Episode #8: Secrets To Run Your Business Easier with Daniela Woerner

The Fast-Track Woman Podcast: Episode #8
Secrets to Run Your Business Easier with Daniela Woerner

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 Meet Podcast Guest, Daniela Woerner.

Daniela Woerner is a spa marketing and retail sales strategist for aestheticians. She is also the host of the iTunes top 100 podcast, Spa Marketing Made Easy.

In the 13 years she has spent in the industry, she has worked with some of the top dermatologists in the field; consulted with global physician dispensed skincare brands; contributed her expertise to the branding and positioning of major product launches; spoken to and trained hundreds of spa employees on retail sales; and developed educational training programs for aestheticians in 82 countries worldwide.

 About this Podcast Episode.

Episode 8 is all about sharing the secrets to run your business easier. Terra Bohlmann interviews Daniela Woerner, founder and CEO of Addo Aesthetics.

Learn the systems and people to put into place so that you aren’t working so hard in your business. Both Terra and Daniela share the inside scoop from getting support from their husbands to delegating the right tasks in your business. Let’s scale your business today!

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Intro (00:02): Welcome to The Fast-Track Entrepreneur Podcast with your host Terra Bohlmann. You are about to get filled with business strategies, advice, and motivation to get you prepared to fast track your five year plan in less than one year. So buckle up and let's create your first class business with clarity and confidence.

Terra (00:27): Oh, welcome to this episode. I am so excited to be interviewing the fabulous Daniela Woerner today and I want to read her bio before she comes on so that you truly know what this rock star has done with her business. And oftentimes I talk about niching and she has such a strong tight niche and I think you're going to find it fascinating. We're going to get into all kinds of good things. The thing I love most about Daniela is she doesn't hold back, right? And she's a systems thinker and has some great processes and team members in place that are helping her grow her business. So let me read her bio so I can give her the respect that she absolutely deserves. She's the founder and CEO of addo aesthetics and you can find her on www.addoaesthetics.com and that's A D D O aesthetics.com so let's jump in.

Terra (01:20): Let me read her bio and then we'll just dig into it. So Daniela Warner is a spa marketing and retail sales strategist for our estheticians. She is also the host of the iTunes top 100 podcast spa marketing made easy in the 13 years she has spent in the industry. She's worked with some of the top dermatologists in the field, consulted with global physicians, dispensed skincare brands, contributed her expertise to the branding and positioning of major product launches, spoken to and trained hundreds of spa employees on retail, sells and develop educational training programs for estheticians and 82 countries worldwide. Please join me in welcoming the fabulous Daniela Woerner.

Terra (02:08): Hello! You make me sound so cool in my intro.

Terra (02:12): You are so cool. I've totally enjoyed getting to know you. So a little background before we hop right into the content. I met Daniela and we're in a mastermind together and we just instantly clicked because I could tell, I can spot systems thinkers like nobody's business. And I'm like, yes, this woman is, she's my jam. So thank you for being on the podcast and sharing all your good stuff.

Terra (02:39): Thank you for having me. I'm super excited.

Terra (02:42): So tell me, so, so tell us like how did you get into what you do? Like it is such a cool niche to be known in, you know, for spa marketing and retail sales strategy and all that good stuff. So how, how did you get into that?

Terra (02:56): Yeah, it's kind of an interesting story. So my, I am an aesthetician and you know, I went to college, didn't really, I went to college cause that's what you're supposed to do and was not passionate about what I studied at all. I just studied to like get A's and you know, check that box. And immediately after I graduated I enrolled in esthetic school and I was just like, this is what I want to do. I didn't even realize that it was a job. Like it was just so like the world was opening for me when I realized that like helping people look and feel their best and get to do all the fun stuff we get to do as estheticians was possible that you could make money doing that. And I'm like, I can work in a spa all day. Yes. Like, that's amazing. So I was kind of trucking along and until I was around 30 working in a spa and then I met my husband and my husband Kyle, he is active duty military.

Terra (03:57): He's in the Navy and we, I had moved from Maui to Boston to be with him. He was in school at the time. I moved in February with no close toed shoes. So I was like, wow, I really love you. And, and you know, life was normal. Life was good until we got five weeks notice that we were moving. And at that point I, my title was director of medical services for a three location med spa in the Boston area. I had, we had a total of 200 employees between the three locations. It was a very high level, very pinnacle job where I was doing management, but then also still seeing patients and I got a taste of what it means to be a military spouse. And because I choose to, I live where my husband lives. A lot of military spouses, they geo batch where basically the, the active duty member will be wherever they're stationed and then the spouse will stay wherever their job is.

Terra (05:04): But I didn't want that life. And so I said, okay, what are my options? You know, what job, what career can I have that I can, you know, continue to make the money that I'm making but do something that I love. And so I've, I toyed around with doing nursing but to go to nursing school and to, you know, get student loans to do that, to get a job that I was probably going to be making less than I was already making, just didn't seem appealing. And so, yeah, I said, you know what, I'm just going to start my own consulting business. I'm just going to go for it. And, and you know, here I am five years later.

