five year plan, what fears come up for you? You know, what do you need to know to make your plans in reality, who's missing on your dream team that can support your plan. Are there people in your life right now that you need to bless and release? Because trust me, people come into your lives for a reason or season. And sometimes that season ends for you to get to your next level. People are not, may not like the new you and that's okay. You can release them, but don't let them hold them back onto from stopping you from where you're going. And what knowledge are you missing that you need to know in order to accomplish that five year plan? So if it's little things like, you know, Hey, I want to make $500,000 in my business within five years, Terra.

Terra Bohlmann (32:00):
Okay, cool. What do you need to know? Well, I need to know systems. I need to know how to market myself. I need to have something that I sell that's consistent and I can put on autopilot. I need to like what, you know, want to get really clear with what you need to know in order to make that happen. Here's another thing you may know what to do, but you may not be putting it into action. And then in that case, there's accountability, the community and a coach, that's going to help you break that down and step you through that. Right? And then after you know who or what is holding you back, you, and sometimes, honestly it could be friends who you've had for a long time and it be family. It could be toxic. Somebody, it could be yourself holding you back, right.

Terra Bohlmann (32:45):
Can be a who, but it's also could be the what. And so I want you to get really clear with that. Then after you know, the what or the who we need to understand why your next level of success is important to you, this is that light at the end of the tunnel that keeps you moving in the darkest days. The why, the, why, the why, why is your next level success important to you and how you get to the why this is like a whole podcast in itself? You know, some people just feel tapped on the shoulder, right? Of like, yup, you need to be doing this Terra. You need to be helping lead women entrepreneurs. Right? I like that. Like I felt literally tapped. Some people feel tapped. Some people I don't, it's not like that obvious or it's maybe a little itty bitty signs are saying now.

Terra Bohlmann (33:31):
And again, and trust me, like, I ignored him for a long time and they just get bigger and bigger. And which is totally fine. Everyone's journey is different. You may not feel like you have a why yet, but you can ask yourself, why is it important that I go from startup to growth? Why is it important that I go from growth to scale? Why is it important? And here's some questions to get your thinking on that. Well, let me, I'll be the negative side on the why so that you can understand what would happen if you just gave up on your plan, what would happen if you just stop right now and just shut down business and off you went, what would happen? It might help you get some clarity on why it's important that you keep going. Right? You know what, and also what drives you.

Terra Bohlmann (34:15):
You don't want to make your five year plan. Okay. In reality, what drives you? What drives you? What gets you out of bed every day? And another important question is who benefits the most from yourself? Success? Who benefits? Is it family? Is it being an example for your daughter? Is it making sure that you're for baby have the best home possible and that you can help rescue more of them? Is it your husband who you want to retire? Is it your mom who you want to be able to put in a really nice retirement home? Right? Like it could be anything right. Of what gets you out of bed every day. It's could be a cause that you're just, you can't let go of, right? Because so embedded into you, that's something you want to get behind. Some change, some movement, right? Who is going to benefit the most from your success.

Terra Bohlmann (35:07):
And then the last thing we talk about so that you understand the gap is the, what support do you need now in your business, you don't have to be building your business flying solo, right? That's why in big commercial airlines, there's a copilot. You don't have to be in this alone. And if it's often said that you're an average of the five people you surround yourself with. So do an internal assessment of those five people that you're spending the most time with. Is it time to elevate that circle? Is it time to show gratitude towards that circle? Is it a time to change it? Right? Do you need to elevate your sets so that you can navigate the future? What support do you as a person need right now to get to your next level of success? So you can hit that five year plan because you've declared it right?

Terra Bohlmann (36:00):
When you do download the workbook, declare it own it, print it out, put it on your bulletin board, whatever works for you. Look at it often and things will open up for you. You'll you'll start seeing the signs of Oh, opportunity. Oh, cool. Hey, maybe I don't want to walk through that door, but later on, Oh, that window opened for me. You'll start being able to like, I call it block and tackle and it's really, really cool. And elevate our skillsets. I noticed a gap of mine was on the life side, the personal development and helping my clients who have the most beautiful business map in the world. But they're scared as heck to step into it. And I can't get them the transformation. If they're not going to step into it, that's work. I know I need to do. That's what I'm being called to work on right now.

