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by Terra  - May 5, 2015

Can You See Me Now? The Visibility Quiz

Yep, this headline is a blatant rip-off of that famous marketing campaign for a cellular company that was popular a few years ago. But even now, you remember it, don’t you?

That’s because that campaign was EVERYWHERE. You see those ads and commercials constantly. It became a social phenomenon for a while, as well as an amazing marketing tactic.

Speaking of marketing tactics, most entrepreneurs miss the opportunity to take advantage of a very critical marketing tactic when they’re thinking about scouting for new clients or customers.

(Don’t be too hard on yourself if you miss it. Seriously, you are wearing 500+ hats running your business. I get it.)

The reason you miss it is that it’s just so simple – so totally obvious – that it’s practically invisible.

The irony of this fact is that the marketing tactic in question is VISIBILITY.

For potential clients to find you, they have to be able to SEE you.

If you don’t put yourself out in the world, you won’t be able to bring new clients on board and make your business grow.

Think about that cellular company for a minute. It’s been years since the guy in the glasses and the jacket has been on TV, but because you SAW that name in conjunction with those ads over and over, you REMEMBER that name.

So, the secret of becoming successful is becoming VISIBLE. The question you need to address right now in your quest for success is your level of visibility.

How easy is it for prospective clients or customers to see you? 

I’ve put together a quick 8-question (and fun!) quiz that can help you determine just how visible you are to the world at large, and by default, to new clients.

Ready to roll? Great! Let’s go!

Okay…now that you’ve taken the quiz, you’ve probably realized that there are no right or wrong answers to this quiz – it’s actually a really thorough, really comprehensive list of the things you can do right now to boost your visibility.

Look back at your answers, though, to see where you should begin.The options you selected appealed to you the most. This is where you start.

Focus on these activities first, and then if they work, keep doing them.If they don’t, move on to some of the others.

Remember, while consistency is important, so is switching it up and getting out of your comfort zone.

If something delivers a great return on your investment – whether it’s in contacts or money – stick with it. If it doesn’t, out it goes.

​Last but not least…remember to stay in touch! Let me know what works, and what doesn’t.

If you’ve had a lot of success with something not listed here that you want to share with others, I’m all ears.

​I want to SEE you out there!

Until next time…

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