Terra (05:46): I love that and I love that story. I love hearing that moment where you're like, I'm just going to go for it. Because every successful woman entrepreneur that I've met has that. And our stories are different but very similar in the sense of I was in consulting, I have for fortune 500 companies. I was doing that whole thing and my husband kept getting transferred for his corporate job and I was like, okay, like I continue to have to be the trailing spouse. So he would move, I would get a new job. And my last one I worked with, I worked for Accenture and they're like, no problem. You can just go out of the Houston office. You know, I was out of the Chicago office. They're like, you know, and then fly back every other week and be on client sites. And at that point I had my three year old son that I was like, Oh, I'm moving to a city for my husband's. You know, he had gotten promoted to come down here to do his job, and I was like, I don't know anyone and I don't think I can.

Terra (06:46): I don't want to put that on him to be gone every other week with our three-year-old. So then made me go, okay, well I ended up finding a, I started working with a local boutique consulting firm here in Houston, and then it's like, okay, I'm going to build, I need to create something. I don't know. I didn't and probably for you too. I don't know quite what it looks like, but I have no idea. It has to be something that's virtual because I don't want to be put back in the situation where I'm a trailing spouse every time. Right.

Terra (07:16): Yeah, and that's the thing is like I, I knew that it needed to be location independent, but I had no, I was just kind of what's my next move and I was not at that point, I really could have used your business map method.

Terra (07:34): Yes.

Terra (07:35): That point, I just didn't know what I was doing. I was like, Oh, this sounds cool. That sounds cool. Let's do this, you know, and just built it from there. And I do have to give credit to the fact that I've always maintained a very strong network and the spa industry, you know, the longer you're in it, the smaller it gets. And so I had, you know, I had a lot of really great connections which helped me quite a bit in my, you know, my, my first the client was SkinMedica and SkinMedica is owned by Allegan, the maker of Botox, Juvederm and Latisse. And I, I met, I got that contract because the doctor that I had worked for for years, I'm in Maui, I went back out, we put on a conference called Maui Derm, which is a very well known dermatology conference and all of the, you know, the big wigs of all the skincare companies and everything come out for it. And I got invited to this like VIP dinner, ended up having a conversation, got introduced to the CEO of skin Medica, was talking to him about retail sales and how I love retail sales. And that was something that I always excelled in. And he invited me out.

Terra (08:56): And it was just, you know, once the world heard that SkinMedica had hired me, then it was, you know, then it was like skin ceuticals and Senti and I S clinical and like all the big, well we call physician to spend skincare brands. These are the brands that are, all that means is that they're sold out of dermatology or there's a physician associated with the brand. And that's what I was doing for about two and a half years. But it was dollars for hours. Right. And it was very isolating and it was a lot of travel. It was a lot of travel. So I, I knew that I needed to change something and I got pregnant with my first daughter and I said, all right, how can I make my life easier? That's when I learned about the world of online business. Yeah.

Terra (09:52): And was like, I want to do that. I can do that.

Terra (09:56): And so do you notice the pattern? So you know, for the, for our listeners that are maybe in that corporate job or are in that and they know that it's not what they're meant to do, right? Like whatever your life circumstances are, she made the decision and she just went with it. And like what's really cool is when you decide, right? So I decided my first, I was so repelled by being a business coach. Like I would be like, well I'm in consulting. So yeah, I think I want to, I just want to mentor women and help them really make their business easier. You know, like the same things I've done with fortune 500 but do it in a more impactful and easier way and more cost effective and like, Oh you want to be a business coach?

Terra (10:41): And I'm like, no, I don't know what that means. Like strategist, I'm a strategist, I'm a mentor. I think I went through like five or six titles and then finally in, cause I really didn't know what business coaching was. And once I finally learned, I'm like, Oh, that's a thing, right? Like the online, that's a thing. Like you can grow a business platform online. And for me, I didn't focus so much online, it ended up, which was funny, now that we've talked about it, it's like everything I did to like be independent location independent, that's the word, location independent. I really did a lot of things cheek to cheek here in Houston. And so I would have events and you know, I did a hundred, I've done 140 events, which is live events, which is crazy. But like, you know, I've just got really immersed in it and I was, so all my delivery became online, but my marketing rate was really local.

Terra (11:34): So most of my client base was in Houston and whatnot. But I was so repelled by that whole business coach. Like, no, that's not what I went to college for.

Daniela (11:44): It goes with our identity. It's, there's just these different things that we're, you know, I'm like, you know, what do I even call myself? Am I a spa consultant? Am I a strategist? Am I? Yeah. I've gone through, went into a million titles too. Yeah.

