Do Financials Make You Squirm? Take the Quiz

Even though everyone needs money (and more than we need air, once in a while…) quite a few of us hate talking about it.  We hate dealing with it. And we hate worrying about it even more.

  • Are you always finding ways to wiggle out of your bookkeeping chores?
  • Do you usually refuse to talk about money, even with your banker?
  • And you break out in hives whenever you write out a check for over $100, right?

Trust me – you are NOT alone.

On the other hand, you could be one of the savvy financial whiz-kids who handle money the way they put on makeup – boldly, but with class, style and flair. Talking about finances comes as naturally to you as shopping for shoes. (On sale, of course!)

And there’s a lot of women entrepreneurs somewhere in the middle – business owners who realize the importance of being on solid financial footing, but need a little push to get all their ducks in a row.

Which type are you?

Take our quiz and find out! [vqzb quiz_id=5]


Talking openly about your finances to the right people is your first step toward financial security. The key here is talking to the right people…not simply complaining to your Mom or venting to your best friend when you hit a money wall.

Chat with:

  • Your accountant
  • Your tax person
  • Your bank officer
  • And, yes, of course…your business coach.

; )

Until next time…