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by Terra  - January 6, 2017

Take A Moment To Reflect On Your Business Endeavors This Past Year.

Were You Too Busy Working IN Your Business To Work ON Your Business?
Were You Constantly Overwhelmed With Your Mile Long To-Do List?
If You Could Pick One Word To Describe Your Upcoming Year,

What Would It Be?

Picking a Word of the Year helps you stay focused, on track and holds you accountable to the #1 thing that is the most important priority in your life this year. It's all about you going into this year with intention.

Most entrepreneurs pick their word of the year at the start of the new it's basically like having a one-word New Year's Resolution. But why do we need to wait until the beginning of the year? We can pick it up now!

I've been doing it since I've had my own business.

My word of the year is VELOCITY.

According to the Merriam-Webster dictionary, velocity means ’speed’ or ‘a high rate of movement or performance.’

According to my husband-the-mechanical-engineer, it means speed within a certain time period. (He knows that he really has to simplify fancy words for me.) That definition resonates with me.

I'm a "let's get it done in a specific amount of time" kinda of gal. I'm sure you are the same way.

Time is too precious to waste not doing something that is moving your business (and your bank account) forward.

So why do people (especially business owners) pick a WORD OF THE YEAR?
Because it gives them an anchor of what is the MOST important thing to focus on during the year.

And...let's be honest...having a Word of the Year (as some people call it WOTY) is a very basic priority system when you really think about it.

A system is a repeatable process. So...if you truly internalize your Word of the Year, it becomes the decision system that you ask yourself when you are working on something or about to work on something.

Our brains are cluttered with so much information. It's filled with business strategies, things to do, personal goals and so much more.

So anything we can do to make things simpler in our world is a great thing.

The most common way to pick your Word of the Year is to think about your #1 frustration.

Your word needs to resonate with YOU. That's the most important thing. You have to be committed to working hard to achieve your word this year.

This comes from the woman who used the word "Simplify" for 3 years in a row because I never felt I really got there. I just kept grinding at it. (I do feel I have a decent balance in my life I've been able to move on from Simplify this year.)

Share your word with the world, too. If you aren't comfortable sharing it with the world...then share it with your family and friends.

There's no greater accountability than you letting people know what your Word of the Year is...others will help you achieve what is the most important thing to you.

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