Terra (11:58): Yes. And you know, and then I finally, I, once I realized, okay, what a business coach is. And I did that and I had the, you know, 30 clients, private clients a month, one-on-one, you know, talking on the headset all day Monday through Friday. I was like, Oh, okay. I created an awesome job for myself. And I'm sure you saw this too. It's like it's a lot of rinse and repeat. And so I was like, okay, how do I leverage my time more so I can serve more people? And from a, from what you were saying on the consultant side and how you got your first opportunity, I think that's so important because a lot of us have our past life that we seem to forget about when we go start our business.

Terra (12:40): And so your first opportunity became from a networking, you know, your relationships that you had and in your quote unquote job world that you just pulled forward. And I remember for me it was like when I left the consulting, it was kind of like I just put a curtain over it and just like that was that, it was a book, close the chapter, I'm starting a brand new book instead of thinking, Oh now how can I apply that to move it forward to my putting my next thing.

Terra (13:08): So I think that's brilliant. What you did is to, you know, lead that through and it tied in. So for me, I was going from corporate to serving like a different niche and it was, it was like everything that made me successful in the corporate world. I kind of forgot about it and I was like the lone ranger in the wild wild West, like when it came to entrepreneurial.

Daniela (13:29): Sometimes we have to go through that, just to figure it out. You know? I mean for me, my first year in my first year in business, I made $20,000 a whopping 20 grand. Right? Right. And I was figuring it out, you know, I had no idea what to do because I always had people working for me. I was in an upper level management position. So I was like, okay, I want this done, this done, this done. And it's like, well, who's going to do it?

Terra (14:00): Right? Me what?

Daniela (14:02): See? Okay, so let's figure out how this works and let's figure out what online business is and let's figure out what entrepreneurship even means. And all of those things that I just had no idea about. But I thankfully I have a very supportive husband who believes in me, you know, sometimes more than I believe in myself. And he gave me the freedom to just really immerse myself and now it's paid off exponentially. But that first year was rough.

Terra (14:35): Let's talk about the first year. So same thing. And I, and my husband is super supportive now and he never listens to the podcast or he won't mind sharing, and I probably said it in front of live events and whatnot anyway, but you know, from a vulnerable state is like, he didn't, I went from making, you know, high, high six figures and consulting and being a, you know, equal or we would always be like competitive.

Terra (15:00): Like, Oh, I made more than you this year. Like it was like fun competition, but it ended up all going into one pot. But I always joke that his money is my money, but my money is my money. I don't know. But anyway, and he, so when I started to, you talked about your, you said 20,000 in your first year. Yeah. It was even for me to like feel successful and for him to think like, what is she doing? Like I think he always thought I was just kind of playing around like, Oh she's just taken a little, a year break. It's going to write a book and you know, she's out helping these women. Like, okay, that's cute. And because for me, like to leave a high salary job, you don't just have to make that salary back, but you have to actually double that because you need to pay for your team. You need to have, you have your expenses and then let alone you need to invest. Cause we don't have 401k per se. So I needed to make like $750,000 for me to even get back to where I was.

Daniela (16:00): It's a big ego crusher because I, especially in my twenties I really identified my self worth with how much money I was making. Like I really needed to make six figures to even be successful. Yeah. And which now I totally think is a bunch of baloney. Right. But it's I mean, don't get me wrong, I love money, but it's, I think that I was very much connected to do I deserve to be in this marriage? Do I deserve to whatever, based on the amount of money that I was making. Right. And so, and I have always been a very independent person. Like I was telling you before the call, like my first marriage, we were together nine years. I never changed my name. I had my own bank account, I had, I wanted everything, my own that I could take care of myself.

Daniela (16:59): And when we got divorced I was like, I don't want anything. Well, you know, I just needed that like very like I'm super independent woman, which is was a huge contributor to our divorce. You know, we all have our own faults, but totally with Kyle, my husband now, I was like, all right, you know, I've learned and I want this to be a true partnership. And that means like sometimes I support him, sometimes he supports me and we have to be okay with that. And so yes, I changed my name and yes, we share our bank account and all of that kind of stuff. But it's, it was a very big learning process for me.

Terra (17:40): Totally is. And so we have our, our joint bank account where, you know, I pay myself a salary in my business and it goes in there, but I get what's called the Terra allowance. So I get so much because he got so sick of trying to reconcile my $4.25 Starbucks charges. And he's like, ah, like this is yours that you can do whatever and blah, blah blah. But then so I have like my little allowance, which, which helps. And so for, for him, like it was, I never felt like, I always felt like I had to prove myself even to him. Right. I always, now I tell him, I'm like, you're my mirror. Like, you know, I want to make you proud. Right? For all this I want you to see. And it, what it took for me is him coming to one of my live events.

Terra (18:27): So it was like 120 women there. I, you know, and the agenda, he introduced me and he was, which is so funny, like, can you imagine you're at this big event and you're like, what's he gonna say? And he dressed up in a suit. He was so cute and at an all women event and he comes in and he does this and he introduced me and I was like, it was so good. It was like, and like he saw the impact and then the women would come up to him afterwards and he, and how to hear it in his words of what he experienced in my transformation from corporate to, you know, having a purpose. And then trying to find that purpose. Finally finding it and then growing it. He was like, I didn't, I honestly didn't know what she was doing.