Terra Bohlmann (36:42):
So mindset, you know, is it, I need to be a better marketer. I need to know how to sell. I need to up my sales skills. I need to upgrade my dream team of people. I have maybe a C team, but I need 19, you know, like what skillsets need to be developed so that you can hit that five year plan. And besides all the learning, taking action surrounding yourself with the right people, we also need to have self care in our lives so that we have that energy so that we can move those mountains so we can achieve our plans. Right? So what do you do for self care? So that you're taking care of yourself that is super important. And that took me 10 years, at least to figure out in the, in the entrepreneurial space, because I generationally, I come from a Eastern European family, right?

Terra Bohlmann (37:28):
Where you work hard, you can play hard, but you need to work hard, work hard. So even if somebody is paying you $5, work hard and do it with pride and that's how I was raised. And so what I've realized is it's not a matter of having to work hard as much as it is working smart. And when you're working smart and you're in your flow, it doesn't feel like work. And then you can actually enjoy life, which is really cool. So it took me many years of like, and that's why I feel like it's probably taken me longer and it is taking me longer to get to the success that I can see and feel and taste it's taken me longer because I had to go through and learn that lesson. But I also want to teach my children that you can be a great worker, whether you choose to go into business or you want to, I'm raising, I, I believe feature engineers, or whether you go work for a company that you can work hard and, and take pride in your work, but it doesn't have to turn you into a workaholic.

Terra Bohlmann (38:25):
Right? So that's something that's really important is the self care. And the more I've taken time to be quiet with myself to do things, to journal here and there, I'm not the world's best journaler, but I try to take planning days for myself to get myself and be okay and not feel guilty about it, you know, and do all the things. Yeah. Take walks, listen to podcasts, all that kind of stuff. That is all self care. I recently had a client put on herself care that just eating healthy food is self care. And that's true, like eating healthy, taking care of your body, like just taking 15 minutes to meditate or learning how to meditate, saying an affirmation every day, which I do before, I'm allowed to look at my cell phone. I say my affirmations. So it's these little things that we can do that keep us in the right space so that we can serve others.

Terra Bohlmann (39:21):
And you may have heard this analogy before, but I have to and wrapping up with things. I have to share it because it's so in alignment with airplanes and travel, which is like what I love. But you know, there's a reason the flight attendants say, put your oxygen mask on first before assisting others. And as a mom, my gut would say automatically want me to, if I'm traveling with one of my kids to put their mask on first, but what happens then I can't serve them and help them through if I didn't put mine on so that I have the energy and the know how, and I had my wits about me to be okay, help other people, oxygen mask first. That's what self care is. So questions to get you thinking about the support you need right now in your business, who needs to be part of your crew, who needs to be part of your flight crew.

Terra Bohlmann (40:09):
That's actually committed to your success and help you hit your five-year plan. What skills do you need to master to make, not just this year, but also to help you move towards your five year plan strategies and what business tactics do you mean to put into place. And what are you going to commit to yourselves for a self care plan so that you can take care of your mind, body, and self so that you can keep your energy up so you can actually accomplish your plan. You have big work to do. I have big work to do every woman entrepreneur has big work to do. And we can only do that if we have a plan in place. And it starts with being honest about where we are now in our life and business, where are we going to be? And using terms that are in the current when you're thinking of your five year plan and you're writing that I want you to think in terms of, I am this, you know, you don't want to use things that are vague, be very specific and declare what you're going to be and who you're going to be and what you're going to have in five years.

Terra Bohlmann (41:09):
And then we need to understand the gaps, which are what, and who's holding you back, why your level of success is important to you. So that, that becomes your North star. And what support do you need right now in your business? So I hope this podcast episode has served you. I invite you to go to my website, TerraBohlmann.com/workbook, download the free workbook. And it serves as a guide. It looks like a magazine it's really, really quite beautiful, but it's a, it's a PDF document that I'll email it to you and you would have space. If you want to print it out and write it in, or you want to type right in it, you know, and it's just to me, we can get you where you want to go, but we need to understand what that looks like. And then from there it just gives you so much clarity on the next, on the, what, what needs to happen next. So here's to planning. I it's made all the difference in my business and I've seen it time and time again in my client's businesses. And it's just one of these things that we need for clarity. And once you have the plan in place, it brings such massive confidence. And then that also allows you to focus on the cash and make the revenue you want and pay yourself the salary that you deserve. So take care and we'll talk soon. Bye

Announcer (42:27):
There, you have it. Another episode packed full of strategies and motivation that you can use every day to put your business on the fast track for a podcast, recap and more resources, visit TerraBohlmann.com/podcast. Don't forget. Subscribe to the podcast and get what you need to help fast track your five year business plan.

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