Talk the Talk. How to Chat Up Anyone & Sell Yourself as a Coach

by Terra  - March 19, 2013

You know those really quiet people in a room that don’t say much at all? Yeah I can’t say that I’m always one of those people. Some would say that that I’ve been gifted “gift of gab” also known as being a “Chatty Cathy.” If you read my blog post here, you’ll see that I’m “the lil bit introvert but sometimes extrovert.”

Basically, I just know how to talk and keep a conversation going. I’d consider this a gift on most levels.

I want to talk about the positives of being talkative and not afraid to share what is on your mind.

Chatty Means I’m Outgoing?

Usually because I talk a lot it also means that I tend to be outgoing. I think this is truly an important part of business because you have to be willing to put yourself out there. If I always sat in the corner and didn’t say a word, then I wouldn’t be able to network or even market for others. Could be why marketing is a good match for me?

People Feel More Comfortable

Imagine sitting in a room with tons of people who don’t want to be the first ones to talk. I can’t stand that feeling. If you are sitting next to me, you can almost always guarantee that I will start up a conversation with you.

I’m not the creepy conversation starter; I’m just the person that wants that awkward silence to go away. I’d like to think that having the gift of gab means I can make people feel more comfortable and welcome.

I’m a Real Person

Those of us who like to chat a lot and talk with others tend to be very real. I’m open about my life, dreams and ultimate goals in life. I’ll take the gift of gab any day because it means I can show people who I really am and not hide from criticism and mean words.

Sure, I can wear my heart on my sleeve, but if getting hurt means being authentic, then so be it.

Bottom Line

Being called a “chatty Cathy,” outgoing, big mouth, or whatever—sometimes it can take a while to process. When I think about it I feel as though it’s a double sided compliment. Kinda like the compliment “you look great for having three kids.” So, no matter what anyone else thinks, I will take my gift of gab and use it for the good of the world, and so should YOU!

Let’s say you do have this incredible gift of talking…how can you use it to benefit your business? Not only should you be that same person online, but you should also show your true colors outside of the Internet world. Go to conferences, networking events and workshops. People will love talking to you and hearing what you have to say!

We all see that energetic and bubbly person online, but don’t be afraid to showcase it in person as well. It’s okay to be chatty, authentic and wear your heart on your sleeve! If it means meeting new people, networking and growing your business, then GAB away!

Do you think being a Chatty Cathy is a good thing or bad thing for your business? Comment below…let’s hear it.

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