Terra (19:10): She was reading all these books, all these books, and I didn't know what was going on. Right. And he's, and then all the women, I was in the bathroom and they're like, what was the box? What were the books? I'm like, Oh my gosh. Like, you know, it was all of them, like start with why and you know, the purpose driven life and you know, we're trying to find this out. And I'm looking at my pile of books over here, E-Myth revisited to point out like even I even have that one. But yeah, and it was, it was totally that one. It was the four hour work week, you know, those types of things. And, and anyway, so it was like him experiencing that and then seeing the impact and participating in it. And then I sold, that's when I launched my Concorde program and I launched it and he saw women signing up for it and he's like, this is a thing.

Terra (20:01): This does make money and all of a sudden he's like all in like, what can I do to help? But it took that and it took a lot of, Oh, like years of him just being like supportive, but he didn't know how to support me because he just was like, when is she coming back to consulting? You know? And then once he figured it out, he was like, Oh, this is a thing. Okay. And he'll be like, Hey, do you want me to help load up your car? What do you want me to do? Like, he's all in. But it was a process for us. So I'm always secretly jealous of women who just have that like out of the gate or they're like, Oh, my husband figured out how to do my website.

Daniela (20:35): Yeah, I still don't know if Kyle knows exactly what I do. But he's always just like, you know, he's super supportive because he sees all, like show him or testimonials or things like that. But he's just like, yeah, he's, he's awesome. I got super lucky.

Terra (20:55): You're so lucky. So lucky. And you know, for me, what I, when I coach women, some women, their partners are all in and some are not. And when they're not, I say sit down and talk to them and explain what you're doing. Show them your map. Right. They love, men love the map because it's so logically laid out and we're like, Oh okay, I see the big picture now. And then I say, show them your numbers and be transparent with that. Like Darren and I will go out for drinks on a monthly basis and just kind of pull up our fuses and then, you know, and, just kind of go over that.

Terra (21:28): And I think when you're just honest and open with that as like a, you know, in a partnership there, they'll do whatever they can. So that was a huge thing for me.

Daniela (21:39): They feel included.

Terra (21:40): Oh totally. Cause they didn't know where they, it's the same thing when I see when women have kids, right. And you go from, I'm all in in this marriage and my husband, like I cook for him and do all this stuff. And then it's all about the kids and it's not about them anymore. Then it's like, they're like, well what about me? And I found myself talking more to my girlfriends about business or whatever and not sharing with him. And we don't want to overshare. Like there's a fine line. Right. But yeah, I mean, cause he probably wouldn't, he, he doesn't want to know all of the details as, I don't want to know the details of his oil and gas job as I'm sure you don't want to know all the details of what your husband does in the Navy.

Terra (22:18): So, you know, but they want to be included. And communication, always.

Daniela (22:23): Talking about funnels is not like date night time. Then they go, and then we send them these emails?

Terra (22:31): Right. And then my husband like, you know, bless his heart, like he doesn't, he's like, so people email put me out on LinkedIn. I don't even know how to respond. And forever he would, he knew about the Facebook wall, but he never used it in the right contents. Like he'd be like, is that on my wall? I'm like, Oh Lord. So he's like very like anti online. He likes to be where I'm like, so anyway, so bless her heart and, but it's all about balancing, you know, it's, it's balanced and that's what we all need. So, but I want to dig into some things around systems and standard operating procedures. The SOP is, so for any creatives that are like, Ooh, I'm out, don't, don't hit the stop button.

Terra (23:11): Keep going. Cause this is gonna be, this is what is the, it's the game changer.

Daniela (23:18): I feel like if you just frame it in the sense of would you like to save time and money?

Terra (23:23): Heck yeah. Systems. Yes. There you go. And it's, I think you can get to six figures pretty easily when you know it's just you and maybe one, maybe two other people possibly. I mean, I got to six figures. It was just me for you know, when I had my coaching business. But what did I say? I still have a coaching business, but it's group. I don't want one on one coaching anymore. But when I was doing my one on one, you could get to six figures in revenue pretty easily. But it's something about when you want to get to that 300 level, then it's like systems becomes your best friend.

Terra (23:56): And so knowing if you want to go from zero to a million when you've got the time, now put the systems in place and we're going to talk about like some of the systems that have just changed everything for you. Like Daniella has an amazing, she's a total rock star in this niche and you know, she is the CEO of a company with a great team with systems and steps and if the word system scares you. It's just really repeatable processes that you do over and over again. And you add some automation and then you get to focus on what you do really well, which is what I think you've done an amazing way. Right? And yeah. So let's talk a little bit about that. Like what are, what are some of the, at what point did you do your first hire in your business?

Daniela (24:43): Year two, okay. Year two, I hired a copywriter and she actually is still with me today.

