How I Found 8 More Hours in My Day to Grow my Business Faster

If you are a busy business owner like me, you know it’s hard enough to find time in your day to get everything done…plus all the other things you need to do to enjoy life. I was once a stressed out, overworked business consultant working in the corporate world. I had my “a ha” moment when I realized that, even though I worked from home, I was not spending hardly any time with my kids. I was a monster locked up in my home office who was a work-aholic.

So many business owners, like me, have the “over-achiever” syndrome. Put that with the desire to run a successful business and serve your clients with high integrity…and it’s a recipe for a time management disaster that can lead you to major burn-out.

After I started my own business, I knew I had to make changes in my life with how I spent my time. Did I still want to serve each client with integrity? Yes. Did I want a successful and profitable business? Yes. Was I willing to sacrifice it all to be a crazy-lady in my home office anymore? No.

I used this time to get super smart and super productive with the time I did have. Since then, I have created and accomplished more in 1.5 years than I ever did in my corporate career.

I want to share with you how I found ways to get super productive with my time to grow my business FAST…and here’s a secret…I didn’t do it alone. I will share how I did it with you as well.

Here’s a video I recorded for you:


I am launching my very first online course called “Virtual Team Building Boot Camp“.

Over the course of 4 weeks, I will teach you “live” how to:

  • Figure out WHAT to delegate to a virtual team member
  • WHERE to go to find the right virtual team member(s)
  • HOW to lead and manage your virtual team to minimize your time spent
  • WHAT sources you need to make your job easier
  • WHEN to know how to add to your team as your business grows
  • ….and so much more

This course starts on Monday, June 24…so register early. I only have a few seats left since I am giving so much personalized 1:1 attention to each student.  Register HERE.