What is Natural Marketing?

Do you get uneasy when you think about marketing or does it excite you?

If you get excited about marketing it means that you have a creative side that you enjoy tapping into. Being creative is one thing while executing on a marketing plan that makes sense for your business is another. I want to help you make this happen.

However, if you are like most business owners the term “marketing” gives you that feeling of “I have no idea what to do or what that even means. I just know I need it to promote my business.”

This is why I want to talk about Natural Marketing.

Natural Marketing is using your natural strengths and tenancies to market your business. 

You see, when you are yourself and can be comfortable with what you are doing to “market” your business…it isn’t that scary after all.  You shine where you shine based on what is easy for you. The worst thing is to dread a marketing-related event because it’s far out of your comfort zone.

Whether you are an extrovert, an introvert or somewhere in between, here’s a few tips that will help you find  a good fit for your personal, natural marketing style:

  • The People-Person (Natural Extrovert)

Are you energized by people? Do you not know a stranger? If you can answer YES to these questions, you will want to join local networking groups and go to conferences on a regular basis. One of my favorite networking groups for women is eWomenNetwork.com. The events held by eWomenNetwork are unlike anything you have experienced with other networking groups. And…I am not just saying that because I am the managing director of the Houston group. There is an energy that is so exciting at networking events that are done well!

You can find a huge list of conferences around your area of topic at AllConferences.com. Pick  a few local conferences you can attend this year and sign up. If you want to use conferences to find potential customers, remember to attend  the conferences that your target customers attend. Don’t forget to attend a conference relevant to your business industry. Take the opportunity to connect with other business owners for future partnerships and to share “lessons learned” together.

  • The Shy Type (Natural Introvert)

If you are less than thrilled at the idea of being around tons of people you don’t know, then you tend to be a natural introvert. The great thing about being an introvert these days is that you have the best tool ever at your finger tips…The Internet! You can shine online using social media, blogs, Google Ads and online communities to market your business.Hop on Google’s Blog Search tool to type in the types of blogs that are relevant to your business AND the blogs where your ideal customers are reading. This is a type of online networking that is perfect for a natural introvert. You can surf at your own pace…but at some point you need to jump in the blog conversations to add your points and help expand on the blogger’s viewpoint. (Hint, Hint…you can do it on this blog post, too).

Also, use social media (Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, YouTube or Pinterest) to your advantage, too. Make virtual friends and work hard to establish real relationships with others in your line of business and those who could be potential customers.

  • The Lil’ Bit Introvert but Sometimes Extrovert

If you love being around people one day and want to retreat to your home office the next day, you fall into this category. I get it because this is my category. One day, I can’t wait to get out of the house to meet up with friends, clients and colleagues while the next day I want to stay in my bunny slippers all day long. After wondering if I had a split personality and constantly blaming my fickleness on being a Gemini, I realized that this is just part of my natural tendencies. The way that I interact with people takes a lot of my energy…so I always need a day to rest that side of my brain. (That’s my self-psycho-analysis or just plain ol’ justification of my behavior).

I also realized is that falling into this category allows you to be in an unique marketing position. The real power in successful marketing comes from a balance of meeting people both online and in-person. Both ways feed off each other and allow you to remain exactly who you are. Score!

Bottom line, when you are your authentic self, you don’t feel the pressure of having to be everywhere and do everything to market your business. You should listen to yourself and what works for you. Don’t feel compelled to mimic what is working for other business owners who may or may not have a similar personality to you. You know who you are inside — so play to your strengths and take action to do marketing that fits your natural abilities.

PS: Today is a “I-am-in-my-bunny-slippers-type-of-day”. Tomorrow is a people-person day for me.

What is your Natural Marketing style? I’d love to hear about it. Share in the comments below.