Terra (24:54): Nice.

Daniela (24:54): Um she and I, she's awesome, but I, I was blogging and I'm not a writer, so I don't enjoy writing, but I just thought, well that's what you're supposed to do. You're supposed to blog and then you're supposed to email and you know, all of the things. And so I was like, when I write it takes me forever. And then I'm like, always, you know, should this be an Oxford comma or should the know, like going through.

Terra (25:21): Our perfectionism gets in the way cause we were straight A students.

Daniela (25:24): And so I was like, okay, this is just not going to work. So I hired her and she like made my life so much easier. She is incredible with systems herself. And so that was year two and then I had a few VA's here and there. I wasn't really a leader in my business at that point. So they weren't getting what the, the direction that they needed from me. Right. Because I also didn't really have clear direction in my business. It was really at about the two and a half year Mark that I find that was like, Oh, this is what I'm doing. Yes. From that point then I really, I started understanding what it meant to be a leader and focusing internally on my team. And it was, so this is year five, it was the beginning of year four that I really did some major hiring. We, I believe we have eight people on our team now and there's really like four that are like core core people. Yeah. But we, I really did some like higher level hiring and paying people higher salaries and, and putting a lot of expectations on the results that they would provide for me. And the past year especially, I did a lot of work on how can I be the best leader possible for my team and my business. Our core sales grew by 445%.

Terra (27:09): See there it is. Like when you have that in place, and notice what she said, it was the moment where it's like that clarity moment in your business, right. And cause oftentimes I went out and got my first VA and it was like I think 35 40 bucks an hour. It was like expensive, and that for me that was a big investment because I had had people in the Philippines prior to that. But I thought I was buying the system, the knowledge that she would just set it all up for me and I get like, I don't know, ride my horse off into the sunset when in fact it, your systems need to be from you. Like as a leader, you need to set it up from a make it. So I hate using that word, I'm not going to, but what's a good word for like dummy proofed like that. But just so, yeah.

Daniela (27:56): So my, my director of operations, her name's Annie, she's amazing. And what I do with her is we get on a zoom call and I tell her exactly what I want and what I want my vision to be in. One of the things that I've described is I want my mom who thinks that Facebook is the internet to be able to come in and upload my blog post and send out an email. And so, you know, that's what I want in our, in our SOPs, which makes it a lot easier when you do inevitably have turnover, then you're not spending all of your time hiring. Or if someone just like leaves you high and dry, then you know, like if you don't know how to do something in your business that, you know, that's why everything in my business, I did myself first. I don't know if that's the best approach or not. I agree. I learned Facebook ads, I learned like every single thing that I needed to learn and then I hired it out. Yep. So that's the intelligent conversations. Yes. The people on my team. Yep.

Terra (29:01): And I think, I see, so in leaders like I work with, you know, some women are running multimillion dollar businesses and some are transitioning out of corporate and just starting their first thing. But the ones that I've seen from a, at the, at the multimillion, they've learned that they need to stay in their lane and, and be a leader but also not put your head in the sand on, yeah, I don't understand. I'm not going to hire, you know, I'm not hiring for knowledge. Right. That they know how to do it. Cause then all of a sudden you give up that high power or like, I don't even know what it is, but it's like when I write a business map, it's like this is your time, you know, I'm writing it, but it's, it's coming from them.

Terra (29:46): It's like this is your time to get really clear on how you want to, how everything in your business ties together. Because when you chunk out and you outsource just your marketing, well is that really in alignment with your own core values? Is that alignment with how you sell? Is it with what you sell and you know, it's like you, you need to have that big picture and I call it like it's your clarity it's your confidence.

Terra (30:07): Then from there, you know exactly who to hire. And if you notice, she said, I hire for, when I talked to Annie, I tell her the results, I want my vision that that is huge versus you know, she's not micromanaging like yeah she knows how to do Facebook ads but she, you know, here's the result I want now use me as a resource to help us get the result, you know, record your how to videos, put them in your drive so you're creating like a repository of knowledge.

Daniela (30:38): And your team is supposed to make your life easier, not create more work for you. So you have to trust, you have to trust yourself that if you're going to bring this person onto your team, that they are going to be able to do the work that you expect them to do. And that that on your end requires very clear expectations and communication. But then you have to give them that and then expect that, trust that they're going to do that. You know, it's, it's a huge piece because I don't hire my team to create more work for myself.

Terra (31:16): Right. Like, that's not the point. Not at, not at the level that you pay. Like I feel like there's some tasks in our businesses that are $5 tasks, right? And then you can outsource that accordingly. Then there's, you know, maybe $20 tasks and then there's, you know, higher things and then there's some things that only you can do, right? So you gotta be really clear with that and when you focus on whether you want to work 20 hours a week or you're cool with working 60 cause you love what you do, whatever, whatever works for you, but you need to be doing those higher level tasks.

