Coaches and Entrepreneurs Cracking the Code: What Profitable Share

by Terra  - May 12, 2015

Most people just don’t realize how much they know. 

This is one of the most accurate statements ever made. Seriously. Everyone has a hidden well of knowledge that they don’t share with others. And…it’s not because they’re selfish or want to make others feel like they aren’t smart. They simply just don’t realize that they have it to offer.

Right now, you’re sitting on some incredibly valuable information, and you’re not leveraging it to move yourself forward. We’re going to work on uncovering the genius in you, so you can share it with others. The best part of this process is that when we’re done, you will make money from it. The knowledge that’s in your brain can translate directly into money in your bank account.

First, you need to take a long, hard look at three things:
  1. Things you think you do well
  2. Things others tell you that you do well
  3. Things you like to do – both at work and during your free time

Chances are, your deepest knowledge and true talents are going to show up somewhere under these categories. Some may even show up under all three. 

For example,

Let’s say you think you’re a great cook. Everyone always tells you that you make the best brownies they’ve ever tasted. You spend your weekends in the kitchen, modifying brownie recipes you find on Pinterest because none of them ever seem to be quite right.

So…have you ever thought about sharing your talent for baking brownies? This could be a great way to leverage your knowledge to make excellent money.

Next, let’s look at nine different ways you can turn your untapped resources into an opportunity for cash.

Remember – you shouldn’t try all nine of these things at once!

Choose one to start with Focus on the one that appeals to you the most. If you try to do too much at one time, you’ll quickly get overwhelmed and not create anything of value at all. You can always switch it up and try another idea at another time. We are going for quality - not quantity. Soooo, here you go:

1. Sell and market online courses through your website or another website

A little set-up is all that is required, and this option becomes a super-pipeline of income. You wouldn’t believe how many people out there are thirsty for knowledge and short on time. The convenience of being able to log on whenever they have the opportunity makes this type of learning a no-brainer.

Are you an expert on real estate law? Create a primer for wannabe agents studying for their license. Or to use our earlier example, can you show people how to make fabulous brownies?

Offer a pay-per-view video series on your site. If you need other ideas on how to get started, click the Download button below for my Resource Guide for Money-Making Experts – we’ve got some great stuff in there!

There are countless ways to teach in the virtual world and be paid well for it!

2. Podcasts – offer a service or sell advertising space

People love to tune into podcasts. Podcasts are one of the fastest-growing ways of getting your message out to the world. Create a talk on something you’re passionate about and your enthusiasm will come through in your voice. Present an offer a prospective customer can’t refuse and watch the orders roll in!

Don’t forget – you can get sponsors for your podcasts too. Just like Hallmark Hall of Fame movies or the Macy’s parade, you can pull in some extra revenue through sponsorship. Try something like “Julie’s Secrets for Kitchen Organization”, brought to you by Tupperware. Denise, your local Tupperware lady, would surely be willing to help you out with this project! (Especially if you save her a few of the brownies in some Tupperware…)

3. Teaching One-on-One

A super-fast way to make a difference in your bank account is to give private lessons. Can you play the piano or the guitar? Sew or knit? Make killer brownies? (Can you tell I am craving brownies?) Leverage your skills by showing others how to do these things as well. Set a price for a lesson or series of lessons and create extra income by indulging in your passions!

4. Speak to audiences who can benefit from your knowledge

Similar to the idea above, you’re sharing your passion, but with a group instead of a single individual. Remember how excited you were when you learned something that changed your day-to-day life? You could be the person who teaches just that to a dozen people today!

5. Work it out…with workshops where people pay to learn what you know

This works better than a speaking engagement for certain types of activities. For example, it’s easier to show people how to do something rather than try to explain it from a podium. This is a great time to offer that brownie-making class…or six. Do a whole series, with a different awesome flavor every session.

6. Write a book - needs you!

If you’re a whiz with the written word, this is your way to shine! Create the perfect manual for your talent and use the booming e-book market to bolster your income. People are downloading informational texts by the thousands – shouldn’t yours be one of them? 

7. Blogging for Bucks

A lot of people spend hours on the Internet telling people about their lives and what they do and don’t get paid for it. You can. Simply offer a valuable or exciting product or service (or maybe even one that is both valuable and exciting!) in every blog post, or find companies or individuals who are willing to buy advertising space on your site.

8. Go Back to School

But as an instructor, not as a student. Check out the course offerings at a local college and ask about teaching opportunities for adjunct professors in your specialty.  Many people don’t know this about me….but I am an adjunct professor myself. I teach a technology course online for the largest community college in Texas. I love being part of educating our future workforce. If teaching college isn’t your thing, you can also share your expertise through a training company or other educational opportunity.

9. Consulting 101 – or, better yet, Consulting One-on-One

Roll up your sleeves and get hired as a business consultant to work alongside someone for a full day. Before you leave, give them a clear action plan to get the results they want. If you’ve started your own business and been successful at it, your strategies and secrets are worth their weight in gold.

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