Daniela (31:49): So my first business coach, I worked with this guy named James Wedmore and he would always say you have $10 an hour task, $100 an hour task and $1000 an hour tasks and you want to get to the place in your business where you are only doing the thousand dollar an hour task and you're hiring everything else out. And that really resonated with me because I was like, I'm spending so much time on these $10 an hour tasks and that is not the revenue generating activities in my business. I need to be connecting with my people, helping my students achieve awesome results.

Daniela (32:27): Because that's the best way that you can promote your business is by genuinely like helping your clients solve a problem, right? You're just back there like writing a blog post and spending 10 hours deciding what shade of blue your website should be. You're not going to make any money. And that's what I did my first year, I just read books and I made like seven different versions of my website and I struggled through writing blog posts and that's why I only made 20 grand.

Terra (32:56): Yep, exactly. I say all the time, like when I'm speaking, it's stop stepping, you know, over dollar bills to pick up pennies. Right. And we're doing that a lot because A), we're not clear on what we need to be doing or we're in this mindset of well I can't afford to hire anyone or this or that. And it's like you have to just, you have to just stop.

Terra (33:18): Like it's a focus on the things that move the needle, the revenue needle in your business. And you know, a lot of, I think a lot of women need to hear.

Daniela (33:25): Can you really not afford to hire someone?

Terra (33:27): Exactly.

Daniela (33:28): You know, that's the thing is like, and, and I think that, you know, you touched on something, you said, my first VA, I paid 35 bucks an hour. There's a lot of VAs that are charging 35 bucks an hour for work. That should be $15 an hour. I would agree. Yeah. Yeah. Good for them. Go. You know, I am all about if people are paying it one 100% right. But I hire people. I hire military spouses.

Terra (33:53): I love that about you.

Daniela (33:54): Yeah. I hire people that if I looked at my business in as a brick and mortar business, you would never pay $35 an hour for someone to upload a blog post.

Terra (34:06): I agree.

Daniela (34:08): You know, I mean, I, I'm all for paying people what they're worth, but it's just, if you want to make that much money, then all right, like, how are you contributing in my business? Yes.

Terra (34:20): Are you having sales calls? Are you doing this? Like for me, the closer you are to my customer, the more you get paid. And you know, so I learned that and I, you know, my first year I loved her. And so I always have to like re home or do soft landings for people. And someone had explained to me recently that there's a big shift, like, you know, out of women who make over six figures or what have you. They will build the team and then fire the team and then go back to doing it themselves and then get overwhelmed and then go back and hire the team and then fire the team.

Terra (34:56): And it's like this vicious cycle because we can't figure it out. And what would you say for women who have, you know, hired and then let go, hired and then let go, and they keep getting in this circle of burnout. Like, what do you think it is that they're doing wrong?

Daniela (35:12): They're not focusing on leadership. So I don't think that they're hiring the right people. Like I I believe, and you know, maybe this is right or wrong, but I believe that everything around you is your own creation. So if you have a crappy team, it's your fault. And if you have an awesome team, it's your fault. You know, I think that there are some times like we're never going to know everything and we always are going to make mistakes, but it really comes down to like, are you showing up for them in the way that you need to show up so that they feel valued, appreciated, understand what their expectations are, showing, making them feel like they're a part of something bigger than themselves. Totally and on the changes that you're making in the community. Just like how your husband needed to see what you were doing. Like your team needs to see that too. Otherwise they're just uploading blog posts or posting things on social media. So I like to involve them and recognize them. And you know, I, I feel like I, I also won't hire anybody that I don't feel like I would be friends with outside of work.

Terra (36:29): That's really good.

Daniela (36:32): It's important for me and I'm a very direct person so that they have to be okay with that as well because I always have your best interest in mind, but I have no problem giving very constructive feedback.

Terra (36:45): Yeah. And that's key too. So we have to take off our nice girl feelings and image and and kind of step into this role of like leadership. And what I was referring to earlier is, you know, some of the clients I've worked with that are at the multimillion dollar level, they are, so they literally will wake up scared every day that their top performer that's doing all the backend operations is going to leave. Right. There's like this fear of, Oh, she's like, I don't know what I would do without him or her or you know, this group of, you know, leaders or whatever. If they leave me, whew.

Daniela (37:24): Yeah. But see, that's the thing where systems and processes come in place. Because I love Annie and I feel like Annie will, she's, I love her as a person. I love her and the work that she does. I think she does incredible work, but if she leaves, my business will still continue and I will always wish her the best in anything that she does. And I want to support her and keep her with me as long as possible, but it's not going to devastate my business if she leaves because we have she documents, I have her document, everything that she does. And it's as simple as filming your screen, you know, putting it in Google drive. Yeah, yeah, yeah. We use a software called process street, which is amazing. That S T yeah, yeah. I love that. But we use a combination of that. And then Google drive, like when I first started, I was using all Google drive, but process street, just like I'm a sucker for organization, so it just makes it like super easy. Yeah. So we use that. But like, I don't know now half the stuff that my team does, I don't know how to do it because they've been doing it for long. But if I needed to, I know exactly where to go. I know exactly where to log in and I know exactly like cut every figured out needs to happen.

Terra (38:45): Yeah, absolutely. And that's the key. And you, and you'll get there and as a entrepreneur you think, Oh, it's so overwhelming and, and it's, it's not when you're, you know, if you're doing it anyway, like when, you know, when I get off this call, one of my tasks that I have to do is record something for my online business manager. And once I do it, I put it out there and then she knows how to do it right. And you know, you just kind of build it out as you're doing it and do it now. Like when's the best time for systems? I don't know when you first started your business, but now it's second time is now.

Daniela (39:19): You will never be done doing your systems because by the time you get one done, something may change or evolve. But the thing is like there is nothing more valuable than your time. Yup. Can always make more money. You can never get back time and take the extra hour that it takes to create an SOP. You're saving yourself 10 hours down the road. And so that's how I think of everything is like what is this going to cost me if I don't do it now? Yep. And I love, I always think of when building out a business model, it's like, I like to think with the end in mind, was Stephen Covey uses that and it's like you think with the end in mind as mind, what are they? When you go, what's the end game with your business? You're 80 years old and some people are like, ah, I'm still going to be going and speaking on stages or all whatever.

Terra (40:12): Awesome for you. For me, I actually want to like go travel the world and do kind of whatever charity work. But I always think, okay, what's the end in mind with, with my business and my clients? And so when I think of the end in mind, I think, well what is, if you want to sell your company, so maybe you want to legacy it down to your son or daughter, maybe you want, who knows? Like whatever you want to do with your business. When you decide it's time to move on then and a real entrepreneur, they're always like starting something, selling it, starting selling. And I like to think of, okay, well if I want to sell this someday, what are people buying? Well they're going to buy your customer list, they're going to buy your, to me, your business map, your strategy and they're going to buy your SOP use and your people probably.

Terra (40:58): So you're creating an asset to sell someday.

Daniela (41:00): 100% and you know that was actually, that you bring that up. That was something that was really hard for me in the beginning because I, I named my business addo aesthetics. I did not want to be a personal brand. I didn't believe in building a business that I couldn't sell one day. But it's funny how like as time went on, I realized I was most successful because I am my brand. Exactly. And so it was, you know, it's like I'm in my business is out of aesthetics, but it's really Daniella Woerner.

Terra (41:32): Right. Isn't that funny? Cause I think there's that moment too when you're building and you're like, I get that all the time. Should I be my personal brand or should I name the, you know, the company? I'm like, well, what's the end game? Do you want to sell it? Okay, well it's hard to sell your brand. And we've seen people try to do it out there in the world. And it's like sometimes they're even buying you and what you can and can't say. So I think you did it the right way and you know you can be part of the brand when you need to be, but then you don't have to be in some sense as well because we just got into some really awesome stuff that has to do with scaling. So no matter where you are in your business, if you're just starting out, you're in the middle and you're kind of in that chaos of like, Oh, I'm, you know, I'm working hard and not as smart as I should be. Right. Or you want to leverage more. It's like this is this, these are the steps.

Daniela (42:27): I think the one piece of advice that I would give is like just break it into chunks. So if, because if you think like, Oh, I need to systemize my whole business, like first start with like your podcast or your blog or your social media or your whatever administrative task you're doing in your bit, like take one little teeny tiny chunk, build that bridge and then go to the next one.

Terra (42:55): That is brilliant.

Daniela (42:56): If you're trying to do all of it at once, you're just going to feel like a hot mess that never gets anything done and it's going to defeat the whole purpose. So it's really about like all right, my entire focus is, and I, I do this on that spreadsheet that I shared with you, but it's like my focus, my primary focus for the month is this. My secondary focus is this. And then like anything else, if it doesn't align with those things, I don't look at it until the next month.

Terra (43:28): I love that. And it's, you've got to find your thing, you got to find your thing that works for you. And I love the idea. If we can give you any challenge from this podcast is, is systematizing one thing. My one thing I did was, which was super simple but it was two things. One, I systematize my brand and I systematized my onboarding for any new team members I bring on. And it, cause it was one of those things, it was like, okay, someone new starting, I need to get them to sign the nondisclosure. Okay. So I got to find that, send that. Okay, now they did that and now I just have it in a file called admin. It's like there's your w9 there's your this, there's your NDA. There's, it's just like go so easy, all these things, right.

Terra (44:11): And then they're all, cause so many people get, they have people sign NDAs and then there's like some lost copy somewhere. So it's like all of that is completely in the cloud, which is awesome. And then from a branding perspective, it's like I'm so envious of people who like, they've got their, you know, color codes. Like mine used to be all blush, black and white, but now it's very airline colors. And sometimes I would be like, I would talk to, I remember talking to this brand strategist one time and her name is Allie Watts and I was like said something. And she's like, Oh it's #425b24. I was like, what? Like I, for the life of me, I can't memorize the hex codes, but what I can do is put some automation in place. So here's my brand style guide.

Terra (44:53): With my hex codes with this and that, and I can send that to any designer that works on something for me and I, it's a reference. I don't have to memorize it. So if you're like us and you don't want to memorize everything, just create a system around it and put it in the cloud. So I love that. I love it. This has been like, this is a million dollar advice podcast, that's for sure. So not always the sexy stuff, but it is the stuff that moves the needles.

Daniela (45:19): That's what I say. It's like to my students, I'm like, you know what? This is not the fun, exciting part of business. Nope. But if you want to be successful, this is how you're going to make money and this is how you're going to fly past everybody else. I love it. It's 100% that's the stuff that you need to do.

Terra (45:38): Yup. It is not always sexy, but it's what brings the money and it brings the consistent money cause that's what we need. And when you've got the, and I use automation, sometimes it's online, but sometimes it's just I do this step and then I do this stuff and then I do this step. So there's, you know, automation to me is, I don't have to think about it too much to think about, let's think about it one time and do it really well.

Daniela (46:01): Get it out of your brain so you can actually have ideas.

Terra (46:04): Yes! And you can improve on it when things go awry because there's always going to be those weird things that my husband came home and said, Oh, we have this process and this happens. I'm like, you know, there's a story behind that. Like when, you know, like you can't walk, you know, a lot of corporations for their safety.

Terra (46:22): Like, you know, you're not allowed, it's against policy to walk and text at the same time, you know, and it's like, you know, there's a story, someone did something and then they got sued or whatever. So so yeah, you'll then you can focus on improvement and design and all the things that you need to do to drive, you know, your strategy forward. So this has been so good. Thank you. Daniela, will you let everyone know how they can get in touch with you and what's the best way to learn more about you?

Daniela (46:50): Yeah, so you can find me at addoaesthetics.com, that's A D D O A E S T H E T I C S.com. Or on Instagram with the same handle.

Terra (47:02): Love it. That's so good. Well, thank you. Before we go, I have like a funny, something that comes to mind. So one thing I used to ask people when I would do podcasts in the past is that is just always so interesting to me. So if you, and we haven't rehearsed this or talked, she is probably like, Oh my gosh, what is she going to ask me? I'm a systems person, I'm a planner. But if some, if, if hallmark, cause I'm obsessed, I love hallmark season or upon hallmark season I have a tee shirt that says, you know it's my hallmark, you know, watching T shirt. It's how I decompress being in a family with four boys. So if hallmark was going to do a biopic about your life, the life of Daniela, who, what actress would play you?

Daniela (47:44): Oh, what actress would play me? You know, I always, Oh, I don't know if this is like fantasy, know how like Beyonce has like Sasha fierce, like her alter ego. I've always had this like alter ego that I was like, so like Angelina Jolie, even though like if you know me, you are like you are nothing like Angelina Jolie.

Terra (48:12): No, I can see that.

Daniela (48:15): There was always this like the fact that she, was just not what you expected. Like she looks like this edgy, like kind of bad girl, but then she has this huge humanitarian heart. I always loved that about her. And one of the things that is kind of my mission in the beauty industry I always say that I want to flip my industry on its head so that parents will be just as excited when a kid says that they're going to go to beauty school as if they were to get into an Ivy league college. And I think that we are instantly judged that our industry is about vanity and that our industry is only about looking a certain way, you know, thanks to the Kardashians. Like no offense to them, but it's, they've made a huge impact on like how you're supposed to look and our industry, the women that I know in it, it's really about what is your version of beauty and how is that defined by you?

Daniela (49:15): Like how do you feel your best and what makes you, you know, be the best version of yourself. And so the message that we're spreading and what we're doing by making women look and feel their best is really giving them more confidence so that they can show up and be a better wife, a better mom, a better friend, a better version of themselves. Because we all just have more confidence when we feel our best. And so I, I've always kind of identified with her in that way, even though I don't have any tattoos and I don't, you know.

Terra (49:52): Yeah, you don't have 12 kids and you weren't married to Brad Pitt, but it's all good. No, I love that. And what I loved about your answer is you can tell you're so embedded in your why that that is everything. It becomes like the nucleus of your entire business model. And when you know that and it takes time, she didn't probably know that like year one, but it takes time to like get that in your core so where it burns a fire through you. So it's like, this is why I need to get this message out for the industry. So you're like being a change banker for that industry. Like, that's huge and that's why you're a freaking total rock star, so I love that. All right, well let's wrap up with this episode and thank you so much to Daniela for sharing all her awesome wisdom. So until next time, bye.

Terra (50:24): There you have it. Another episode packed full of strategies and motivation that you can use every day to put your business on the fast track. For a podcast recap and more resources, visit Terrabohlmann.com don't forget, subscribe to the podcast and get what you need to help fast track your five year business plan.

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